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Chapter 27: Arabian Nights

The next morning, Kyoya stood in front of Nekozawa, arms crossed. “Are you sure about this?” he asked. “You realize you are purposely leaving your home to, quote on quote, ‘help’ someone who might not need help, to begin with.”

The host nodded. Tamaki chuckled nervously. “You’re a brave soul, Kyoya!” he sobbed. “A true inspiration to us all!”

“I fully intend to be right back soon.” Kyoya sighed.

“I’m coming with you.” Ciel demanded.

“But Ciel!” Christi exclaimed. “Nekozawa said that he can only handle transporting one person at a time. If Kyoya is sure that he can get Sebastian and confirm that he made it home, then there’s no point in us going too.”

“You’re staying with Justine.” The older brother ordered. “Sebastian was my butler before he even knew your existence. He is my responsibility.”

“Are you sure about this, young man?” Nekozawa questioned. “I might not have the energy to even send you both to the same place if you’re both going at the same time.” The boy nodded. The teen chuckled. “Very well.” He complied as he led the host and child to his dark club room beyond the black door. In a flash of blinding light, Kyoya and Ciel were both gone.

When Kyoya opened his black eyes, he looked around to find himself in the middle of a snowy patch of trees. He examined himself, noting his lack of school uniform. He gained a long sleeved gray shirt with tightly buttoned cuffs and was tied with a yellow sash around his waist. Below his sash was black pants and highly cuffed dark brown boots. On his hands were long dark gloves and across his shoulders was a black cloak.

In his view was a small cabin. With a huff, he watched his breath pass his lips as he trudged over. By the time he made it to the porch, he could already feel the cold nibble at his nose and ears. Kyoya was about to knock on the door to ask for help but was interrupted by a voice from the inside. “I believe it’s time for me to repair your workshop door.” Stated the voice, almost cheerfully. The door suddenly opened. The black eyes of the teen widened as the owner of the voice slammed right into him, causing his silver glasses to fly off his face. “I am so sorry!” the culprit exclaimed before taking a close look at the teen. “…Do I know you from somewhere?” he asked as he picked up the glasses.

Kyoya huffed out a sigh as he took the glasses delicately in his grip. Once he put the glasses on his face, the teen took in the sight of the tall man with long black hair and crimson eyes. “Are you, by any chance, Sebastian Michaelis?”

The man nodded as he assisted Kyoya to his feet. “Correct. However, I’m afraid I don’t quite remember your name.”

“That might be because my club and I were in such a rush that we didn’t have time for proper introductions.” The teen explained, extending a hand to shake. “Pleasure to properly meet you, though I wish it were in better circumstances. My name is Kyoya Ootori.”

Sebastian smiled. “Pleasure to meet you officially.” He stated as he shook the hand in front of him, passing by him to head to the workshop, where a pile of wood sat just inside the broken door. “Though, I do have to wonder.” Sebastian thought out loud as he began his owed work. “If your home was that school that houses the rest of my friends and family, why are you here?” he asked. “If I remember correctly, Nekozawa has the process set up specifically so that no one would be sent accidentally.”

“Everyone was concerned about you.” Kyoya answered. “As a host, it’s my job, as well as the job for my friends, to assist everyone who passes by the club doors with whatever they may need as long as it’s within our power.” He stated. “Because everyone was so worried, in fact, a teenager, I believe she said she was your daughter, was tearing herself apart believing she sent you away to someplace horrible and alone.”

“That sounds like something my daughter would do…” Sebastian sighed. “I wish I could let her know that I’m fine, though not home.”

Kyoya sighed. “Well, I hoped there would be a way for me to return home as soon as I confirmed that you were alright.” He stated, looking around. “However…I’m not sure where to even start when searching for a way back. I can’t exactly go back the way I came.”

“I believe that’s a sign that I should officially welcome you to our group.” Sebastian stated, his arms crossed.

“I’m honestly surprised that we found you so quickly.” The teen stated.

The man arched a brow. “…‘we’?” he asked.

Kyoya nodded. “That boy came with…oh no…” His face drained of color as he looked around, spinning in circles and scratching his head. “…Odd. That boy with the eye patch insisted on following me to go after you.”

“…Ciel?” Sebastian asked. “Ciel went with you? Where is he?”

Meanwhile, Ciel spat sand out of his mouth. “Sebastian, when we return home, you owe me the biggest, sweetest cake, and it better be a chocolate heart attack!” he exclaimed as he looked around, only to find dunes of sand. He examined his clothes and saw that he bore light, loose pants that tied tightly around his waist. Over his shoulders was simply an open dark blue jacket. On his head and around his face was a white smock, protecting his hair and face from flying grains of sand and the intense sun.

“I come from a land, from a far away place, where the caravan camels roam~” a voice sang over the sand dunes. Ciel looked around eagerly and saw a single camel with a small man sitting on a large hump of water and merchandise on the animal’s back. “Where it’s big and immense and the heat is intense, it’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home~”

Ciel rushed over to the camel, tripping as sand caught between his sandals and toes. “Excuse me!” he shouted, running as quickly as he could. “Excuse me!”

The camel stopped as the man turned to the boy. Ciel finally caught up to the animal as he hunched over, huffing and puffing as sweat exploded from his skin. “Please. Help.” Was all he could muster between his gasps of air. “Please. Help.” He repeated.

The man smiled as he slid off the camel with a jug of water, handing it to the boy. “What brings you here without a camel?” the man asked as Ciel greedily accepted the water given to him.

After his drink, the boy huffed for air, coughing. Once he got himself together enough to speak, he took in a deep breath. “My name is Ciel. I was sent her with magic to find someone, a friend of mine.”

“I hadn’t seen anyone crazy enough to wander the dunes alone.” The man chuckled. Ciel then took a good look at the man. He was extremely short, about the same height as himself. The man’s features were curved and round with a round face, a body of a similar shape as a pair, and large, oval feet; even his thin goatee was curled. His hands oddly only had three fingers and a thumb to each hand. On his head was a large, white, round smock. The only clothing he wore was a bright blue robe with a bright red belt around his waist. “I have to say, you’re the only one I’ve seen out in these dunes.”

“There has to be some civilization close enough for you to risk traveling this deep in the desert!” Ciel exclaimed. “I have no possessions to pay you, but I’ll pay you back in labor if you take me to the nearest civilization.”

“You wish to go to Agrabah?” the man chuckled. “Well, alright. I have friends in high places there.” He stated as he mounted the camel once again. “The royal family themselves are close friends with me.”

“Royalty?” Ciel asked as he tried to follow suit, only for the man to deny him access. “What?!”

“One passenger per camel.” The man stated. “Perhaps you should get your own camel.”

“Where do you propose I get a camel?!” The short man then pointed to a camel with a blanket on it’s back and loaded with jugs of water across both its sides as though it’s been there the whole time. “Where the bloody hell did that come from?!”

The man shrugged. “Who knows?” he asked. “However it seems abandoned. Take it now, it seems to be just for you.”

Ciel was hesitant at first, but took the seemingly abandoned camel and mounted the hump. As the man started his way, Ciel followed with a curious eye. “…Who did you say you were again?”

With a grin, the man glanced back at the boy. “You should learn to ask the correct questions at the appropriate time, boy.” He stated as he turned back to his path and continued on his way.

Ciel hurried his camel forward to catch up. “That doesn’t answer my question!”

It was night time when Ciel and the merchant made it to a large wall. “It’s about time.” The boy complained. “We’ve been riding for hours!”

“All day, actually.” The merchant corrected. “And it’s still farther than it appears. You see, I used to live here, however, I left to see the world ever since I was granted my freedom from my last master.”

The boy tilted his head as he caught up to be side by side with the man. “You were a slave?” he asked.

The man nodded. “In a way, yes. You could say, I had to grant anything my masters wished for. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, ‘Your Wish is My Command’?”

Ciel gave a confused look. “What do you mean by that?” he asked. “Who are you?”

The merchant gave a grin. “The story of my freedom is quite the amazing one.” He stated. “You wish to hear the tale?” The boy nodded as the merchant took out a lamp from his stores of merchandice, handing it to Ciel. “It all starts with a lamp and a rat.” He stated. “I was once a slave to that very same lamp, in search for a diamond in the rough.” He explained. “One day, a street rat found my lamp in a cave and wished for a chance to be with the woman of his dreams, who happened to be the princess. I made him a prince with all the tools to get the right to claim her heart. Once he won her heart and was proclaimed as a hero, he set me free.”

“Could you be any more veuge?” Ciel complained. “A street rat and a princess?” he asked. “Surely you are only speaking in metaphors. Such a relationship is doomed from the start.”

The merchant raised a brow at the boy’s statement. “‘Doomed from the start’ you say?” he asked. “What of you? You mean to tell me a story of a poor boy striving to win the heart of his true love isn’t inspiring? Surely you have been an inspiration or have been inspired by another’s will to strive to be more than they are.” When Ciel nodded, avoiding the man’s dark eyes, the man chuckled. “Come along, boy. Let us hear your story. I’ve said mine.”

Ciel took in a deep breath. “I’m of noble birth.” He stated. “However, my sister, on the other hand, was taken in by my butler. She’s from a factory. When I first met her, she begged me to allow her to stay, so I took her in as my sister. I turned her from a poor factory girl into a girl of nobility.”

The merchant then smirked. “Now, tell me how that’s different.” Ciel tilted his head in confusion. “You say a street rat and a princess of doomed from the start. How is that different from a factory girl and a noble.”

“I taught my sister how to be a noble.” The boy explained. “Based on your story, the street rat didn’t learn anything. Not how to be a proper member of the royal family, not how to govern a country, nothing that comes with being royalty, or even nobility!” He exclaimed. “He was ‘given the tools’? Sounds more like he was told exactly what to do. He didn’t better himself. Likely, the kingdom this street rat now rules over is doomed to have such an inexperienced, freeloading ruler.”

“Well, once we arrive to the land my last master rules over, you can judge with your own eyes, rather than speculation.”

Back with the rest of the misfits, Rainbow Dash groaned. “Why did we do that?” she asked. “Now we still have no way to confirm that they made it home!”

“The only way to know is to follow them.” Zuko stated. “It’s no longer a testament of who is most hated and has become more of a test of courage.”

Twilight nodded. “We need to decide the exact order in which we’re moving on.” She stated. “I already know that I should go last to be sure everyone else gets their turn.”

“Why do we even have to go?” Romano huffed, crossing his arms. “We’re finally rid of Sebastard.”

“Papa! Seriously?!” Naples shouted.

“I’M GOING NEXT!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “I can’t stand the whole ‘Sebastard’ this and ‘Sebastard’ that!”

“I have an idea.” Mareuscript stated, crossing her arms. “How about just sending Romano next, then we’ll all be free of it for a while.”

“What?! FUCK NO!” Romano exclaimed.

Even Italy sighed. “I have to agree, fratello.” He admitted. “It would be a lot more peaceful if you went on ahead.” He then smiled. “I’ll go later when Nekozawa can confidently handle more people at once~”

“…Fucking coward.” Romano cursed.

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Chapter 26: Sebastian Alone

The teen led Sebastian to a secluded room separated from everyone. “If we remained in there, then my magic wouldn’t be properly channeled and I might accidentally teleport someone else or more people than I’m capable.” The boy quickly explained. The room Sebastian was led to was behind a black door. Inside was completely black with lit candles all along the walls.

After the door closed behind the man, there was almost instantly a blinding light. Sebastian had to shield his eyes with his arm as he tried to find the boy who was in front of him only a moment ago. “N-Nekozawa?” he called. When the light died down, he seemed to be in a wine cellar, light seeping in the dark room from between wooden boards. In the room, he had to duck his head slightly to avoid hitting his head on the roof. All around him was, rather than shelves of wine bottles like he’d expected, was several odd contraptions, large and small.

Sebastian inspected his clothing, disappointed, though not surprised that he was dressed in clothing unfamiliar to him. He wore a white blouse with a brown vest over her torso. Over his hands were gray gloves. His blouse was tucked in a pair of tight black pants, which were tucked into brown boots. Over his shoulders was a black hooded cloak

Walking up the steps to the door to the cellar, Sebastian pushed at the door, shocked to find that the door didn’t open. Listening carefully, he banged on the door. To his dismay, he heard the clatter of a metal lock. “Just great.” He grumbled. “That Nekozawa kid teleported me in a locked cellar. So much for doing something to get home.”

Seeing nothing better to do, Sebastian lit a candle on a table and looked around. The center piece of the room was a large machine that looked like a boiler with an ax attached with springs and levers. With a raised brow, he reached for the ax and pulled. He tugged and tried to wiggle the ax for several minutes only for it to remain cemented in place. “Alright, so the ax isn’t moving.” He concluded. “Perhaps…perhaps if I figure out how this contraption works, then I might be able to still use the ax, even if it’s not in my own hands.”

Curious, he took a closer look at what appeared to be a place for a person to sit and work the contraption. As he climbed up and sat in the cushioned seat, he tested the levers. After a moment, he saw that there was an opening to the boiler part of the large mechanism. As he opened it, he saw cold black coals inside. “This must work similar to a steam train.” Sebastian concluded, taking the candle to light the coals.

After a while, steam whistled out a small chimney in the machine as the coals burned bright red. With a smile, Sebastian tested to leavers, figuring out what each one does. “All these levers seem to control the direction. But how do I make the ax work?” He then saw another lever a little further from the seat than the others. Tilting his head, he reached over with his long arm and pulled the lever, smiling as the ax swung up and down. With a full grin now taking over his face, Sebastian used the other levers to direct the ax to the locked door.

Finally, the door was opened, allowing mid-afternoon sunlight to pour in the room and a sheet of snow plop on the top few steps that lead out. Quickly, Sebastian shut the machine down and climbed out of the dark cellar. “About time that door opened.” He stated, stretching his back and reaching up for the sky. “That room gets very constricting after an hour or so.”

“My WORKSHOP!” exclaimed a short man dressed in greens and browns; a green long-sleeved shirt, a brown coat and pants, dark brown boots, and a brown apron. Suddenly, the man glared at Sebastian. “HOW ABOUT YOU EXPLAIN YOURSELF, YOUNG MAN!” he shouted.

“I-I do sincerely apologize.” Sebastian stuttered. “You see, if I were to explain, you’d believe me to be mad as a hatter.” He stated.

The older man then huffed, planting his hands on his hips and raising a bushy white brow. “Try me, sonny.” And so, Sebastian explained his situation. As the explanation continued, the old man’s arms dropped to his sides and both his brows raised in shock and confusion. Once the explanation was complete, the older man’s mouth was left agape in confused awe. “…You expect me to believe that?” he asked. “You honestly came from some other world and magically appeared in my locked workshop?”

Sebastian could only nod. “It is the truth.” He replied. “I’m sorry, I assumed you wanted the honest story of how I ended up in your workshop despite the door being locked. Would it be preferable if I made up a story about being locked in there by a bully or something of the like?”

The old man couldn’t help but chuckle at his response. “Alright, I suppose no use sweating over what happened.” He stated before reaching out a beefy hand to shake. “I’m Maurice, and I expect you to repair that door.”

Sebastian nodded as he shook Maurice’s hand. “I’m Sebastian Michaelis, and I fully understand that I’m in your debt in exchange for your mercy.”

Maurice gave him a smile before turning back to the porch of the small lodge built on top of the workshop. Sebastian only stood there, at a loss of what to do. “Well, come along then. No telling how long you’ve been out in the cold. Warm up with some porridge so you can start repairing that door with a fresh and full feeling.” The former Butler raised a brow as he entered the lodge behind the older man.

The large group left behind waited anxiously to hear the results of whether or not Sebastian made it home, or at least to another world. Finally, Nekozawa returned with a smile. “You should all decide who is to go next.” He stated. “Your friend has successfully been relocated.”

Sokka raised a brow. “…relocated?” he asked. “You mean, there’s no way to tell if it actually worked?”

“Only way to know for sure is to follow his footsteps.” The teen replied. “I’ll see you all tomorrow.” He stated as he walked away.

The large group stood there in shock before Justine smacked her head. “…What have we done?” she asked. “We might never see my father again, all just because we were too eager for a quick answer…”

“To be fair,” Rainbow Dash sighed, crossing her arms. “Your dad hasn’t been the most cooperative lately. Maybe some time alone would be good for him.”

“Fuck that!” Romano laughed. “Sebastard being gone is great for us all! Good riddance!”

“Papa!” Naples scolded as she smacked her father upside his head. “How about you go tomorrow and then, you could get over this whole ‘Sebastard’ nonsense!”

After the day was complete, the hosts returned to the club room, shocked to see them all arguing while Justine sat secluded with her face hidden in her knees, Ciel and Christi next to her, the boy looking bored and the girl placing a hand on the teen’s back. “What’s going on?” Tamaki asked the group.

When there was no reply, Kyoya sighed. “Perhaps we should try this…” He then stomped his foot on the ground twice. “We’re in need of a manager.”

“So glad you called, my sweet Kyoya~!” sang a voice that was projected in speakers all over the room. Upon hearing the voice, the other club members groaned in annoyance as the misfits stopped fighting in confusion. Suddenly, a platform came out from under the ground, a teen girl in the school uniform spinning on top. This girl had light long light brown hair with a pink bow and large, round brown eyes. “While all these weird people were standing around fighting all day, I’ve been here, listening to the whole thing!”

“…Renge…aren’t you a student?” Masako questioned. “Shouldn’t you have been in class?”

“Aside from the point, fellow female host member.” Renge brushed her off. “For now, just know that all day, while all these people should’ve been deciding how to split up and go into groups, Nekozawa gave them a proposition.”

The very mention of the Black Magic member caused Tamaki and a few other hosts to gulp in fear. “Wait, what?!” Alexis exclaimed.

“Don’t you all know Nekozawa is creepy?!” the twins asked in unison.

“He curses anyone who gets mixed up with his magic.” Tamaki stated, hiding behind Kyoya.

Kyoya sighed. “What did Nekozawa do?”

“He saved my life!” Romano exclaimed with a smile, earning a smack from his daughter.

“He just gave us an option get home.” Twilight stated. “However, he said he needs about 24 hours to regain power to do it again, and he could only send one person at a time. Sebastian volunteered to go first.”

“More like we forced him to go!” Justine sobbed. “I might never see him again! There’s no telling where he went, and worse, no guarantee that we can get to where he is!”

Again, the vice president sighed. “I suppose one of us will have to go after him.” He stated. “Tomorrow morning, one of us will go with Nekozawa and try to follow Sebastian. Hopefully, we could confirm that he made it home and he could find a way to get us back in one piece.” When Kyoya turned back to his club, he noticed that the other hosts backed away in fear. Raising a brow, Kyoya took in a deep breath. “I suppose I’ll do it…”

Meanwhile, Sebastian spent the whole day searching for proper wood to use to replace the door he destroyed. “Hey! Sebastian!” Maurice called, a lantern in his hand. “Come back to the house! You’ll catch cold being out here all night!”

“I’m sorry.” He apologized. “I hadn’t even realized the sun had gone down, however, I hadn’t even finished trying to find proper material for replacing the door to your workshop.”

“The wood will still be here in the morning.” The old man huffed. “I don’t need a strapping man like you catching a cold on my watch.” He stated as he led Sebastian back to the small cabin Maurice called home.

That night, Sebastian offered to make something warm for them to eat before turning in for the night. “But this is my house.” Maurice huffed. “You’re my guest.”

The tall man nodded. “True, however, that does not mean you should handle everything on your own. Please, allow me to cook for you as a way to thank you for your hospitality.” The older man couldn’t argue as Sebastian simply went straight to the kitchen to figure out something to serve. “I could make something that would satisfy my Young Master, however, that might overwhelm my gracious host.” He reasoned with himself, thinking out loud. “It might be best to cook something simple, but still hot to warm us both from being out in the snow all day.” And so, he took an apron that was hanging beside the door, rolled up his sleeves, and began to cook.

Because the meal he cooked was a simple beef stew, Sebastian was done fairly quickly, even considering his lack of demonic speed. Maurice devoured the stew. “Where did you say you were from again?” he asked. “I’ve never tasted any stew like this unless I’m visiting my daughter and her family.”

“You have a daughter?” Sebastian asked.

The old man gestured to a painting hanging on the wall. In the painting, there was a beautiful young woman with long brown hair wearing a lavish pink gown decorated with roses. In the woman’s lap was a little girl with long brown hair tied back in a blue bow and big hazel-brown eyes. The little girl was dressed in a simple blue dress. Behind the pair was an extravagant rose bush. “That’s my little girl and her late mother.” He explained. “That’s the last portrait I have of them together. Now my little girl is all grown up, with a husband and twins, if you could believe it.”

Sebastian suddenly lost his appetite. “…I left my daughter behind…” he confessed. “She was so disappointed in me before we parted ways. I promised her that we’d see one another soon, but how could I keep that promise when she doesn’t know where I ended up?”

“You’ll see her again.” The old man promised. “I thought the same thing many years ago. My daughter was so brave as she took my place as a prisoner. She promised a beast that she’ll stand in my place and never try to escape. I tried everything to get her back, asking for help, begging the man I thought was the town hero, and even going back myself.” He explained. “I knew it was a bad idea, but when you’re a father looking for the only family you have left, you’d do anything. When I saw her again, she had turned the beast into a man and got her free will once again. She chose to stay with him and I’ve never seen her happier.”

The tall man gave Maurice a smile. “Thank you.”

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Chapter 25: Who Goes First?

After meeting the rest of the group, Kyoya explaining the conditions to the others who didn’t approach the club themselves, Tamaki’s violet eyes sparkled. “It’s settled!” he exclaimed. “All of you will stay with me in my mansion!”

Quickly, Kyoya grabbed the blond by the collar and pulled him back to reality. “Think about this for a moment.” The other teen harshly whispered. “This is 39 people. I know our mansions are large, but not enough for that many people to house for who knows how long.” Hearing this, Tamaki pouted. “For now, the best you can do is get them enrolled at the school. After that, then they’ll most likely separate themselves into smaller groups that are easier for us all to handle.”

With a sigh, the blond nodded to his best friend. “I guess you have a point.” With another huff, Tamaki turned back to the large group with a smile. “You can stay in the Host Club room until the school day is over. I’ll talk to my father about getting you all enrolled. That should get you guys plenty of time to decide who you want to stay with and how you want to split up, and by tomorrow, all teens and kids should be enrolled and all adults would be free to roam the school-I mean-research ways for you to return to your homes.”

“Be warned.” Kyoya stated. “Even our mansions have limits, ranging about 10 guest rooms a piece, while Haruhi only has room for one guest.”

“You know, I’m still right here.” Haruhi huffed. “My apartment could take up to two people, it’s not like my dad would mind, as long as they’re respectable.”

Just then, the bell rang, signifying the beginning of class. “We’ll talk more about it later.” Masako exclaimed. “We gotta get to class.” Quickly, she shoved the large group into the club room. “Just stay here and figure out who you wanna stay with, kay?” With a smile, she closed the door.

“…Was this guy for real?” Louisiana asked, crossing her arms. “One minute, he’s a puppy, the next, he’s a box. I can’t get a read on him.” She then turned to France with an arched brow. “Also, tell me he’s not related to you, because, if I didn’t know better, I’d say he was your son, or younger brother, or something.”

“No.” Paris answered on France’s behalf. “I’m the only brother he’s got, at least, the closest in relation, since he considers all of Europe to be his younger siblings.”

France scratched his chin for a moment. “…Besides…if I had a child, or even another younger brother, I think I would’ve known.”

Louisiana raised a brow at the answer as Claude huffed a sigh. “At least he’s convinced his club to help us.” he stated. “He could easily just leave us be and abandon us.”

“If my memory serves correctly, you’d know all about that particular subject.” Sebastian stated with a cheeky grin.

The golden eyed man grit his teeth. “Excuse me?” he asked. “Are you seriously picking a fight over something that happened when we were children?”

“Maybe I am.”

The entire group growled. “Will you shut up?!” Twilight shouted. “Sebastian, ever since Romano first got under your skin, you have been nothing but cynical and antagonistic! How about you stop picking fights and contribute something for a change!”

“Mom, calm down!” Mareuscript exclaimed, putting a hand on her mother’s shoulder. “We have options on where we can stay, right? So we can split up and give each other enough time to cool our heads.” She then glared at Sebastian. “One thing’s for sure, no matter how we split up, you’re staying away from Romano and Claude…unless there’s more bad blood between you and someone else in this group you might want to get off your chest?”

The former Butler raised a brow. “Pardon?” he spat. “Why me specifically?!”

“She’s right Sebastian!” Ciel shouted. “Stay away from anyone who you’ll pick a fight with, for the sake of everyone’s sanity. Maybe try and talk to people you haven’t gotten to know yet.”

Sebastian grit his teeth and huffed under his breath in anger. Acting quickly, Justine took Sebastian’s arm and pulled him away. “Hey, daddy? Can we talk for a sec?” she asked, not giving him any choice as she simply pulled him from the group.

Angel tilted her head as she looked up at her father. “…What was that about?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about it, sweetie.” Angela smiled, not allowing Claude to spit or growl an answer in the anger and sour spite that violently spun around his head. The mother put her arm around the teen’s shoulders and tightly, squeezing the shoulders of the girl together. The daughter suspected that something was off, but said nothing.

Off to the side, Justine scolded her father. “Dad, this is getting out of hand.”

“I know.” Was his simple answer. “It’s just infuriating, being this far from the manner for so long. Normally, this long would be just the blink of an eye to those like us, but that was when we were demons. Now, all these months have felt as though a century has passed, while before it would be mere moments to us.”

“You’re antsy, I get it.” The daughter answered. “But, the more you pick fights, the more everyone’s gonna fight, the longer it’ll take to get anything done.”

“I am NOT picking fights! Romano was the one to start it all if you recall!”

Justine smacked her head and groaned. “That was over summer, and he got under your skin with literally one word. First off, get over it. Second off, Romano didn’t start the fights you just heated up with Claude and now Mareuscript.” It was then when the teen recalled Claude’s reply to Sebastian’s verbal attack. “…what happened when you two were children?”

Sebastian held his breath for a moment, subtly biting his lips before he scratched his face. “It’s nothing.” He answered. “…It happened a long time ago…”

“Apparently not long enough.” Was the reply. “Not if you’re still bitter about it.”

“How about this,” Sebastian sighed, grabbing Justine’s shoulder and hunching his back to level his crimson eyes with her own blue hued eyes. “I’ll tell you when we return home if you stop pushing the subject. If it’s brought up again by Claude, Angela, or myself, then Claude and I both will sit down and explain everything to you and Angel. Does that seem fair?”

“Don’t forget to Pinki Promise~!” Pinki exclaimed, jumping up and landing on Sebastian’s hunched back. “No pony can break a Pinki Promise~!”

With Justine’s eyes watching Sebastian patiently, her arms crossed, the man sighed. Pinki slid off his back as he stood straight, raising his right hand and using the left hand to cross his heart. “Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

“You are now bound by Pinki Promise~!” Pinki reminded as she bounced away.

“…I still don’t understand her…”

“She’s Pinki Pie, questioning her only causes headaches.” The teen stated. “Do you also promise to stop picking fights?” she asked. “Still, the sooner we can all work together, the sooner we can all go home.”

“Change in plans.” Twilight interrupted, approaching the duo talking. “We’re all leaving one at a time, one day at a time.”

Justine raised a brow. “What do you mean?” she asked. “We’re staying together! In case you hadn’t been keeping track, the times where we split up don’t exactly give the most positive results.”

“I know.” The former alicorn nodded. “However, while the two of you have been bickering, Zuko found someone who has magic. He said he could help us, but he doesn’t have the energy to teleport everyone at once, so he’s going to teleport one of us at a time, then spend the next 24-36 hours regaining his energy for the next person. We’re having a meeting to figure out who should go first.”

Sebastian and Justine rejoined the group, watching all the family members cling to one another. A new boy showed to this meeting.

This new boy was tall and slender. It was hard to tell if he was wearing a school uniform under his black cloak and hood. On his hand was a crudely sewn, cloth cat puppet. Under his black hood was long black hair that covered his eyes, only revealing a wide grin on his face. “Nice to see you have joined the conversation.” The boy purred. “You can just call me Nekozawa, I’m the leader of the Black Magic Club in this school.”

“Can we just get this going?” Romano huffed. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you have magic. Just answer our fucking question. Can you or can you not return us home?”

Justine squeezed Sebastian’s arm before he could get into another fight as Nekozawa nodded. “I’m fairly positive that I can, however, it takes a lot of energy and I am still fairly inexperienced. I might be the leader of the club, but I’m still considerably young. I can only do one person at a time for now. There are so many of you that I might be able to handle two at once later on, however that will take much more of my energy.” The boy then scanned the whole crowd. “Now, who shall go first? Be my little Test Dummy, my Lab Rat?”

All the members of the group looked around for the members they least liked. Four people were silently voted as the majority hated, America, Sebastian, Romano, and Azula.

“Oh, come ON!” America complained. “Why are all of you looking at me?!”

“They’re looking at me too bastard!” Romano cursed.

“Finally, a time when I agree with your word choice.” Sebastian huffed, crossing his arms with a scowl.

Azula just stood there in silence before she took in a deep breath and stepped forward. “Okay, I get it.” She nodded. “Everyone hates me, and I know why that is. I’ll be the test dummy. Wherever I end up, I’d just hope you all would retrieve me somehow.”

“No Azula.” Naples grit her teeth. “If you go, I go. That’s what friends do.”

Zuko gave one of his rare smiles. “You’ve changed, just in the past few weeks.” He stated. “I change my vote.” The teen then shifted his gaze to America, causing the blond to let out another complaint.

“I cannot take two people in one trip without risk, at least, not now.” Nekozawa reminded. “If you two girls are conjoined at the hip, then you’ll have to wait. I’ll gain enough power and energy for you two on a later date.” After another sweeping scan through where everyone is looking, he grinned at Sebastian. “It would appear that everyone is eager to have you move on ahead.”

“I cannot see why.” The former Butler grumbled. “Claude’s the back-stabbing creeper, America is the head-strong, annoying, childish brat, Romano is the hot-tempered, potty-mouth, Louisiana and Angelica are the two who are trapped in their own little petty fight over America’s affections, Azula was the one who imprisoned several of us in the past, Mareuscript is the narrow-minded, oblivious, ignorant child, all the while, I’m one of the few who actually cares about going home!”

“SEBASTIAN!” Ciel shouted. “You’ve become the child! Can you not see that? We all want you to move on ahead because you haven’t been yourself since we left and we all want you to return to being yourself; especially since you’re the most dangerous of us all!”

Around the group, though some of the faces were in anger towards the Butler, most of the expressions were that of worry for the butler or fear of the Butler. After another moment, Sebastian nodded. “Alright. I’ll go first.” He then turned to Justine. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“I think we’re all going to go in a specific order. Either way, I should stay with Ciel and Christi. If anything, I might go after they do.” The daughter answered. “I do promise that I’ll see you on the other side before too long; cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. If it’s not home, promise me you’ll handle it ok and not pick a fight.”

Sebastian nodded. “Cross my heart and hope to fly.” After the two hugged, Sebastian stepped over to Nekozawa. “I’m ready when you are.”

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Chapter 24: For the Rich and Beautiful

When the group looked around, the first thing they noticed was the absence of the shrine. Twilight looked down, expecting to see a new change of clothes and new location, not shocked to see her expectations met precicly to the letter. They all stood in a rather large hallway with pink walls and tall windows that had a perfect overhead view of a courtyard and a large pink version of Big Ben.

Romano, America, Japan, Italy, France, Paris, Jeremy, Zuko, and Sokka were all dressed in white dress shirts, black slacks and shoes. Over their shirts were light blue suits with a golden crest on their left brest. Jeremy and Japan were the only two wearing the black ties with the purple stripe tight against their necks. Meanwhile, Paris, Italy, Zuko and Sokka, though they wore the uniformed ties, their ties were loose. The rest of the boys didn’t even have their ties tied, rather the ties were just hanging around their necks like scarves.

Mareuscript, AD, Naples, Louisiana, Tokyo, Justine, Angel, Rachel, Azula, Asami, Natsumi, and Akimi all bore yellow ball gown-like dresses with black dress shoes and white stockings and red neck bowties. The former ponies had hair-clips of their respective cutiemarks.

Ciel was dressed in black slacks, black shoes, and a white jacket with golden hymn work. On his own left brest was the same golden crest as the older boys.

Josiphine, Toph, Angelica and Katara all were dressed in brown Japanese school-girl uniforms with white seams and a dark brown bowtie in the front. On their feet were black dress shoes with white stockings.

Cutie, Venice, Christi and Chrima were all dressed in traditional Japanese school-girl uniforms as well, only theirs were soft pink with dark pink cuffs on the sleaves and a dark pink collar instead of brown. Again, they had black dress shoes over white stocking on their feet.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinki, Sebastian, Claude, Angela, Bardroy, William, and Tomoe were the only ones not in any uniform.

Twilight had on a white dress shirt with a light lavender sweater. Over her legs were black slacks. Rainbow wore a simple white T-shirt with a black leather jacket and light, ripped blue jeans under her shirt. Pinki was dressed in a white tank-top and a dark pink mini skirt. Over her shirt was a light blue short-sleeved sweater with yellow lace trim. The cutiemarks they still bear were on silver chained necklaces around their necks, however, the cutiemarks were without color and were only a silhouette of their cutiemarks carved from silver.

Sebastian had a white T-shirt with a black and white striped vest, dark blue jeans, and black shoes. Claude was dressed in a dark gray V-neck shirt with a black suit, slacks, and shoes. Angela had a purple dress shirt with a white skirt and transparent stockings under her high heeled shoes. Bardroy only had a white T-shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers. William looked almost exactly as he did back in his own world, with a white dress-shirt and black everything else; suit, tie, slacks, and shoes. Tomoe had a white dress shirt that wasn’t buttoned all the way, leaving a large portion of his chest exposed, as well as the sleeves rolled up. However, the shirt was tucked under gray slacks and a black leather belt.

Claude clutched his head, rubbing his eyes as Romano cursed. “Well, this is just fan-fucking-tastic! Back to square one all over again!”

“How did this even happen?” Tomoe asked, looking around. “We were just at the shrine only seconds ago.”

Sebastian planted his hands on his hips. “Does it matter how it happened?!” he exclaimed. “We are, yet again, in a new world, new rules, possibly new powers, new plan needed!”

Angel looked over at her father, the spider still rubbing his eyes. “…If it’s a new world with new powers…then…”

Ciel caught on as he glanced over to Christi with a wide blue eye. “…Is it true…?”

Christi hesitated before taking a deep breath. “…It’s true.” she simply stated in her dry voice.

Angela then gently removed Claude’s fingers from his eyes. The sight of him looking her in the eye was enough for the couple to hug each other in tears of joy, which Claude wasn’t shy to pull Angel into.

Rainbow Dash chuckled as she shook her head. “Glad to see some good came out of this.”

“…I guess.” Jeremy scowled, crossing his arms. “However, we have no idea where we are…again.”

AD shrugged. “At least no one was left behind, right?”

“Got a point there.” Mareuscript nodded. “It’s a pretty big coincidence that, ever since this whole mess started, we’ve been lucky and haven’t had anyone left behind.”

“We can’t seem to stop growing our group, though.” Paris stated with a sigh.

