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Black Butler: Twin ‘Ciel’s Theory

In case you didn’t know, there are two common theories about the whole Black Butler franchise. One is the theory that Sebastian is Vincent Phantomhive reincarnated to watch after Ciel and guide him as he grows into the family title. The second theory, however, is what I’m focusing on here; the theory that the Ciel we all know, love, and (for some) love to hate, isn’t Ciel, but rather the younger identical twin brother of Ciel.

I was first introduced to this theory with the youtube channel, Ciel Star, posting song covers of how the two twin brothers might have interacted between one another. At first, I thought it was just a shallow run-away-train of a theory that had no weight to it. However, after some speculation and research, this theory could actually be what the author is actually going for. After giving it some consideration, I’ve seen videos explaining the theory on the youtube channel, Hylian Deity, and this theory made me reconsider and look again at some clips that feature a young Ciel (though I only considered the Black Butler “Books” since they seem to follow the manga).

The first thing I noticed after being introduced to the possibility of this theory is, in Black Butler: Book of Circus, there’s a flashback to when Kelvin first meets Vincent and Ciel. However, seconds after Ciel smiles like a social butterfly and introduces himself, it cuts to him hiding behind his father. Then, Vincent explains that he doesn’t take his son out much because he’s shy and often sick. Right after he says this, Ciel runs out to someone he’s apparently very familiar with, like the social butterfly he is.

The other thing I noticed, again in Black Butler: Book of Circus, there are flashback segments of the night Ciel and Sebastian make their contract. In the flashbacks, it shows Ciel taking a fatal stab, however, he has no such wounds in the other segments, nor scars in present-day.

There are also little details in the manga, however, I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the manga myself (even though it’s been on my birthday and Christmas lists every year for about three years). I do know that he hides his asthma from Lizzie, even though she should already know. I also know that Sebastian calls Ciel a liar at various points, as well as the fact that he has Survivor’s Guilt symptoms.

What do we know?

Ciel has survivor’s guilt but didn’t care about the other children. Ciel was once a social butterfly, while also being shy and sick often. Ciel hides his illness from people who should already know that he’s been ill since early childhood.

What does the Twin ‘Ciel’s theory imply?

The true Ciel was the social butterfly while the other twin was a wallflower due to being shy and often sick. The true Ciel sacrificed his own life unwillingly to summon Sebastian, which only succeeded when the other twin was ready and willing to do anything, now with nothing left. The other twin takes the name ‘Ciel’ for some reason; possibly so the true Ciel’s legacy could live on after his death, or maybe so the family’s friends wouldn’t be disappointed that the “wrong brother survived”, or possibly  so the other twin could gain the psychological confidence to be as strong, healthy, and social as the true Ciel. Whatever the reason, Sebastian knows the surviving twin is lying about his name.

Whether you support or deny it, this theory does hold some water to it. I’m sure there’s a lot more support in the manga, but again, I haven’t had the pleasure to read the manga.

What do you think? Do you think the shy, wallflower Ciel with two left feet we all know and love is really a doppelganger, or is he the one true Ciel? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

Wanna see if you could catch all the clues of Ciel’s true identity that’s littered through the “rebranded” series? Get the DVDs for Book of Circus, and even Book of Murder! They’re both on Amazon and will deliver right to your door in only a few days, so why not? If you pay close attention, you might be able to see the twin in flashbacks.

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Beauty and the Beast Updates

With the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast coming to theaters soon (this coming friday to be exact), something has been nagging at the back of my mind. With the Cinderella live-action remake under the same name, Disney made a few updates. For one, the prince has a personality and brain, the king actually cares about who the prince hooks up with rather than just choosing a girl from a party, also Lady Tramane was given time to build up how her relationship with Cinderella developed to where it is in the tale we all know. Next, with the live-action remake of Sleeping Beauty under the name Maleficent, the movie focused more on Maleficent’s story, explaining what drove her to curse a baby. That movie also gave more history between her and the king. Though these movies followed closely to the story of their animated counterparts, there are still those notable differences, the most notable being that Disney seems to have a new fascination of redeeming or justifying their villains’ motives.

Even in the trailers of the live-action remake for Beauty and the Beast, I can see the introduction of various changes that may or may not occur.

The first thing I want to address is the fact that, when Belle’s father is caught by the Beast in the trailer, he’s outside in a courtyard picking a rose. In the original tale of Beauty and the Beast, Belle has two sisters. In the tale, Belle’s father is a traveler and always comes home with gifts for the three daughters. In the events of the tale, Belle’s sisters say they want exotic perfumes and extravagant gowns while Belle herself only wants a rose with two buds and a bloom (I could be wrong on the specifics, but you get the point, the sisters want vain beauty products while Belle wants something more symbolic and specific). The fact that Belle’s father is caught picking a rose in the trailer makes me think that perhaps, rather be chased there by wolves and rain, he might be so focused on getting Belle the rose she asked for that he lost track of his whereabouts, just like in the original French tale. Hell, the remake might even follow even closer to the original tale by giving Belle her sisters and giving her sisters the lesson that they learn in the end the tale.