“What’s the problem with that?” Pinki asked, bouncing up and hanging on Azula and Naples’ necks. “We’re all friends, right? Bigger group means more friends, right?”

“Not always.” Sebastian growled, glaring at Romano.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Sebastard?!” the Italian sneered right back.

“Will you two just STOP IT ALREADY?!” Claude shouted, stepping between the two. “You’re both big men, great, can we stop this whole ‘My Horse is Bigger than Your Horse’ fight?!”

“You can say that again, dad.” Angel groaned. “You two have had this ‘Manhood Measuring Contest’ since summer, and winter is nearly here.”

Twilight looked around and sighed. “We’re obviously in another world, so let’s figure out how we can fix this and go home.”

“Because that worked so well the last two times you said that.” Jeremy huffed, earning a smack upside the head from his own younger half sister.

“It’s not Twilight’s fault we’re all here!” Justine shouted. “I’m sure it was all just an accident.” Seeing the pain in Mareuscript’s and Twilight’s faces, the cat shook her head and looked around hastily. “Look! A door!” she exclaimed, pointing to the end of the hall there was a large, pink double door with golden handles. “Let’s just look in here and see if it leads to someone who could help us!”

Justine rushed to the door, with only the two pies, Naples, America, France, Angela, Ciel, Christi, Asami, and Natsumi following her and the rest of the large group staying where they were in pessimism. When the cat opened the door, the small group were showered in red rose petals and a bright white light. Inside the room was seven boys and three girls, all saying “Welcome” in perfect unison.

The first boy noticed was the blond front and center who looked like he could pass as a long-lost relative of France and Paris. Next to him was a boy about the same hight as the blond but with black hair and glasses that didn’t allow his eye color to be shown. Hanging on that boy’s arm was a girl with sandy blond hair and blue-gray eyes, but she wore a modified uniform. Next to that girl was another girl with black hair and light brown eyes wearing a boy’s uniform and hanging on the arm of the boys next to her, who had burnt orange hair and bunt golden eyes. On the other side of the blond front and center was a freakishly tall boy with short black hair and black eyes. In front of him was a short boy with burnt blond hair and burnt golden eyes next to another boy with brown hair and dark brown, yet feminine eyes. Next to those three was another girl, this time wearing an actually girl’s uniform, with long dark brown hair and light brown eyes. The boy who’s arm she clung to looked like a twin of the boy with burnt orange hair and burnt golden eyes.

With a deep breath, the smaller group entered the room. “Hi, do you mind helping us?” Naples requested, referring to herself and the people behind her.

“What’s the problem, my Princess?” the blond asked, taking Naples’ hand and leaving a small peck on the back of the hand.

The Italian chuckled. “I’m no princess.” She stated bluntly. “We’re all beyond lost and kinda need some help, if you’re willing to.”

“For God’s Sake Naples!” Ciel shouted. “Will you just tell him the problem instead of babbling on like a teenage girl with a crush!”

“Ciel!” Christi shouted, squeezing his arm and pulling the boy back. “That’s not nice! You’ve been irritable ever since we left home!”

As the two siblings bickered silently, Justine approached the boys. “We’re not from this world at all.” She cut straight to the point. “We’ve been world-hopping for a few months now, and have yet to return home to our loved ones.”

“We’re fortunate enough to have immediate family with us,” France added. “However, needless to say, that makes it even worse than it probably has to.”

“How many of you are there?” asked the boy with the glasses.

“39.” Asami answered quickly. “There’s me, my two sisters, oto,”

“And my father, two of my friends, my stupid half brother, and his father,” Justine continued.

“As well as myself, and my husband and daughter,” Angela added.

“Also my own brother, and several of my good friends,” France continued on.

“Plus me and my Itsy Bitsy Twinkie Pie!” Pinki stated, holding Cutie close. “And Twilight, and Mareuscript, and Dashie, and AD, and Zuko, and Azula, and-”

“The point is!” Justine cut Pinki off to save time. “We’re all from different worlds, we just got here, most of us are in a cranky mood because we all expected to be home by now, and we would deeply appreciate it if you could at least help us learn the rules of this world we’re in.”

The blond boy gave a chuckle as he smiled. “Of course we’ll help you, as is the duty of the Host Club~!” he practically sang, shocking the rest of the club behind him.

“Tamaki!” the boy with glasses growled as he marched to the blond named Tamaki and pulled him back. “You don’t even bother to ask the rest of the club?”

“Come on Kyoya!” Tamaki complained. “They’re lost, confused, and missing their friends! We can’t just sit back and do nothing!”

“Well, my vote is for Tamaki~” stated the girl with black hair. “We have to do something.”

“See?” Tamaki teased. “Masako agrees with me~”

“I say it’s not our problem.” Stated the boy that was only moments ago being cuddled by the girl with long brown hair. “Different worlds? Are they serious?! That sounds like something in a Kirigaya story book!”

“How could you say that Hikaru?!” asked the boy who looked like Hikaru’s twin. “What if you and I were separated, literally worlds apart! Wouldn’t you do the same thing and ask strangers for help wherever you could?”

“Exactly! Thank you, Kaoru!” Masako huffed.

“We gotta help them!” shouted the smallest boy in the club. “At least, we gotta make sure they have a place to stay while they’re here!”

“If Mitzkuni agrees, then so do I.” Stated the tall boy with black hair.

“Honey-senpi and Mori-senpi are right.” The boy with brown hair stated. “Even if we can’t help them with their apparent world-hopping problem, then we should at least help them know a thing or two about where they are.”

“Too true, Haruhi!” the girl with the modified uniform exclaimed. “It’s the least we could do, and Tamaki’s right in saying that it’s the duty of the host club to be sure that everyone, and really EVERYONE, who walks through those doors leave with exactly what they came for!”

“Do you all hear yourselves?” asked the girl with long brown hair. “This is WAY out of our league! This requires help from Nekozawa and the Black Magic Club, and we all know how creepy they are! If none of us could face Nekozawa himself, then what makes any of you think that we could possibly help these strangers with a magic related problem?”

“But Alexis,” the sandy blond sighed, turning to the brown haired girl. “All they’re asking for is help to learn about where they are and a place to stay. It’s not like any of our homes aren’t big enough, even if all of them decide to go to one location.”

Alexis sighed before huffing out, “Ichigo, when you’re right, you’re right.”

Alexis then turned to Hikaru as Ichigo turned to Kyoya. “Majority rules.” They both stated as Tamaki gave Kyoya a pouty lip and big puppy eyes.

Faced with all the votes, Kyoya sighed. “Fine.” He stated before turning to the small group of guests. “You all will stay with one of us, however, fair warning, Haruhi is a commoner and cannot accommodate for more than one guest.”

“HEY!” Haruhi shouted.

“Otherwise,” Kyoya continued. “Any of our homes would be more than enough space to accommodate at most 10 people. You’ll attend school with us, I’m sure Tamaki can get that arranged, and you’ll be required to stay where at least one member of the club can see you, therefore you will be involved with club activities.”

“What about those of us, like myself, who are too old to attend school?” Angela asked.

Kyoya adjusted his glasses. “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind attending club activities and staying at the mansion.” He stated. “Or you could spend your time in one of our many libraries to study on ways you could return to your own homes.”

“Agreed~” Justine smiled, shaking Kyoya’s hand. “I should be used to seeing someone your age so business-like, but it surprises me every time I come across another teenager or child that’s so formal.”

“You’ll be home before you used to the shenanigans of this club.” The boy commented.

Natsumi huffed out a sigh. “I hope you’re right.”

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Chapter 23: A Cat’s Song

Justine looked over at her birth sister. She’d been clinging to Ciel for so long, the teen thought they’d become conjoined twins or something. Then again, that was probably a good thing because Ciel was the only one who understood the finger letters Christi used to speak…aside from Mizuki, but he was too busy chasing after Asami to help Christi any more than he had already. The two of them have spent so much time together that Christi could spell something with her fingers at light speed, and Ciel wouldn’t miss a letter.

“Hey Christi, Ciel.” Justine greeted. “Is there anything you two need?”

Ciel sighed. “Justine, like I have already told Sebastian, Christi and I are not your masters as long as we are this far from our home.” he stated.

Christi shook her head and tapped Ciel’s shoulder, spelling on her fingers, “I-T/I-S/F-I-N-E” The boy tilted his head. “J-U-S-T-I-N-E/I-S/M-Y/B-L-O-O-D/S-I-S-T-E-R” She then paused for some time. “M-A-Y-B-E/S-H-E/I-S/J-U-S-T/C-O-N-C-E-R-N-E-D”

Justine furrowed her brows. “…What did she say?” she asked.

The boy huffed out a deep sigh. “She wants to know what your concern is.” he answered.

The teen shrugged. “…Well, just because I’m not your servant right now doesn’t mean I don’t care about you two. Even if Christi wasn’t my blood sister, I’d still ask if there’s anything you two need. We’re all in this group, and I guess, I have this fantasized thought that we’d all help each other.” she chuckled. “I suppose I got that idea when I saw that, not just me, but everyone was concerned for everyone else back when we were all separated in the last realm.”

Christi shrunk in her shoulders before spelling out to Justine, “D-O/Y-O-U/R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R/T-H-A-T/L-U-L-L-A-B-Y/Y-O-U/S-I-N-G/T-O/M-E/W-H-E-N/I/C-A-N-N-O-T/S-L-E-E-P”

“What lullaby?!” Ciel exclaimed.

“…What?” the bakeneko asked.

The human sighed again. “…She wants to know if you remember some lullaby.”

Justine’s green eyes pointed down. “…I’m sorry, Christi. I don’t think it’d be a good idea if I start singing.” she stated. “Since Claude makes us all fall in dead sleep with just a song that we didn’t even hear or pay attention to, and Tomoe said that I’m bad luck, then I don’t know what that would bring.”

The girl deflated a little. “I/U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D”

The teen felt the guilt of Christi’s sadness. Biting her lip, she looked around before sighing. “…Come on.” she instructed. When both of them started to follow her, Justine stopped the boy. “…It might be a good idea if you stay behind.”


“Please!” Justine exclaimed. “I think it’ll be okay if only Christi hears the song, since she’s a demon, or yokai, or whatever. However, you’re still just a human, so you should stay away.” Before walking away, she gave him a small smile. “Would you mind checking on my father? You know how he gets with Romano…”

Right on cue, the sound of a blade hitting one of the wooden walls rang through the shrine. “WATCH IT! YOU ALMOST HIT ME, SEBASTARD!”

“Believe me!” the second voice growled as they heard a ripping sound in the room. “I only hit my target! I was just going easy on you!”

Ciel clutched his head, going in the direction of the fight. “…I’ll talk to him… I suppose it’s a good thing he doesn’t understand that he’s not my butler outside of our realm…”

As Justine walked as far away as she could with Christi, she jumped when the girl jumped and clutched the teen’s arm. The cat took a look at what startled the girl, sighing when she saw a little white snake. “…Mizuki, what are you doing out here?”

“I need to keep an eye on you, Bakeneko!” the small snake answered. “Especially since you walked so far from the shrine with Jorogumo!”

The teen chuckled. “We have names, you know. Mine is Justine, and hers is Christi.” she stated. “And why not you bother Asami? No offence, but I hate snakes.”

“Asami’s ignoring me…” he stated. “Also, she hates snakes too, so I don’t mind.”

Justine gave a smirk before chuckling. “…I take it back then…I don’t hate snakes at all, in fact, I love them~” Mizuki smiled until Justine’s smirk turned evil. “They’re a great midnight snack when grilled properly.” The snake widened his eyes in fear as the cat laughed until Christi smacked her head. After some thought, the teen clutched her head. “…Fine. If I’m not letting Ciel come just because he’s human, I can’t think of any reason you can’t come… I just don’t know what would come of what I’m going to do, so watch your back.”

Mizuki smiled. “It’s alright, Bakeneko.” he reassured her. “Your species can only have dominion over the dead. The worst you can do is start a zombie apocalypse.”

Christi grew more fear as Justine gulped and looked down at the blonde jorogumo, her deep green eyes looking into the teen’s with a pleading shine. “…You really want this that much?” After some thought, Christi shakily nodded. “…no pressure…”

They all went a little further before Justine sighed and turned to Christi, sitting on a tree root. “You ready?” The girl nodded as the snake crossed his arms in judgmental curiosity. Taking a deep breath, the teen opened her mouth.

“Come, little children~
I’ll take thee away~
Into a land of enchantment~
Come, little children~
The time’s come to play~
Here in my garden of shadows~

“Follow sweet children~
I’ll show thee the way~
Through all the pain and the sorrows~
Weep not poor children~
For life is this way~
Murdering beauty and passions~

“Hush now dear children~
It must be this way~
Too weary of life and deceptions~
Rest now my children~
For soon we’ll away~
Into the calm and the quiet~

“Come, little children~
I’ll take thee away~
Into a land of enchantment~
Come, little children~
The time’s come to play~
Here in my garden of shadows~”

Once it was over, Mizuki furrowed his brows. “…That’s IT?!” he complained. “You came all the way out here, just to sing that one short song?!”

Justine clutched her head. “Unlike Claude, I didn’t want to risk putting a spell on everyone unintentionally!”

The snake chuckled. “Singing doesn’t do anything magical for you, Bakeneko!”

“I’m starting to understand why my father has been so irritable ever since Romano started calling him ‘Sebastard’.” the teen huffed. “Would you PLEASE stop calling me ‘Bakeneko’?” she requested. “I have a name, AND a nickname! My name is Justine, my nickname is Tine! I don’t need another nickname!”

The two continued to bicker as the three headed back to the shrine.

Meanwhile, Sebastian and Romano were in the middle of their fighting once again. However, an odd sound caused the crow to look out the window. Seeing the opportunity, the Italian punched Sebastian across the face. “WOULD YOU STOP FOR JUST A MINUTE?!” the tengu shouted, jamming his blade in the wall through Romano’s shirt, trapping him several inches from the ground, listening closely. “…Do you hear that?”

Upon closer inspection, the two saw a group of rotting corpses walking across the courtyard, dragging their feet behind them and moaning away the clean air. Unsure what else to do, Sebastian ran to look for Tomoe, leaving Romano behind to attempt to let himself go with his thin, weak arms. “Sebastard! What was that?! Don’t leave me hanging here! SEBASTARD!”

Sebastian ignored Romano as he ran straight to the white kitsune. “Tomoe!”

The fox clutched his head. “Sebastian, for the last time, I hold no responsibility for Romano’s actions.”

“It’s not that!” the crow exclaimed. “It’s…LOOK!” He directed Tomoe’s attention to the growing number of the undead.

Watching idly from a safe distance away was Otohiko and Kamiko as Nanami continued her Divine Power Practice. “…Seems like the Zombie Apocalypse started early.”

“What?!” the land god screamed as she snapped straight. “The zombie APOCALYPSE?!”

The night god simply sighed, glancing at his calendar. “The zombie apocalypse isn’t due for another century or so…” he sighed before he shrugged. “I suppose your shrine was just eager for the end of the world.”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Nanami exclaimed. “My shrine?! End of the WORLD?! What’s going on down there?!”

Kamiko glanced at the inexperienced god as Otohiko replied. “You mean you don’t know?” he asked. “Tomoe and Mizuki are housing a variety of different yokai, shinigami, and humans in your shrine, all of which don’t even belong in this realm, and one of which is a Bakeneko, who have dominion over the dead.” He then thought for a moment. “…However, I was sure that the Okami would cancel out the Bakeneko’s bad luck…”

“You’re joking, right?” Nanami asked. “You have to be pulling my leg…”

“‘Fraid not, sweet cheeks.” Otohiko sighed before he smiled. “This is your shrine we’re talking about. I could fix this zombie problem, and mis-fits situation in a jiff, but it would be better to teach you how to fix this yourself instead. You know what they say, give a man a fish, he gets a meal, teach a man to fish, he gets a million meals.”

“Just teach me, He-She-Guy!” the land god exclaimed, earning a glare. “…I mean Wind God Otohiko…”

Kamiko sighed. “When you’re done with th human god, let me know.” he huffed as he made his own way down. “I’ll be checking in to see what I could do to stop this and save both our reputations.”

The wind god smiled and instructed the land god on what to do. “Close your eyes and see in your mind’s eye what the shrine is supposed to look like. What does it look like? Who belongs inside and around the outside? What beings have your permission to be there?” She did as she was instructed. “Now, feel your chi building and when it’s strong enough, let it out on the shrine.” He then left Nanami to build her chi as he joined his younger brother.

She did as she was instructed, but there was a small problem. Nanami’s chi grew too strong, so, not only did the mis-fits and the zombies go, but so did everyone that the mis-fits were in physical contact with.

Asami was dragging Venice inside where it was supposedly safe. Natsumi was holding Katara away from America. Akimi was holding Cutie inside the shrine. Kamiko grabbed America’s shoulder, asking what he could do to help the situation. Otohiko leaned on his younger brother’s shoulder. Tomoe was pushing Claude out of the way of a zombie and guiding him with a hand on his shoulder constantly.

In a flash, three sisters and familiar were added to the continuously growing band of mis-fits, moving to a new realm once again, leaving the duo of gods alone and confused.

When Nanami opened her eyes, she was surprised to find herself alone. She searched and searched for the wind god and his brother until she ran into Mizuki. “Nanami!” he called. “Nanami! The shrine!”

“…What’s wrong?” she asked. “I stopped the zombie apocalypse, didn’t I?”

The familiar slumped. He had A LOT of explaining to do…

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Chapter 22: A.Z.U.L.A.

Twilight sat at the school desk, studying hard before she felt a pat on her shoulder. “Whachya doin?” the new coming teen asked scarily similar to how a specific pink pony would.

“Nothing, Josiphine.” she answered. “I’m just studying.”

“You should join us for lunch.” Rachel urged beside the princess.

“Si~” Naples stated happily with a smile to rival her uncle. “It’ll be fun!”

Josiphine smirked at the Italian teen beside her, slightly turning away from the weapon obsessed teen. “Mainly cause your dad’s not picking fights with Sebastian anymore.”

The Italian teen groaned. “I would prefer that over them ripping each other apart on who’s more sorry!”

The former alicorn giggled at that. “I guess Claude’s spell worked a little too well.”

“Ya think?!” all three teens exclaimed.

With another laugh from the purple haired student, they gathered their things and went on their way to the lunch room where everyone ate socially. Twilight, Josiphine, Rachel and Naples looked around for a place to sit before the princess was drawn to an ebony haired duo. “Why not we sit with my brother and sister?” she asked the other three. “They’re already sitting with Rainbow Dash, Akimi, Asami, and Angel.”

The other girls nodded with no better ideas as they made their way to the long lunch table. “Hey guys~” Naples stated, showing her uncle’s side of her personality. “Mind if we join you?”

Azula glanced over at the four newcomers and was about to turn them away before Akimi interrupted her. “Of course you guys can.” she smiled, sliding over to make room on the bench.

The new comers sat much to Azula’s annoyance, which didn’t go unnoticed by her younger sister. “…Sis?” Josiphine called. “You alright?”

“I’m fine.” she huffed. “I just want to get back to the palace is all.”

“We’re all homesick.” Twilight stated.

“I’m not.” Rachel openly admitted with a grin. “I have to say, I love this little vay-kay from Ciel and Christi.”

Josiphine raised a brow. “Ciel’s still with you guys. He didn’t stay home.”

The teen maid shrugged. “Ever since Ciel started jumping Sebastian’s ass about Romano, he’s been paying them more attention than to Bard and I, plus him and Mizuki are only ones who can hold a conversation with Christi, so Ciel’s busy practicing that weird finger thingy when he has free time.” She then leaned back slightly, putting her hands behind her head. “With how busy he and Christi are, it’s practically a vacation from them barking orders all the time. Not to mention Mey-rin and Finnie are spared from his orders too~! This is too great!”

Angel arched a brow. “I get where you’re coming from after years of serving Alois Trancy,” she sighed. “…but I think this is one long vacation if that’s your thought process.”

The fire princess huffed. “You wouldn’t understand. None of you would.” With that, she snapped up and stomped away.

“She…didn’t mean that.” Josiphine tried to defend her sister.

“I think she did.” Zuko sighed. “Remember, there was a time when you and I were treated as commoners, heck, just before we came here, we were in prison for treason! In a way, you and I are used to this commoner’s life to an extent. For her, it’s worse than when we were banished.” The whole group of teens looked over at the princess that left the table as the prince continued to explain to his baby sister and indirectly to the group. “When we were banished, we still had a ship to command, a crew, a captain under our control, and uncle. After that, we gradually lost more and more until we ended up with the gang.”

“If I remember correctly,” Josiphine huffed out a chuckle. “Katara kidnapped me as leverage for you to not attack them and as a firebending teacher for Aang, and uncle told me that you went crazy trying to find me.”

The brother coughed in his hand to hide his embarrassment. “Well, you get the point.” he mumbled. “In literally a flash of light, Azula, not only lost her title as Princess of the Fire Nation, but also fell all the way down to commoner standard, and even lost her bending. All she has is us.”

“When you say ‘us’,” Rachel stated. “you mean you and Josiphine, right?”

“When you put it that way, Scar Face,” Rainbow Dash smiled. “Azula doesn’t just have you two, but she has all of us!”

“Yeah!” Twilight smiled. “She has friends!”

“Yeah, she might have friends,” the okami sighed. “but it doesn’t look like she knows that.”

“I’ll let her know~!” Pinki exploded, leaving all the residents at the table confused.

“Pinki?!” Zuko exclaimed, looking between the pink haired student and where he last saw her, which was across the cafeteria at a table hidden in the ocean of white, grey, and yellow. “How-? What-? Why-? When-? Hu?!”

Twilight laughed and patted the prince’s shoulder. “…A word of advice.” she chuckled. “Don’t question Pinki Pie.”

They all shared a laugh and continued eating, Zuko holding a deep red, embarrassed blush on his cheeks, as Naples kept her eyes in the direction Azula left in. “…No wonder she’s so upset…”

Azula walked to the shrine alone; everyone left without her. Typical. She couldn’t take the bubbly, diverse, polar opposite personalities of the other teens any longer anyway. Looking around the vast open space, she groaned at the deceptively happy atmosphere as she pointed her golden eyes down from the ember leaves.

With a sigh, she climbed the steps and sighed at the dim light. Switching on the lights, she leapt out of her skin at the big “SURPRISE!” Looking around her, she saw the large group all dressed in party clothes.

“Don’t you remember what I said last week?” Naples laughed, taking her shoulder.

Pinki then bounced across the room, admiring her work for putting a party like this together in such a short amount of time. “Zeal for a zest life!”

“…So…” the princess stuttered. “…You planed this?”

The Italian shrugged. “I guess you could say that.” she smiled. “It is Halloween after all, and who ever heard of a Halloween without a party? All of us, your friends, planned this.”

“Well, technically,” Pinki cut in. “Naples’ idea was to make you happier, I planned the party, and everyone else helped me get all the stuff I need~” She then glanced at the fox in the next room. “…Except Tomoe. Tomoe gave us permission to even HAVE this party~! He said it was okie dokie lokie when Asami, Natsumi, and Akimi talked to him~!”

The princess’ smile grew on her face. “…Friends…” she smiled. “You’re all my friends…” With her smile only growing, Asami turned on the music and the party officially began.

Not long in the party, Rainbow Dash was pouring herself a cup of sake before Tomoe rushed up and snatched the alcohol from her. “No drinking!” he commanded. “If you start drinking, everyone would want to drink too! The last thing I need is 29 drunk people in this shrine! Half of which are minors, three of which are MY DAUGHTERS!”

“…But Tomoe!” Mizuki cried. “I made this sake just for this party!”

“It’s the same brew he made for Nanami!” Asami exclaimed, brushing her golden brown hair across her face and looking over at the furry familiar with big sky blue eyes.

“You made sake for Nanami?!” the fox yelled. “When?!”

The older snake chuckled before glaring at the teen girl. “Tomoe wasn’t supposed to know that!” he hissed through grit teeth.

Furrowing her brows, Azula walked over as a fight started to break. “Tomoe,” she called. “maybe Rainbow Dash didn’t think that the sake was alcoholic, and just wanted a taste.” She then turned to the former pegasus. “He did have a point. Once you start drinking, everyone else would want one too, and most of this group are minors, so it’d be unfair.” Lastly, she directed her attention to Mizuki. “You shouldn’t have made an alcoholic drink for a party with so many minors to begin with.” Reaching over, she took the sake and put it in the kitchen, snatching a sip while she was outside their view.

The older brother looked over with golden disbelieving eyes. “I thought you knew already. She is your sister after all, oui?” France smiled, appearing beside the prince. “She has a natural Understanding for others.”

Zuko huffed. “Where was that when Josiphine and I needed it?”

Still, the party continued.

When it started to get late, Tomoe started herding the group to bed. “This party was lots of fun, but you all have school tomorrow, and it’s coming up on midnight already.”

“Come on Oto!” Akimi whined. “Can you at least tell us a story?”

America smiled wide. “Yeah! A spine chilling horror story with psychotic killers, and evil demons…no offense.”

Sebastian shrugged. “None taken.”

Tomoe thought for a moment before seeing his daughters’ puppy faces. With a sigh, he pulled up a chair and sat down. Halloween has always been his children’s favorite holiday, and they always loved a good ghost story. “I remember Mikage telling me this from before Asami, Natsumi, Akimi, and I came here.” he stated, starting the story.

“A thousand years ago, there was a god with a familiar in this shrine. This pair, however, was very cruel to humans. One day, a human came to give an innocent prayer for her son to return safely from war, but instead of answering, the god sent his familiar to kill the human, but only after the murder of the son done by the familiar’s hand. The yokai left, hunted them down, fulfilled the order exactly as instructed, and never returned.” Tomoe looked around to see the interested, but frightened looks on everyone’s face. Looking even closer at America, hiding behind Rachel and whining as he shook violently in fear, the kitsune smiled. “Of course, Mikage overthrew the cruel god, but every hundred years on Halloween, the familiar comes back to murder any humans that comes in his path, retake the shrine in the place of his Lord and Master, and destroy any god or yokai that claim otherwise and spend this night in the shrine.” He then turned to his daughters. “That is why he always insisted that you three leave the night every hundred years while he and I fight off the yokai until daybreak. This is exactly the thousandth year, meaning he will return tonight in search of his one, true Lord and Master.”

Though the group looked unsettled, none of them looked as frightened as America. Tomoe smiled widely. “Well, pleasant dreams everyone~!”

Just like that, they all thanked him for the story, complemented it, and got ready for bed. America didn’t move. Azula and Pinki looked over at the American and tilted her head. “Something wrong?” the princess asked.

“Yeah!” Pinki exclaimed, bouncing around to see the young man’s face. “You seem a little down.”

“…evil ghost…evil god…kill us all…evil ghost…evil god…kill us all…”

The princess just gazed at him for a moment before she smiled. “…You’re afraid of ghosts, aren’t you?”

That caught America’s attention as he shot up straight. “N-no! A hero like me isn’t afraid of anything!” She knew fear when she saw it, and the ‘hero’ was dripping in it. An idea popped in her head as she simply walked away, leaving Pinki to make him laugh with funny faces, which were only scaring him further before he just ignored her and continued his freaking out.

“…Claude,” the princess called, knocking on the guest room door. “you in there?”

The door slid open as the tsuchigumo leaned on a foot with his arms crossed. “I’m here.” he sighed. “What do you want?”

Azula was slightly taken aback by his tone. “…You were a butler?”

“That was six months ago, ‘your highness’.” he stated, putting in air quotes when he said her title and altering his voice from his bland monotone to a mocking tone. “Demons naturally adapt as setting changes, and it’s changed quite a bit from when I was a Trancy Butler.” The two stood there awkwardly before the blind former butler groaned. “Is there anything else?” The princess suddenly remembered why she sought out the spider as she reached up and whispered in his ear.

When the whispering was done, Claude dropped his shoulders, turned around and shut the door. “Come on!” she shouted through the door, moving from knocking to banging. “Just this once?!”

“I thought you were a princess of an evil dictator or something like that!” the spider replied through the door.

“A princess naturally adapts as setting changes, and it’s changed a lot since I was a direct cause in a world wide war!” she replied, mocking his own response. “Come on, Claude! Please? It’ll make your daughter laugh!”

“Her along with all of Japan!”

“…It might make Japan laugh too…he’s so bland though, I think making him laugh is an impossibility…” she mumbled to herself before regaining her train of thought. “Angel hasn’t laughed in months, or haven’t you noticed?” That caught Claude’s attention as he cracked the door open and put his ear in the crack. “You heard right. Your daughter is bullied all the time, and she gets in trouble a lot for picking fights. I know you know at least about the fighting part, the school called you and Angela at least twice already. She gets in trouble because everyone treats her like shit. We all try to defend her, but she’s too stubborn to accept our help.”

With a sigh, the spider stepped out. “…Just this once.”

In the main room, Angel was trying to calm America down, who started completely freaking out after Asami told him that a tree outside the window that looked creepy and dead already was the evil yokai ghost spirit in his true form and Pinki…was just being Pinki. Azula and Claude came in, a wide smile on the teen’s face as the man just groaned in dread with slumped shoulders. “Smile, why don’t you?” she asked. “This is supposed to be fun.”

“…Let’s just get this over with…”

“When I was a little child, and the sun was going down~”

Asami, Angel, and America looked over at the tsuchigumo with wide eyes. “Tell me he’s not-” Angel begged, more people filing in the room from the guest rooms to witness the effects of Claude’s new spell.

“The darkness and the shadows, they would always make me frown~”

Asami took a deep breath as she buried her face in a pillow. “He is.”

Pinki smiled wide, her eyes sparkling. “I know this song~!”

“I’d hide under my pillow~
From what I thought I saw~
But Big Sister said that wasn’t the way~
To deal with fears at all~”

“Then what is?” America exploded.

“She said, ‘Claude, you gotta stand up tall~
Learn to face your fears~”

Pinki couldn’t hold herself back as she belted out the next lines, completely taking over the spider’s lines.

“You’ll see that they can’t hurt you~
Just laugh to make them disappear’~
Ha! Ha! Ha!~”

The spider, former pony, and fire princess all laughed at the tree and opened the window to reveal what it truly was. The others started giggling as Azula joined in the song with Claude, the two of them alternating with the princess to start.

“So, giggle at the ghostly~
Guffaw at the grossly~”

“Crackup at the creepy~
Whoop it up with the weepy~”

“Chortle at the kooky~
Snortle at the spooky~”

Pinki took over the fastest part, completely kicking the other two out of the song.

“And tell that big dumb face to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he can scare you then he’s got another thing coming and the very idea just makes you wanna…hahahaha…heh..~”

All three of the singers took a big, deep breath as they finished the song in a perfect, melodious, unison.


They finished with a big laugh as the whole shrine shook in giggles.

“Tsu-tsuchigumo!” Tomoe half scolded, half giggled. “I tho-I thought you were go-going to cont-control your powers!”

Claude let out a small giggle as he listened to the laughter in the small wooden shrine. His ear filtered out every laugh from Romano’s uncontrollable, hardly used bursts of laughter, to Twilight’s pleasant giggles of joy. From all the way across the room, he heard his baby girl laugh loud and clear over all of the rest. With a smile, he calmed his laughter to a sigh. “…You know Tomoe, all that matters to me is that my little pup is happy. Punish me all you want, but you can’t ever take my pup from me.”

Still huffing out several fits of laughter, Naples pushed through the crowd, France trailing behind her, to find the princess that clutched her stomach and laughed so hard, it hurt her. “I knew you had it in you!” she smiled, catching the black haired princess’ attention.

France chuckled. “This was your idea, oui? Your name says it all.” he sighed with small huffs of laughter. “Laughter you easily spread wherever you go, and Abundant cheer you give off that knows no bounds!”

The princess smiled as the Italian hugged her. “Now, you’re Azula.”

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Chapter 21: Spider Symphonies

(Featured image base by: xrepent)

Afternoon turned into evening, which quickly grew into late night as Angel paced the guest room back and forth, Claude standing against the wall, sure not to get in her way. “How could you even THINK of hiding this from ME! Your own DAUGHTER! Christi had the guts to tell, or show, or somehow let Ciel KNOW she was mute, and BECAME mute when we all got here! Are you saying you DON’T have as much gut as a little GIRL that you can’t even TELL ME?!”

“I didn’t want to worry you.” he stated calmly. As the dog stopped stomping around the room with a huff, her father grazed a hand over each little injury he had. The golden brown eyes didn’t waver at the sight of each little cut, bruise, and burn disappearing under the hand. “See?” he asked, whipping his hand over the last cut. “All better.”

“Do you honestly think that-” She cut herself off as a flash of bright light was seen in the window before she trembled.

The father raised his head at that in confusion. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

The daughter was deaf to her father’s question as her eyes glued to the window, watching in fearful anxiety as the tree branches that clawed at the window at the howl of the wind. With a loud clap, all the lights popped out in the shrine. It was completely dark. Though there was arguing and complaints heard from other rooms, Claude only heard the whimpering of his baby girl. One more boom loud enough to shake the shrine was enough to make Angel scream in terror as she leapt in her father’s arms.

As the strong hands held her, she thought back to all those thunderstorms that passed the prison as she was locked in that cold, dull cage. Sure, she had Twilight, Chrima, and Japan to talk her through it, but it was never the same as when Claude rocked her to sleep through a storm. Besides, Japan was busy trying to cheer up Italy, who was in a deep depression at the time and Chrima was the one trying to come up with escape plans and get them all out of that prison. He might’ve been a big, tough demon, but when it came to her, he always was just a big teddy bear.

Holding her tightly, Claude sparked an idea. He remembered Tomoe saying that tsuchigumo were sirens. ‘I wonder if…’

“Little child, be not afraid~
though thunder explodes and lightning flash~
illuminates your tear-stained face~
I am here tonight~

“Little child, be not afraid~
though wind makes creatures of your trees~
and their branches to hands~
they’re not real, understand~
and I am here tonight~

“For you know once even I was a~
little child, and I was afraid~
but a gentle someone always came~
to dry all my tears~
trade sweet sleep for fears~
and to give a kiss goodnight~

“Well now I am grown~
and these years have shown~
that rain’s a part of how life goes~
but it’s dark and it’s late~
so I’ll hold you and wait~
’til your frightened eyes do close~

“And I hope that you’ll know~
that nature is so~
the same rain that draws you near me~
falls on rivers and land~
on forests and sand~
makes the beautiful world that you’ll see~
in the morning~

“Everything’s fine in the morning~
the rain’ll be gone in the morning~
but we’ll still be here in the morning~”

Angel eased to sleep in the spider’s arms, causing him to smile. Only seconds after he finished singing though, he heard several thumps. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say that everyone else in the shrine collectively dropped in dead sleep at the exact same time, but that was highly unlikely.

Rainbow Dash, Louisiana, Rachel, Asami, Pinki, and Angelica all played an intense game of cards as the storm passed. America watched the game in slight sweat. The winner of the game would determine how he’d spend the next 48 hours. Rainbow Dash already said that she was going to play sports with him the whole time, Rachel wanted to go to the range with him, Asami wanted to pull pranks on Tomoe with him, Louisiana only played so she could tell him to stay away from Angelica for the 48 hours, and Angelica played for the same reason. “Moment of truth.” Rachel smiled. “Show your hands.”

Louisiana laid down her cards to reveal a two pair. Angelica smiled as she put down a full house. “Better luck next hand, American.” the noble teen laughed.

“What are you so happy about, Beifong?” Louisiana sneered. “Everyone else still never showed their cards!” The two girls looked at the remaining three in anxiety as America curled in a fetal position and crossed his fingers. Just as Rainbow Dash was about to put down her cards, all six of them dropped on the hard wooden floor.

Twilight, Angela, Zuko, France, Paris, Josiphine, Mareuscript, Naples, Venice, William, Justine, Azula, AD, Natsumi, Akimi, Bardroy, Sokka, Katara, Chrima, Japan, Tokyo and Toph all huddled around a table for a meeting on what the plan was. With Natsumi illuminating one side of the room with her fox fire, and Justine illuminating the other side with her own fire, they couldn’t even tell that the storm caused a blackout in the electricity.

“Alright,” Twilight sighed. “let’s get back on track.”

“We need to find Mikage, and hope that he’ll help us.” Josiphine recapped.

Akimi shrugged uncaringly. “If Asami, Natsumi, and I ask him, I’m sure he’d help.”

“Remember,” Natsumi warned. “we hadn’t seen him for twenty years. Who knows how much he’s changed.”

Zuko shook his head. “I don’t think he would’ve changed much.” he suggested. “If I’m understanding you two correctly, then he’s an immortal god that ages about two years in a thousand. Twenty years would be like yesterday to him maybe.”

“Oh Zuzu.” Azula sighed. “Always the optimist.”

“We won’t know until we actually find this guy, right?!” Toph exclaimed.

Sokka sighed as he looked around the table with crossed arms. “Question is, how do we find him?”

Angela thought for a moment before she spoke. “I remember Tomoe saying that Claude is a siren, meaning he can lure anyone to him with or without their consent. Maybe he could sing and Mikage would come?”

“I don’t think so.” Bardroy shook his head. “I don’t know if that works on gods, or if he’d even be close enough to hear his singing.”

“It’s actually not a bad idea…” Mareuscript commented. “It might be the best idea yet.”

“That’s only because we never had any other ideas.” Justine reminded her.

“Is someone a little cranky?” Naples giggled.

“DON’T TELL ME THAT YOU AREN’T!” the bakeneko shouted. “My dad is STILL fighting with your dad! ‘Bastard Italian’! It’s all I ever-” Suddenly, the whole group just dropped their heads on the table with a loud, collective thud, or slouched back in their chairs. For the few that were standing such as Natsumi, Naples, Venice, and Justine, their legs gave out right under them and they smacked the floor loud and clear.

Mizuki kept on practicing with Christi and Ciel until the jorogumo paused for a moment. “D-I-D/Y-O-U/H-E-A-R/T-H-A-T”

“Hear what?” Ciel asked.


Mizuki sighed as he glanced over at the human boy. “Jorogumo and tsuchigumo can place curses and cast spells, so I suppose it’s completely possible that she would naturally recognize when a tsuchigumo or jorogumo nearby are casting a spell.” He then thought for a moment. “Come to think of it, even for humans, if a sense is lost, then the other senses are heightened to make up for it if I’m not mistaken.”

The boy sighed. “No, you’re right.” he huffed as he turned to the young yokai in the room. “Is there any way to tell what kind of spell it is?”

Christi swayed her head back and forth. “I-T/I-S/H-A-R-D”

“Can you try?” the human asked. “It might be helpful to know-” With that, he started to get a little light headed and fell on the ground in dead sleep. Mizuki wasn’t far from joining him on the wooden floor.

Christi gasped as she hurried to her brother before she slumped and smacked her face. ‘Does that answer your question?’ she asked in her thoughts as she picked him up with her new found strength and carried him to the futon and tucked him in the blankets as he slept on his side. She knew he was fine and was simply sleeping. Before leaving, she took the hebi and carried him to his own room across the shrine. After helping her learn how to communicate with everyone, the least she could do was help him to bed now that she had the strength.

Italy, Jeremy, and Cutie sat around a board game. “Your turn, Jeremy.” Italy sighed, plopping his head on his fist.

Jeremy rolled the dice and moved his character before picking up a card. “Tripped in front of an okami. Move back 5 spaces to avoid being mauled alive.” With a huff, he angrily grabbed the whole board and flipped it.

Cutie sighed as she laid on her back in boredom. “So much for that. What else is there to do?”

The Italian smiled as he pulled up his own hands. “How about a game of La Mora~?”

This caught the girl’s attention as they looked up at him in interest as the shinigami glared at him. “How do you play?”

“It’s simple~” he chuckled. “All you do is-” Just like that, the three of them dropped to the wooden floor collectively. Italy and Jeremy both fell on their shoulders, however, since Cutie was already laying on her back, her head simply dropped on the floor as she was.

In another room, Sebastian and Romano were, big shocker, fighting again. Their conversation moved from having a reasonable debate on how they got in that situation, to a string of curses and blaming each other, to continuous uses of “Sebastard”, and escalated even further to hard punches thrown by Sebastian, and old fashioned strangling used by Romano as a weak defense/offense. Soon, their yelling and screaming got deadly silent as they both dropped to the floor, flat on their backs with no energy to move their lead limbs.

Tomoe was simply cleaning the dinner mess as a sudden wave of exhaustion hit him. He almost dropped to the stone hard tile, but he steadily balanced himself on the counter with his legs separated to stabilize him. Perking his ears, he heard the loud collective drop and figured out what happened.

Weakly, he dragged himself to the room Sebastian and Romano were fighting in. He peered in to see the two men dead asleep and slightly agape mouths. Even drool oozed out the corner of the openings. Tiredly turning his head, Tomoe looked in the dinning room, seeing the large group around the table snoring away the clock. He moved on to the main room, shaking the tiredness from his head as he yawned. He passed one of the guest rooms and saw that Italy, Jeremy, and Cutie were all asleep on the floor. Looking in the entrance, he saw Rainbow Dash, Louisiana, Rachel, Asami, Angelica and America all curled into little balls, drooling and snoring as America even sucked on his thumb.

The kitsune gritted his teeth in tired annoyance that quickly turned into anger. “TSUCHIGUMO!” As that word left his lips, he started feeling dizzy and dropped on his shoulder.

Claude winced at the loud, booming call before the last thump was heard. “…Oops…”

After a while, Claude jumped when a young hand tried to pull his arm. “Who’s this?” he asked. The owner of the young arm gave an airy sigh and put his hands on her head to feel the long hair that ran through the side ponytail. He sighed with a smile. “Hi Christi, I thought you were under the spell I cast like everyone else.” The head under Claude’s hand shook side to side slowly.

They paused for a while before Christi started pulling Claude out of the room. “Where are we going?” he asked.

Christi was going to try the method Mizuki had worked with her all day for, but she decided against it since he wouldn’t understand the different hand shapes. Instead, she wrote in his palm again pausing between words. “…G…E…T…E…V…E…R…Y…O…N…E..T..O…B…E…D…” It took a while for Claude to understand before he guessed, “You want me to help you get everyone in their beds?” Christi put his hand back on her head and nodded dramatically large. With this in mind, Christi lead Claude to all the people out of their beds, and guided him to their respective rooms and futons. They could only get to two at a time, since Christi didn’t want to push herself and Claude needed a free hand to keep on Christi the whole time.

The next morning, it seemed like every pair of eyes burned holes into the sheepish tsuchigumo. Though he couldn’t see, he still felt the sharp glares as they all blamed him for putting them under a sleep spell. “…I only was trying to help my daughter sleep through the storm last night.” he defended himself. “I didn’t think that you all would fall for it.”

“Well we did, you bastard!” Romano shouted.

Sebastian, for the first time in several months, stood by the Italian. “Romano’s right. With your power, you have to be more careful!”

“I will!” he promised, slightly nervous that Romano and Sebastian AGREED on something, which hasn’t been the case in months. “I’ll try not to put you all under a spell again.”

“You’d better not!” Toph complained, rubbing her neck. “You so owe me! First for trying to teach you to see, now for this!”

“I don’t think it was that bad~” Pinki exclaimed. “I think it was kinda like a big slumber party~!”

Weeks passed and the whole group learned to adjust to this new life. The amateur yokai learned to control their new found powers (and in Claude’s and Christi’s case, handicap), and the teens that used to have bending abilities learned to live without their power.

One day, big surprise, Sebastian and Romano started fighting yet again. Their fights got so common, everyone else quit trying to stop them, even their daughters would rather chat with someone in the group than attempt to go between them.

When the spider heard crashing of plates shattering against the wall, he made a beeline to the room. “Sebastian, I’m honestly shocked at you!” he shouted. “You used to at least have dignity! This is a new low!”

“HE STARTED IT!” the two blamed each other like children.

Claude gritted his teeth as he clutched his head, turning his head to shout at the rest of the group. “Am I the only one that cares about this problem?!”

“Looks like it dude.” America sighed, a bored look on his face as he plopped his head in his fist and continued his chat with Rainbow Dash, Tokyo, and Angel.

“Sorry honey.” Angela shrugged, turning away from Twilight, Katara, and Japan to look over at the tsuchigumo.

The spider yokai growled as he listened to the fight heat up once again. His lips curled into a smile.

“Brothers, you’re brothers~
tell me, what are you fighting for~?
You’ve got to end this war~
you should love one another~
oh, can’t you just pretend~
this war never began~
you can try~
brothers, my brothers~”

Christi tugged at Ciel’s sleeve before spelling out with her fingers, “H-E/I-S/D-O-I-N-G/I-T/A-G-A-I-N”

“I know.” Ciel replied. “I won’t pay attention. Perhaps Claude’s new spell would make Sebastian stop acting like the immature child he’s become ever since we were in that shack in that coal mine town.”

Meanwhile, Romano and Sebastian fought hard to block out the words. “No! You said you won’t do that!”

“Stop singing you bastard!” Romano screeched, plugging his ears with his fingers.

With a look of pure determination, Claude sang even louder.

“You face each other from different sides~
the anger burns can’t remember why~
it’s kinda crazy cause so much pain~
your foolish pride makes you hate this way~!”

“I’M NOT LISTENING! LALALALALALA!” the Italian screamed over the lyrics.

“Sebastian!” Ciel shouted. “I ORDER you to listen to Claude’s singing!”

Out of force of habit to respond to the words ‘I order you’, Sebastian removed his hands from his ears for a single second before he dropped his arms. Claude smiled at his success upon hearing the crow’s protests stop as he continued.

“You watch your world fall apart~
tell me, what good is winning~
when you lose your heart~?”

The tengu, now under Claude’s influence, went behind Romano and forced his fingers from his ears. “NOOOO! LALALALA! I’M NOT LISTENING! LALALALA!”

“Please Fratello!” Italy cried. “If Ciel thinks it’ll help, then let Claude help you!”


“Brothers, you’re brothers~
tell me, what are you fighting for~?
Isn’t life worth so much more~?
You should love one another~
Oh, can’t you just pretend~
this war never began~?
Tell me why~
Brothers, my brothers~”

“Nope!” Romano struggled. “Non c’è alcuna possibilità in un inferno si sta andando a prendermi in giro con questa merda incantesimo!” [There’s no chance in hell you’re going to fool me with this shit spell!]

Claude only smiled wider as Sebastian covered his mouth. The spider continued when he heard the panicked muffles of the Italian.

You can try~
Brothers, my brothers~”

Romano was silent for a moment. At that point, all 37 of the others peeked in from the door at the sight in amazement.

After a few moments of silence, Romano turned to Sebastian and smiled. “I’m sorry about everything, fratello~ I know this was never your fault, you didn’t even know I existed when I left home~”

“I apologize as well.” Sebastian sighed with a content smile. “I let my temper get the best of me so many times.”

“Well, I’m more sorry!”

“I think you’re mistaken. I’m far more sorry than you.”

“If I hadn’t pushed your buttons, you wouldn’t had a reason to burn your temper!”

“Well, if I had simply stayed on track all the way back in our first fight in the previous realm, you probably wouldn’t’ve started calling me a bastard!”

“I’m more sorry!”

“No I am!”

“Oh COME ON!” the whole group collectively shouted in frustration.

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Chapter 20: Blind Sight and Mute Words

(Featured image base by: cookiimii)

Claude was careful with how he projected himself to the group. He stayed distant from them all and kept his eyes closed as often as possible. As he walked down the hall, he face planted into every wall that was even slightly in his way. Though everyone else, even Angel and Angela, were busy with their conversations/arguments, the bangs didn’t go unnoticed to a specific little girl.

Toph tilted her head to the sound of the banging as the whole shrine seemed to shake beneath her feet. With her sister still picking cat fights with Louisiana over America, she followed her bare feet and smirked when she was close enough to hear the deep, rough voice in a string of curses. “Looks like I’m not the only blind one here.” she stated over the spider’s muttering.

Claude sighed as he steadily sat down. “I just don’t know.” he stated. “I don’t know how you stand being blind. It drives me insane! I can’t see anything!”

“You don’t need eyes to see.” the girl stated. “If I remember right, you’re a spider, and spiders can see without eyes too.”

The tsuchigumo tilted his head. “What do you mean?”

“That’s why spiders have webs, right?” Toph asked. “So they can feel through their web where their food is, or if something’s wrong?”

“I can’t exactly cover the world in a web.” he sighed.

The girl shook her head. “You don’t have to.” she stated. “Did you not feel the vibrations in this shrine? You made a lot of them, and that’s how I was able to find you without help.”

He sighed upon hearing that. “Maybe you should’ve been the tsuchigumo then.” he stated. “You’re more of a spider than I am apparently.”

“I can easily teach you.” she smirked. “If I can teach Twinkle Toes to earthbend, I’m pretty sure I can teach you the same.”

“…Earthbend?” he asked. “I thought we left that realm.”

“We did.” she answered. “But it’s basically the same thing. Feeling vibrations in your surroundings is part of earthbending.”

Raising a black brow, he hardly believed his ears. “You’d do that…for me?” he asked. “You’d really teach me to see?”

“Of course!” she smiled. “I got nothing better to do, and I need to keep my teaching methods sharp.”

Claude smiled widely. “Thank you.” Suddenly, an arm snaked around Claude’s, causing the man to jump. “Who is that?!” The new arm opened Claude’s hand and drew letters in the palm, spelling out her name. “…C…H…R…I…S…T…I.”

Claude calmed when his mind processed the letters. “…Oh yeah, Tomoe said you were a jorogumo, right Christi?” he guessed. “I’m guessing you lost your voice?” Christi placed Claude’s hand on her own head and nodded.

Toph huffed as she crossed her arms. “Sorry Butterfly. I can’t teach someone I can’t hear. I’m sure you can ask Fluff Butt or that Snake guy to help you.”

“…Fluff Butt…?” the tsuchigumo asked.

The girl nodded. “Yeah, Tomoe.” she answered the implied question. “Everyone in my book has a legal nickname. Sokka is Boomerang, Katara is Sugar Queen, Aang is Twinkle Toes, you are Spiderman,” Claude’s face flattened, though the girl speaking couldn’t see his scowl. “and so on.” She then reached her hand out to shake. “We got a deal, or what Spiderman?”

The next morning, Toph came up to Natsumi quickly as she talked with Mizuki. “Hey, can you help me with something?” she asked.

The kitsune smiled. “Sure~” she stated. “What do you need help with?”

“I can help too!” the snake offered, glancing over at Asami glaring daggers at him. “…I don’t think Asami is very happy with me right now, so I should give her space anyway…”

The small girl then proceeded to whisper her intentions to the two yokai.

Claude finally steadily woke up as he stretched out his back like a cat waking from a nap. “Good morning Claude~”

“WHA?!” the spider jumped upon hearing the new voice.

The teen that spoke only giggled in amusement. “It’s okay, it’s just me, Natsumi. Toph already told me your situation, and asked if I can help you. Everyone else already left for school.”

The tsuchigumo was hesitant at that. “If everyone is at the school,” he stated. “why aren’t you?”

“My father gave me permission to stay home today to help you and Toph with your lessons.” she explained. “He already took Angela and William out for groceries.”

The man then stood. “Right.” he sighed. “What is Toph having me do first?”

“Just follow me.” Natsumi instructed, lightly touching his arm to let him know where she was.

With his hand lightly wrapped around her arm the whole walk down the hall, they made it to a room where Toph waited. “Now, Claude, I know that this may or may not apply to you, but please don’t be a jelly boned wimp.”

He raised his brows as the insult bounced off the girl’s lips. “That won’t apply to me.” he promised.

To that, Toph smiled. “Excellent.” With that, their lesson began. “Just walk towards me without Natsumi’s help.”

Claude hesitantly let go of the arm as he inched across the room. The further he walked, the more confident he got as he walked normally. Without his knowledge, Toph gave a silent nod of her head to the kitsune and a wooden plank was placed right in front of the blind man’s face, to which he face-planted the board.

“What the bloody hell?!” he shouted, backing away from the plank to rub his throbbing head. “What was that?!”

“You didn’t see the wall?” she asked. “Even I heard it over your stomping Sasquatch feet, and I’m further away.” Claude sneered as the girl repeated the instruction, “Walk towards me.”

He steadily worked his way around the board and continued forward, stretching his arms in front of him so he’d know if another wall came from nowhere or not. Again, the girl gave a silent nod and Natsumi shoved the wall again right in front of Claude’s face. This time, instead of him face-planting in the wood, he clutched his hurt elbow, throbbing in pain. The new wall was shoved right on his elbow with such power, his arm was bent the wrong way. “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!”

“I’m trying to teach you.” Toph replied calmly. “This is exactly how Aang learned earthbending, now, this is how you will learn to see without eyes.” the girl paused for a moment with a smirk. “Or are you saying that you can’t take what a little twelve year old boy can do in circles around you? Or even what a twelve year old blind girl mastered?”

The spider growled. “FINE!” he shouted. “We’ll do this your way!”

“That’s better.”

Meanwhile, Mizuki told Tomoe and Ciel that Christi won’t be going to the school. With that excuse, the snake sat the jorogumo down in her guest room. “Okay, I know this is a little new for you, so we’ll take this slow.” he stated. “You need some way to communicate with everyone, even Toph and Claude, even though you can’t talk.” He then handed her a paper and pen. “This will be easier if I know your language’s alphabet.”

With a smile, Christi wrote the English alphabet on the paper. Once she was done, Mizuki studied it for a few moments. “…Alright…I got an idea~” He then smiled, slowly figuring out how he was going to do this. “…Let’s transfer the written alphabet to different hand shapes.”

Borrowing the camera he found in Nanami’s room, Mizuki took pictures of all the different hand shapes they came up with for each letter. Once that was done, the snake smiled. “Now, let’s practice with words.”

Claude, Toph, and Natsumi spent the whole day just in that room. Every time Claude hit a wall, Natsumi pushed him back to the door and removed the stray boards to clear the room and start over. As Tomoe, William, and Angela came back, they added more obstacles and challenges for him such as shape shifting into Toph to confuse him with faulty destinations, adding in trip wires and buckets of water (which he fell for plenty of times), and so on.

That afternoon, Sebastian, Ciel, and Romano were the first to arrive to the shrine from the school with the Italian and Michaelis teens.

“I’m not saying that you guys should, like, make out, that’s weird and gay, but just stop fighting!”

“I’m sorry bella, but that’s not going to happen!”

“No, it’s not! Not until that…piss mouthed Italian learns a word other than bastard!”


“Dad! What’s gotten into you?!”

“Oh, I know plenty of other words that would describe you! There’s Shit Face, Ass Hat, Mother Fucker, Son-of-a-bitch,”

“You know, none of those are a single word.”




“Switzerland?! Where?!”

The two Michaelis’ and the boy gazed at the running and hiding Romano in confusion as Naples sighed. “…I’ll go get him…”

With a sigh, Ciel clutched his head. “I’m going to see where Christi is and how her lessons are going.” And with that, he hurried in the shrine.

With the absence of the Italian duo, Sebastian tilted his head at a sound unfamiliar to him, a loud bang followed by a deep, rough voice in a string of curses. Justine looked over in the direction in confusion. “…Is that…Claude?”

“Sounds like it, but I’m not sure.” the father answered as they followed the sound.

Behind them, Rainbow Dash, Asami, America, Louisiana, France, Paris, and Josiphine came up to the shrine. “We’re here!”

“SHUSH!” Justine huffed, her black cat ears slightly scaring them. “My dad is trying to find a sound.” she stated. “He needs you guys completely quiet.”

“No need.” Sebastian smiled. “It was Claude.” he confirmed. “Apparently, he lost his sight, and Toph, Natsumi, Angela, William, and Tomoe are helping him by having him go through obstacles.”

America smiled. “Cool! Spiderman’s on an obstacle course! What can we do to help the dude?”

Sebastian shrugged. “I’ll talk to Tomoe, see how we can help.”

As more of the group returned to the shrine, the lesson moved from the room to the yard, where the obstacles got more challenging. Finally, the last four teens, Zuko, Akimi, Rachel, and Angel, made their way to the shrine with heavy huffs. “Oto!” Akimi called as they walked in the door. “I’m home with Zuko, Rachel, and Angel!”

Ciel and Mizuki peeked out of the room they claimed to see the new coming teens. “Tomoe’s out in the back yard.” the hebi stated.

Ciel looked back at Christi as she spelled some words with her fingers. “…Christi thinks it’s to help Claude.”

That caught Angel’s attention. “What’s wrong with my dad?”

“Nothing.” Ciel answered. “I’m not sure why being in the back yard would help Claude. I was actually pretty sure he was just fine.”

Relieved to hear no bad news, Angel planted her hands in the middle of her back and leaned back to pop the multiple joints down her spine. “You guys go on ahead.” she stated to the others. “I’m going to put my stuff down. My back is killing me. I’ll catch up later.” The three nodded as they separated.

Angel left for the guest room as Akimi, Rachel, and Zuko made their way to the back yard and Ciel and Mizuki returned to Christi. When they made it out there, they saw Claude tumble in a hole that nearly buried him save for his head and shoulders if he was standing. Everyone else with the exception of Toph was operating different obstacles and booby traps from trip wires, to magically appearing walls, to even fire balls. All over Claude were bruises, burns, cuts, twigs, and dirt as Angela pulled him out of the hole and flew him to the other side of the yard on her white eagle wings. Once Angela returned to the sideline to operate her trap, Toph sighed, “Come here Claude. We’ve been doing this all day, and you haven’t been successful once.”

“…What’s going on?” Zuko asked.

Hearing the question, Claude was the one to answer as he re-entered the obstacle course, appearing to be ready for anything. “You see, I am trying to learn to see without sight.” he answered, dodging the trip wire that almost caught his foot.

“He might’ve gained power when he came to this world.” Azula smirked.

“But that power came at the cost of his sight.” Jeremy explained. “Like how Christi lost her voice for the same power.”

“So,” America laughed. “we’re trying to keep this obstacle course up and running until Spiderman can get through to the other side without help!”

“…He hasn’t made it through yet…” Italy added with a chuckle.

Pinki shook her head. “Nope~ Not once~”

“Looks like fun~!” Akimi smiled. “Can we help?”

“Sure~!” Sebastian smiled in a very chipper manner.

“Just pick an obstacle, and keep it going~” Asami smiled at her younger sister.

Rachel then turned to Akimi before heading back in the shrine. “I should tell Angel.”

“Wha-NO!!!” Claude screamed distracting him for just a second as he completely shoulder-smacked a magically appearing wall.

Instead of returning to the beginning, the spider stumbled over to where he believed the teen to be. “Please DON’T tell Angel that I’m blind!” he begged. “She wouldn’t understand! She’d worry too much, and with all the power she has, we can’t afford for her to be distracted with worry for me!”

“…I see how it is…”

The spider widened his eyes as he reached his hand out and felt the face of the teen before him. It still felt to him like Rachel, but as he moved his hands over to the side, he felt another pair of shoulders. Following the shoulder to the neck, he felt the soft face that lead to fluffy hair atop the head. His fingers trailed down the hair. It was very long hair tied in a ponytail. Though the teen in front of him was Rachel, the teen beside Rachel was Angel.

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Chapter 19: Powerless Princess

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When the teens and young adults returned to the shrine, Tomoe simply gazed at his daughters as they confirmed his guesses. “So, Sebastian is a tengu, his daughter is a bakeneko, and Angel is an okami.” he sighed, before turning to the two teens. “You girls basically cancel each other out.” he explained.

To that, they looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean?” they asked.

With a sigh, the fox explained. “Okami are very rare, therefore, they are a good luck charm to anyone in its presence. Bakeneko are the exact opposite. In fact, cats that are older than ten years are a death sentence to the humans that raised them.”

Ciel then nudged Christi to the kitsune. “Tomoe, is there a yokai that is mute?”

Tomoe thought for a moment before he asked, “Do you know what kind of demon she was in your own realm, or if she was a demon at all?”

The boy nodded. “She was a butterfly demon.” he answered.

The kitsune sighed, tilting his head. “She might be a jorogumo…that would explain her suddenly becoming mute. There’s no such thing as a Butterfly Yokai, so the closest thing is a spider.” Ciel widened his eye before he sighed in as close to acceptance as he could.

William went over to his son and pulled him over to the kitsune. “Can you tell my son what you told me earlier?” he requested.

Tomoe sighed as he turned to the duo and explained his logic. “Because you and your father were grim reapers in your realm, I believe you two are shinigami now. It’s basically the same power you most likely had, only a different name and location.”

Jeremy flattened his face. “What good does that do? Our power was linked to our scythes, which are at home!”

William scolded Jeremy as Azula gazed at the small group of new yokai and shinigami in spite. With her arms crossed, she narrowed her golden eyes at the selected few with power.

As Romano and Sebastian slipped into another fight and Ciel started scolding Sebastian, however fruitless it proved to be, Naples, Rachel, Bardroy, Pinki, and France looked over and saw the ebony haired princess. “I know that look.” the Italian teen sighed, approaching the princess.

“Still getting used to this?” the cook asked with an arched brow. The golden eyes glared at the small group before she physically rolled away and slithered down the hall.

Naples, trying to be friendly, followed as Pinki bounced behind her and the other three continued out of curiosity rather than to cheer up the mentally unstable teen. “You know, back in your realm, it was hard for us to get used to it too. I mean, Rachel, France, and I all had these weird abilities that we didn’t understand. We could’ve easily hurt someone without meaning too. Same for everyone else.”

“Hell, I’m STILL getting used to this whole two legs and hands thing!” Pinki shouted. “Oh well~ At least I don’t need my mouth to hold everything~”

“It’s the exact opposite.” Azula sneered at the Italian girl. “You had all the power I had, both fire and lightning. Now…now…LOOK AT ME!”

The Italian girl deflated, pointing her eyes to the ground and her smile gone from her bright face. She didn’t know what else to say to her. Glancing over, France felt the need to do something about it, this was his friend’s niece after all. After a moment of thought, he smiled at the princess. “Look in the mirror, mademoiselle. What do you see?”

The princess groaned as she glanced at a mirror in the hall before she growled. “I see a pathetic, weak, dependent, helpless peasant.” she answered. “There is nothing more shameful.”

Bardroy widened his eyes at France, tilting his head. After a quick glance at the full set up, he furrowed his brows as he glanced at his younger sister with a growing smile. “Can you see it, Rach?” he asked. “Tell me I’m not crazy and you see it too.”

Rachel looked closer before she smirked as Azula, Naples, and France glanced at them. “I think I see it.” she answered. “Why not you explain it for us.”

“…Explain what?” Azula asked, arching a trimmed black brow.

Watching this unfold, Naples smiled again. “You know what I see?” the Italian asked, moving out of the mirror frame, the other three doing the same, so the black haired princess was the only one in the reflection. “I see a strong young woman who is just confused and lost. I see someone who is trying to cope with the new standards and situation, but doesn’t have any trust from others, nor herself, that cooperation is even possible.”

Pinki looked in the mirror where everyone else was looking and she raised a brow. “I just see Azula. What’s so different? I mean, yeah, her hair’s a little crazy, and her eyes are a little deep, and all that, but I still see Azula!”

With his smile growing wider than it has in a long time, the Frenchman stated, “Correct, Pinki. It is your name in the reflection.”

“…My name?”

France gave the others a wink as they gave him a wide smile. “That’s right!” he confirmed. “That’s exactly what I see!” With France starting off, the rest of the small group took turns to spell it out. “A for Accomplished in all that you do,”

“Yeah! And Z for Zeal your zest life,”

“You can’t forget the U for the potential to naturally show others Understanding,”

“And not to mention L for Laughter you can easily spread wherever you go,”

“and lastly, A for Abundant cheer you can give off that knows no bounds.”

Azula looked at the mirror again, tilting her head from side to side in attempt to see what the others beside her meant. With another smile, Naples shrugged. “Sure, my family isn’t really the smartest in the world, my uncle especially, but I know potential when I see it. My uncles have it, my papa has it, my cousin has it, my friends have it, and you are dripping in it.”

“I might not be one to talk,” Bardroy smiled. “but Sebastian saw potential in me when he hired me. We don’t see each other eye to eye when it comes to food, but he hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet! You’re not going there any time soon!”

“It’s time to make friends all around the place~!” Pinki cheered, cart-wheeling down the hall and back. “Don’t worry~ It’s easy and fun~!”

“If you think that no one else trusts you,” Rachel stated happily. “then you gotta make them trust you! We’ll vouch for you! And all who oppose will meet my rifle!” Bardroy sent his sister a look only an older sibling could give. “…I-I mean…” Rachel cleared her throat, chuckling nervously. “All who oppose will be talked down until they trust you too!…that sounded so much more boring…”

Bardroy sighed as he pat his younger sister’s head, easily taking the gun from her hand to his own. “You should be more careful.” he sighed. “These aren’t toys.”

“…You’re the one who gave me that riffle…”

France gave Azula a glance. “Do you see what we are trying to do?” he asked. “If someone in our group is in need, especially if that person is as strong as you, then we all should do everything in our power to help that one person.” The princess huffed out a sigh but otherwise stayed silent.

After a moment, Asami came in. “Hey! Naples! Your dad’s gone ballistic again, and your uncle’s not helping!” she shouted in slight panic. “We need you and anyone else who can help out!”

“Is he fighting with Sebastian again?” France asked, his question answered with a quick, curt nod.

Bardroy and Rachel stood quickly. “We should probably help out too.” he stated. “If anything, I’m used to his rage…”

“I’ll help too!” Pinki stated, bouncing to the teen kitsune. “If anything, I can make them laugh so hard, they forget they’re mad at each other~”

After a loud gulp from the cook, Bardroy, France, and Rachel hurried down the hall. Just before the Italian teen left, she gave one last smile to Azula. “Remember.” she laughed. “Accomplishments, Zeal, Understanding, Laughter, Abundant of cheer.” Once that was said, she rushed down the hall and back to the room she left her father in.

As they left, the princess gazed at her reflection again with a growing, soft smile, repeating the words under her breath. With every word uttered, her smile grew a little wider. “…Accomplishments…Zeal…Understanding…Laughter…Abundant of cheer…”

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Chapter 18: What Are You?

(Feature image base by: bobstickles)

Angel noticed something very off about Claude. He was much clingier than usual. Sure, they were just separated for a few months, but that’s aside the point, it got to where, when he slept, he always had one hand on her; if she moved, he stirred awake.

One morning, however, his back was turned to her as he slept and she stirred awake. Taking in a deep breath, she quietly tip toed around him and out the guest room door. “…Angel?” he called, his eyes still shut, and his form still unmoved.

Angela stirred awake and peeked at her daughter, groaning as she moved her large white wings from her way. Angel turned and smiled. “Morning daddy~”

“Where are you going?” he asked groggily.

The teen was slightly confused as she looked around the empty room, then down the hall at the rest of the uniformed teens and young adults heading out the door. “…the school.” she answered. “That was the deal we made with Tomoe, remember? Everyone attends school until we find that Mikage dude?”

The spider sighed and dismissively rolled back in his futon. “Don’t talk to strangers.” he groaned out. “And stay close to the group.”

“Tomoe is staying here today.” she stated. “He said that he wanted to get to know you guys.”

“Don’t worry sweetie.” Angela stated, smiling through her tiredness. “We’ll be fine. Have fun~!”

The teen then smiled and rushed to follow everyone else with a quick, “Love you mom! See ya dad!”

Claude pulled the blankets from his face at the sound of that, staring his golden eyes into blank space. ‘…Too bad I won’t see you…’ he thought.

Angela looked down at the spider with a sigh before kneeling down to the floor and stroking his wavy black hair. “Is something wrong Claude?” she asked. “You used to be able to tell me anything, remember?”

The demon chuckled slightly. “That was nearly two thousand years ago.” he answered. “After that, Angel was born, and you were gone. I remember perfectly.” She was silent as she continued to stroke the night black locks. After a few moments, he sighed. “…I can’t see.” he stated sadly. “I haven’t been able to see anything but darkness since we came to this realm. Perhaps it was that flash of light; got too much for my eyes perhaps.”

“I think not.” a new voice sighed from the doorway. Turning, Angela saw Tomoe leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. “After talking with Sebastian, he told me that back in your realm, you were a spider demon, and William said the same before he left to the town. Is this true?”


“And Twilight told me that you all have gained the powers that are common in the realm you are in. Is that true also?”


The kitsune shook his head, letting out a small chuckle. “Tsuchigumo.” he huffed, gaining confusion from the guests. “It is my understanding that you, along with your daughter, and all other supernatural beings from your realm simply became the yokai that you would be if you were born in this realm. Your sudden blindness is all the proof I need to confirm it.”

Angela looked over at him in confusion as Claude turned his head in interest. “Why would this blindness be proof?” he asked.

Tomoe entered the room and sat on the floor with the two. “You see, Claude, tsuchigumo are very powerful yokai. They have amazing healing abilities, can even revive the dead, cast curses, can jump at high and long distances without injury, have amazing strength and speed, and are even sirens, both men and women.”

“What does that have to do with my sight?” the spider asked impatiently.

The fox took in a deep breath before he answered. “There’s a catch to all that power.” he explained. “Tsuchigumo lose a sense at birth, so they could be mute, anosmia, deaf, but usually are blind. It’s rare to find a tsuchigumo that has no disabilities. I’ve only seen one in the last five hundred years, but he wasn’t nearly as powerful as a blind or deaf tsuchigumo.”

“And you think that Angel is a yokai too?” Angela asked in slight worry.

Tomoe nodded, clutching his chin in thought. “I’m not sure what kind though. She’s not a jorogumo at all, nothing like the many jorogumo I’ve met in the past. Of course, you’re not a jorogumo either…Angela, what were you in your home realm?”

“An angel.” she answered.

The kitsune thought for a moment. “…I just don’t know.” he sighed. “I would say tengu, but we already have one tengu, and that’s bad enough as it is. What about your daughter?”

“She was a dog demon at home.” Claude answered.

To this, the fox only bit his lip and thought harder. “…I would say inugami, but that specific breed of yokai is exclusive to dead dogs.” Claude felt his heart stop as his froze stiff and tense. This didn’t go unnoticed to Tomoe as he just sighed and waved it off. “Don’t worry.” he sighed. “Your daughter isn’t dead…I still don’t know what she is though…maybe an okami, but I believed they were extinct before I was born. I never had the pleasure to meet one, but I’ve heard stories about them.”

“Perhaps this is an easier one.” Angela stated. “Sebastian was a crow demon.”