The next point I want to make is a smaller detail, but also raises my curiosity. Belle is seen with hunting gear, even a gun, in the trailer. This makes me wonder if she might be more of a fighter than a dreamer than her animated counterpart was. Maybe, to show off his ability to hunt and maybe even a defensive personality effectively, Gaston taught her how to hunt and fend for herself. This is the “Era of Disney Villain Redemption” after all (apparently).

A third point that I want to put out there is, first off, Belle actually asks about the significance of the rose in the West Wing and asks what happens when the last petal falls. Now, Lumiere’s line of “The master remains a beast” isn’t what I want to talk about. It’s the next line I want to know more about; when Cogsworth says “We become antiques”. The word “become” implies that they’ll suffer through a second transformation to be even farther from human. Does that also mean that they’ll lose their lives and the ability to move and talk? That would make it a lot more intense and make the servants more anxious for the curse to be broken for the sake of their lives.

Jumping back to an event in the beginning of the movie, Belle is the one who shuts her own cell door. Rather than clinging to her father to say goodbye, and crying when her father is dragged away from her, it seems like the live-action Belle has time to say goodbye, as seen with their last hug and her whispering to him “I will escape, I promise”. Because of this, I think this version of the Beast might have some sympathy towards Belle’s situation. I may be reading too much into it, or going WAY off track, but, we might see what happened to Beast’s parents, or hell, even if he has a name (his name’s not Adam, the creators of the animated Beauty and the Beast didn’t realize that they never gave Beast a name until the movie was already almost over, so they just accept the name “Adam”). Why not think a scene of Beast’s past might be there? The first 10-15 minutes of the remakes mentioned earlier are just the main heroin as a child, explaining how and why they are how they are.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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The Lost Lost Boy: Peter Pan Theory

Growing up, I loved Disney’s Peter Pan. I mean, what little kid didn’t? There’s flying, fairies, pirates, mermaids, and everything a little kid can dream of! However, there is one line from the end of the movie that stands out in my memory. Granted, I haven’t seen Disney’s Peter Pan in years and have yet to find a way to see it again without purchasing the DVD, but this one line has stood out in my memory and brings me to a conclusion that is about as far fetched as Yandere Tamaki or Sebastian and Claude being childhood friends. Was George Darling a lost boy?

Backing up to the beginning of the movie, there are already links between the Darling family and Peter Pan before Peter himself comes through their window in search of his shadow. George Darling is very non-beliving to Peter Pan to the point of making his home a “no-nonsense” home, in which Peter Pan is nonsense, and his wife (whose name I cannot remember…I think it was Mary, but I’m not sure…I’ll just go with Mary) believes Peter Pan is more of the spirit of childhood and playful youth and the three Darling children, Wendy, John and Michael, share and exchange very accurate stories of Peter Pan, even knowing very specific details, like how it was the left hand that was cut from Captain Hook.

Fast forward to the end, once the children return home from Neverland and the Darling parents returned home from their outing. While Peter Pan flies the ship he took from Captain Hook across the sky, George sees the ship, is petrified for a moment, then smiles and says “I think I’ve seen that ship before when I was very young.”

What I think is that he remembered a childhood he’d long forgotten when he saw the ship and said that line; his life as a lost boy. I’d be so bold as to say that he met his wife in Neverland, since George himself wouldn’t pass down the stories, Mary might have passed them down after witnessing the battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook that lead to the captain’s name to make much more sense first hand (pun intended). Or maybe George left Neverland for whatever reason, and met Mary in London, telling all his stories of his adventures with Peter Pan and the lost boys.

Years later, George grew up and either forgot his childhood altogether or has PTSD from his experience (in which he’d force himself to forget, which is possible), links his PTSD with Peter Pan, and as a result, becomes the Disney version of Mr. Dursley at the very mention of Peter Pan’s name or any reminders of his adventures. Sadly, George Darling doesn’t have enough screen time, nor development aside from being a Disney Dursley for this to be confirmed or denied. However, the line at the end does open the window of speculation and theories.

What do you guys think? I’m almost 100% sure I’m not the only one who thought of something similar to this of the Darlings. Leave your thoughts in the comments, and have a beautiful rest of your day.

Want to watch Peter Pan yourself and find something I might’ve missed? head over to Amazon to either get the DVD yourself!

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Ouran Highschool Host Club: Yandere Host

When people think Ouran Highschool Host Club, they may think “oh, Tamaki is an idiot with a heart of gold!” or “oh, Kyoya is such a gold digger!” or “oh, Honey is so cute but deadly!”. I can go on and on about all these characters. I want to focus on one, and how he’s really a controlling, egotistical, possibly abusive stalker; the one host out of all who has the most potential of being a yandere. That’s right, I’m talking about none other than (drum roll please) Tamaki Suoh.