Hearing that, Tomoe flattened his head and glared at the unknown yokai. “…Great. A tengu. Just what we need in this shrine. I thought Kurama was enough…” Shaking his head, Tomoe sighed. “What about Christi?” he asked. “If she is truly Sebastian’s daughter, then she must’ve been a demon in your realm as well, right?”

The couple shrugged. “This was the first we actually heard about her being related to Sebastian by blood.” Angela admitted. “We suspected that she wasn’t related to Ciel by blood, but we thought she was still human. We don’t know what kind of demon she was at home.”

The newly discovered tsuchigumo thought for a moment. “William and his son, Jeremy, they were both grim reapers. Does that count as a yokai?”

Tomoe considered the thought but shook his head. “Yokai are simply Japanese spirits and demons. A grim reaper, I believe, would be a shinigami, which is a Japanese grim reaper. Following that logic, I think they would be shinigami.”

“This might be another easy one.” Claude stated, turning to Tomoe as he found the willpower to sit up. “Sebastian’s oldest daughter, Justine. She was a cat demon.”

Tomoe smacked his face upon hearing that and oozed his claw-like hand to his chin, where he simply dropped it, smacking his lap in the process. “A bakeneko.” he uttered. “A bakeneko. Staying. In this shrine.”

On the way to the school, Ciel and Christi walked side by side in the large crowd of their group. The boy was confused that the young girl hadn’t sparked conversation yet, but passed it off as her being stressed and not wanting to talk. “…Nice day, don’t you think Christi?” Ciel asked. He felt a strong need to get her to be her cheerful self again. Still, her mouth remained shut.

“I think things are starting to look up.” he stated with a smile. “I saw Pinki scratch her back earlier this morning, and if I remember correctly, that usually means that it’s a lucky day.”

Christi only gave him a glance and a smirk as if to ask, “You believe in that?”

The boy chuckled. “…I don’t typically believe in what doesn’t make logical sense, you know, aside from what we’ve already seen, but I think this Pinki Sense thing is quite useful.” he stated, reading her mind. “I remember Pinki telling me that some things just require a leap of faith and cannot be explained. I don’t know, perhaps I’m overthinking all this…but…why are we trying so hard to return home when our past attempts already failed, twice for us now?”

When Christi was silent still, Ciel stopped and fell behind the group, causing the girl to stop as well. “…I’ve noticed Claude isn’t the same as before.” he thought out loud. “He broke down in that shack we lived in for several months, and now he…just doesn’t…something’s just not…quite right.” he stated. “Now, I’m scared for you.” he admitted. “In the last realm, we gained powers and abilities that were common in that realm, as well as consequences and drawbacks. In this realm, these demons Tomoe and his daughters call ‘yokai’ are as common as demons at home.” Christi tilted her head in curiosity as the boy continued. “So…what if…what if you became a yokai like you were a demon at home? And what if that meant a great consequence?”

The girl paused for a moment. After her pause, she took Ciel’s hand and tapped it on her own throat. Ciel’s blue eye widened. “…I see… I will ask Tomoe what he knows of this when we return to the shrine.” he promised.

“Ciel! Christi! Hurry up!” Pinki exclaimed. “You’re falling behind Silly Fillies~!” They ran forward before Pinki could bounce back and start talking their ear off. Ciel wouldn’t have admitted it, but he couldn’t decide if he liked her better as quiet, reserved Pinkamina or hyper, smiley Pinki.

At the school during the passing period, Romano and Sebastian had a conversation about apologizing for irrational behavior, which turned into an argument about whose fault it was for why they were all roped in this to begin with.

“Why, for the love of everything in this creation, would you blame me for something I wasn’t even a part of?! You didn’t even know I existed when you got roped into this crap!”

“Well, you were a demon with supernatural cuckoo powers! You could’ve cursed us from your realm to be roped into this shit!”

“I never had that kind of power! And you know it!”

“If I remember right, you had enough voodoo to clean a two story, thousand acre manner in ten seconds flat! If that’s not power, I don’t know what is, Sebastard!”

“I already warned you not to call me that!”

“Sebastard! Sebastard! SEBASTARD!”

Suddenly, Sebastian pulled his hand back and threw something at the Italian. When Romano dodged, he looked back at the wall where the steak knife stuck between the lockers. His curl wrinkled as he slowly turned back to see Sebastian’s red eyes glow in rage. Night black wings grew behind him and created a large shadow in the hall. Crossing his arms upward with his hands open and free, more sharp steak knives filled his fingers until the number passed the dozens. “…Oh fuck.”

The demon threw the knives at bullet speed at the human. Lucky for him, another black winged teen caught the knives and hid the Italian behind the large wings. “If I had known there was another tengu at the school, I would’ve thrown a welcoming party.” he stated with a charming smile.

Sebastian gazed at him through a mist of wonder that started to replace the anger. “…Who are you?”

The new boy smiled with a chuckle. “I’m sorry, I’m just so used to everyone just knowing who I am. My name’s Kurama, I’m a crow tengu just like you.”

At this point, Sebastian was purely confused. “…Just like…me?” he asked. “I’m afraid you’re mistaken.”

Kurama shook his head as he inspected the demon after taking a knife in his hand. “Sharp blade, magical aura, black wings, sorry to break it to you, but you’re a tengu.”


“Over here babe!” he called down the hall to the teen girl running to the tengu and hugging him as he closed his wings. “What’s up Akimi?”

She looked over at the shocked Sebastian with his own wings now halfway folded. “I see you met my new friends.” she sighed.

The boy sighed, placing his fist on his hip while his other hand rested on her shoulder. “I tried, but they hadn’t given me names yet.”

“Well, the tan, mean, and slightly scary, but childishly cute one is Romano,”


“And the one with the big black wings and throws tantrums like a five year old is Sebastian.”

“I do NOT throw tantrums!” the demon defended himself before pointing a jagged, sharp finger at Romano. “Even if I did, if anyone’s to blame for the cause, it’s Mr. Bastard over there!”

“Who are you calling bastard, Sebastard?!”


“Stop being a bastard, and I will!”

Kurama looked down at Akimi in confusion as the kitsune groaned. “It’s been like that since they started staying in the shrine.” she answered.

In another room, Josiphine, Rachel, and Justine laughed as they started to pull out lunches. “Hey, you mind if we sit with Angel today?” the Michaelis girl asked. “We sit with Angelica and Toph every day, and Angel is starting to get a little lonely.”

“Why not?” the maid asked with a chuckle. “We’re all friends, right?”

The princess smiled. “Well, I don’t mind at all.” she stated. “Besides, Bardroy, Louisiana, America, and Zuko already filled Angelica’s and Toph’s table.” They laughed a little as they walked over to the Feastus girl.

Sitting with Angel already was Natsumi, and Twilight. “Are these seats taken?” Josiphine asked as she gestured to the empty seats.

Upon seeing her friend, Angel smiled. “Not at all.”

The three joined the small table happily as Twilight smiled. “So, Natsumi, you were telling us more about Mikage?”

“Oh yeah!” the teen smiled. “Mikage-oji was great. He was always so kind and knowledgeable about humans. He taught Asami, Akimi, and I everything we know about them. He was also our martial arts master, and he taught us first aid too! Akimi was the one to start calling him ‘Mikage-oji’ though. Of course, I loved him too, but…no one, not even Oto, loved him like Akimi did, and still does.”

“Still does?” Justine asked as the kitsune nodded.

“Yeah.” she answered. “Akimi has such faith that he’ll come back, and she’s still loyal to his honor.”

Josiphine smiled, the talk about Mikage reminding her of her own uncle. “I know the feeling of defending an uncle’s honor.”

“Oh, I forgot my chopsticks in my bag!” Natsumi exclaimed before hurriedly standing and leaving. “I’ll be right back!”

Only seconds after she left, Azula threw her lunch on the table, toppling Natsumi’s tray, spilling the food, and violently ripped the seat from the table before stomping to sit in the chair. Josiphine growled at her sister. “AZULA!” she shouted. “Natsumi is sitting there!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” the elder sister apologized sarcastically. “Did I sit on her?”

“No.” Rachel answered coldly. “She left to get her chopsticks.”

To that, Azula shrugged. “Free seat then.” Angel and Justine both sat there in infuriated silence. “You peasants should count yourselves lucky that I even decided to sit here with you.”

Hearing that, Angel’s dog ears grew as she quickly stomped behind Azula’s chair and ripped her back, throwing her across the room by her black hair. Justine was no help to the princess. With black cat ears atop her head, she threw a wave of fire at the teen.

Azula tried to stop the flames before she remembered her situation. She was in no position to help herself, and looking over at Twilight, Josiphine, and Rachel, they weren’t in any kind of hurry to save her from the scorching punishment that was coming her way as Angel held her in place.

Out of nowhere, Natsumi returned to Azula’s aid and extinguished the fire, Asami with her, ripping the Feastus girl’s hand from the black hair of the loud mouthed former princess. “What just happened?!” the younger kitsune demanded, her white tipped brown ears and tail fully revealed while her sister’s dirty blonde ears and white tipped tail popped into existence as well, expressing pure irritation rather than the shock/anger of the younger teen.

The teens with cat and dog ears uttered explanations before they stopped. “…I never had that kind of strength before…” Angel huffed, gazing at her hand in wonder and awe.

Justine stared at her own hands like a small school girl holding a gun. “…Did I just…do that…?” she asked.

Asami slumped. “You two ARE yokai.” she stated before punching her hips with a slanted jaw. “Little Ms. Okami and Bakeneko.”

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Chapter 17: Meet the Group

(Featured image base by: naoko tomomi)

Though he was unhappy about it, Tomoe got the four guest rooms ready for the 35 unexpected visitors. In two of the rooms, he placed 8 futons while in one of the other two, he had nine, and the last had ten futons inside. They separated by families and went in the rooms that best fit them.

In one of the rooms, America, Louisiana, Angelica, Toph, Bardroy, Rachel, Sokka, Katara, and Chrima decided to sleep. In the room across the hall, Sebastian, Justine, Twilight, Mareuscript, Japan, Tokyo, Ciel, and Christi stayed. In another room right next door, Zuko, Azula, Josiphine, Claude, Angela, Angel, Pinki, and Cutie plopped on the mattresses. Rainbow Dash, AD, France, Paris, William, Jeremy, Romano, Naples, Italy, and Venice decided to reside in the room across from Zuko’s and Claude’s.

Poking his head around in curiosity, he peeked in the first room. America was clutching his head agitatedly while Angelica and Louisiana were fighting over him; Bardroy, Toph, and Rachel sat in the corner trying so desperately to ignore it. Off to the side, Katara, Sokka, and Chrima were successfully ignoring it and having a serious conversation.

“He’s MY brother! He has been forever!”

“Well, news flash, America likes me better now! Face it, American! You’re being replaced!”

“News flash to you, fancy pants! America and I went through so much more together than just a few months’ worth of lessons that he’ll never need to know again! He can NEVER replace me!”

America looked up to see the fox in the doorway. Eyeing the two teenage girls bickering, he slipped around them and sneaked to the door to meet the host. “Sorry about that.” he apologized, Bard saw the American move as he rushed to follow his lead. “I promise, Louisiana is usually more well-behaved than this. She never picked a fight before.”

At the silence, the American looked over at the yokai as the blonde newcomer made his way over. “What’s up?”

As Tomoe shook the confusion from his head, his white fox ears smacking his face, Sokka and Katara got up from the side and made their own way to the fox, clearly with something important to say. Tomoe simply smiled. “I never got to properly introduce myself. I am Tomoe, the familiar of this shrine.”

“Name’s Bardroy.” the cook stated, shaking the fox’s hand firmly. “Over in the corner is my little sister, Rachel, but we met already…sorry about the prank from earlier. I promise it won’t happen again.”

Tomoe nodded in acknowledgment. “I’m Sokka.” the brunette teenage boy introduced. “This is my sister, Katara, and that’s our baby sister, Chrima.”

The fox nodded before turning to the other American. “America. Nice to meet you, and again, sorry about my li’l sis.” America smiled, extending his hand. As the young adult’s fingers curled around his slender hand, Tomoe yelped in pain, to which America let go, shocked as Bard, Sokka, and Katara jumped from the yelp. “…I’m so sorry!” he apologized. “I swear I didn’t put that much in the handshake!”

Tomoe forced a smile through the pain of his throbbing hand. “N-no need to apologize.” he stated. “You’re simply much stronger than you look…I think my hand is broken…” He looked down at the crooked fingers that turned red from the blood clogged in his veins from the impact.

The American cook took a look at the hand and smiled. “Nah!” he laughed. “Just give it some space. It’ll be fine before you know it!” The yokai simply smiled forcefully.

Katara shot America a glare. “…With or without bending, you still can cause problems.”

“I said I was sorry!” America shouted. “GOD! You’re NOT going to let me live ANY of that down, are you?!”

The teen girl sighed as she looked over to Tomoe kindly. “Are you alright? I could bandage that for you.”

“I’m fine.” the fox insisted.

Sokka looked at his sister confused. “Just bandage?” he asked. “What about your freaky water magic?”

“You’re STILL on that?!” Katara shouted. “It’s NOT magic! It’s waterbending!” She then folded in herself in embarrassment. “And…I can’t use it anymore…” she mumbled. “I tried, but I probably won’t be able to until we get back to-”

She was interrupted as Tomoe’s ears went straight up. The two girls started to throw things at each other, a lamp aimed for the fox’s head. Hurriedly, he shut the door as America leaned back, Bardroy ducked, and Sokka pushed Katara out of the way to the side, all dodging narrowly. With that, the yokai clutched his head. “…Teenagers…”

Continuing to the next room, he peeked in the door to see the futons moved to where two were on the left, right, and four along the back wall of the room. To his left, Mareuscript, Tokyo, Christi, and Justine giggled and laughed as they whispered amongst themselves in the corner. On his right, Sebastian, Japan, Ciel, and Twilight held a conversation as well, but much more serious. They tossed ideas back and forth on what to do now. Taking a deep breath, Tomoe approached the parents and brothers. “Hello.” he greeted. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to properly introduce myself. My name is Tomoe, I am the familiar of this shrine. I assume you already met my daughters, Asami, Akimi, and Natsumi.”

Sebastian stood straight and smiled. “We have met Asami and Akimi, though, I don’t recall seeing Natsumi. They have mentioned another sister earlier though.” he stated. “I completely apologize for not showing proper manners. I am Sebastian Michaelis, and over in the corner is my daughter, Justine. The young blonde talking with her is my Young Mistress, Christi, and this here is my Young Master, Ciel.” Ciel huffed in annoyance at the sound of ‘Young Mistress’ and ‘Young Master’, however, he didn’t bother to speak his mind.

“I’m Twilight Sparkle.” the former alicorn introduced herself. “Over there with Justine is my own daughter, Mareuscript.”

“And I am Japan.” Japan bowed. “Speaking with Justine-chan and Mare-chan is my younger sister, Tokyo-chan.”

The yokai took in a deep breath, choosing his words carefully. “My daughters already introduced me to your daughters, and your sister earlier.” he stated with slightly gritted teeth.

To that, the crow demon smiled nervously as the Japanese man lowered his head in an apologetic bow. “I apologize for that.” Japan stated. “Tokyo-chan is usually better behaved than that.”

“I too apologize.” Sebastian added. “It’s my daughter’s friend, Angel Faustus. She has the power to multiply and create illusions. She and Justine both have pulled similar pranks on me, her mother, as well as Angel’s own parents countless times before. Teenage girls will be teenage girls I suppose.”

Tomoe smiled. “It’s alright. For now, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.” The four smiled and nodded with a small bow as the fox left the room.

Looking in the next room, Tomoe was quite frightened of the night black haired fifteen-year-old that appeared to be losing her mind. Her hair fell over her golden eyes and she curled up in the far corner. Looking at her in concern was the seventeen-year-old boy with the large scar over his eye and the fourteen-year-old girl with dark brown hair. Across the room, the spider demon clung to his daughter’s side, annoying her to quite a degree as the teen’s mother simply watched them from the sidelines, giggling slightly. Paying no attention, by the side wall, was Pinki and Cutie as they both pulled out random coloring books and started to color quite sloppily, both of them still not used to having hands instead of hooves.

Tomoe entered, cautiously approaching the trio of teens. “…Is something wrong?” he asked the teenage boy.

“My sister just has mental breakdowns when she finds she doesn’t have any power.” the prince sighed.

“We can’t firebend here like we could back at home for some reason.” the young princess added.

A light went off in the fox’s head when he remembered what Katara had said about not having some water ability anymore. Awkwardly, he cleared his throat before struggling to return the smile to his lips. “…I only came to see if you needed anything and to introduce myself. I’m Tomoe, the familiar of this shrine.”

“I’m Zuko.” the teen introduced. “These are my sisters, Azula and Josiphine.”

Hearing names out in the open, the black-haired father turned his head and smiled. “I’m Claude Faustus.” he introduced himself. “This is Angel, my daughter, and Angela, her mother.”

“Asami and Akimi already introduced me to you.” the fox stated, his tone adding a sharp edge to his voice as he looked down at the teen. “The ability to copy, if I’m not mistaken.”

Hearing his tone get darker and more threatening, Angel tried harder to back away, only to be pulled tighter to Claude’s side, as impossible as she thought was. The spider smiled sweetly with his eyes shut to emphasize the innocence. “I apologize for my daughter’s behavior. I promise it won’t happen again. This is your home, and we are simply grateful guests. Right Angel?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Tomoe.” Angel apologized with a low bow. “I promise I won’t use my powers to make copies of Akimi again.”

“We’re sorry for doing that too, Mr. Foxy!” Pinki apologized, pausing in her coloring. “As Cutie’s mom, I should be the responsible one, but I wasn’t. I take full blame for our participation.”

Angela looked up at Tomoe questioningly after the pink haired woman’s apology was acknowledged. “You said this is a shrine.” she stated. “What is this shrine for? A memorial?” This question attracted Zuko’s and Josiphine’s attention and detached Pinki and Cutie as the two Pies returned to their coloring books. The two teens strayed from their crazy sister and drifted to the new conversation.

“Not exactly.” the yokai explained. “My Lady and Mistress, Nanami, is the Land God of this region. This shrine is built as a place for her worshipers to come and pray where they know their prayers would be answered, or at least heard.”

They nodded in understanding before Josiphine smiled. “If your Lady and Mistress is a God of this world, does she have the power to return us all home?” she asked.

Tomoe took a deep breath through his clenched teeth as his spine tensed at the triggering question. “…I wouldn’t depend on it.” he stated. “Though Nanami is very determined, she is still not a true god. She doesn’t have the full power yet, and still has much to learn.”

“Is there anyone else you can think of who can help us?” Claude asked, turning his head slightly in the kitsune’s direction.

The yokai thought for a moment before he shrugged. “There are many gods, and thousands of yokai more powerful than me, but there’s always the question of one, do they have the power to return you home, two, are they willing to help.”

“Well, we’ll figure it out.” Zuko stated confidently. “We’ve been in worse situations, right, Josephine?”

To that, the sister shrugged. “…Well…I guess…? That is one way of looking at it…I just wish Uncle Iroh were here.”

With that, Tomoe bowed slightly. “If there is anything you need, please come to me.” Once they all nodded in understanding, he left the room and shut the door. Shaking his head slightly, he sighed before moving on.

In the last room, Rainbow Dash, William, and France were deep in conversation. Across the room, Romano tossed a random tennis ball to the ceiling as he laid on his futon. Jeremy gazed out the window, off in his own little world. Just like with Justine, Mareuscript, and Tokyo, AD, Paris, Italy, Venice, and Naples held their own conversation, which must’ve been lighter hearted with how much they giggled and laughed.

Tomoe entered the room, going straight for the more serious trio. “Hello.” he greeted. When their attention was on him, he took a deep breath to repeat the same line once again. “I came to properly introduce myself, I’m Tomoe, the familiar of this shrine.”

Rainbow Dash gave a nervous chuckle as she rubbed the back of her neck. “…About earlier…sorry. It was your kids’ idea!”

“I too apologize for Jeremy’s behavior.” William apologized on his son’s behalf. “Won’t happen again.”

“It’s alright.” he huffed. “If I’m not used to Asami’s pranks by now, I’ll never be used to them.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Romano huffed. “You came to tell us your name. When you come in here to tell us you can get us all home, then call me.”

“Papa!” Naples scolded before turning to the offended yokai. While she stood and rushed to Tomoe to speak face to face, Italy jumped up and hugged Romano for his long awaited ‘Hug Therapy Time’ as Venice sat straight and stiff. “Please excuse him.” the teen chuckled. “He’s just a little homesick is all. I’m Naples, and that’s my papa, Italia Romano…the one hugging him to death is mio zio, Italia Viniciano, and there,” She pointed to the young girl. “is my cousin, Venice.” Tomoe nodded before Naples rubbed her arm. “I’m also sorry for the prank earlier. Asami and Akimi said that if we didn’t participate, then we wouldn’t be able to properly repay them for their hospitality. I didn’t know you were their father.”

The yokai smiled and sighed. “Don’t worry about it.” he reassured. “I’m going to have a long conversation with them later either way.”

Regardless of the awkwardness, France smiled. “I’m France, and over with AD and Naples is my little brother, Paris.”

“And I’m William.” the grim reaper introduced. “By the window is my own son, Jeremy. Though, you’ve already been acquainted.”

“I get it, dad! Nothing I do is right! You don’t have to drill it in my head every time you feel the need to say something to someone!” Jeremy shouted.

Tomoe looked over at the young man gestured to, and furrowed his brows. “Is he alright?”

“He’ll be fine.” William stated. “As long as I keep him in check, he’ll be fine and far from trouble!”

“Screw you too ‘dad’!”

Naples tilted her head in thought before taking a deep breath. “Well, everyone else should help us think of a way home.” she stated. “It involves them too.”

Rainbow Dash groaned. “Do we really need Scar Face and his crazy sis?” she asked.

Paris nodded. “Believe it or not, they are really useful.” He then turned to Tomoe. “Would you mind spreading the word?”

The kitsune smiled. “Not at all.” he stated. “I will also let my daughters know. Perhaps they’d have an idea that is over our heads.”

Once everyone gathered in the backyard, due to the main room of the shrine being too small, Twilight was the one who started the meeting. “I know we are all tired, and a little upset that the plan failed,”

“AGAIN!” Romano added.

The deep purple eyes of the alicorn glared at the Italian. “…Yes. Also, I understand you are all very homesick, I am too, but we need to put our heads together and hopefully it will work! Five times the charm, right?”

Tomoe raised his brows. “…Five times?” he asked. “You all have been jumping from realm to realm four times already?”

“At first it wasn’t on purpose.” Mareuscript stated. “You see, how it started was that my mom was trying to learn a new spell to teleport herself at a great distance, then we ended up in another realm, and we got caught in this cycle.”

Azula looked up at Twilight, crossing her arms. “So, we have you to blame for this pathetic peasant game of Ring Around the Rosy.”

“It wasn’t Twilight’s fault!” Pinki shouted. “It was the spell’s fault for making this happen!”

Rainbow Dash glanced at the pink haired woman. “…That made…no sense…”

“You’re acting really high and mighty, since you got caught in this mess too, Azula!” Jeremy shouted.

Azula looked over at the far off teen. “I’m sorry,” she chuckled sarcastically. “Do I even know you?”

“You are SO lucky that I don’t have my death scythe, otherwise, I’d REAP you in your sleep!”

“Jeremy!” William shouted, clutching his son’s sleeve as the young reaper attempted to get up. “Right now isn’t the time!”

“Yes, listen to your babysitter, Jeremy.”

“Azula!” the princess’ younger sister scolded. “You can’t just say things like that! Not here at least!”

“And why not?” she huffed out.

“Twilight’s a princess back at home!” AD defended the alicorn. “Just like how you were a princess in yours.”

“Honestly, who cares?” Natsumi asked, bringing attention to herself for the first time. “Royalty, generals, nobles, everyday people…or ponies…who cares who you all were back in your own homes?” she asked. “What matters now is that you are all in this situation together, and you need to work together to get out of it.”

Chrima smiled. “She’s right!” she exclaimed. “It doesn’t matter how we all got roped in this big mess! We’ll all get out of it together!”

Angela then took control of the meeting. “Tomoe, are you sure that your Land God isn’t powerful enough to at least get us out of this realm?”

“Nanami can barely make the flowers bloom.” Tomoe answered. “No one else who can help you comes to mind.”

“That’s not true!” Akimi shouted to her father. “There’s Mikage-oji! Remember?”

To that, the fox sighed. “…Sweetheart, Mikage hasn’t returned to the shrine in twenty years. Seeing as how he gave his mark to Nanami, I doubt he will return at all.”

“Who’s Mikage?” Ciel asked. “Is he, or is he not, willing to help?”

Tomoe rubbed his purple eyes, groaning. “Mikage is the former Land God of this region.”

“But…this Mikage-sama…” Japan stated. “He still has the power to return us home.”

The yokai shrugged, tilting his head one way before quickly tilting it the other way. His head went back and forth for a few moments as his face scrunched up more and more in uncertainty. “…Yes, I suppose he could help, but there’s the problem of finding him.” he continued. “He disappeared twenty years ago, and has yet to return.”

“So, the new plan!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “Find Mikage, get him to take us all home, then move on with our lives.”

“I like this plan~” sang a new voice behind Asami as the teen girl jumped.

Turning around, the oldest kitsune daughter growled. “MIZUKI!” she roared, choking the snake in her tight grip. “What are YOU doing HERE?!”

“Lord Otohiko decided to take Nanami for a little boot camp for her divine power.” he croaked. “She told me to come back, so I thought I’d see how things were going here, and if I missed anything.” His turquoise eyes looked around the large group. “…I think I missed quite a lot, but I’m catching up~ You want to find Mikage so he could help all these people go back home. That plan seems flawless~”

The large group nodded, murmuring small things that all basically said that it was a good plan. “Are you all deaf?!” Tomoe exclaimed, silencing the 35 visitors and even his daughters and Mizuki, who included themselves in conversations with the Louisiana, Paris, Justine, and Chrima. “Mikage has vanished! He is a former god! For all I know, he could be nowhere near this shrine, this town, this city, this country, or even this REALM! He could be anywhere!”

Asami, Natsumi, and Akimi were about to say something but were hesitant in the dense silence. “…But Oto,” Natsumi finally whispered, no louder than a needle landing on the grass even a cricket would’ve overpowered her. To the group though, she was as loud as thunder. “We have to at least try.” she sighed.

Gazing at the group of faces, she gestured to each small family. “Twilight is a princess in training, still didn’t get used to her wings, but still trying her hardest. Mareuscript is supposed to be training to expand her magical abilities. Rainbow Dash is the captain of the weather team and the Rainbow Factory. AD volunteers to care for animals while her mom works, and learns to fly higher and faster when her mom is there to coach her. Pinki Pie and Cutie Pie hold responsibilities for a record of all the residence in their town and the cheerfulness the population carries. In an instant, they had to give up everything they know to transition from pony to human.

“America is a commander of the American air force, and the best flier on their squad, as well as second in command for anything political in the United States. Louisiana keeps the peace between America and the Europeans and Asians, as well as conduct experimentation for war bombs, assisted in inventing the Atomic-Bomb, the Hydrogen-Bomb even, and is the co-founder and first in command at NASA. Romano and Viniciano…are…very much loved and missed by their family and friends.” The older Italian’s face turned bright tomato red at the sound of that as he averted his eyes, finding a sudden interest in the soft, green grass while the younger Italian was left unphased. “Naples is the Top General of the Italian army, lead men into battle, mostly coming home victorious. Venice is soon to follow in her cousin’s footsteps, already learning how to plan a battle and how to counteract an attack. Japan and France both, like America, are second in command with anything political in their countries and are responsible for military action and training. Tokyo is the commander of the navy, and the one responsible for peace negotiations, as well as war declarations. Paris trains in the French armies and is skilled with a rifle. He, along with his brother and friends were all ripped, not only from their realm but also from their own time, landing in London England from the 1890’s.

“Sebastian is responsible for the life of Ciel and Christi. He has organized the manner he works at into a battle fortress with four of the best humans in the realm. Justine has the same responsibility for the same children, but she is also a Grim Reaper. Her reaper mother overreacts and worries about her safety (a lot like you). She is currently the top in her reaper class. William trains new Grim Reapers and is Justine’s uncle and Jeremy’s father. Jeremy holds more pride for his race than is good for him while constantly competing with his half-sister, Justine. Ciel is known in his hometown as the Queen’s Watch Dog and has a double job. By day, he runs factories all over his world, by night, he solves murder cases and carries out a sentence. Christi is in the process of learning what she can from Ciel so she could carry on the family business when she’s not even a Phantomhive by blood.” Everyone was shocked by this, especially Pinki Pie. “In truth, Christi is Sebastian’s youngest daughter, however, has to pretend to be Ciel’s sister due to complications. Bardroy is one of the four best humans Sebastian chose to protect the home they serve. His daily responsibility is to prepare meals, but he also is in charge of weapon inventory (often mistaking the flame thrower as a cooking utensil). Rachel is another human hand chosen by Sebastian alongside her older brother. Her own daily responsibilities include assisting the main maid in her own chores, but she has also been put in command of many of the weaponry, especially the ones including fire power. Angela is still new to being a mother. She works as an assistant maid for a Trancy boy, and what time she could spare, she spends with her only daughter, teaching her, mainly how to fly, but also to understand the angel side of her of which was never taught to her. Claude is basically a slave to the same Trancy boy, working as a butler, and works hard to satisfy his roller coaster needs and emotions, as well to keep his daughter busy, entertained, and happy. Angel is the only daughter of Claude and Angela and feels as though she is ripped in half being half angel half demon. She works as an assistant butler by her father’s side and has since he fell under a contract. All of them were separated from their responsibilities, with no clue as to what is happening to the manners they serve, nor how to return home.

“All three of those groups haven’t seen home in months.

“Zuko is a banished prince with a complicated, painful past. He was born to be the next ruler of the islands his family rules over. Azula is the middle child of the royal family but never experienced life any less than the finest. She was always the most powerful teen her nation has ever seen. Josiphine is the youngest, and, like Zuko, has a complicated past. She served as her brother’s guide since his banishment and stayed by his side, even when she knew he made a wrong decision. Angelica is the first born to the richest family of her realm. She has the responsibility of caring for her younger sister due to her blindness. Toph is the most powerful in her skills. She invented a way to see without using her eyes and instead, feeling vibrations through her feet. Her and Angelica make up the most undefeated ‘wrestling’ team in their realm. Sokka and Katara hold their own responsibility to a young boy, Aang, tasked with his safety when the fate of their world depends on the survival of that boy. Chrima has no memory of her past from before she was found by Sokka, and the longer she is from their world, the harder it would be to put her past back together. Now, none of these people have anywhere close to the same power they had, literally, this morning. They have to learn new ways to do everything from defending themselves, to just walking around without smacking into a wall.”

Asami looked at her skeptically. “…How did you know all that?”

“Justine told me everything.” she explained.

Her father bit his lip in thought, crossing his arms. “…Alright. Here’s my proposal. You all can stay here as long as you need, and, to keep your cover up, you will all attend the same school as my daughters and I. I still say it’s a fool’s errand, but I will supply you with all that you need to search for Mikage. Once you find him, you request him to return you to your homes. Does that sound fair?” Everyone nodded in agreement.

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Chapter 16: From Benders to Yokai

(Featured base by: deadtreachery bases)

The large group found themselves in what seemed to be a school library in the blink of an eye. Twilight, Mareuscript, Rainbow Dash, AD, Pinki Pie, Naples, Louisiana, Tokyo, Justine, Angel, Rachel, Azula, Josiphine, Toph, Angelica, and Katara all were in uniform with white long sleeved dress shirts and mustard yellow bow ties and skirts. The most sophisticated girls, Twilight, Azula, Justine, and Angel all had jackets of the same mustard yellow and black hymning. The less sophisticated girls, Mareuscript, Naples, Tokyo, Rachel, Josiphine, Angelica, and Katara though they didn’t have the jackets over their shoulders, they still had the sleeves down with their cuffs buttoned. The rest of the girls had their sleeves messily rolled up. The former ponies of the group had their cutie marks on chain necklaces that were tucked under their shirts.

Romano, Italy, America, Japan, France, Paris, Sebastian, Ciel, Bardroy, Jeremy, Sokka, and Zuko all were in uniform also, but slightly different. Their long-sleeved dress shirts were more slender, they didn’t have any neck ties, and their slacks were dark gray. Sebastian and Japan were the only ones with buttoned cuffs. Though Zuko’s cuffs weren’t buttoned, his sleeves were all the way down as well. The others had their sleeves rolled up to their elbows sloppily.

Cutie, Venice, Christi, and Chrima were all in short, dark blue dresses with long sleeves, and sailor-like collars over their red bows. All of them had long, white socks and shiny black shoes.

William, Claude, and Angela were the only ones not in uniform. Instead, William had a white dress shirt tucked into black slacks. Claude wore a simple dark gray dress shirt draped over black slacks under a black leather belt (somehow, his beard was shaved off also). Angela had on a purple blouse with white slacks.

“…What…just…happened?” Azula asked as she looked around.

Ciel was the one to answer the princess. “If I had to guess, I’d say you ended up in our group.”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Zuko growled.

“I don’t even know what happened…” France sighed.

“Aang must’ve felt overly stressed.” Katara answered. “To tell the truth, I don’t like being forced to cooperate with that reckless blonde!” she spat at America.

The American dropped his jaw. “Seriously?! You’re pissed at me?! For what?!”

“Involving us to begin with!”

“I didn’t have anything to do with that! You involved yourselves!”

“If you hadn’t twisted Romano’s wrist or broke Louisiana’s arms, we would’ve never sought you out and gotten tangled in this mess!”

“Well, no use fighting over it at the moment!” Sebastian took charge. “The three of your highness’ are now included in our group, as well as Ms. Beifong, her sister, Sokka, Katara, and Chrima weather you like it or not.”

Angelica looked around. “Does this mean that we won’t get home again?”

“We’d better get home!” Romano huffed, crossing his arms.

“I have pasta to make!” Italy exclaimed. Naples and Venice smiled with a giggle as Romano rolled his eyes.

“I have my own work to do.” William sighed. “Had my son not stood too close, we wouldn’t’ve been in this mess. I agree with Katara in the fact that select individuals tied us all together with invisible chains. My select individual is my son.”

Jeremy glared at his father. “…Okay, I get it. It’s all my fault you got separated from your work. What can we do about it now?”

“You’re grounded.” was the simple answer.

Twilight looked around in guilt. She was the source that caused all these people to be misplaced from their homes with the possibility of never returning home again all because she wanted to learn a new spell.

As the group itself started to defuse, Angel looked up and sighed as she started to wander around. Only two steps later, she was pulled back by a firm hand. “Angel, where are you going?”

“Don’t worry dad, I’m just going to check out this place.” the teen huffed to her father. Something about him slightly confused her; he didn’t look directly at her, rather than in her general direction. She ignored it as Claude kept his grip on her and she sighed. “Do you want to come with me?”

“Why, yes. Thank you for your invitation.” the spider smiled with closed eyes as he followed her, not releasing her arm.

Turning a corner, a couple of girls crashed into Angel and the duo of unknown students dropped their large stacks of manga books from their arms. “I’m so sorry.” one of the girls apologized as she and her companion regathered their books. “Asami and I weren’t even looking.” The girl looked up with big brown eyes and saw Angel’s dog ears and tail from the slight shock of running into her. The collision pushed Claude away from her and he was knocked into a wall, causing his glasses to fall off.

The teen smiled widely as she smacked a book on Asami’s back to get her attention. “Don’t do that, Akimi!” she complained until she too saw the strangers, a smile on her own face. “You’re yokai?!”

Angel gazed at her with an arched brow as Claude tilted his head in confusion, retrieving his glasses with slight difficulty and sliding them on his face as the two smiled in joy. “I didn’t know other yokai came to this school!”

“Asami, there is Kurama, Natsumi, and Oto.”

“Yeah, but OTHER than them!”

“…Come again?” Angel asked.

Akimi rushed to her feet and shook Angel’s hand violently. “My name’s Akimi, and this is my oldest sister, Asami! My sisters and I are yokai, but we’re not that powerful. Heck, I don’t even have any powers aside from stupid shape shifting and super strength.”

“You and Natsumi are still more powerful than me.” Asami brought up.

To that, Akimi shrugged. “Yeah, but you still have Fox Fire, and all I can do is punch stuff.” She then turned her attention back to Angel and Claude. “What kind of yokai are you? Kitsune? Inugami? Tengu? Tsuchigumo? Jorogumo? Tanuki? Bakeneko? Hebi? Mujina?”

“Hold it!” Angel stopped her. “Look, Akimi, right?” the yokai nodded. “Look Akimi, we are demons. Not yokai. Though I’d love to, I don’t speak Japanese.” With that, she explained what she was, where she and her parents were from, and how she got there.

“If you and your group need a place to stay, stop by the Mikage shrine. I’m sure Oto wouldn’t mind, and Nanami is staying with Otohiko and Kamiko for a few months for tests and training for her to be more up for the role as a god.” Asami stated. “Just one tiny thing I ask in return… You say you can make clones?” Evil smiles spread on the three teens’ faces

After school later that day, Tomoe found a note on his desk:

“Need to stay after for a test. Asami said she’ll walk me home. Meet you later. -Akimi”

With a sigh, the yokai simply continued home with Natsumi, explaining to her that Akimi and Asami would be home late.

That evening, Tomoe cooked dinner as usual while Natsumi played cards with Mizuki. He soon heard a quick, “Hey Oto”. Glancing up, he saw that Akimi just passed by the door.

Not thinking anything of it, he just sighed, “Hey Akimi.” and continued to cook.

A few seconds later, he reached for a pot in the cabinet as he again heard, “Hey Oto”. Turning around, he expected to see Asami but instead saw Akimi walk by the door yet again.

With furrowed brows, he froze for a moment in confusion. “…Hey Akimi.” he stated, thinking he didn’t really say it before and his mind was playing tricks on him.

Just as he started to return to cooking, he heard, “Hey Oto” once again. Whipping his head around, he saw Akimi walk by the door a third time.

Curiosity edging in his mind, Tomoe poked his head out the door and looked down the hall where Akimi allegedly went. Behind him, he again heard, “Hey Oto” as another Akimi walked around him and down the hall.

His purple eyes grew wide and his pale face turned blue. “…Akimi?” he called.

“Yes, Oto?” over a dozen identical voices answered from behind him. When he turned, he couldn’t even count the ‘Akimi’s, there were so many squashed in that small hall.

His kimono slipped off his shoulder as his ears and tail drooped. In the few moments of silence, the sound of giggling was heard from behind a door down the hall. His right ear twitched toward the sound. Following the giggles, he opened the door and saw an Akimi (he didn’t know if it was the real one or not) with Asami and several people he never met before. Seeing the yokai in the doorway, Akimi laughed even louder. “Hey Oto.” she laughed. “I just thought that you’d want a more entertaining introduction to my new friends~!” she then gestured to the girls. “This is Angel, Bardroy, Rachel, Pinki Pie, Cutie Pie, Louisiana, Jeremy, AD, Justine, Tokyo, Naples, and Rainbow Dash.”

“These people and a few others needed a place to stay, so I offered that they could stay here~! Isn’t that great?!” Asami added happily.

Tomoe stood there for a moment. “…Exactly how many is ‘a few others’?”

“There are 35 in our group total.” Justine answered.

Hearing this, the fox dropped his jaw. “…35…”

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Chapter 15: Final Escape

(Feature image base by: xxxagony)

After a while, Angel started trying to part from Claude so Angela could get a turn to at least see her, but he tightened his grip when she started to slip away. “…Dad, you can let go now.” The father simply shook his head. The teen sighed as she strained to look at the rest of the group. “A little help here guys!”

With a little chuckle, Sebastian sighed. “Claude, I understand you miss your daughter, but you’ve been hugging her like that since midnight, and it’s nearing three in the morning.”

The spider continued to shake his head as Katara took a turn. “Look, we’ve all missed our loved ones and are overjoyed to see them again, but right now, we need a plan to get out of here, and we need both of you to help.”

“Start by shaving your face!” Angel exclaimed. “You’re making my head itch!”

With another shake of his head, Claude hugged Angel even tighter, causing her face to turn as blue as her robes. Angela smiled and looked up at them with shimmering purple eyes. “…Claude,” He moved his slightly brighter yellow eyes to meet hers. “…the moon is still full.”

Just like that, Claude zipped his arms from Angel and leaned back so far, he fell on the floor and bumped his head on the closed door behind him. Angela smiled as she gave her daughter a tight but quick hug. “That’s better.”

“We should be able to escape right now while the guards are asleep.” Angelica stated.

“There are still guards at every gate.” Angela sighed. “There are fewer than in the day, true, but the ones still on duty will still burn us all alive if we even try that.”

“But Angela,” Aang smiled. “you already forgot that I have a flying bison.” he stated.

Tokyo sighed as she clutched Japan’s sleeve in her fist. “It might be a little tough for him to get 35 people out at once, we’d have to take turns and split into groups, that way he can fly us over where there aren’t any guards, and we can all meet there.”

“Or at least not as many guards.” Sokka added.

“How would we break up the groups?” Sebastian asked.

“Easy!” America laughed. “We split into groups of six, seven for Spiderman, Puppy Eyes, and White Head and Boomerang, Noodle Arms, and Claw Fist!”

Claude, Angela, Angel, Katara, and Chrima (Sokka was used to being referred to as something with a boomerang) looked confused at the nicknames. “…Spiderman?”

“Noodle Arms?”

“Puppy Eyes?”

“Claw Fist?”

“White Head?!” Angela smiled strainingly before she raised a hand and America started twitching. “I find that offensive.”

“Angela! Stop it!” Katara barked. “Threatening with bloodbending is one thing, but using it just because you don’t like a nickname is something completely different! I don’t like the nickname Noodle Arms, but nicknames aren’t even a priority right now!”

France raised his own hand toward Angela with a cold look in his blue eyes. “If you don’t release him, I’ll bend you, and you know I can.” he threatened.

The angel sighed and released America. “…You’re even crazier than Russia…” he huffed.

The blonde waterbender slouched his shoulders and sighed tiringly. “…Merci for not forcing my hand…I would hate to make a mistake since I’m a little out of practice…”

“So, we’ll go with that plan?” Twilight asked. “We’ll take turns based on family. No more than three families at once.”

“Sounds fair enough.” Rainbow Dash stated. “Let’s get started!” And they started to defuse.

Quietly, in their groups, they snuck out the back door of the house, where Appa hid. Aang leaped to the bison’s head. “Alright, first passengers, climb on.” Rainbow Dash, AD, Romano, Italy, Naples, and Venice were the first to stumble up the wide tail and in the saddle.

More groups left the town, playing hopscotch over the wall before the last group of six approached the beast. America pulled Angelica in the saddle before assisting his sister, to which she responded with a hateful glare and proceeded to assist herself in the leather, sitting next to Toph near the edge. Pinki had no trouble bouncing up the tail and sitting at the rim of the saddle while Cutie followed her mother’s lead. Smacking his tail on the hard ground once again, Appa took off in the sky as dawn started to break.

Suddenly, one of Pinki’s knees started twitching uncontrollably and she looked at the shack behind the American blonde in worry. America looked back at the shack, following Pinki’s gaze before he leaped at the five girls in the saddle. “DUCK!” he shouted, pushing them down to the leather. A shower of fireballs sizzled past their heads. A loud, deep bell rang through the town. Every soldier ran out and prepared to attack. They were caught.

Appa swerved, ducked, and dodged the many fireballs aimed at them. When America dared to look back, he saw the soldier count rising. “Let’s just go!” he shouted over the alarms. “We can’t fight them head on!”

As he said that, Appa had to turn over sharply and Angelica slipped out of the saddle, her grip just barely enough to keep her on the bison. America hurried to her and reached for her. As his hand brushed against her’s, her grip slipped. She fell.

The American whipped his head to the airbender. “Angelica overboard! Get down there and get her!” Aang was too busy avoiding the rain of fire to even hear him. With a deep breath, America pushed himself to Aang, violently shoved him in the saddle, and took the reigns. “Yip yip!” he shouted as he yanked the strips of leather back to the town and guided Appa down, trying to ignore the girl’s screaming at the speed they were going at.

Angelica nearly hit the ground before she felt fur beneath her. She opened her dark brown eyes and looked down. The patch of rock she was supposed to land on was growing small in the distance. Looking over, she saw America right beside her. With a smile, she reached over and collapsed him in a hug. Behind them, fire rained. To them, fireworks sparked. With a growing smile, Ameriça continued the way back to the rest of the group.

They landed in the small field where the others waited. “What the hell took you guys so long?!” Romano cursed.

“We were a little busy with the soldiers that came and rang the alarm.” Toph huffed back.

“Well, they were coming to take Spiderman and me to the mines for our day of work~” Pinki giggled. “It was a doozy, but not the biggest doozy I’ve ever seen~”

“Did my legal name change to Spiderman?!” Claude shouted.

“Are you guys alright?” Katara asked with worry edged in her tone as everyone swarmed them.

“If you mean, ‘did you get burned?’ then we’re all fine.” Angelica sighed.

“You know, it doesn’t really matter right now.” America stated hurriedly. “We’re all in one piece, no burns, no bumps, no bruises, let’s get the last two that were captured and go HOME!”

“If I remember correctly,” Sebastian stated, scratching his chin. “Prince Zuko and Princess Josiphine were taken to a prison called the Boiling Rock.”

“You have a keen memory.” Claude complemented.

To that, the firebender shrugged. “I’m sure you do too when you’re not threatened to never see your daughter again.”

“You’re one to talk.” The nonbender growled. “I still remember how you were when your daughter was captured by Alistair Chamber.”

“And you turned around and took her as soon as you found her!” Sebastian barked, a flame starting to consume his fists.

“Will you both STOP!” Ciel shouted. “What has gotten into you, Sebastian! First Romano, now Claude?!”

“But Young Ma-”


“…But Ciel!” Sebastian whined, pointing a finger to the nonbender childishly. “He started it!”

Justine only gave her father a glare. She didn’t dare call him out since he was her father after all. Still, it didn’t matter what they went through together, Sebastian and Claude would never just be grown up and leave each other alone.

Wanting to get back on track, Chrima looked up at Sokka. “Isn’t the Boiling Rock that prison you, Zuko, and Josiphine went to a while back?”

Sokka nodded with a sigh. “…They’re gone.” he stated, earning looks from the misfits. “When I went to the Boiling Rock with them, it had the reputation that it was inescapable. Now that we’ve escaped with dad, Suki, and one of its prisoners, it’s bound to be even more impossible.”

Twilight thought for a moment. “…Yeah, it would make sense that they would raise the security.”

“And Appa can’t carry 35 passengers, plus 2 in one trip!” Paris reasoned.

Aang thought for a moment before an idea struck in his mind. “My glider can hold up to two other people as long as they’re small enough. I’ll take Chrima and Venice since they’re the youngest and smallest. Appa can hold a large group for a short amount of time in the air, and when he gets tired, he can just swim; it’ll be like riding a boat. We’ll just have to go on foot for as long as we can.” They went with that plan with no complications (mainly because this author is too tired/lazy to put in any complications).

While Angelica, Katara, and Naples left to find Zuko and Josiphine in guard disguises, the rest of the group simply tried to not get noticed on the outside of the prison.

While searching for the correct cell, the three froze as they saw a teenage girl with long night black hair. Red, black, and golden armor spread across her shoulders and down her arms and breasts. The amber golden eyes stayed focused on the path ahead of her. “That’s the girl that almost killed Sebastian without hesitation.” Naples whispered. “We have to be careful.”

“I remember the captain saying he was saving Zuko and Josiphine for the princess.” the earthbender stated. “That means she knows where they are!”

“Maybe, but it’s risky.” the waterbender stated, not moving her glare from the powerful teen below her. “I say we should find them on our own and meet everyone in the courtyard as planned.”

They poked around the cells a little longer before a distinct cry echoed through the steel halls. “What’s going on?! Let me go!” The three looked down from the second floor to see a small teenage girl around the age of fourteen being dragged away while she pushed, kicked, and struggled to break free. Her matted hair was thrown left and right as she fought to no avail.

“That looks like Josiphine.” Angelica stated.

“It is.” Katara confirmed. “I’d know her anywhere.”

“…She’s been my best friend since I joined the gang.” the earthbender sighed.

The waterbender averted her eyes, lost in thought. “…I’ve known her longer, but I’ve only been friends with her for a short amount of time. I’m not sure, even now, that I can call us friends.”

Justine looked over at Angelica in curiosity. Even though she, Louisiana, and Tokyo were very different from Josiphine and Angelica, Mareuscript and AD, even Justine, Rachel, and Angel, she couldn’t help but see a sense of familiarity with the relationships; each and every group were best friends since day one; since the moment they actually knew each other. Taking a deep breath, she sighed, looking over at the two. “You should go and look for Zuko. He should still be in a cell, so you’ll need metalbending since there were no keys with these uniforms. I’ll follow Josiphine and see if I can help her out.”

Katara’s look turned stern. “I’m going with you. You’d need help if you run into Azula.”

As a reply, she generated a small, minuscule electric spark in her fingers. “I think I can handle myself against her.” she stated. “Since Angelica would be metalbending, she’d need someone to watch her back.”

The teen nodded before Angelica asked, “Where do we meet after we get Zuko?”

“Just get back to the rest of the group. Act like you’re taking him someplace, another reason both of you should get him, it’ll be more convincing if two guards were taking a powerful male prisoner somewhere than just one female guard.” she stated. “I’ll meet you there with Josiphine.” They nodded in response and hurried across the metal floor.

With a sigh, the Italian firebender followed the guards that held the exiled princess captive. After some time, she was thrown in a small cell with frozen air exploding out the moment the door opened. “You’ll stay in here ’til your dear older sister can come and get you.” the guard smirked as the steel doors slammed shut and the two guards stood at either side of the cell door with the small, barred, glass window.

Naples furrowed her brows before she put on her best brave face. “Hey, I need to get in there.” she stated strictly. “I have direct orders from the princess to take her directly to her.”

“The girl just got here.” the large intimidating guard sighed, leaning on the wall. “We were told that the princess was going to run a few errands, pick up her brother, then come here and get her herself.”

“She’s a princess.” Naples reasoned. “She has more important things to do than chase down her little sister all day.” The guards were silent. “If you guys want to completely go against her highness’ wishes, that’s fine by me. I’ll just go back and let her know what you guys said. I’m sure she’s itching for a reason to use her rare blue fire. What are your names again?” They both froze in fear before scrambling, fumbling with their keys to open the cell door.

With the metal door opened, Josiphine looked up from her huddled shivering in confusion. Looking up with her golden auburn eyes, she saw two guards fall on the metal floor, twitching slightly. Standing above them was a teenage girl seemingly no older than fifteen in a guard uniform. Cautiously, she backed away. “It’s okay! It’s only me!” the unknown girl stated as she lifted the mask on the helmet to reveal her blue-green eyes.

“…Naples?” the princess asked. “…You…you can bend lightning?!”

“I have to agree with my sister, that was quite a shock, wouldn’t you agree peasant?” a voice purred from around the corner. Josiphine looked over and nearly slipped out of her prison shoes as she tried to run away with Naples close behind. Chasing after them was Azula as they raced through the steal halls to the courtyard.

As they made it closer and closer to the rest of the group, Naples shouted, “Help! She’s crazy!”

The avatar looked over where the three firebenders ran towards them and snapped. His grey eyes widened as Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Chrima, and Romano tried to help and the group was split.

Drawing closer to the three was the large group of strangers from different worlds, as well as Angelica, Toph, Zuko, Sokka, Katara, and Chrima. Rushing away was the Avatar. Aang’s eyes flashed a blinding light during the very instant the three firebenders made it to the group and they all collided.

The light was gone as instantaneously as it appeared. Just as instantaneously, Twilight, Mareuscript, Rainbow Dash, AD, Pinki, Cutie, Romano, Naples, Italy, Venice, America, Louisiana, Japan, Tokyo, France, Paris, Sebastian, Justine, Ciel, Christi, Claude, Angela, Angel, Bardroy, Rachel, William, Jeremy, Zuko, Azula, Josiphine, Toph, Angelica, Sokka, Katara, and Chrima all disappeared into thin air.

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Chapter 14: Give the Spider a Break

(Featured image base by: pixlebases)

Angelica flew Appa as Louisiana, Rachel, Jeremy, America, Christi, Ciel, AD, and Toph sat in the saddle. “We gotta get back to the gang.” the teen stated. “If what you say is true, Louisiana, then they can’t get out on their own.”

Louisiana thought back to the pathetic look in Claude’s yellow eyes. He looked so beaten down and defeated. True, everyone was in a state of depression, but the spider was a different story. He might as well have been a walking corpse. With a deep breath, she looked up at Angelica with hard brown eyes. “No!” she exclaimed. “What we need to do is find Angel!” Everyone looked at the American teen like she grew a second head.

“Are you crazy?!” Toph shouted. “We have no idea where to start!”

“Well, Twilight, Chrima, Italy, and Japan are with Angel, so if we find Angel, we find them too.” AD reasoned.

“Also,” Christi stated. “Venice is Italy’s daughter.” She then turned to Ciel. “Remember what Italy and Venice were like when they lost one another in the manner?”

The boy tilted his head in consideration. “…It’s hard to argue with that when combined with Claude’s case.”

The male metalbender groaned. “In my humble opinion, our chances of finding them would be much better with everyone else’s help, if there’s a chance of finding them at all.”

Rachel sighed. “Look, I want to see Bardroy just as badly as you guys want to see your family and friends. But not only would Claude be happy if we came back with his daughter, but Tokyo would be happy if we come back with her brother and not just Venice, but also Romano and Naples would be so happy to see Italy. Not to mention Chrima is Katara’s and Sokka’s youngest sister, at least that’s what they told me. Not to mention Mareuscript in the same place as Claude, and Twilight in the same place as Angel.” she reasoned. “They’re locked up in the same place anyway. Might as well hit, not two, not three, but FIVE birds with one stone.”

Angelica looked at them in confusion. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. We’ll find them once we get the rest of the gang, we’d have strength in numbers that way.”

“But Claude has been slaving away in the mines for weeks!” Louisiana shot back. “Just as long as you guys worked at the factory! Who knows how much he has left in him!”

“Not our problem!” Toph shouted. “If he can’t pull his weight, I say we dump him. We’ve been working just as long.”

“Also, if we go in with a large group, it’ll just make it harder.” Rachel reasoned. “It’s easier to sneak around with a small group of people than it would be with everyone.”

“Not to mention,” Ciel exclaimed. “I’m fairly sure this bison can only hold so many passengers. 26 people is a large number for this creature to hold at one time for, we don’t even know how long. That’s not including the five in the prison that we need to leave with.”

“Appa can walk.” Angelica huffed. “Besides, we can’t go completely out of our way to make a few people happy sooner when we can accomplish the same thing with the whole group.”

“But you and your sister not only had each other, but a special skill that only you knew about that was the main thing in how we got out of the factory.” Louisiana reasoned. “AD, you knew your mom was coming to get you, that she wouldn’t stop until she knew you were safe.” The former pegasus looked up at the American girl. “Jeremy, you also knew that your father was going to at least try and go back for you. I mean, with his style of fighting, I’m shocked he bothered to flee the battle.” The former grim reaper averted his green eyes. “America, you at least knew that I was alright and that there was a good chance you’d see me again.” The blonde was silent. “Rachel, you knew that Bardroy made it out of the overrun and would sooner die than give up on reaching you again.” The former maid crossed her arms in deep thought. “Christi, you knew that Ciel would never in a million years leave you to rot in a factory.” The young girl bit her lip, clinging closer to Ciel. “Think about it, guys!” Louisiana urged. “Claude has next to no idea when he’d see Angel, his own daughter, again! Tokyo, Venice, Katara, Sokka, and Mareuscript have that same uncertainty, they’re going near the end of their rope!”

“Look Louisiana,” Angelica sighed. “I get that you’re worried about them, but there’s not much we can do on our own.”

“We’re all metalbenders!” AD stated. “…Well, except for Christi, Cowlick, and Ciel.” America huffed at the reminder as Jeremy rolled his eyes at the American before the teen continued. “All the prisons are made of metal, so we could very easily get them out! This is my best friend’s mother and mentor, the brother of an upset teen, the father, uncle, and brother of three paranoid Italians, the younger sister of the two who helped us expecting NOTHING in return, and the daughter of a broken man and worry-sick woman we’re talking about here!”

“A far beyond broken man.” Ciel added. “And an extreamly naggingly worried woman.”

“There’s still the problem of FINDING IT!” Toph growled. “All that captain guy said was that they were going to some cell. That could literally be ANYWHERE!”

“She’s right.” Jeremy agreed. “Last I checked, Sokka had a map. At least then, we’d know where to find the prisons and narrow them down.”

“…Yeah…” Rachel swayed. “But how do we know that we can leave the town that he’s in once we get the map? I doubt Appa can hold that many people for more than a mile tops, and we’d probably not be able to return to that town and leave again so easily.”

“I still vote that we search!” Christi exclaimed. “We all owe Katara that much.”

“And I owe Claude and Angela for not abandoning me in the town.” Ciel confessed. “Still, we left the town once, we can do it again.” The boy then looked sternly at the girl next to him. “Most importantly, I want your safety guaranteed. My vote is that we go back to the town, get everyone out, then have a selected few find the prison.”

Louisiana turned to her older brother. “…America?” she called, catching his attention. “…A hero has to help everyone, right? You’ll help me…won’t you?”

America looked from face to face and he already felt the pressure. Toph, Jeremy, Ciel, and Angelica made valid points, but so did AD, Rachel, Christi, and Louisiana. Angelica and Toph have been doing this whole flying/bender fighting/save people from firebenders a lot longer, but at the same time, Louisiana was his little sister, and he didn’t want to disappoint her. “…I think…we should at least try to find Spiderman’s daughter. If we can’t, then we go to the town and get the rest of the gang’s help. If we can find the prison before…let’s just say…tomorrow, then we help them escape and get to the town then. Sound fair?”

Angelica moved her dark brown eyes forward in silence as Toph groaned loudly and smacked her head on the saddle side several times and Jeremy, though she didn’t look happy, nodded understandingly and stared blankly at the clouds they passed. All the while, Ciel looked at Christi in worry, but couldn’t think of anything to say; the tie in the vote was broken in her favor fair and square. AD, Christi, and Rachel smiled at the tiebreaker result and Louisiana completely hugged America tight. “Thanks, big bro.”

America froze before he smiled at her, wrapping his strong arms around her. “No prob little sis.”

Many hours passed and they found several prisons with the fire nation insignia, but none that would hold waterbending prisoners. As the sun sank in the purple mountains, Angelica sighed. “Okay, deal’s over!” she shouted. “We’ve been flying around all day, with no sign of the prison!”

“Hold it!” Louisiana shouted. “The deal was that we’d turn back if we couldn’t find it by TOMORROW!”

“It’s not like we’d have any more luck at night than we would during the day!” the driver reasoned.

“Actually, I’ve spent A LOT of time with Katara for the past few months, and she told me that waterbenders stand out at night. Twilight, Italy, and Angel are all waterbenders, so, as a matter of fact, we WOULD have more luck at night than during the day!” the American girl spat in spite.

Continuing the search with a sigh, AD’s brown eyes widened at what she saw. Off in the distance, a single star glowed a vibrant hot pink. “Follow that star!” she exclaimed. “It’s Twilight, I KNOW it!”

Louisiana, Rachel, Christi, and Jeremy rushed to see the shining star as well. “I thought that your pony powers don’t work outside your realm or whatever.” Rachel sighed

To that, the former pegasus shrugged. “I guess the princess’ are in more realms than just Equestria.”

When they followed the pink star, they found themselves hovering near a tall tower completely made of metal and every window barred. Louisiana smirked at Angelica. “Does that look like a prison for waterbenders to you?”

The noble earthbender stayed silent as she landed the bison. “Someone needs to stay with Appa in case he gets discovered by guards.” Angelica commanded.

“I’ll stay and keep watch.” Jeremy volunteered before turning to the two children. “You two should stay with me. Not only are you both only children, but neither of you are benders so you’d both be fairly useless in there.” With a groan, Ciel and Christi stayed with the bison and former grim reaper as the rest of the small group of earthbenders rushed to the tower. Looking up the metal building, Toph broke off a section of the earth to push them up to the nearest window where AD pried the bars apart. Everyone climbed in with the exception of Angelica. America looked back at her in confusion after he already was inside. “You alright?” he asked.

The girl looked up at him and sighed. “…Your sister is just…I’ve been doing this longer than your group of, what? 27?”

“Yeah, I think it’s 27.”

“…I know what I’m doing, and she just…”

The American gave her a small smile. “Louisiana knows what she’s doing too.” he stated. “It might not look like it sometimes, but it’s true. You two could really be close friends if you tried.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

The metalbender smiled as America extended his hand to her. As she took the hand and climbed in, Louisiana looked back at her brother with questioning eyes. When he passed her with a smile, she snatched his sleeve in her hand. “Something happen between you two that I should know about?” she asked.

“W-what are you talking about?” the elder brother chuckled.

“Why was it so hard for you to break the tie this morning?” she asked. “Did something happen between you and Angelica while I was with Katara?”

America huffed out a laugh, but it wasn’t the same as his usual laugh. It was more strained and forced. “You’re talking crazy, li’l sis.” he stated, brushing her away. “She’s just someone who needed a hero just now, I noticed, I talked to her, and now, she’s better~!”

Louisiana gave him one more critical look before she sighed with narrow brown eyes. “…Okay…”

Walking through the halls, they surprisingly didn’t see that many guards. The ones they did see, Toph took care of in her own special way (she tied them up in a metal pipe and threw them out the window).

It took them forever to find Twilight, Japan, Italy, Chrima, and Angel, which was odd considering Toph’s ability to ‘see’. “Where are they?” Louisiana asked the younger girl.

“I-I don’t know.” Toph stated, panic edging in her tone. “I can’t feel them anywhere.”

“I guess I was right, and this was a fluke!” Angelica stated to the group but shoved her statement in Louisiana’s face. “Let’s go!”

“Angelica?!” a young girl’s voice called from behind a door at the end of the hall. “Is that you?!”

Discarding Angelica’s protests, Louisiana kicked the door down. Normally, that would’ve broken her leg, but with metalbending, it was just too easy. Inside the room seemed…empty.

“Up here!” a familiar teen voice shouted as the group was directed to a waving hand in the air. “Can you please get us down?! I HATE heights!”

Looking up to see Twilight, Japan, Chrima, Italy, and Angel, Louisiana smirked at Angelica with crossed arms. “I guess I was right and this WASN’T a fluke, right?”

“Shut up.” the noble teen sighed as AD, Rachel, and America already started reaching for the chains and gently letting them down. Toph ripped their metal cages open once they reached the ground.

In one cage, the Italian never left his little corner. “…Ita, dude?” America called when the bars were ripped apart. “You’re free. Let’s go!”

“…No point…” he sighed sadly. “…Venice…I didn’t see her…they probably killed her…”

Louisiana was the one to enter the cage and place a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Is that what you think?” she asked. “Venice’s still alive. I’ve seen her. She’s with Romano and Naples right now, along with the rest of the group.” This new knowledge caused the man to jump. He zipped his head around to look at the American with a new spark of hope in his eyes.

“Come on with us!” Rachel smiled. “We’ll take you to her again.”

“Same as before in Ciel’s and Christi’s world with that game of Ring-Around-the-Rosie.” AD huffed with crossed arms.

“Guards are coming!” Toph exclaimed. “If you’re not coming, then stay there and sulk all you want. Last chance.” The waterbender nodded and followed them out of the cell down the metal hall.

When they returned to Appa and started heading back to the town, Angelica kept herself isolated from the rest of the group. “That was easier that I thought it’d be.” Toph stated in slight shock as they soared through the skies.

Back at the town, Claude stumbled to the shack after another long day in the mines as Pinki Pie tried to help him move forward however she could. It was nearing midnight and the moon was still full for the third night in the cycle. As they walked, the man feared what he would find when he entered the pathetic excuse of a house. Angela hated it when the two of them took too long to get home, especially if Claude was the cause, but he was just too tired to walk any faster; he was falling behind in the group of other workers. Every night he fell behind; it was always further just little by little. This time, he completely lost them.

Out of nowhere, Pinki’s ears started to twitch under her poofy pink hair, then her eyes blinked rapidly and uncontrollably, and lastly, her knees twitched so violently, she fell over, causing the weakened man to catch her just before she hit the hard ground. Claude took notice to his partner’s twitches that caused her imbalance. “What was that?”

“…I might be wrong…I hadn’t had that combo since I was a pony…” she explained. “But that was probably a. Ear Flop, Eye Flutter, Knee Twitch-a-twitch combo! It might just feel different because I’m not a pony, kinda like how my Twitchy Tail changed to a Twitchy Knee.”

The man raised a brow. “What does that mean?”

Pinki tried to come up with the best way to explain. “Well, back in Ponyville, whenever I got that combo, it meant to watch out for opening doors, but I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve gotten that combo since then.”

Claude sighed. “I’m sure everything is just fine.” he groaned. “The worst that would happen is that Angela would be in a bad mood and use her bloodbending to force us home faster again.”

“It doesn’t always have to mean something bad.” Pinki stated. “It just means to keep your eyes peeled around doors.”

With a chuckle and groan, Claude opened the door to the run-down house. Instead of the spine-chilling possession he always received from his ‘loving wife’ since the full moon cycle started, he was greeted with a large hug, tightly constricting his arms to his waist. “Daddy~!”

His yellow eyes grew at the sound of that. He hadn’t been called that title in weeks; since before the overrun. He looked down at his Hug Attacker and his jaw smacked the wooden floor. The soft brown hair rubbed under his chin coated in his black, prickly short beard. The large golden brown eyes still shined in happiness at the brink of tears. For a moment, he thought he was mistaking Louisiana for his daughter again, but then again, the American teen hasn’t worn blue since he met her, and doesn’t call him ‘daddy’. “…A-Angel?” he stuttered. “I-is it really-?”

Angel replied by simply hugging her father tighter. Claude shut his eyes and shook his head. This had to be a dream. When he opened his eyes, Angel was still there in front of him, though now, she let him go.

Pinki skipped past the two in the house before reaching Cutie and hugging the little girl. “Told ya~!” Behind Angel, Katara and Sokka were sandwiching Chrima so tightly, she was lifted off the ground between the two. Italy squeezed Venice so tight, her face was turning blue, causing Sebastian to step in and try to unwrap the waterbender’s surprisingly strong arms. William was sitting with Jeremy, giving the young man a long, grueling speech about how worried sick the father was. Twilight stood in the corner, hugging her daughter comfortably, but tightly and protectively, promising her that she’ll never make the teen go through anything close to the past experience again. Tokyo and Japan stood close to one another, the older brother even being so bold as to hook the teen’s arm around his own and locking it in place. Bardroy had Rachel’s head hooked under his arm as he turned her hair into a rat’s nest, however, her giggle indicated that she didn’t mind at all. Rainbow Dash tried to hide her tears of joy with a big smile while ruffling AD’s hair.

The spider felt tears running down his stubbly cheeks as he looked at all the reunited families and duos before returning his awakening gaze to his one and only daughter. He then swooped down and hugged her tight with no intention of unwrapping his weakened arms. “…Dad, I’m fine.” Claude ignored the statement as the tears paraded in the streams. Angel simply sighed. If she knew anything about her father, he wasn’t going to let her go until he knew for sure that she wasn’t going anywhere out of his sight again; he was strict like that, being a single parent for over a thousand years with her as the center of his universe.

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Chapter 13: Factory

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Mareuscript stood and sighed. “Well,” she huffed. “I guess we’re ready to put this plan into action when you are.”

“You’ll need a drive to earthbend.” Sokka stated, crossing his arms. “Otherwise, the soldiers might be too suspicious.”

“I might have an idea!” Mareuscript exclaimed before she turned to Angela. “Can I have some copper pieces?” Though she was confused, the waterbender took out the money from her pocket and placed the coins in the teen’s hand before she, Ciel, and Louisiana went out the door with a cheerful, “Be right back~!” from the teen nonbender.

The three of them walked down to the market casually before the former unicorn smiled at the earthbender and boy. “Follow my lead.” she whispered before she walked up to the counter. “Fifteen loaves please.”

The shopkeeper took out the bread without question and held out his hand for the money. When she gave him the copper pieces, his face was an expression of shock as he let the coins drop on the wooden counter. “This costs more than this, kid, cough it up!”

“It was enough yesterday!” Mareuscript exclaimed. “This is an outrage! Wait until my mother hears about this!”

“Y-yeah!” Louisiana followed in nervousness.

“You have no right to raise the price!” Ciel exclaimed confidently as if he already read the nonbender teen’s mind.

“You have NO idea who you’re ripping off here!” the nonbender continued. “I have friends and family in high places!”

“Like who?!”

“Like me!” Louisiana screamed as she stomped her foot on the rocky ground. The ground below the shopkeeper shot him up in the air and he went flying through the sky, landing on a tree branch.

“Or me!” the boy shouted as he stomped his foot and punched the boulder. Behind him, Louisiana used the same motions and did the real earthbending while Ciel took the blame for the boulder that rocketed to the shopkeeper and sent him flying.

Fire nation soldiers watched the shopkeeper flying over their heads and looked right at the teen and boy who seemed to be bending, their spears raised. “Earthbenders! Freeze!” They surrounded them, blocking Mareuscript from the two.

With a smile, the former unicorn skipped back to the house gleefully. Not only did she get Louisiana and Ciel in the factory like they needed, but she got hot, fluffy, fifteen loaves of bread in her arms and the copper pieces in her pocket. She, Angela, Claude, Pinki, and everyone else will be eating well tonight~

She made it back to the house, where everyone waited anxiously. “They’re in~!” she sang, returning the copper to the woman and holding up the food. “Anyone hungry?”

Louisiana and Ciel were shipped to the factory in gray rags. Once there, which didn’t take until that evening, they got the speech from the warden and were escorted to the courtyard with all the other earthbenders. They scanned the faces in desperation as the two walked around.

“Hey, Cowlick, Butterfly,” Toph huffed, pausing in her meal.

“’Sup?” America asked, looking over at the blind girl. Christi’s gaze followed the blonde’s

“Just thought you’d want to know,” she started with a sly smile. “…turn around.”