DON’T CLICK AWAY TO THAT CAT VIDEO ON YOUR OTHER TAB! There’s not a lot of evidence, but, much like the evidence that Sebastian and Claude were best friends once upon a time, there’s evidence that Tamaki either is (or can later become) a yandere.

First off, what is a yandere? Well, a yandere is a person who seems to be normal, cute, or in some way physically attractive, but isn’t above manipulation, stalking, and even killing to reach their goal; usually, the main goal is a love interest. People who are yandere are also commonly bipolar, sadist, or psychotic.

Throughout the majority of the show, Tamaki is just stalking Haruhi.

In episode 10, he even goes along with Haruhi’s father when they play “the Stalking Game”. When all the hosts do get to the supermarket, Tamaki is the only one who is purely interested in Haruhi while all the other hosts are looking around and “educating themselves on commoner’s lifestyle”. Even though Tamaki knows just as little about commoner’s living as the rest of the hosts, he isn’t even slightly interested in the supermarket itself.

In episode 23, Tamaki literally shuts down at the thought that Haruhi might have an interest in another boy other than himself. He actively tries and fails, to separate her from the other boy and sabotage any type of relationship that could happen.

In both episodes, 20 and 24, flashbacks were revealed that Tamaki was still stalker-ish to Kyoya and the twins, trying to control how they spent their time. Even if the change was for the better, the method was still a form of control. In Kyoya’s case, Tamaki kept Kyoya away from his books to give him tours of Japan and later roped him into managing a host club. As for the twins, he stalked them for days to play the “Which One is Hikaru Game”. Even though he never succeeded in telling the difference, he still stalked them and manipulated them from being the introverts they were into being, not only extroverts but entertainers. Though he manipulated Honey and Mori, the manipulation was only to go against popular expectations and to follow their own desires, giving them a sort of stalk-holm-syndrome-type manipulation. It’s not exactly stalk-holm syndrome, but it seems to be similar.

Again, it’s not much, but that’s all the evidence that I could find. He hasn’t harmed anyone quite yet, but he has sabotaged relationships, manipulated other people to his own agenda, and, of course, stalked his friends and main love interest. If he continues down this path, then he will be a yandere soon enough.

Wanna watch Ouran High School Host Club in this newly found light? Grab a DVD from Amazon and watch Tamaki’s fall into yandere tendencies.

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Black Butler: Sebastian and Claude Theory

This is going to seem odd, but hear me out. Were Claude and Sebastian childhood friends? It’s not much, but I have some evidence to back this up.

Exhibit A) Claude recognized Sebastian in episode 1 season 2 of Black Butler when, as far as the audience knows, the two have not met before.

In that episode, all that was visible of Sebastian before he was revealed was his mouth, and that was only in the right light. Despite this, Claude called Sebastian out without hesitation or shock. Also, to further this point, Sebastian deliberately wore a large coat and hat to hide his identity, however, his mannerisms and/or voice gave it away.

Exhibit B) Claude knew exactly who he wanted to frame for Alois’ target and was up to date with Sebastian’s life.

In episode 8 season 2 of Black Butler, it is found out through flashback that Claude told Alois that Sebastian made the contract with Luka and killed the boy in the end, and currently was in a contract with Ciel. However, in episode 11, Claude admits that he knowingly lied and knew from the beginning that Hannah was the one who made a contract with Luka instead of Sebastian.

Exhibit C) Sebastian knew where to go when Ciel’s soul was stolen.

In several flashbacks through season 2, it was explained that Sebastian was close to collecting Ciel’s soul as payment but was interrupted. Unlike the audience, he didn’t see the small spider at the location, but he still knew Claude was the culprit. He then traveled to the Trancy manor as soon as he was able.

Exhibit D) Even in death, Sebastian and Claude showed one another respect and, dare a say, kindness.

In the grand finale, episode 12, Sebastian and Claude spent the whole episode continuing a streak running for several episodes of talking smack to one another but adding in a last minute action scene that the previous episodes lacked. However, after the final fight is said and done, as Claude made his final breaths, Sebastian showed him genuine respect and they had a very civil conversation. Claude even asked Sebastian to get his glasses from his coat pocket and help put them on his face, to which Sebastian does without hesitation.

These points only prove that these two demons know each other, have history, and for some reason, hate one another. Here’s where we enter fan fiction territory.

What I firmly believe is that Sebastian and Claude were childhood friends, possibly for a very long time. Then, something very big and horrible happened between them before the events of Black Butler and they resented one another ever since, explaining why Sebastian would never have even mentioned Claude before. I’m not sure which one of the two was the one who started the feud, or even if either of them were responsible. However, what I do know, from personal experience, is that those who don’t know or trust one another well don’t hold grudges against one another as large as shown all through season 2 of Black Butler between Sebastian and Claude. A grudge or rivalry like theirs is more similar to best friends made worst.

I’ve already posted a detailed description of how I think this happened. Check out my opinion on their childhood if you’re interested. If you wanna watch season 2 of Black Butler again, to see if I might’ve overlooked something, snatch a DVD for yourself on Amazon.