Confused, they did so. Once they saw the faces of their siblings, the two scrambled to their feet and tripped to get to the newcomers. “LOUISIANA!” America exclaimed.

“Ciel? CIEL!” Christi cried.

The American collapsed on his sister in a tight hug while the once noble girl knocked her brother off his feet. “Aw, dude! You have no idea how much I missed you in just the last DAY!” the man shouted in Louisiana’s ear.

“It’s nice to see you too America.” The teen sister choked. “I…can’t…breath!”

“IMISSEDYOU! IMISSEDYOU! IMISSEDYOU!” Christi cried as she squeezed Ciel’s neck. They were both knocked on the metal ground, though she didn’t care.

Ciel could only smile as he pushed himself to sit up and hugged her close.

Reluctantly, the blondes let go, but America still kept a tight grip on the clothes on Louisiana’s back and Christi stayed as close to Ciel as humanly possible. “Come on.” the girl smiled. “You must be starving!”

America then led them to the group of earthbenders and they sat down, handing the newcomers a bowl of alleged food. “Eat up, and talk about what happened!”

After one bite, they both spat out the rotten meat. Louisiana pushed the bowl as far from her as possible while Ciel simply put down the food and didn’t touch it. The teen told them what happened since they separated. “And now, we gotta get outta here asap so we can get back to that town and bust out everyone else before Claude collapses!”

“That spider dude always freaked me out a little bit.” America stated.

“Sebastian would punch me in the head if he knew I said this,” Ciel sighed. “however, Claude is trapped in a fate quite worse than death, even worse than anyone else in our collective group of misfits.” He then explained what he has observed from his time under Claude’s shabby, wooden roof.

“Is my mom there?” AD asked. “How is she?”

“Is my dad alright?” Jeremy asked worriedly.

“How’s Bardroy holding up?” Rachel asked in dripping concern.

Louisiana smiled at her friends. “They’re all really worried and just want to see you guys, then again, I bet that’s how everyone feels.” She thought back to how she felt when she was separated from her brother. She remembered how bad Ciel was from what Sebastian told her after checking on him earlier, which moved into why he volunteered despite not even being an earthbender. With all that running through her head, the teen could only imagine how Claude, Angela, Mareuscript, Venice, and Tokyo must feel now; so far, they’re the only ones left who are in incomplete families that aren’t expecting to see their missing family members anytime soon.

“How are your arms?” Angelica asked. “I see they’re not as bad as before.”

“Katara is a miracle worker.” Louisiana smiled, holding her arms out slightly and moving them around. “They still hurt a little bit, but I can actually bend now.”

“Well, duh!” Toph groaned. “You wouldn’t be in here if you couldn’t bend…don’t know how Shrimpy got here though…”

“Louisiana did the earthbending for me.” the boy answered. “I just did something random, and she did the real bending behind the scenes so it looked like I was bending.”

The blind girl huffed. “You tried metalbending yet?”

The American girl shook her head. “No, I just started trying this whole earthbending thing out after the raid a few weeks ago. I don’t even know that many moves.”

The metalbender smirked. “Remind me to show you metalbending later. You got the spark of a metalbender.”

Hearing this, America pouted, though she couldn’t see. “You can metalbend, your sis can metalbend, AD can metalbend, Rachel can metalbend, Jeremy can metalbend, my own little sister can metalbend, and I can’t?! Why not?!” He was answered by a hard punch in the shoulder. “OW! I STILL can’t figure out how you can do that! IT’S CREEPY!”

“Metalbending isn’t for just anyone.” Toph sighed. “Besides, you can cause enough damage just with earthbending.”


“Just quit your whining already!” Jeremy huffed.

AD looked over at Louisiana as America was ignored despite his grumbles and whines. “We kinda already had an escape plan, we just needed a way to get off this slab of metal.”

“Way ahead of you.” Louisiana smiled, pulling out the whistle from her pocket. “Aang gave me this to call his flying bison.”

Ciel nodded. “If I recall, he said to use that to return to the town once we retrieve the group members here.”

Angelica smiled. “That’s perfect! I wasn’t planning on swimming all the way to the mainland.”

“Did I ever mention I don’t like the plan you guys came up with?” Toph asked, crossing her arms.

Christi rubbed her arm and crouched in her shoulders. “…I don’t really like it either…”

Ciel looked over at his adopted sister. ”Why?” he asked. “What’s the plan?”

“You’ll see tonight.” America waved him off, turning to Ciel and Louisiana. “Just meet us here after everyone goes to bed. I, the hero, will take care of the rest!”

That night, the nine of them quietly snuck out of their beds and met on a nearby corner of the courtyard. Angelica turned to AD, Rachel, Jeremy, and Louisiana and whispered quietly, “Toph is going in first since she sees people around the corner. Once the coast is clear, you three follow my lead. America, Christi, Ciel, just pair with me, Rachel, Jeremy, or AD.”

To that, Louisiana clung to her brother’s arm. “No! America’s MY brother!”

Christi hid behind Ciel clutching his clothes in her fists. “I’m staying with Ciel.”

The blue eyed nonbender nodded. “I lost my sister once!” he exclaimed. “I DON’T plan to lose her again!”

“You’re not going to lose her!” the noble teen shouted before she winced. Her brown eyes scanned quickly around to see if anyone else heard their whining. When the coast was clear, she sighed. “Louisiana, you’re still new to bending in general.” she stated. “Can you really handle the responsibility of transporting yourself and America down?” She turned to the younger duo. “Ciel, you’re not going to lose Christi. Besides, there are four experienced metalbenders here, and one who’s not a metalbender, two who aren’t benders at all, and one who hasn’t had one metalbending session. I wasn’t planning on separating you two anyway.” Angelica then sighed when she turned back to the Americans. “I guess, following that logic, you two can go down together also, but Louisiana, you cannot bend by yourself. Just for safety, pair with another metalbender to help you.” At the silence, the noble teen looked back to her younger sister.

When Toph gave the ‘All Clear’, Angelica gave Louisiana brief instruction on how metalbending works and reminded Rachel, Jeremy, and AD the small things that they were required to remember. Once that was done, she showed the four newbies the motion they needed to know. With that, America, Louisiana, and Angelica went down in a metal platform she separated from the island. AD and Jeremy cautiously followed and sighed in relief when they made it to the lower level just above the water. Rachel was last to go down with Christi and Ciel. They made it down before any guards could take notice.

America looked over. Seeing a bright orange light approaching them, he acted quickly. He nudged Angelica, Louisiana, Rachel, Jeremy, Ciel, Christi, and AD in the water. “Go!” he commanded through gritted teeth.

When Christi plopped in the water, she freaked out. “Can’t swim! Can’t swim! Can’t swim!”

Jeremy acted quickly and held Christi close, holding her mouth closed. “I got you.” the reaper promised.

“…Considering the fact that you’re a grim reaper, I don’t know how I feel about that…” Christi whispered under her breath before Ciel shushed her.

Looking back at the blind twelve-year-old, America picked her up and secured her in his back before he too plunged into the water. He, along with the teen girls, young man, and two children, all hid under the low platform, just enough room between the steel and the water to fit from their chins up and barely be able to breathe.

After a long time of waiting, the soldier finally left the platform. Toph put a hand on the steel to feel when he’d turn the corner before she gave them a nod. Sighing in relief, they all swam out from under the platform and just started swimming away, America and Jeremy carrying the girls who couldn’t swim on their backs.

They swam all night, leaving a good distance between them and the factory before Toph groaned. “Are we gonna call Appa or not?!”

The whole group stopped suddenly as Louisiana smiled. “Oh yeah!” she exclaimed as she reached in her pocket under the water. “I almost forgot I even had this!” Taking a deep breath, she blew hard and strong in the tiny whistle only to get a bubbling sound and a stream of water to go out the other end. After a cough, the American huffed. “…Take two.” she chuckled, putting the whistle to her lips a second time. The sound of it was so unbearable, especially for the misfits since Toph and Angelica were used to it. The highly pitched, scratchy noise filled the blank air.

To the group, it seemed to get lost in the waves.

Miles away from the whistle, back on the mainland near the town, Appa jumped at the sudden sound of the whistle he knew so well. He knew that it was a call for help from someone in the gang. With a loud roar to let them know he was on his way, he slapped his tail in the grass and broke through the branches above him, taking off in the sky.

The small group of nine floated in the water, trying not to move too far in case Appa heard the whistle. After some time, America groaned. “Where is this furball anyway?!”

“Give him a minute Cowlick!” Toph shouted.

“Yeah!” Louisiana huffed. “A big beast like him; he can only go so fast!”

Christi rested her chin on the reaper’s shoulder. “I hope he comes soon. I’m starting to get sea sick…”

As she said that, a roar was heard in the distance. They looked up to see Appa searching the seas. “We’re down here!” Louisiana called before blowing the whistle again.

Only seconds after the whistle sounded in the air, Appa flew down close to them and extended his tail for them to climb. “Yes!” Toph cried when she felt the saddle beneath her. “Something solid!”

“Do you want a room?” America laughed as Toph kissed the leather. Hearing that, she took her Space Bracelet and swiped it at his feet, causing him to tumble down on the bison’s back and return to the waters. With a groan, America climbed the bison tail all over again.

Rachel smiled as she looked around. “From here on out, the only place we can go is up.” she stated.

AD looked over and chuckled. “…Literally.” she added.

Christi smiled as she and Ciel sat on the leather, the girl ringing the water out of her side ponytail. “I’m glad that nightmare is over.”

Jeremy looked around. “Anyone know where to go?” he asked. “We seem to be lost, and even if we weren’t, we don’t know where this town is that you two came from.”

“I guess I’m driving.” Angelica sighed as she climbed to Appa’s head and secured the reigns. “I’m the only one here who controlled a bison’s reigns before.” She thought back to all the times when she had to fly Appa, when Aang got tired in the desert, when everyone else needed help with that creepy lady, Hana, she had to fly Appa over to get everyone back, while they were at the Western Air Temple, she needed Appa just to go upstairs, and more. One reoccurring thought came from each instance. She HATED flying.

Normally, she’d at least have the saddle to hold onto, but when she was driving, she only had flimsy strips of leather that required both her hands. If she were to end up like the others in the group and end up in the Pony Land where AD was from, it would be just a sick joke if she was a pegasus.

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Chapter 12: Miseries of Faustus Household

The nearly full moon started to peek over the treetops as they made it inside the house, a two-story shack built of old wood and nearly falling apart, where Angela brewed a large pot of tea. “If I had known you were bringing the rest of the group, I would’ve gotten more food, Claude.” the angel stated venomously sweet.

“If I had known they were coming to this town, I would’ve told you and the kids, Angela.” he stated right back.

Pinki pouted. “…I’m not a kid…” she huffed.

“You still act like a kid, sweetie.” the white haired waterbender stated, much kinder than she had with Claude only seconds ago.

To this truth, the pink haired woman shrugged. “Can’t argue with that.” Out of nowhere, she rubbed her shoulder while Angela was putting the now empty pot in the sink. “Wait!” Pinki called as she hurried over. “Achy Shoulder!”

Cutie chuckled. “…Mom, I don’t think your Pinki Sense would work here.” As corrected, when Pinki reached in the sink, she pulled out a small Cat-gator.

While everyone in the room steered clear of the pathway, Pinki walked to the door with a smile. “You should know better than to doubt my Pinki Sense~ If my shoulder needs a rub, there’s a gator in the tub~”

Everyone turned to the two adults living in the shack as Claude nodded. “You’ll be surprised how many times her twitching has saved me from a rockslide.”

“…That sounds like it should be impossible…” France stated dumbfounded.

“…Indeed…” William agreed. “…Ms. Pie is not human…”

Angela chuckled as she maneuvered to the pink haired nonbender. “Pinki, sweetie, can you take all the younger kids to one of the guest rooms upstairs?” she asked. “It’s past your bedtime anyway, and the children here don’t need to hear this. Could you also make sure Ciel is in bed?”

“Okie Dokie Lokie Angela~” Pinki stated with a smile and nod as she took Cutie and Venice, leading them upstairs.

Katara made her way over to Claude and Angela. “You both mentioned that there are more than you two and Pinki here.” she stated. “Who all lives in this house at the moment?”

The woman sighed. “Other than Claude, Pinkamina, and myself, there is Mareuscript and Ciel.”

“Don’t worry.” Claude groaned out, holding up a finger to Sebastian before the crimson eyed man could say a word. “Ciel is just fine. While in this house, all five of us made a deal that we would step in place as each other’s families, meaning Angela and I treat Pinkamina, Mareuscript, and Ciel as our own children, and the same vice-versa. In this house, I am the ‘father’, Angela is the ‘mother’, Pinkamina is the ‘oldest daughter’, Mareuscript is the ‘middle child’, and Ciel is the ‘youngest son’.”

Paris tilted his head. “…You all play house here?”

Sebastian was the one to place a hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Much like how I went out of my way to look after you in your brother’s place, and you looked up to me.” He then gave him a more stern look. “I also doubt that you have not viewed Justine and Naples as younger sisters during our time in the army.”

While the two men talked, Rainbow Dash had to ask, “Mareuscript is here? Where is she?”

“She’s asleep in her room.” Angela answered as she set out small cups. “After the whole group was separated by that captain, Claude, Pinkamina, Mareuscript, Ciel, and I were sent here. We decided that we’d stay together since poor little Mareuscript is only a teenage girl, Ciel is just a boy, and we couldn’t just kick Pinkamina out. She lost just as much as the rest of us. We try to care for them as well as we could. We’re not allowed to leave the town; every exit is barred, as you most likely saw on your way in. They have soldiers that patrol the streets and keep everyone inside past a curfew. If anyone tries to escape, they’re burned on sight.”

“The taxes is the worst part.” Claude added. “The soldiers come in every morning at the crack of dawn, escort me and Pinkamina to the mines with all the other workers, and keep us in the mines until dusk.” he explained. “We only get paid a few silver and gold coins a day, then we have to give most of the money back to pay the taxes on the house. The rest of the money goes to food.”

“What do you, Mareuscript, and Ciel do all day while they’re in the mines?” Justine asked the angel.

Angela took in a deep breath before giving a hefty sigh. “Mareuscript and I collect things from outside and try to make things to sell, or we’d go outside and look for tea leaves, or sometimes, we’d go to the market for bread. Ciel however, typically doesn’t leave his room.”

The nonbender then leaned over to the American earthbender. “To answer your question, Ms. Louisiana, I have seen the soldiers take people away while Pinki and I work in the mines.” he added. “The people taken are ones just earthbending to make the job go by easier.” The whole group listened closely to the man. “One worker earthbends, the soldiers come in and tackle them to the ground and drag them away. After that, I don’t see them again in the mines, nor around the town.”

Sebastian clutched his chin. “…I suppose we are at the correct town then.” he stated. “All the evidence points to this being the correct town.”

“Yeah,” Romano sighed. “but I doubt this is the only town that gets earthbenders to a coal factory. For all we know, Burger Bastard’s sister would get through the plan, get taken to the factory, only to find that it’s the wrong factory! Like ponytail said! There are a shit ton of coal factories!”

Hearing this, Claude sighed as he weakly stood. “I’ll show you to where you can sleep tonight.” he stated before Angela froze his feet and had to catch him from falling on his face. Seeing the ice that restricted his movement, he groaned as he turned to the waterbender. “…Angela, you know how high tax is for drinkable water. It shouldn’t be wasted like this.”

“You’re exhausted.” the angel stated as she melted the water and splashed it in the sink. “I’ll show them where they can sleep. YOU go to bed and GET some sleep.”

He wanted to protest before he tiredly waved it off and dragged his lead filled feet across the wooden floor and creaked up the narrow stairs. This change didn’t pass unknown to William, Sebastian, and Justine as their eyes followed the spider. “…I’ve never noticed he was so…human-like.” the reaper noted.

“It was the transition from our world to this one.” Angela answered. “Back at home, he was a powerful demon who never grew tired, nor hungry. Here, he is a powerless human who tires easily and is growing thinner by the day. I’m sure you three have noticed it too.”

They remained silent as they followed Angela up the steps. She opened three doors, each with six small, lumpy beds and worn out blankets and sheets. “I apologize for the bad conditions, but these are the only spare beds we have here.” The group still smiled and separated themselves in the rooms to the beds as Angela squeezed past the group and down the hall.

Katara, Sokka, Aang, William, and Suki shared the first room and, despite the off mattress and drafty covers, they were just happy to sleep in actual beds for once. Romano, Rainbow Dash, Naples, Paris, France, and Louisiana took the next room and found it difficult to find a comfortable position. Sebastian, Bardroy, Tokyo, and Justine took the last room where Cutie and Venice were sharing a bed and falling asleep.

None of them realized just how tired they were until they laid down. Just as quickly as the candles were blown out, they were all fast asleep.

The next morning, just as Claude said, the soldiers came at the crack of dawn. Angela got up a little earlier to answer the door with a smile. “Good morning.” she stated. “I assume you want Claude and Pinkamina to come down?” They nodded as she turned back in the house. “Claude! Pinki! Time for you to go!” The pink haired woman was the only one who answered the call and hurried down the stairs. Angela looked over at her. “Where’s Claude?”

“He might still be asleep, I thought he was already down here, so I didn’t look on my way.” Pinki answered.

Angela peeked up the stairs before facing the soldiers again, chuckling nervously. “One moment please.” and she closed the door. She stormed up the steps and much crashing, splashing and yelling was heard by the soldiers and young woman.

Claude swung the door open with dark bags under his dulled yellow eyes, his glasses crooked, his robes slipping off his shoulders, and completely soaking wet and shivering from the early morning breeze that pricked at his skin. Adjusting his glasses with what shred of dignity he had left, he went out the door with Pinki to follow the soldiers and other workers to the mines.

Sebastian stared at the door from the staircase dumbfounded. “…Did I just see that correctly?”

Angela nodded as she shut the door behind Claude. “He works himself to death.” she explained. “He still expects to be able to use his powers to finish his daily chores, he get’s shocked when he needs to eat and doesn’t expect to need rest every night.” Sebastian listened as she continued. “Mareuscript usually stays in bed until after the sun is out and I don’t really know about Ciel. He never lets me know when he’s awake or when he’s not, or even if he’s still in the house. I assume everyone else is still asleep?” the demon nodded as the angel sighed with her hand on her hip and leaning on the old wooden counter with a rag over her shoulder.

“I worry about both of them, Claude and Ciel.” she stated. “They haven’t been the same…since Angel and Christi…”

“…I understand.” he stated as he approached the cabinet and took a rag, stirring it in the water in the bowl before wiping down the table, just for some way to feel as though he was helping. “If I were in Claude’s position; forced to work for little pay and high taxes while feeding, not only myself, but the mother of my daughter, complete strangers, and someone else’s Young Master, while my own daughter is somewhere I don’t know, or even if I were in the Young Master’s position; trapped in a town, knowing that there’s nothing I can do to retrieve my only family…I’m not sure I could live like that, much less for as long as you have.”

“If I remember correctly, Christi and Ciel have no blood relation.” Angela brought up. “Unlike Claude and I, he’s worried about a girl that’s not even his own family.” The demon bit his lip, catching the angel’s attention. “…Could you know something about that, by any chance?”

Sebastian sighed. “…A year or so ago, I was summoned to the United States of America by Christi. She lost her human parents in factory accidents due to the Industrial Revolution. Out of her grief, she sold her soul in exchange for a family and a chance for revenge on the ones responsible for her human parents’ deaths, direct and indirect.” he explained. “The next day, the ones running the factories her parents worked at were killed by my own hand, and she was brought to Phantomhive manor as the Young Master’s younger sister. We later learned her true genealogy was…tied to Grell and myself.” he hesitated to say. “Lady Christi is, in truth, my own youngest daughter, a demon reaper hybrid like Justine. To make matters more complicated, the Young Master is her target.” Angela raised her brows, widening her purple eyes. “…Lady Christi’s human adopted parents died at factories that manufactured Phantomhive toys and candies.”

Sebastian continued explaining. “…Now she will not have a completed contract until the Young Master is dead, and in exchange, she sold a soul she doesn’t own.” The more he revealed, the more the firebender found it difficult to stand with a high head. “I have made a fatal mistake, and now that Justine, the Young Master, and myself all know Lady Christi’s true genealogy, the Young Master is more determined than ever to put on the masquerade that they are brother and sister. I’m not sure if Lady Christi knows that I am her true father, but I don’t know if I should treat her as my mistress, or as my butterfly.”

Angela placed a hand on the firebender’s shoulder. “You know what I think?” she asked. Sebastian looked up into her purple gaze with his bold red eyes. “I think I understand.” she answered. “I think, she didn’t want a brother, though she is most likely thankful to have Ciel. Because she lost her parents, I think she wants more than anything to be parented.” she stated. “Watch after her, guide her, show her right and wrong, restrict her, set her free, be a father. Especially if you are her birth father, I think she needs a birth father.”

The waterbender sighed. “Call me Christian, but I also think that there are no mistakes like that.” she reassured. “If you weren’t meant to know of Christi’s existence, then you would’ve never found her in that factory.”

Sebastian looked over and smiled sadly as he stood again. “Don’t worry.” he reassured. “We’ll get your daughter back…along with my little butterfly.”

“…That sounds better than ‘my Lady Christi’.” she chuckled, quickly wiping the tear away. “…After everything Claude and I have done to you and your daughter and master,” she started breathlessly. “you still are willing to help?”

“Our daughters are best friends.” he answered with a sigh. “Besides, that was before we were all roped together by fate.”

She could only gaze at him before a smile graced her chapped lips. All she could think to do was hug him in relief that someone like Sebastian Michaelis was willing to help her. “Thank you.” After a moment, she stepped back and handed him a small loaf of bread just small enough to be wrapped by the hand towel. “Could you check on Ciel and give this to him?” Sebastian gazed at her in slight confusion as she explained. “He skips meals and sometimes at night, I can hear him still up. I have to go in his room and make him sleep and eat sometimes. He came out of his room only once to collect blood samples from each of us and to ask me for my sewing needle. Though, I don’t know what he’s trying to do up there.”

The firebender huffed out a sigh, taking the bread in his hand. “You do not need to ask a butler to do his job.”

Mareuscript thrashed in her small, cheap bed, whimpering as tears streamed from her eyes. “MOM!” she screamed when finally, she zipped up from her bed. Her breathing shallow and frail, she whipped her head around the shabby room.

“You okay Mare?” a voice beside the bed asked.

Looking over, she melted into the embrace of the familiar face. “Rainbow Dash!” she cried. “…It was terrible…mom was in big trouble. She left the library back at home to deal with a problem, and…” She only collapsed into more tears.

“It’s alright.” the firebender soothed, stroking her brown locks. “Twilight’s just fine. She is in trouble, but we’re going to get her back. We got you, me, Cutie, and Pinki now. We’re going to get Twilight and Angel back, get home all six of us, and pretend like none of this ever happened.”

The former unicorn looked up at her aunt with tearful blue eyes. “…What about Mr. Faustus?” she asked. “Or Mrs. Blanc, or Mr. Michaelis, or Bardroy, or Mr. Spears, or Mr. America, or Mr. France, or the Italys’, or Mr. Japan, or Ciel, or their families?” she asked. “What about Zuko and Josiphine? Or Toph and Angelica? Or Chrima? We’re going to help them too, right?”

Rainbow Dash smiled and nodded. “Mare, we would still be wandering that building if it weren’t for Cowlick, Curly 1 and 2, Fish Eyes, Blondy, Louisiana, Naples, Venice, Tokyo, and Paris.” she stated. “We wouldn’t’ve made it here if it weren’t for William, Jeremy, Spiky, Justine, Bardroy, Rachel, Shrimp, Christi, Claude, Angela, and their Angel, and Twilight would’ve been worried sick if Angela and Claude weren’t with you. I promise, all of us are going home soon, but first we gotta bust everyone out.”

Ciel sat at the small, horrible quality table in his small, drafty room. The candlelight burned his open eye, but he didn’t want to risk closing it. The night before, when Pinki told him it was bedtime, he replied with, “I’ll be in bed momentarily.” He never even looked at his bed after that. The young boy jumped when there was a knock on his door. “I’m not hungry Angela!” he called. “Please leave me alone!”

“I’m afraid I cannot do that.” answered a man’s voice that was all too familiar to the boy.

The nonbender in the room glanced at the door before he took in a deep breath. “…Is that really you, Sebastian?” Instead of answering, the firebender only opened the door and entered. Ciel didn’t bother containing his joy to see him as the boy stood from the stool at the table and weakly rushed to Sebastian, falling in the man’s arms.

Sebastian was surprised at the lack of restraint. “…Young Master, I-”

“Ciel.” the boy groaned. “For the love of whatever hope there is left, call me by my name for once. At least while we are this far from home.”

Though it was fairly awkward for him, the man stuttered, “Y-yes. As you wish…Ciel.” Wanting to get to the reason he sought out the boy’s room, Sebastian held up the bread. “Angela told me you’re refusing to eat and sleep.” The large hand lifted the boy’s face to take a good look at how bad the boy Earl had gotten in the seemingly short time they were apart. Though there was still the eye patch over his right eye, his left eye was deep with large, dark bags. Ciel was also thinner than Sebastian remembered him being. “Judging by your current state,” the firebender sighed. “I think it’s a fair guess that she was right.”

Hearing this, Ciel pushed himself off the tall firebender. “You don’t understand.” he sighed. “I need to get Christi back. She is my soul responsibility. You know how she came from a factory. It was my fault she was in that factory, my fault her parents died, my fault she was in horrible living conditions, my fault she thought she had to be betrothed to Alois, my fault she’s in this world, my fault she’s now back in a factory all over again, where she started.”

With a stream of light tears running from Ciel’s open eye, Sebastian only listened. “It’s my job as head of the Phantomhive family…no…as Christi’s brother…to ensure her safety, both mental and physical. I don’t care that she’s not my sister by blood. I don’t care that she’s truly your youngest daughter.” The young boy leaned into Sebastian, hiding his face in the firebender’s chest. “No matter what, she’s the closest to a family I’ve had since my parents died. She’s now in trouble. I can’t run away from her.” As he cried, his muscles started to relax and his speech began to lag. “I can’t…repeat…my…mistake…”

Sebastian stood there for a while before he sighed. “…Oh, Young Ma-” He stopped himself before he smiled. “…Ciel…You quite literally will work yourself to death at this rate.” Without a second thought, he set the bread on the table in the room, picked up the boy in his arms and placed him on the small bed, fluffing up his lumpy pillow and covering him with the thin blankets.

The man glanced at the only light in the room, three candles of varying sizes. All three candles were almost completely melted in the large cups they sat in. He was going to blow them all out, but changed his mind, however, when he saw what the small flames were illuminating. All over the table were scattered papers of studies Ciel’s been working on, vials of blood, and empty vials. The papers had titles like “Bending vs. Nonbenders”, “Earth Elements”, “Blood Results”, and “Bending Studies”. The vials with blood all had two labels, one was for the name of the subject, the other was what they were, like “Angela” “Waterbender 1”, “Claude” “Earth Nonbender 1”, “Pinkamina” “Earth Nonbender 2”, and “Mareuscript” “Earth Nonbender 3”. The empty vials had only one label each, but only what is left that he needs, like “Water Nonbender 1”, “Earthbender 1”, and “Firebender 1”. One vial was opened and empty with two labels, “Ciel” “Fire Nonbender 1” next to a sewing needle.

Sebastian glanced back at the boy now in the bed in exhausted sleep. “…You really want to help Christi?” he asked Ciel, though he knew there would be no reply. “Why do you not simply order me to rescue her?” A thought then occurred to him. He hadn’t actually paid any attention to his own hands in a long time; this thought never crossed his mind, at least not as a high priority.

Taking his sleeve, which had covered the back of his hands this whole time, Sebastian pulled the cloth up and widened his crimson eyes at the bare skin on the back of his hand. He then looked back at Ciel. Carefully, he took the boy’s face in his gentle hands and slipped the eye patch off. As careful as one possibly could, Sebastian pulled his eyelid open. Thankfully for the firebender, the boy was too exhausted to notice the examination being done on him. However, he widened his own eyes in a state of shock at the sight of the deep blue iris. Once his conclusion sunk in, Sebastian returned the black patch where it was. The only way this would answer Sebastian’s question would be if another question were answered. “…Have you known all this time?”

Later that day, the large group met around the old dining table and discussed what to do. “First thing’s first.” Sokka stated. “We need to find Chrima, Toph, and Angelica-”

“And AD!” Rainbow Dash added.

“And Papa!” Venice cried.

“And America!” Louisiana exclaimed.

“And Rachel!” Bardroy huffed.

“And Angel!” Angela added.

“And Jeremy!” William added.

“And my mom!” Mareuscript shouted.

“And Japan-nii!” Tokyo exclaimed.

“And Christi.” Sebastian stated moderately softly compared to the others. Justine looked over at her father with a raised brow, curious why he changed to informal addressing instead of calling her ‘Lady’ or ‘Young Mistress’, but she didn’t voice her questions.

“It’s a safe bet to start with the factory group, Toph, Angelica, AD, Jeremy, America, Rachel, and Christi.” Naples looked around the room before she asked, “Any ideas how we get there, to begin with?”

Paris nodded. “She’s right.” he stated. “From what I could see, only Louisiana and Tokyo can get to the factory. The rest of us are trapped here.”

“And me!” Venice exclaimed. “I can get in no problem!”

“No!” Romano exclaimed, taking his niece’s arm tightly. “Your papa would never let me hear the end of it if you went to the factory!” He then turned to the firebender. “Not to mention, you’re forgetting something, Sebastard!” The demon seemed offended and taken aback by the nickname. “We don’t know if it’s the same factory! All Spider Bastard said was that the earthbenders were taken away and didn’t come back! That could mean ANYTHING!”

“Is ‘bastard’ your favorite word in the English language?” the firebender asked with wavering composure.


“Yeah, it is, Sebastard!” the nonbender exclaimed. “Why? Do you not like it? Hu Sebastard?!”

“Zio Roma?!”

“Papa, can we please just-”

“Why do you insist on calling everyone around you a bastard?!” Sebastian raised his voice, fire starting to grow on his palms as everyone but Romano backed away. “I doubt you know the proper definition of ‘bastard’, bastard!”

“Spiky, remember, this whole house is made of old wood!”

“As a matter of fact, I DO know what the original definition is for ‘bastard’!” Romano shouted, leaning on the table and knocking his chair down at his quick movement to stand. “If I pulled out a dictionary, and looked up ‘bastard’, your picture would be in the definition!”

Sebastian finally snapped. He took the fire in his hands and blasted it all at Romano full force. The Italian would’ve died on the spot if Angela didn’t douse Sebastian in water while all the other firebenders in the room blocked the flame.

“SEBASTIAN!” called a young, but powerful voice from the stairs. “That’s ENOUGH!” All heads turned to see the young nonbender in red and black.

Katara walked over to Ciel in concern. “Sebastian told us that you were asleep.”

The boy huffed out a chuckle, rubbing his sore, tired eye. “How can anyone possibly sleep with all this yelling through these paper thin walls?” he asked before turning to the tall firebender. “Go upstairs and lay down. I believe the time for you to ‘cool your head’ is in order. Pun intended.”

The butler still only saw red from his anger as he looked over at his master. “Why should I be the only one blamed?!” he exclaimed, pointing a finger at Romano like a small child. “He’s the one to blame here! Not me!”

“Papa, you should head upstairs too.” Naples stated, looking up at her father. “Justine and I will come up after we finish talking.”

“Ragazza, ti amo, but you’re NOT my mamma!” She responded by showing him the small flame in her hand. “…ALRIGHT! I’m going!” And with that, the two of them went up the steps.

“…I’m going to make sure they don’t burn the house down.” Katara stated as she followed them up the stairs.

Back at the table, everyone just looked around from face to face with the exception of Naples, Louisiana, Venice, France, Paris, and Tokyo. The former nations rubbed their heads to ease the oncoming migraines. “It doesn’t matter if it’s at home, or here.” Naples sighed, dropping her head on the table.

“I know.” Louisiana groaned. “Every meeting ends up in a huge fight. Your dad always has a short temper.”

“Since Japan-nii, Ameri-san, and Ita-kun are gone,” Tokyo continued, her voice muffled by her arms. “and everyone else is back at home, he had to pick a fight with the most dangerous guy in the room…no offense Justine.”

“None taken.” she sighed.

France huffed. “If he was smart, he would’ve picked a fight with me.” he stated. “Unlike almost everyone here, I’m used to being called a bastard, and have a more level head about being cursed out like that.”

“I doubt it.” Naples sighed. “Though he won’t admit it, papa’s afraid of you.”

Paris shrugged. “Either way, I kinda think that Sebastian and Romano would start to butt heads eventually.” he stated. “Back when Romano came for us in the army with Bardroy and Rainbow Dash, Sebastian was pretty quick to criticize Romano and Romano was quick to butt back.”

Bard crossed his arms and huffed. “Yeah, it was only a matter of time before they became rivals.”

“Despite that, Romano and Sebastian both made valid points.” Angela sighed. “Louisiana, Venice, and Tokyo can leave the moment they earthbend in front of a soldier, but the rest of us are trapped here so we’d be separated, and we don’t know if the soldiers would take them to the factory we need to go. We’re taking a large leap of faith.”

Justine looked over at her with furrowed brows. “…This coming from an angel.”

Mareuscript thought for a moment before she spoke. “How about, Louisiana earthbends in front of the soldiers, and goes to the factory. If it’s the right one, she would get America, AD, Toph, Jeremy, Rachel, Christi, and Angelica, then come back for us.”

At the sound of Christi’s name, Ciel staggered forward, landing his hand on the table with a hard smack. “I’m going too.” he demanded. “I recall Sokka telling me that he faked earthbending once to get Katara in a factory. I’ll do the same thing.”

Justine glanced at the boy worriedly. “…Young Master,”

“Call me Ciel!” he snapped. The teen was shocked by the exclamation. “I’m having Sebastian call me Ciel, so you will do the same!”

The teen sighed. “…That explains quite a bit…” she mumbled under her breath. “Anyway, Ciel,” she called. “as long as we have Louisiana going to the factory, there’s no need for you to go as well.”

The boy Earl shot her a glare. “…Christi is at that factory.” he stated bluntly. “I don’t recall this being up for debate.”

“What if it’s the wrong one?” Rainbow Dash asked, catching everyone’s attention. “Also, if the factory is all the way in the middle of the sea, like what Sokka said earlier, how would you guys get back?”

To that, Aang reached into his pocket and pulled out a little tan whistle. “Here. Appa would come to get you once he hears this bison whistle.” he stated. “If it’s the wrong factory, then call for Appa and see if you could find it, then come back for us when you found them all.”

“If it takes too long,” Tokyo stated. “then I can get to the same factory the same way and that way, you’d have another head to work with. Two heads are always better than one.”

“Same for me if that doesn’t work!” Venice exclaimed. “I have a brain too, you know! I can do something right!”

Sokka didn’t like this plan, and it was obvious in his narrow, light blue eyes as the airbender handed the whistle over to the American. “…You sure about this, Aang?” he asked. “Can she even fly a flying bison?”

“All you do is say ‘yip yip’ and guide him with the reigns on his horns.” was his answer.

“It doesn’t sound like rocket science.” Louisiana stated as she took the whistle. “I’ll be sure to return it.” The earthbender then looked at the insistent nonbender. She wasn’t sure how he could pull off fake earthbending, but there was no changing the mind of Ciel Phantomhive once the young Christi Phantomhive was involved.

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Chapter 11: Plan into Action

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The next morning, the girls decided to make Justine go back to the camp while Rainbow Dash and Naples stayed behind. Because she wasn’t a bender, no one would notice her absence, plus, she was better at swiftly sneaking around. Katara was shocked when she saw the teen running toward her and the group alone. “Where are Romano, Bardroy, and Rainbow Dash?” she asked.

“They stayed behind with Naples, Paris, and my dad.” she answered, already climbing on the bison’s back. “But we gotta go! The captain ordered for the army to go to some big named city in the mainland; said that it could get him a good name for the princess.”

“Ba Sing Se?” Sokka asked. “They’re going there?” the uniformed girl nodded as she climbed on the bison’s back.

“Azula’s going there too?” Aang asked.

Justine nodded. “I think that’s the princess’ name.”

Venice, Cutie, William, France, and Louisiana all exchanged a confused look. “…Who’s ‘Azula?” Cutie asked.

“She’s Josiphine’s and Zuko’s crazy sister.” Sokka answered.

“If Azula will be there, this won’t be easy.” Katara warned.

“Was this supposed to be easy?” William asked coldly.

It was silent as they followed as close to the group as possible without being spotted. Remaining undetected proved to be more difficult when they got on the ship, but they still managed.

When they arrived at the city, however, Justine and Venice ran out on their own. “Where are you going?” Katara shouted.

“I have to find my dad!” the teen reasoned. “He’s in there somewhere!”

“Let me come with you!” Louisiana insisted. “You might need a bender to get out of a tight spot.”

“I can come too.” Tokyo stated. “I’ve been training with Toph-san and Angelica-san, so I know my way around the rocks.”

“So have I!” Venice exclaimed. “I need to get mio zio and cugina! Justine and I will go in!”

The waterbender didn’t like this plan, and it was obvious on her face as she turned to the former demon. “You’re sure you want to go in with her and no one else?”

Justine nodded. “I can hold my own, and I’m used to watching after someone else in a dangerous situation.” she informed.

Katara didn’t like it, but let the two of them go alone, much to everyone else’s annoyance and disapproval. “Come in and make a diversion if we’re not back in half an hour.” Justine stated before they were gone in the city.

Once inside, Venice and Justine didn’t waste any time in trying to find the group. They finally found them receiving a speech from the princess herself. Something about disloyalty and weakness is a suicide decision. What made Justine’s skin crawl most was that she directed most of her intimidation to her father, some of the intimidation to the rest of their group, and a small fraction to the rest of the army. Though Sebastian wasn’t fazed by her mean glares, Justine only wished she was a firebender, or at least still have her demonic powers so she could burn her face off, or feed the scraps of her shredded soul to the violent demons of the underworld…or both.

With one last sharp glance to Sebastian, the princess walked off with a Gothic girl and a girl in pink that would only blend in at a circus. “That must be the princess.” the earthbender stated. “What did they say her name was? Azula?”

“Doesn’t matter.” Justine stated. “Look, dad’s leaving with everyone else.”

“But what about the princess?” Venice pressed.

“Like America would say, we see her once, no big deal. Twice, coincidence. Three times, then we deal with it.” she answered. “I say, let’s just get them, find everyone else, and get HOME.”

They nodded in agreement and proceeded to the small group wandering away. “Psst! Dad!” she called.

Sebastian turned and squeezed Justine in a hug. “I thought you might’ve lost us.” he stated. “When I didn’t see the bison anymore, I got worried.”

“Naples~!” Venice exclaimed, rushing over to hug her cousin and uncle.

“Come on, let’s just go.” Justine stated. “We don’t have much time before-”

“Before what?” came an unfamiliar giggle. They all looked and saw the circus freak from earlier as she snaked back to her feet after walking over on her small, strong hands.

“Who are you?” Romano called out, his curl wrinkling as he stepped closer to Naples and Venice.

“Oh, right, you guys don’t know me, so of course you’re not going to have your guard down around me. I’m Tylee~! You see, Azula told me to keep an extra close eye on you because you guys look suspicious.” she giggled. “Turns out, she was right! You guys aren’t supposed to talk to the locals, colonial or native.”

To this, Sebastian smiled. “I understand the concern, and appreciate your understanding and explanation.” he stated, much to everyone’s confusion. “But, these aren’t just any locals, this is simply my daughter. She can’t do anything without me, seeing as how she’s not a bender, so she brought here a girl that tried to rob our home. Silly little thing, I know, but she views me as a policeman, therefore the one to go to for these little incidents.”

“…Spiky, what are you-”

“SHUSH!” Paris snapped. “It’s working.”

“Yeah!” Justine smiled. “May I please borrow my father, just for a few minutes?”

Tylee looked around in slight confusion, trying to think of what to do before she raised a brow. “…I don’t know…Azula would kill me if she knew I let you guys off the hook for something like this…but, since you asked nicely…and it’s just for a few minutes…okay~” then she cartwheeled away.

The whole group, Sebastian included, gazed at her in disbelief. “…That was much easier than I anticipated.” he stated.

“Who the fuck cares?” Romano grumbled. “Let’s just get out of here!” With that, they ran.

The group didn’t make it far before their path was blocked by a blast of blue flame. “Why did I trust Tylee to be strict with you?” the princess sighed. “I should’ve known better than to let a circus clown do the job of a princess.”

The small group stayed close together as Sebastian got glowing orange fire daggers in between his fingers as he morphed in front of Justine. Naples stood strong as she bent down in a position she learned from Josiphine and Zuko, ready to attack as her form shielded Romano, who only glared. Rainbow Dash got a fireball ready to throw at the princess as she protectively stood in front of Bardroy, who held up a large club ready to swing. Paris gained a long whip of crackling flames in his fist. Venice levitated a large boulder and got ready to launch it at any given moment.

A smile snaked its way on the princess’ lips. Quickly grabbing the bars on the balcony she stood on, she swung herself over and kicked a large ball of blue fire at them. They scattered to the side, and the fight had begun.

Sebastian, Paris, and Naples dodged to the right. Romano, Bardroy, and Justine launched themselves back. Rainbow Dash and Venice stumbled to the left. Just like that, boulders and fire were flying back and forth on the small street. As the fight wore on, Azula seemed to grow tired of fire and started moving her arms in a circular motion with only two fingers on each hand. Seconds after she started the odd motions, electric blue sparks followed her fingers. Her auburn eyes looked around for the biggest threat. It didn’t take long before the narrow glare was locked on the crimson eyed former butler.

Naples saw this as Sebastian’s back was turned to search for Justine and just as the bolt left the princess’ fingertips, she jumped in the way and took on the strike. She let it in through her own fingertips and guided the electricity down the arm, across her body to her stomach, and up to the bright sky. The group was distracted from Azula to stare at Naples.

Just when the royal teen was about to make another move, she was hit in the head with a light blue and white boomerang. “Let’s get out of here!” Katara shouted as Aang landed the bison.

Azula glared at the teens on the animal’s back as the group climbed on the saddle. Naples looked back and, with a look of determination, mimicked Azula’s motions in generating the electricity. Once the bolt was bright and strong, she practically threw it down at her. Azula was beyond shocked when she found she had to dodge the lightning bolt. Once the bolt passed her, she glared at the bison as it flew away. She couldn’t help but wonder who that girl was and why she was so powerful, yet not in the royal family.

Sebastian looked over at the teen. “…You saved my life.” he smiled. “You could’ve let that lightning strike destroy me, but you didn’t…why is that?”

To this, Naples smiled. “I can’t let someone in our group get hurt. Sei pazzo?”

“When’d you learn that thing with the lightning?!” Paris exclaimed in excitement, finding it difficult to breathe with his brother crushing the young man in a hug and drowning him in apologies.

“Si!” Venice exclaimed with a large smile. “I mean, she was all-and you were all-and then you left her all-and that was just awesome! I can’t WAIT to tell Papa!”

Naples giggled at her cousin’s over the top description of what happened. “I’m not sure how I learned that.” she answered truthfully. “I mean, I remember Zuko talking about redirecting lightning, and Sebastian’s back was turned when she shot that lightning, so…I just…did it.”

“What about actually generating lightning?” Louisiana asked. “Zuko and Josiphine can’t do that, so how’d you learn that?”

To that, she shrugged. “I guess I just copied what Azula did.” she answered.

“Where are we going now?” Aang asked.

“We need to find Ameri-kun, AD-chan, Japan-nii, Chrima-chan, Ita-kun, Jeremy-kun, Ciel-kun, Christi-chan, Pinki-san, and Rach-chan.” Tokyo stated before turning to the firebenders. “Where’d they go?”

Sebastian thought hard but was the one to answer. “Mr. America, along with Ms. Dash, Mr. Spears, Rachel, Lady Christi, Ms. Beifong, and her sister, were sent to a coal factory of some kind.”

Justine sighed. “Dad! Seriously! Not only is there no one here who really cares if Christi is Ciel’s real blood sister, and YOU and ME are her REAL BLOOD family, but we are NOT EVEN in that WORLD!” she exclaimed. “At LEAST, until we get back home, can you PLEASE act like it?!”

He ignored his daughter and turned to the teens who were born in this world. “Do any of you know of such a place?”

“…There are a lot of coal factories…” Sokka sighed. “Six of those guys are earthbenders, so I guess it was the one out in the sea. It’s a safe bet even though Christi isn’t a bender at all.” The teen turned to his sister and the avatar. “You guys remember where that was?”

Katara and Aang shook their heads as Suki just tried to follow the conversation like the rest of the group of misfits. “We have to go in the same town and do the same thing as before to find it.” Katara stated.

“But I think they know that you’re not an earthbender now.” Aang pointed out. “They only bring earthbenders to that factory, remember?”

“Then why was Christi taken there?” Bardroy asked.

Justine turned to her father again in annoyance. “SEE DAD?! Bardroy is willing to toss formalities out the window!”

Again, Sebastian ignored her. “She was probably taken because the Young Master requested her not to go there and join him in the mining town.”

Louisiana sighed. “Hello! Earthbenders, right here!” she called, pointing to herself, Venice, and Tokyo. “Just tell us what we have to do.”

The original three looked at each other before returning their gaze to the earthbenders and sighed. “Just earthbend in front of a guard in the town.” Sokka explained to the three. “After that, they’ll ship you to the factory where the earthbenders and Christi most likely are. Only one of you needs to, so we’ll talk more about who will go once we get to the town.”

It wasn’t until late in the evening when they made it to the town. Looking around, Aang requested the bison to hide in the woods as the large group started to wander past the gates. Straying from the group slightly, Louisiana bumped into someone, knocking their glasses to the ground. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.” she apologized as she turned and picked up the slim square glasses and held them up.

“It’s alright.” the man sighed as he slipped the glasses over his face coated in dirt and oil.

The teen took a closer look at the man she bumped into. “…Claude?” she asked.

He perked up at the sound of his name as he slipped his glasses off and attempted to clean them on his oily clothes, only making the stains on the glass smear. To this, Louisiana giggled a little. “Let me.” she offered, gently taking the frame from him and cleaning them on her own clothes, which proved much more effective.

Taking the glasses back, Claude put them back on his face and had to rub his eyes to be sure he wasn’t dreaming. “…Angel?” he called in disbelief.

Louisiana backed away slightly. “Sorry, but I’m Louisiana.” she sighed.

Hearing this, the spider closed off in disappointment and slight embarrassment. “…Oh…right…”

“Claude, come on!” called a woman with grayed pink hair that was straight as a ruler. The new woman was pulling and dragging Claude’s sleeve. “I don’t plan on getting soaked from Angela’s ‘Loving Welcome Home’ again!”

When she got to the man, Louisiana hardly recognized her with the gray tones added to her hot pink hair and baby blue eyes. The voice, however, is what was identifiable to the teen. “…Pinki?” she called. “Can you guys help us?” the teen asked. “We’re trying to get the group back together. Do you know if this is the town that ships off earthbenders to the factory my brother’s at?”

Seeing that Louisiana was missing from the group, the rest of the large gathering of people migrated to where she was talking with Claude and Pinki. Seeing the other demon, the spider narrowed his dulling golden eyes and crossed his arms. “…Michaelis.”

“…Faustus.” Sebastian huffed right back, narrowing his own crimson eyes and crossing his own arms.

“Hello! Claude, dude? Yeah, can you help us, or not?” Louisiana brought the attention back to herself.

“…You’re getting the group together again?” Pinki asked.

“Yeah, mom!” called a young voice. The blue eyes of the rock farmer glanced over. At the sight of Cutie, color magically returned to her hair and eyes and her hair started to fluff up a little more. The puff of hair wasn’t quite where it used to be, but getting closer than how it has been for as long as she’s been trapped in this town.

Without a second thought, Pinki ran over, picked up Cutie, and hugged her, spinning on one toe. “Cutie~! It’s really you! I thought you were GONE! I missed you SO much!”

Glancing over, Claude gave the Pies a small smile. He saw no harm in helping the group get back together if it meant that he would soon be in Pinki’s place with his little Angel. The nonbender stood a little taller at the thought that was no longer so far fetched as he sighed. “Come back to the house with me. We can talk about this there.”

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Chapter 10: Infiltrate the Army

(Featured image base by: misskiokjo)

By coincidence, Romano looked down and saw something. “Go a little lower!” he requested, catching everyone’s curiosity.

“Am I the only one who sees the army of Fire Nation down there?” Suki asked.

The Italian ignored the teen and huffed out a, “Just trust me. I think I saw mia figlia!”

With a sigh, Aang lowered Appa inch by inch to the ground, Romano getting more and more excited. “It is!” he shouted. “Questa è mia figlia!” By the time they made it to the ground, the Italian man was already jumping off and running in the direction he saw his daughter go, the young Italian girl following her uncle without hesitation.

“Romano!” Katara shouted. “Venice! Stop!”

Rainbow Dash took in a deep breath and ran after the Italians, Bardroy close behind the firebender. When they caught up to him and Venice, Rainbow Dash crashed into the man’s back, knocking them both down as Bard slowed to a stop. “Would you stop already?!” she huffed. “It’s obvious you can’t go in alone.”

“Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do? Sit back and watch as they turn mia figlia into a monster?!”

“Lei è mia cugina!” Venice exclaimed. “I’m going!”

“What you’re supposed to do is let us come with.” she answered the man. “Look, if I remember Josiphine’s lessons right, then every person in their country dresses in red.”

“Guess what,” Bard added with crossed arms. “we’re all wearing red. The three of us will blend right in.” He then looked back at the girl. “…You should go back.” he stated. “Not only would you stick out as an earthbender, but you’ll also be in constant danger.”

The earthbender pouted. “It’s because I’m Italian, isn’t it?”

The only firebender shook her head. “Kid, it’s not just that you’re an earthbender, and it has nothing to do with you being Italian. You’re also a little girl. Go back.” Rainbow Dash took the spotlight back. “If we brought along, even Katara, we’d stick out like a sore hoof.” She then illuminated her hand. “Besides, if all else fails, I can get us out of there quick.”

Bardroy groaned. “Sure. Rub it in that I don’t have that special power, why don’t you?”

The Italian man sighed irritably. “…Fine.” he huffed out. “We get in, get her, and get out.”

“Agreed~” Venice exclaimed, jumping into the adult’s view.

Bardroy grit his teeth. “You’re still here?!” he shouted. “Go back to the bison!” he ordered.

“I’ll go back when I wanna go back.” the little girl back-talked, putting her foot down. “I’m not going anywhere except where Naples and Papa are.”

Romano rubbed his head tiredly, glaring at his niece. “Venice, this isn’t funny.” he growled. “Go. Back. Now.” The girl still never moved, causing her uncle to clench his fists. “If you don’t go back now, I’ll tell your Papa that you were the one who told Potato Bastard where your Papa takes his siesta on training days!” Venice was gone at bullet’s speed.

The Italian sighed. “…Like Papa, like figlia…” he mumbled.

“Once we’re out,” Rainbow Dash sighed, getting the conversation back on track. “she could tell us if she knows where AD, Twilight, and Mareuscript are.”

“And Rachel, and everyone else.” The nonbender smiled as they stepped out of the bushes. “It’s simple and solid! What could possibly go wrong?”

The three looked up at the crowd of firebenders and their jaws hit the hard ground. Every person in front of them were all in complete uniform down the masked helmets. Romano crossed his arms and growled at his male companion. “’What could go wrong’?” he quoted the man next to him. “You had to fucking ask that, didn’t you, idiota bastard?!”

“How was I supposed to know everyone was in total body uniform?” he asked.

“We’ll just have to look harder.” Rainbow Dash stated before she sighed. “When in Rome.” She made a high kick at a soldier’s head, knocking him out. After repeating the process two more times, she took in a deep breath, shoving one to Romano and Bardroy. “Put that on.” she stated, already starting to disrobe the soldier she got.

The Italian sighed as the two men took the helmets from the soldiers and changed from their robes to the uniforms. When they were ready, they slipped the helmets on their heads and sighed. “Time to get to work.”

With the disguises, Romano, Bardroy, and Rainbow Dash blended right in the crimson sea. However, it didn’t take long before the captain found them. “You three!” he called. “Where are you going?”

The three stuttered before Rainbow Dash turned to the man. “We were simply looking for…um…”

“The food court.” Romano stated for her.

The pegasus looked at him before she continued her thought. “…Yes, the food court.”

“Gotta keep those calories going, you know.” Bardroy stated with a nervous chuckle as he smacked Romano’s shoulder like a sports player.

A soldier passing by stopped to look over at them as the captain laughed in their faces. “You must be new here.” he growled. “Otherwise, you’d know that the food court is only open for half an hour every day, and that half hour has passed!”

“Captain,” the soldier called with a familiar voice approaching the small group. Romano and Rainbow Dash had a hard time putting the voice with a face, but they knew they heard that voice before, especially since Bardroy seemed to already know who the approacher was. “Allow me to show the…new recruits…to the training field.”

The man sighed and nodded. “If you think you can, Rookie, by all means.”

The unknown soldier bowed his head slightly and gently pushed Rainbow Dash, Bardroy, and Romano to the outskirts of the base, just behind the trees that surrounded the military base. When they were out of sight, the soldier sighed. “You three have no idea what you’ve done by coming here. I assume this was your idea, Mr. Romano?” The soldier slid off his mask to reveal the long features and bold crimson eyes of Sebastian. “Your daughter is just fine. I’m keeping a close eye on her, as well as my own daughter, and your friend’s brother.” he reassured.

Romano crossed his arms and grumbled. “French Bastard isn’t my friend…”

Rainbow Dash looked confused. “What do you mean, ‘what we’ve done by coming’? We’re here for the rescue!” she exclaimed, removing her own helmet.

“I’m not leaving without my daughter if that’s what you’re thinking.” Romano huffed, lifting his helmet and setting it under his arm.

“By any chance,” Bard stated, unnaturally silent. “is my sister here?”

Sebastian sadly shook his head, peeking back to the camp before turning back to them with a sigh. “…Alright, but if you’re going to pose as soldiers, you three have to at least look the part.” he stated. “You stick out as a cross-gender group walking together. The whole camp is sexually segregated. I’ll help how I can, but if they figure out that I’m working with that other camp, they could kill me and my daughter, possibly yours too, as well as Paris.”

Romano took in a deep breath before letting it back out. “We should be careful then.” he stated.

“This is great and all,” Rainbow Dash stated. “But…once we all get-together, we might need to leave quickly. How do we get outta here?”

“Well, once you get to the girl’s cabin, it should be easy to find the girls.” the demon stated, shocking the pegasus. “We’re only in uniform outside the cabins. Once we get in the cabins, we’re free to change out of uniform.” he stated. “But also, because the girls and I were recruited from an invasion, we’re under constant super vision, which is why we should head back soon.” he informed.

The former pony looked at him in confusion. “How does that effect anything?” she asked.

“It affects how much privacy you’ll get with the girls.” he answered. “I’m not sure what plan you three had before, but whatever it was, it obviously wasn’t working, so here’s the new plan…”

The four of them split up after Sebastian told them the plan and they returned to the camp. While Romano and Bardroy went with the demon to go to the men’s cabin, Rainbow Dash left to the girl’s cabin.

Seconds after she entered, she looked around and saw that no one changed from their uniforms, or even took off their helmets. She looked around from girl to girl, paying close attention to each voice until they’d stop talking and look at her, to which she’d continue down the line. After a while, she heard familiar voices and rushed over to them, listening closely. “So, is it just me, or is that captain a little crazy?” “You’re telling me?! I never really liked people like him.” “Same here, too…dog-ish.” “…Dog-ish?” “You know, he always barks orders, he smells awful, and he never makes his mind on what he wants!” “…Kinda reminds me of my Papa, to tell you the truth.”

“…Papa?” Rainbow Dash muttered under her breath, catching the girls’ attention. “…uh…hi.” she greeted. “I’m new. We are allowed to take off our helmets in the cabins, right?” she asked.

To this, the two girls took off their helmets and set them on the cots. “Even if we weren’t,” one of them stated. “I gotta to get that block of metal off my head!” She looked at Rainbow Dash with blue-green eyes as she fluffed up her dark brown hair with her fingers.

“I’ll say!” the other girl stated, stretching her neck while undoing the braid in her dark red hair. “I don’t know how much longer my neck can take holding that helmet up!”

With a sigh, Rainbow Dash took off her own helmet, her rainbow locks falling out of the red metal. She smirked at the girls in front of her. “Hey Justine, hey Naples.”

“Rainbow Dash?” they called before smiling and hugging her.

The pegasus patted their heads and gently pushed them to the cots before turning to Naples. “You okay? Your dad is super worried.”

“Papa’s here?!” she exclaimed, worry raising in her tone. “He still can’t fend for himself! What if-”

“Don’t worry.” Rainbow Dash sighed. “On our way in, we ran into Spiky, and he and Bard are going to watch his back and help him out until we can get out of here.”

She explained to the teens what happened after they got captured and their plan of escape, to which Justine looked worried. “…My dad came up with this?” she asked as Rainbow Dash nodded, causing her to face-palm. “He’s been away from home too long. It’s not like him to make such a bad plan, or have such bad memory.” The other girls looked over at her, causing her to huff out a sigh. “Am I the only one that sees the fault in his plan?” She got no answer, causing her to groan. “Maybe I’m the only one who can see it because I’m the only one here without any special powers. The captain is taking us to the front tomorrow bright and early!” she hissed.

To that, Naples smacked her head. “Oh yeah!” she exclaimed. “That big city across the ocean, that’s where we’re going?”

The nonbender groaned. “Remember? The captain told us that the Princess is expecting new troops to control the city. Basically, we’re just going to be cops kinda.”

Rainbow Dash furrowed her brows and started to turn. “I gotta tell Sebastian, Bardroy, and Romano.” she stated before the teens grabbed her wrists.

“Paris should be in the cabin by now too.” Naples sighed. “Besides, we’re not allowed to leave the cabin this late!” she exclaimed.

“We’ve been around here longer, I’ll get the news to him.” Justine promised.

To that, Rainbow Dash and Naples just looked at her. “How?” Rainbow Dash asked. “You don’t have any special powers, remember?”

Justine nodded. “I know.” she stated. “But I’ve also been a cat for over a thousand years, remember?”

Rainbow Dash huffed out a sigh. “You can’t turn into a cat!” she exclaimed.

“I don’t need to.” the teen reassured. “I still have my cat characteristics. I can sneak over there and get to the men’s cabin and tell my dad that his plan sucks.”

Just before Justine disappeared out the window in the trees, Naples shouted, “Say hi to my Papa for me!”

Sebastian was rewrapping Romano’s wrist as Paris packed the first aid kit and Bardroy sat on the cot when they heard something out the window. “Psst!” the sound exclaimed. “Dad!”

“Justine?” he called, turning to the window to talk with the teen. “Is there a problem?”

“Yeah.” the teen stated. “Rainbow Dash told me your plan, and there’s a BIG problem.” She then explained her thought process, making her father sigh. “I think you’ve been away from home too long.”

“…You might be right about that…”

“So?” Bardroy stated, crossing his arms. “What’s the new plan?”

Justine thought for a moment before she answered, “We’ll go to the city as the captain planned, once in the city, we slip away in the crowd.”

“We’d need a diversion.” Sebastian stated. “One of us would have to quickly escape from here to get to Katara and Sokka. They are against this Fire Nation in this war, perhaps they could start just the diversion we need for a clean escape.”

Romano smiled. “Si.” he nodded. “In all the chaos, we’ll run! That’s perfect!”

“I’ll go and tell the others.” the crow demon volunteered.

Justine’s smile was drained from her face. “Dad, Rainbow Dash said that you promised to help Romano.” she reminded. “Just like you always say, ‘If you couldn’t keep your promises, what kind of butler would you be?’”

“I can take care of myself, ragazza.” the Italian insisted. “Your papa isn’t my butler!”

Sebastian sighed. “…No.” he huffed. “She’s right. I’ve lived by that saying since I became a butler, and I’m not going to stop now.”

“Fine.” Romano huffed. “Then we’ll both go.”

Justine bit her lip. “You might not be able to move very swiftly.” she stated. “Plus, Naples is extremely worried about you. If you go back to the camp, where you could possibly get captured and put in worse circumstances, she’ll freak.”

“Then I can go.” Bardroy stated.

Again, Justine didn’t like that idea. “No offense Bard, but…with how much you manage to mess up at home, I don’t think it’s a good risk.”

“For the love of-I’ll do it!” Paris exploded. “I’m a bender, I can move swiftly, and I’m not tied down here in any way, shape, or form!”

Justine nodded. “…yeah…perhaps that might be best I think…” she considered.

“I don’t!” Romano spoke out.

“Oh, shut up, Italian trash!” the French huffed. “You are of no relation to me, so you have no say!”

“I actually agree with Romano.” Bardroy stated before turning to the young man. “Your brother is beating himself up for not protecting you and all. Once he sees you, he might want to abandon us.”

Justine nodded. “That makes sense. It has to be someone with a reason not to abandon us…that limits it to me and Naples since we’re the able bodies with ties here.” she stated. “I would never abandon you, dad, or you Bard, and I doubt Naples would abandon you, Romano.” After a moment’s thought, she nodded. “I’ll run back to the girl’s cabin. One of us will go back.” she stated.

Before Sebastian could protest, she was gone from their sight.

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Chapter 9: Arrest

(Featured image base by: deadtreachery bases)

A few weeks later, in the dead of night, the large group was asleep. Some in their tents, but most just on the ground due to lack of tents. Suddenly, Toph jumped awake and started shaking her sister’s shoulder. “Angelica!” she shouted. “Something’s coming!”

The elder sister knew better than to question her, so she sprang up and looked at her intensely. “Who?” she asked. “What’s coming?”

“I don’t know who.” she answered. “But whoever it is, there’s a lot of them.”

“Let’s wake up everyone else.”

By the time the rest of them awoke, an army was seen in the distance. While everyone rushed to fight back, Katara hurried to the tent where Romano, Italy, and Louisiana still were. “We have to go!” she shouted, waking them hurriedly. “Now!”

The four of them left the tent, Louisiana groaning in pain and Romano still cradling his hand. They walked out into a battle of flying gold and orange sparks, rocketing rocks, and whooshing waters. Italy looked around in complete worry. “Venice! Where’s mia bambina?!” and he left, ignoring Katara’s warning to stay with her.

Screams were heard from every direction amongst the chaos.

“Let me go!”

“Dad! Help!”

“Nii-san! Where are you?!”

Sebastian, Twilight, and Japan turned to the sound of the screams in worry. They saw a sight they feared to see. Mareuscript was slung over a masked man’s shoulder and being taken away. Justine was being dragged back by another masked man. Tokyo was plummeting rocks and boulders at the firebender before her that held her arm in one hand and a fireball in the other. The parents and brother flew into action and threw fire, water, and blades at the men.

Sebastian only saw red as he fought his way to the soldier with such skill, agility, and perfection, one wouldn’t believe he’s only had this ability for a few weeks and trained with it in less time. Sadly, his ability didn’t exceed the group of firebenders that ambushed him and tackled him to the ground. If he was still a demon, the men would never have had the ability to hold him down, but here, he was only as powerful as any other firebender.

Twilight fought her way to her own daughter, slashing and whipping her way past the wall of red, but was snatched and caught when two soldiers cornered her.

Japan took his sword and blocked several of the fire blasts, knocking out several of the soldiers until he finally was bested by a surprise attack from behind.

Tokyo threw many rocks and boulders until the soldier finally let her go, at which time, she made a run for it, unknowing of Japan’s capture.

Naples stayed with Venice, the two fighting furiously with their new skills with fire and earth. “Where’s Papa?!” the young girl asked in realization. Both the girls knew of their family’s cowardice nature. Venice grit her teeth and left her cousin’s side.

“Venice!” Naples called after her, losing the young girl in all the chaos of the battle and sea of red cloth and black armor.

The young girl made it to Katara and the two injured but was still sick with worry for her father. “Papa?!” she called. “Where’s Papa?!”

Before she could run off, Katara took her shoulder and dragged her away from the battle kicking and screaming. “We can’t risk going back in there!” she reasoned. “We need to go with as much of the group as we can gather.”

William leaped from head to head on top of each of the soldiers’ helmets, whipping his hand across each soldier. Any unlucky soul in his hand’s path had the spit in their mouth frozen, clogging their throat and restricting access for air. Capture of him was impossible for the fire soldiers.

Jeremy wasn’t as lucky as his father. He put up a fight, but he made the mistake of thinking a levitating boulder could block a strong fire blast. The boulder he created knocked himself out cold before the soldier collected his limp form.

As the fight wore on, more of the group was being taken. America, Pinki Pie, and Chrima got a sneak attack with a bags blinding them and thick rope binding their hands. Though the American normally would’ve been able to break through rope back at home, he lost his super strength when he disappeared from England’s basement. Pinki Pie didn’t have any bending abilities (it was impossible to get her angry enough to show possible powers, so Twilight already put her and Cutie under ‘none’ in her notes out of assumption).

Angelica and Toph were taken by head-on-force and dragged away fighting, kicking, and screaming. Josiphine and Zuko were both tackled to the ground and bound.

France sucked the grass dry and used the plentiful water to defend himself. However, it was his own mistake to hit his younger brother instead of a soldier, leaving Paris unable to fend for himself with the shock of the cold water for one fatal second. In any other situation, France would’ve ran to his brother to be sure he was alright, but he ran in fear of the soldiers that were already binding Paris’ hands.

Ciel and Christi tried to find Sebastian and Justine, ready to give orders, though the two servants were nowhere in sight. Even if they could find them, the two doubted the seals would work now that they were literally in a completely different world. They were both found by the soldiers and taken by brute force. Christi was the only one to fight back as Ciel stayed calm and composed, hiding his true fear behind a straight face.

Claude fought with whatever he could find, but it didn’t take long at all for a masked soldier to knock him out. Angela and Angel were simply overwhelmed by the numbers as they seemed to continue multiplying and eventually just stood there and looked around in shock and worry, allowing the soldiers to catch them as well.

Italy looked around frantically, not even seeing all the soldiers and scanning all the open faces for his daughter. His legs told him to run away out of fear of getting captured, tortured, or possibly killed, but his parental instincts shoved that fear aside and forced his legs to stay where he was as his arms used the water in the pouch Katara gave him to fight back. Eventually, when he assumed the worst, that Venice was gone forever, he stopped fighting and was captured all too easily.

AD and Rachel threw rocks and attacks like crazy, knocking each attacker to the ground. Sadly, in one of AD’s hits, Naples got in the way as she was blasting a group’s helmets off and the blast knocked the Italian down too. The earthbenders rushed to the teen to make sure she was alright.

Eventually, Tokyo found Bardroy and Cutie, who caught up with Katara, Sokka, and Venice, who were helping Louisiana and Romano just get out as Rainbow Dash stood with them and fought for them. France and William found one another and rushed to the fleeing group once they were in sight. The members of that one small group were the only ones to escape the overrun.

At the crack of dawn, the captain of the army viewed his new prize. He looked down at Angela, Angel, and Twilight struggling with their bonds. “Well, these little waterbenders seem to still have a little fire left in them.” he chuckled, earning a glare from the three women before looking over to see Japan and Chrima attempting to free themselves. “And even the nonbenders have some fire. Don’t worry, some time in our cells should fix that soon enough.” His attention was then brought to Italy, who was self-absorbed in despair. A smile graced his thin, deceiving lips as he turned to the five still fighting. “All in due time, you’ll be just like this pathetic waterbender here.” He stated, gesturing to the Italian.

He then moved on to the next group he caught, though he didn’t seem happy at the sight of Justine there next to Sebastian, Naples, and Paris. “Why do we not have these able young bodies working with us?” he asked.

“They were fighting against us, sir.” a soldier answered.

The captain growled. “That doesn’t make a difference!” he exclaimed. “I saw those two fight beautifully!” He referred to Sebastian and Naples. “I want perfection like that in this army! Cut them loose!” And so, the four were untied and pushed to the side for examination. Sebastian and Justine didn’t waste any time in hugging each other with no intent on letting go.

The sight of those two caused Claude to sneer. “What are you looking at?!” the captain yelled, shocking the spider. If he could, he’d shrink into a spider and crawl in a hole. The man before him twitched his golden eyes between Mareuscript, Pinki Pie, Ciel, and Claude. “…You will make wonderful additions to our coal mines.”

The two girls slumped in discouragement, even Pinki’s cotton candy pink hair deflated like a balloon without any warning. Claude’s eyes grew wide as he looked back at his family, knowing there’s a chance he might not see them again. Seeing the nonbender’s eyes gaze at the waterbenders, the captain tilted his head. “Is that your family?” he asked, to which Claude could only nod. He didn’t want to say too much. The captain smiled and turned to Angela. “Good news, my dear.” he stated. “You’ll go to the mines with your beloved. Once there, you two can have a new family, for all I care.”

The man ignored Angel’s cries as Angela was crudely dragged to Claude’s side, and moved down the line. Alfred pulled and tugged at the rope but couldn’t believe it was too thick for him as AD, Jeremy, Rach, Christi, Angelica, and Toph just huffed. “I know the perfect place for you all.” the captain smiled. “How does the factory sound?” At the sound of the word ‘factory’, Christi broke down in a ball of tears and fear, sinking in the same state she was when she was last in a factory. Behind her, Justine tried to rush to her side, but Sebastian stopped her in fear of what the captain would do if she did rush to the girl’s rescue.

“Please!” Ciel shouted, driving the captain’s attention back to the boy. “Christi is not a bender, therefore wouldn’t have the same upper hand in a factory as other benders.” he tried to smooth talk. “Allow her to come with us to the mines.”

The man paused before he burst into laughter. “This is too great. A little Romeo and Juliet.” he chuckled. “She goes to the factory. That’s final.” he stated.

“Then I’ll go to the factory too!” the boy Earl insisted.

The captain huffed in annoyance before kicking the boy back to the ground. “What is she, an Earth Kingdom nonbender, to you, a Fire Nation nonbender?” he asked in agitation. “Final decision. You go to the mines, she goes to the factory. No changes.” he sneered. “If you’re a good little boy, I’ll be sure to reconsider your location.”

“…He can do much worse than put us in a factory.” Angelica stated, trying to brighten up Christi’s and Ciel’s spirits, even slightly. “Besides, all their factories are metal.” she added to the other benders through gritted teeth.

“Yes, it is completely made of metal.” he stated. “If you work in the factories, then I won’t have to put chains on you.”

“Go ahead, I don’t care!” Toph yelled back, only scaring Christi further. “I’m the greatest earthbender in the world!”

“Dude!” America shouted. “I know I’m one to talk, but even I know that now’s not the time to brag!”

“Are you asking him to do worse?” Jeremy asked worriedly.

“I’m not even an earthbender!” Christi exclaimed, hoping that would get her off the hook.

The captain shut his eyes with a shrug of his armored shoulders and waved his hand. “Just put them in the factory!”


The seven were already getting pulled on a cart as the captain smiled at the last duo in the line. “…Prince Zuko and Princess Josiphine.” he smiled. “Your father and sister have a hefty price for just one of you two regardless if I keep the other for myself. I could turn in just one of you and be richer than I ever dreamed. I turn in both of you, I might even be as rich as the Fire Lord himself!” The two looked at each other before hearing the captain state, “Take those two to the Boiling Rock.” he stated. “Security there doubled since you two broke out last time. If it wasn’t inescapable before, it surely is now, thanks to you.” And with that, they were all separated.

Twilight, Italy, Japan, Chrima, and Angel were taken to a prison where there was literally no water, not even in the air. The cells were more like birdcages the size of a large closet with no solid walls. They were forced to change from their blue robes to old gray and black rags, even Twilight’s necklace, which bore her cutie mark, was taken from her. When the guards were gone, and the cages were suspended and dangling from a chain, Angel crawled to the corner, not trusting herself to be balanced on her feet on the wobbly steal ground, and sobbed as Japan stayed as still in the corner as he could. Twilight reached as close to Angel as she could, only being able to barely stroke her arm with her fingertips, but somehow was able to give her some amount of comfort, even if that amount was very small. Italy, however, clung to the corner of his own cage as far from the others as possible, simply hugging his knees and sobbing. As Japan tried to comfort him through words, Chrima pulled out a dagger she hid in her rags when they changed. Cautiously, she started to pick the lock, ignoring the others telling her it wouldn’t work.

Justine, Sebastian, Paris, and Naples were taken to a highly strict military camp of segregated genders. They were each given a uniform and told the consequence for treason was death. Even though demons and reapers rarely die, Sebastian took this threat seriously. What if, because they have none of their demonic powers, they aren’t even demons in this world? He didn’t want to risk it and told Justine the same. And so, they started their training. Naples and Justine stuck together to try to fill in the gap their fathers and sister left while Sebastian’s only comfort was the fact that the army took his daughter in and that she was still alive. However, he kept a close eye on Paris in place of France.

Claude, Angela, Pinki, Ciel, and Mareuscript were simply dumped in a highly guarded coal mine town. The five of them stayed together, but nothing put Claude at ease for his little girl’s absence. They pulled themselves together enough to work and make enough money to pay the overwhelming taxes, but they were still miserable. Pinki and Claude were the only two working the mine, the spider being the “Man of the Household” and Pinki being a former rock farmer. Angela spent her time caring for Mareuscript and Ciel, trying to hold them together with what blood, sweat, and tears she could spare while keeping Ciel from going after Christi with the fear of him being caught escaping and possibly killed. If the death of a member didn’t break the group apart, then it would definitely leave a gashing wound on Christi, Justine, Sebastian, Bardroy, Rachel, and the other Phantomhive servants left behind, as well as a loss of a strong, untainted mind in the group.

Alfred, AD, Jeremy, Rachel, Christi, Angelica, and Toph were changed into rags and taken far out to sea to a factory of an already growing number of workers. Toph and Angelica tried hard to hide the fact that they can metalbend as the warden showed them around the factory and to the courtyard. There were three thick metal doors that shut behind them and in front of them was a large number of people, mostly middle-aged and elderly men and women and there was no back wall. Instead, there were tall spikes that acted as bars in front of an endless sea.

Zuko and Josiphine were taken to the Boiling Rock in chains and separated in small cells with only a small window to the hall in the door and a small mat and blanket in the back. They received the same speech from the warden about how their sister would be there in a few weeks to collect them and ‘bring them back home’.

Katara and Sokka tried hard to fight the guilt that grew in them for leaving everyone high and dry, especially their own younger sister, Chrima, as Romano, Louisiana, Tokyo, Bardroy, Venice, Cutie, William, France, and Rainbow Dash tried to convince them to turn back. “My daughter was back there! Are you saying there’s no hope for her?!”

“Curly’s right! What about my daughter?! They took her away, and I’m not gonna let them get away with that!”

“And I hadn’t seen Japan-nii since before the overrun! We have to find him!”

“There’s also America! He might’ve broken my arms, but he’s still my big brother!”

“…I left my brother to the mercy of those…that army!…I know I can’t make it up to him, but I have to do SOMETHING!”

“Not to mention my little sister! Rachel just disappeared, and you want me to walk away from that?!”

“I didn’t see my son and hadn’t seen him in some time. He’s boastfully blind, but as his father, I have to search for him.”

“And my mom!” Cutie shouted. “She’s the PARTY Pony! Not the SLAVE Pony! She won’t last the night!”

“Papa’s the same way!” Venice exclaimed. “He’s probably worried SICK! I have to find him and at least let him know I’m okay!”

“We’re not saying that we should walk away, we’re only saying that it would basically be suicide for us to go back in your conditions!” Katara stated.

To that, Rainbow Dash huffed. “Not for me!” and she bolted back.

“Count me in!” Bard agreed eagerly.

“Oui!” France nodded. “I agree!”

“Sign me up!” Tokyo nodded confidently, only for the three of them to get hit on the head with a boomerang.

“Look guys,” Sokka sighed, catching the blue and white weapon in his gloved hand. “I want to find Chrima just as badly as you all want to find your families, but there’s nothing we can do right now! At least not without Appa.”

Just then, the waterbender jumped. “Appa! We DO need to go back!” she shouted. “What if Aang and Suki go back to the camp and see it empty?! They’ll expect the worst!”

They ran back to the camp, Rainbow Dash and Tokyo in the back of the group to make sure Louisiana wasn’t left behind and made it just in time to see the bison land in the field. A young bald boy lept out from behind the bison’s head on the ground while a teenage girl in the saddle didn’t bother leaving the back. The boy looked around in confusion. “…Hey Katara, hey Sokka…where is everyone?…and who are they?”

The nonbender quickly climbed up the bison’s side to the saddle. “We’ll explain on the way. We gotta go.”

Seeing Rainbow Dash, Romano, France, Bardroy, Tokyo, William, Venice, Cutie, and Louisiana follow Sokka, he looked to Katara for answers. “Sorry Aang.” she apologized. “Sokka’s right, we need to go. We’ll explain on the way.”

As they flew away, Katara and Sokka explained everything from what drew Katara to Romano’s camp to what happened the previous night. “…So, let me see if I heard that right…” Aang stated, sounding skeptical. “You found another camp, saw that two of them were hurt, took them back to our camp to heal them, brought in the rest of their group, who didn’t even know about bending, in the camp, taught them basic control over bending, and last night you were overrun by Fire Nation troops and you’re all that escaped?” Katara nodded as the airbender directed his attention forward. “The last part I believe, no problem.”

“Look, Arrow Head, all of that’s true!” Rainbow Dash stated. “Now my daughter is who knows where, where those creepy masked guys are going to do who knows what to her!”

“My daughter’s in the same position as yours, you know!” Romano shouted as Katara moved her healing water to Louisiana to start her zillionth session.

“As well as my son!” William explained agitatedly.

“And my brother!” the American teen shouted.

“Mine too!” the Japanese teen added.

“Mon as well!” the Frenchman exclaimed.

“Also my sister!” Bardroy huffed.

“And my mom!” Cutie reminded.

“Don’t forget about mio Papa!” Venice cried.

“You guys just have to trust us.” Katara sighed. “We know our way around, and, with Aang on our side, we have next to nothing to worry about. We’ll get your families and friends back, along with Chrima. You have my word.”

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Chapter 8: Longer than Planned

(Featured image base by: Yumikurogane123)

Naples and America left the tent to an urgent, “INCOMING!” and they ducked, narrowly missing the fireballs as Rainbow Dash and Paris chuckled embarrassingly. “…Sorry ’bout that.” the rainbow haired woman apologized. “I guess I know that we’re fire-whatever now, right?”

She smiled at Twilight, who added them to the list, catching a teenage boy’s attention. “So…you organize for them?” he asked, sliding to her side.

Twilight smiled warmly. “Sort of, I’m still getting to know everyone.” she answered before reaching out a hand. “Twilight Sparkle!”

“Sokka!” the boy introduced himself, shaking Twilight’s hand as he sat beside her and peeked at the list of names and notes. “…So…you’re a waterbender?” he asked.

To that, she shrugged. “I don’t know.” she answered. “Is that the proper term for a being with the power to manipulate water?” Sokka nodded with a hearty laugh at the technical definition she used as Twilight smiled again. “Then, yes.”

“Are you from a different world or something?” he asked as she nodded. “Where?” And so, she told him all about her home.

Sebastian looked around in wonder. He originally lost sight of Ciel and was scanning the group for the young master’s face, but he soon got distracted by these teenage kids who lived completely on their own and functioned perfectly fine for who knows how long. “…I know that look.” came the voice of a boy in his late teens. He was fairly tall, possibly the tallest and oldest in the “Team Avatar” group, and dressed in the same crimson and golden shades as Josiphine. A large scar consumed his left eye all the way to his ear. “You don’t believe that we survived this long.”

The demon sighed as the boy sat beside him on the log. “I fully believe you obviously survived this long, but how long was this?”

The boy shrugged. “For me, nearly 3 ½ years.” he stated. “My name’s Zuko.”

“I’m Sebastian.” they introduced themselves.

“I’m Venice~!” came the voice of the young girl, startling the two as she used her new found abilities to raise herself up to the two’s eye level. She turned to Zuko and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you~”

Sebastian simply stared at the girl. “…Ms. Venice?” he called. “Didn’t your father tell you to stay with Mr. Japan?”

The young Italian nodded. “But Japan’s no fun. He’s more fun when he has his anime DVDs, which he left at home.” she stated. “But you look like fun, Mr. Michaelis~ I’m sure Papa won’t mind if I stay with you~”

Zuko looked at Sebastian in curiosity as Venice latched to the former butler’s arm and used him as a jungle gym. The man didn’t seem to mind that much.

Josiphine told her brother about how they were from a different world and even they didn’t know all their bending abilities. Judging from Sebastian’s attire, he should be a firebender, but at the same time, he could be a nonbender. According to Josiphine, the rest of the group figured out if they were or not by pushing their buttons.

He didn’t know much about Sebastian, but he has already met his daughter and knows that she is a nonbender.

Taking in a deep sigh, Zuko got an idea. “Your daughter is a very bright young woman.” he stated, gaining the demon’s and young girl’s attention. “If I were you, especially in this world, I’d keep an eye on her. You never know if there would be an accident.”

Suddenly, Zuko’s hand burst into flame and Sebastian’s red eyes widened. Venice let go of Sebastian’s arm and dropped to the ground in fright, staying in the dirt. “Are you crazy?” he asked, steam starting to sizzle from his palms. “She’s just a little kitten! I will NOT let my little girl get burned that easily!”

The teen restricted his fire and simply gestured to the heat coming from Sebastian’s hands. His golden eyes peeked over to Sokka, Twilight, and a new little girl that was hanging from Sokka’s shoulders. The little girl had the same dark skin as the teenage boy she seemed to cling to, but her eyes were a deep, dark blue and her hair was a lighter brown and much longer through her single, low ponytail. She wore a light blue robe with white accents and a dramatically darker blue robe underneath. Twilight’s purple eyes widened when she saw Sebastian with fire in his hands and she jumped, pulling out her paper of notes to add “Sebastian M.” to the ‘fire’ list.

Sebastian calmly let the flames die down as Zuko started to stare into space and Venice just climbed up on the log and sat next to the two firebenders. “I’m not kidding, though.” the prince stated. “According to your friend, Twilight, your daughter isn’t a bender. She’ll get burned or even killed next time we’re overrun by firenation troops.” After a second, he stood. “Aang’s not here right now, he’s with Suki on an emergency mission near Kyoshi Island. I doubt he’s practicing his firebending, but my sister and I will help you and the others to control it if you’re interested.”

Venice then tugged at Sebastian’s sleeve. “If you don’t and Papa finds out, he won’t let me hang out with you anymore.” she stated. “And you’re fun to hang out around, and the safest person to be around. At least, that’s what Christi told me.”

After some time, Katara left the tent with bad news, leaving Italy to fawn over his brother’s horrid condition. “Twilight,” she called (Twilight came to visit the injured people a few times to check on their recovery, and requested to be kept up to date).

The former alicorn looked over and saw Katara approaching her, catching Sokka’s attention, as well as the girl hanging on his back, who slid down and scooted around to be in front of the teen boy. “What is it?” Twilight asked. “Are Romano and Louisiana alright?”

“There’s a problem.” she answered. “Louisiana is hurt much worse than I expected. It’ll take more than just one session to heal her and complete recovery. Romano is doing better, but he won’t be able to use his hand for a while.” She explained their situations very thoroughly and exactly how long each recovery would take, as well as how to not make it worse.

“Isn’t there more you can do?” Sokka asked.

“There’s gotta be!” the girl exclaimed. “You’re the best healer I know, Katara!”

To this, the healer giggled a little more. “I wish there was more I could do, Chrima.” she sighed. “All I could do now sooth them to sleep so that they can recover quicker, and keep a close eye on their injuries, but that’s about it.”

Twilight nodded and sighed. “I’ll let the rest of the group know. Is it alright if we stay here while our friends recover?”

Katara nodded. “I think America and Naples are out by the waterfall not far from here. Other than that, everyone else should be around here somewhere. I already told Italy, so there’s no need to worry about him.” Before Twilight could leave, Katara caught her attention once again. “If you can, could you send France in the tent when you find him?” she requested. “…I heard something about his waterbending and…just want to confirm something.”

Sokka looked at his sister in worry. “Are you alright Katara?” he asked before he realized what she could be talking about. The color drained from his face as he asked with urgency, “You don’t mean…?”

“NO!” Katara exclaimed. “I-I’m sure I’m just paranoid…but…it is possible…isn’t it? I mean, if he is, then I want to give his training a top priority. A power like that is too dangerous for someone who doesn’t know what it means.” She then looked over at Twilight and sighed. “Can you please just tell him to meet me tonight? Also, any other waterbenders that are…powerful.”

The former alicorn nodded as she hurried to search for the rest of her group. She found Claude, Angela, and Angel first. “Hey guys,” she stated, stopping herself when she saw the man’s irritated face. “…Is this a bad time?” she asked.

“No./Yes!” the small family answered simultaneously, Claude gritting his teeth as he nodded violently with his answer.

The family of three looked at one another before Angela smiled sweetly to Twilight. “What is it?” she asked.

The alicorn was hesitant to add to their bad news, whatever it was, but let out a deep sigh. “I just talked with Katara, the healer here in this camp, she said that Romano and Louisiana are going to take some time to recover.” she stated. “It seems like we’re staying with them until they are fit to travel again. They do need to get home just as much as we do after all.”

Claude took in a deep breath and shut his eyes as Angela and Angel eyed each other. This confused Twilight as she couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

“…I have…no powers…” Claude huffed out. “I can’t change forms, I can’t change anything, I can’t even shoot my webs.”

Twilight turned to the two women as they nodded. “I guess our angel powers stayed behind at home with his demon powers.” Angela stated. “I can’t fly.”

“Yes,” Claude huffed, his fists clenched and just turning his head so that he could only see his family from the corner of his eye. “But you can do…something. Both of you…have power…over water. I have…no powers…whatsoever.”

Angel giggled at her father. “Dad…are you going through withdraw?” At Claude’s silence, the daughter could only laugh harder. “It’s like super powers are your crack! This is too great!”

As Angel laughed, Twilight turned to Angela. “Would you mind going to see Katara tonight?” she requested. “She asked to see waterbenders that are powerful, or at least potentially powerful. If you and your daughter can go and see her, that might help calm her nerves.”

Angela nodded with furrowed brows. “Did she say why we were requested?”

Twilight shrugged. “She requested to see France and all other potentially powerful waterbenders tonight. She mentioned confirming something. After breaking the news to everyone, I’ll be heading over as well; I am a waterbender, after all.”

The mother nodded as she turned to Angel. “Sweetheart, stop laughing at your father.”

The teen stopped her roar. “Yes, ma’am!” Claude gaped at the sight in silence as Twilight moved on.

Twilight soon found Sebastian, Venice, Rainbow Dash, and Paris with Josiphine. “Guys,” Twilight sighed as she approached the new group. “I have some bad news.”

The former pegasus accidentally set fire to the field as Sebastian spouted a wall of fire exploding from his palm while Paris threw his ball of fire across the field, all causing the young earthbender to duck for cover from the potential wildfires. The Fire Princess lowered the wall of fire as Twilight thought quickly and splashed water on the burned patches in the field. The four firebenders shot glares at Twilight while the little girl simply peeked at her. “With all due respect, Mrs. Sparkle, do you mind?” Sebastian asked as politely as he could while still making it painfully obvious that he was getting short-tempered.

“Yeah, Twilight!” Rainbow Dash shouted. “Josiphine was helping us to control this…fire…thing!”

“I was so close to getting that right, now I have to start all over!” Paris complained.

The young teen took in a deep breath and sighed it out. “Sebastian, Rainbow Dash, Paris, remember the very first lesson to firebending is to control your temper and breath. Power in firebeinding comes from the breath after all.” The amateurs nodded as the master turned to Twilight. “What is your news?”

The former alicorn explained what Katara told her as the small group listened carefully. “We will wait for Mr. Romano’s and Ms. Louisiana’s recovery.” Sebastian stated. “Thank you for letting us know.”

“How’s Papa?” Venice asked. “Is he alright with Zio Romano like that?”

The waterbender sighed, kneeling down to the young girl. “I didn’t see him.” she answered while running her fingers through the girl’s hair. “But since he was in there the whole time, helping Katara heal him, I think he’s doing as good as to be expected.”

Venice pouted at the vagueness of the answer as Sebastian sighed and picked up the earthbender, holding her in his own arms. “I’m sure your father is taking the news of your uncle’s recovery quite well.” he stated. “It could always be worse.”

Twilight nodded as she moved on, leaving them to their training and practice. She soon saw AD, Mareuscript, Bardroy, Rachel, Ciel and Justine talking with two girls Twilight hadn’t met yet. The shorter one had jet black hair and dulled eyes with a green and cream headband and robes under a black belt. The taller girl had lighter brown hair that was let down with bold brown eyes and green and gold robes and headband. Twilight smiled at the two unknown girls. “I don’t believe I had the chance to meet you yet.” she stated to the girls politely. “I’m Twilight Sparkle.”

The tall one was the one to smile and answer. “I’m Angelica, this is my little sister, Toph.” she introduced.

To that, Twilight smiled and nodded her head. “It’s nice to meet you two.” she stated before turning to the five members of her group, getting distracted by what Bardroy was doing; throwing random punches in the air and getting pissed off that no fire sparked from his fists.

With gritted teeth, Bardroy huffed, “How did those guys do it?! I know I can do it too!”

Hearing this, Twilight pulled out her notes and added, reading aloud, “Bardroy goes under ‘none’”

“DON’T WRITE THAT!” Bard insisted, making his younger sister laugh hard. “I know I can do it! I saw Sebastian do it, why can’t I?!”

“No offense Bard,” Justine sighed. “but, even back at home, my dad can do a lot of things that you can’t do.”

“Yeah!” Rachel laughed. “Like cook without explosives!”

“Like you’re one to talk, Rach!” Bard shouted. “Don’t even TRY telling me you don’t find excuses to use your guns as often as possible!”

As the siblings went back and forth, Ciel groaned, clutching his head. “What brought you over here?” the boy Earl asked. “I doubt it was just Angelica and Toph.”

Twilight sighed, not wanting to add to their problems. “Sadly, I have some bad news.” she stated.

“Whether or not you’re sad isn’t the point.” Toph huffed, crossing her arms. “It doesn’t change the fact that it’s still bad news, so quit wasting your breath and just say what’s up!”

The former alicorn paused a little in intimidation of the little girl before she shook herself out of her trance and remembered what she came for. “Guys, we’re going to be here a while.” she stated, explaining the situation. “We can’t leave until they’re ready to travel.”

Toph tsked and shook her head. “All this from that America guy you guys were talking about? Where is he? I’ll him what a REAL earthbender can do!”

Angelica quickly pulled her sister back a little. “Toph, if another one of their friends is hurt, then they’ll just be stuck here for longer and they’ll never get home.” she stated. Twilight smiled and left them to their chat, which quickly turned into AD learning some earthbending moves, and even started touching on something they called ‘metalbending’. Apparently, AD has something in her that makes her qualified for, not just earthbending, but metalbending as well, much to Bardroy’s annoyance. This fact drove the cook away from them to sit and pout on a log.

A little further from the main group, Twilight saw Christi, William, Jeremy, and France simply chatting with Japan and his own younger sister. Pinki and Cutie just sitting nearby, doing their own thing (because it’s the Pies, Twilight didn’t question what they were doing). “Guys!” the waterbender called, catching their attention. “I’ve got some bad news.” She then explained what Katara had told her earlier. “It’ll take a while for them to heal, and we have to wait for them.”

Pinki gasped. “They’re not gonna die, are they?!”

Twilight furrowed her brows. “No, Pinki, they’re not going to die.” she sighed. “They just need more time than we all thought to recover.”

“I hope they recover soon.” Japan stated.

William adjusted his glasses again as he sighed. “Quite right. If they don’t recover soon, then we will have to leave them.”

France gaped at him, appalled. “I agree that I wish for them to have a fast recovery, but leave them behind in a world that’s not even their own? I desperately want to get home now, but not if it means leaving anyone behind or getting them in worse conditions.”

“Have you told my brother?” Christi asked the woman relaying the news. “He can get a little grumpy when things don’t go exactly his way.”

Twilight nodded. “I already told Ciel, so don’t worry. He seemed fine with the final decision.”

Cutie sighed. “I really hope we can get home soon.” she stated. “I miss everypony…”

The former alicorn smiled sadly and gave the former pegasus a small hug. “Don’t worry. We’ll be back in Ponyville soon enough, I promise.” She then turned to France. “On a side note, Katara asked for you.”

The Frenchman raised his brows over his wide eyes. “…moi?” he asked. “…Specifically moi?”

Twilight nodded before turning to William. “Do you mind going to see her too?” she asked. “Katara only specified that she wanted to see France, but she also wants to see potentially powerful waterbenders, and you could be one.”

“I also could have no abilities like Mr. Feastus over there.” he pointed out, gesturing to the father, now pulling up blades of grass mindlessly.

“Come on dad.” Jeremy huffed. “Just try.”

William sighed as he nodded. “Fine, I’ll attempt this special power…even though I believe I’ll just look like a fool…”

“I’ll try it with you then.” the son smiled, looking himself over. “I should be an earthbender, so I’ll try that.”

Jeremy took in a deep breath took a strong stance. Focusing on the ground, he smashed his hand on the ground, a ripple of the stones and earthy substances expanding throughout the field, dying down when they got fairly far. Seeing this, Twilight pulled out her paper and wrote his name under ‘earth’.

William sighed as he glanced around for a water source. Once his lime green eyes fell on a puddle, he whipped his hand back, clenching his hand so it looked like an animal paw. The water flew up and was a frozen pole before it reached his hand. The tip of the ice pole was shaped just like Will’s personal death scythe. The former alicorn added his name under ‘water’ before she nodded. “Will you and France see Katara tonight then?” The two men simply nodded.

Still, Twilight moved on to the last two in the group that had to hear the message. At a nearby waterfall, Naples and America threw rocks down the stream over the cliff. America’s rocks were large and rough, only splashing in the water and sinking to the bottom, while Naples’ were much smaller in size, skipping down the stream. All of her pebbles were followed by a trail of fire seconds after they left her hand only to start sizzling at the contact of the water.

The two didn’t talk aside from America sighing out another, “I said I’m sorry. What else do you want to hear?” He was never answered, though, but after every time he asked, Naples’ throws got just a notch more violent.

With a deep breath, Twilight approached them. “America, Naples,” she called. “I have some…news.” She couldn’t bear to tell them it was bad news, so she decided to let them decide if it was good or bad.

Hearing this, the two jumped and ran back to her. “Yeah?” they asked. “How’s my sister/papa? Is (s)he alright?” they asked in unison.

The alicorn sighed and explained the situation, starting with the worst condition so it was simply out of the way. “America, your sister’s arms were broken very badly. Katara told me it’ll take longer for her to recover.”

“…But,” he stuttered. “…She will recover…right?”

“In about a month of constant care, she’ll be able to leave the tent. It’ll take another few weeks after that for her to be completely recovered.” she stated. “But she can’t be disturbed…which means…until she gets better…you can’t see her.” That sentence hit him like a ton of bricks as he walked away and sat on the edge of the stream.

Twilight then turned to the teen, who waited anxiously. “Naples, your father is going to be just fine. Katara told me that he won’t be able to use his hand for anything so someone would have to always help him, but he should be independent within a little less than a month.”

Hours later, the five waterbenders sat outside the tent. Once Katara stepped out, she sighed. “I’m sorry for keeping you all this long, but the only way I could confirm this is during a full moon.”

“We understand, mon ami.” France nodded. “Water is most powerful during the full moon, oui?”

Katara nodded as she took a deep breath and stepped over to the side, finding a small rodent. After apologizing to the animal, she took another deep breath and moved her hand in a few different positions. The amateur waterbenders all looked confused at the sound of terrified squeaking before Angel steadily walked over and looked.

The sight before the teen terrified her as she ran back to her mother. “What’s wrong Angel?”

The teen could hardly speak, she was so horrified. Katara then turned and answered her question. “I asked you here to confirm or deny that you have the ability to…bend another person to your own will.”

The five waterbenders were uneasy as Katara placed the rodent in front of them and started to bend the small creature. When she stopped, she glanced at the first in the line, Angela. “I know it’s unfair to ask, but I need to know what you’re all capable of.” she apologized. “If you can’t, then you can leave. If you do have this horrifying ability, then please stay.”

Angela took in a deep breath and moved her hand in specific positions. Much to Katara’s horror, the rodent twitched as it followed the bender’s silent commands, stiffly bowing, pressed to the ground by an invisible force. When she noticed Angel get uncomfortable, the mother stopped. It was the teen’s turn. With a look of terror on a sheet white face, Angel went through the procedure. To her relief, the rodent scurried away before Katara had the chance to catch it again.

While the teen apologized and ran away to the tent her father stayed in, France took his turn. After a moment to collect himself, he raised his hand and moved it flowingly, making the rodent dance with no time to allow its feet to catch up. Katara gave him a nod, to which he stopped forcing the creature to dance. Next was William. The man coldly raised his hand in preparation, however, when he moved his hand and fingers, the rodent ran for its life. Katara caught it one last time and gave Twilight a look. With a deep breath, the former alicorn moved her hand like she was controlling a stringed puppet. However, the rodent ran away. The waterbending master allowed it to leave as she nodded with a more relaxed appearance. “Thank you for your time. I’m sorry for this, Twilight, William. You two can go.” she offered. Without a word, they left, slightly horrified by their experience.

Katara looked at the two left with a sigh. “…I think I need to explain what just happened.” she sighed. “You two…are not only waterbenders but also…bloodbenders.” She then began her lesson. “Just like firebending, this ability is no toy. It’s only to be used in a dire circumstance, life or death situations.” She then turned to France. “Italy told me that you were the one who wrapped up Romano’s wrist with something similar to this.”

The blonde nodded. “I did, but that wasn’t during a full moon, and it was only a few plants that happened to be there.”

“It’s still controlling a living thing beyond yourself.” she specified. “These abilities are still dangerous. I suppose they could be used for medical purposes, but it’s so easy to make a fatal mistake. One gesture incorrect, and you could stop a person’s heart and there would be nothing you could do about it.” Hearing this increased the two to grow nervous.

Angela thought about if she had a fight with Claude or anyone during a full moon, and kill them. France thought of using this new ability to help treat injuries and bleeds, but the fear of turning a scratch on the arm into a heart attack turned that idea into a nightmare.

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Chapter 7: Not Everyone has Power

(Featured image base by: bk bases)

“Hey, mom!” Mareuscript shouted. “It’s getting dark. Maybe we should set up a camp or something.”

Twilight nodded. “Good idea.” she agreed. “Now, someone here wearing red needs to get angry.”

All eyes turned to Romano. “No!” he refused. “I’m not going to do it!”

“Do you want us all to freeze out here?!” Jeremy shouted, causing the Italian to cross his arms tightly and hunch his shoulders.

The former alicorn only smiled. “While a few of you work on getting him angry and building a fire, the rest of us will look for things to build shelters with.” Tapping her chin, Twilight called out names. “AD, Louisiana, Angel, Mareuscript, Justine, Japan, Tokyo, France, Claude, Italy, Venice, and Christi, would you mind coming with me to do that?” They nodded and left.

While they were gone, Naples and America stayed behind with Romano, leaving Sebastian, Ciel, Rainbow Dash, Bardroy, Paris, William, Jeremy, Pinki Pie, Cutie, Rachel, and Angela to gather firewood, as the Italian smacked his head. “…Why me?”

“You’re easiest to piss off, papa.” Naples answered with a smile as she started poking his cheeks.

With Naples and America poking Romano’s cheeks, everyone else piled up the firewood in a large pit that Jeremy made. After hours of poking, Romano lost more and more of his already short temper, but there was no spark, much to Naples’ dismay. “…Maybe Twilight was wrong.” she stated. “Maybe no one here can do that.”

America looked over, a devilish smile spread across his face. “Or…maybe she just was wrong about Romano.” he stated. “Only one way to find out…” With that, he took Romano and bent his hand back, nearly breaking his hand, allowing his scream to echo through the woods in the late darkness.

Naples stood, high alert. “What are you doing?!” she shouted. “Let him go!”

America’s smile only widened when her hands were consumed in flame as tears streamed down her face, at which time, he let her father go and crossed his arms. “Nothing pushes you over the edge like someone messing with your dad and uncle.” he explained. “It’s easier to mess with Italy, but he’s not here. Still, I’ll take what I can get!”

The teen gazed at the ball of heat in her hand before throwing the ball at the pile of sticks that was built over time. Watching them explode into a large bond fire didn’t cease her fear or anger. All she could do once the flame was out of her hands was run up to Romano and hug him tightly, hiding her tear-stained face from the fire’s bright orange light. The American saw just how she reacted and felt a small pang of guilt. “…Is it really that bad…?”

“SI!” both Italians shouted coldly.

The scream was enough to have the group that left for firewood rush back to the sight. “What happened?” Ciel asked.

“Are you alright?” Cutie asked as she staggered at Romano’s side.

The Italian clutched his hurting hand and nodded. “I’m fine bambina.” he huffed out. “That pony or whatever was wrong. I can’t do the fire thing…my daughter can.”

Paris was very confused before he tilted his head. “I guess it must be selective.” he concluded. “I noticed while we were gathering things for the fire that some people don’t have the abilities like Twilight said, but since it wasn’t many, I couldn’t confirm it just yet, and I kinda forgot who all I noticed… I’ll talk to Twilight about it.”

“That was a loud scream.” Rainbow Dash stated. “You think anyone else heard you?”

“I’d be surprised if no one heard him.” Bardroy stated, crossing his arms. “Don’t you remember? We must’ve been at least a mile away when we heard it.”

Rushing over was the other half of the group. Out of them all, Japan was the one who caught what was observed. “Bard-san is right.” the Japanese man nodded. “Tokyo-chan and I were even further and we still heard the scream.”

“Japan-nii, relax.” Tokyo shrugged. “In a forest like this, I doubt anyone could’ve been close enough to hear it. These trees must go on for miles.”

“You sure you’re okay?” Angela asked, kneeling on the ground next to where Romano sat, his daughter still at his side, clinging to his (good) arm.

“I’m fine.” Romano huffed out again.

When Italy saw the swelling in his older brother’s hand, he sobbed and collapsed Romano in a hug. “Are you okay fratello?! I promise I’ll never leave you all alone again! And since Venice already needs to stay with me, and Naples is staying with you, all four of us will stay together FOREVER! We NEVER leave each other’s sight! Never, ever, EVER!”

“I said I’m fine bastard!” Romano shouted. “Get off me! Your ‘hug therapy’ is only making it fucking worse!”

“Italy, please give him some space.” France requested calmly as he made his way over and moved his hands up, the plants following his fingers. Romano freaked out when he saw the plants climbing up his wrist like an odd creature. “Don’t worry, mon ami.” the blonde smiled. “I discovered this while I was searching for building objects for shelter.” he explained. “Apparently, I can control plants by the water inside the veins. I can control water outside plants as well.”

“…All of this…is so…fucked up…” was all Romano could muster as a reply while France made a bandage out of the grass and plants.

Louisiana glared at America after his explanation. “Not cool, bro!” she shouted. “NOT. COOL!” With that, she stormed off and jerked her arms straight, causing a tent made of stone to surface and shelter her, cutting her off from everyone else.

Twilight took out a spare paper she found in her pocket and took notes, thinking back to everyone she noticed had or didn’t have the special ability. She made a chart with four rows, one for ‘water’, one for ‘earth’, one for ‘fire’, and the last for ‘none’. Under each of the classified abilities, she wrote the names of the people she knew of that had the power, or not have any supernatural abilities.

Under ‘water’ she wrote, “Angel F., Angela B., Viniciano I., Twilight S., France”. Under ‘earth’ she wrote, “Tokyo, Angel D., Venice I., Rachel, Louisiana”. The only one under ‘fire’ was, “Naples I.”. The list for the ‘none’ column seemed like the longest with, “Japan, Mareuscript S., Justine M., Claude F., Christi P., Romano”.

“Hey!” America shouted. “It got the fire going, didn’t it?!” He stomped his foot on the ground and Louisiana was quickly and suddenly squashed between the elevated floor beneath her and the top of her makeshift tent.

“America! You idiot! I can’t breathe! Are you trying to kill me?!” the sister shouted and struggled.

“America.” Twilight added to her ‘earth’ list as America quickly tried to fix the problem he caused by accident, only making it worse and causing Louisiana to scream bloody murder. Somehow, when it was all done and over with, Louisiana was left with both her arms broken.

Hours later, as the group slept soundly, voices came in the distance. “I think it came from here.” a girl’s voice stated.

“I think you might be right, Katara.” another female voice sighed. “You sure it was a good idea to leave our brothers out of this?”

“Yes, I do, Josiphine.” Katara answered before the rustling stopped. “Where’s Angelica?”

“She wanted to stay with her sister, remember?” Josiphine stated as they made it to the camp where twenty-five people were found asleep, two of which groaning in pain. “Am I really the best one to help here? I mean, you’re the healer. You could’ve just asked Sokka or Chrima to help you out, we all know about your trust issues with me and my brother.”

“I-I just feel better with an extra set of eyes watching my back is all.” Katara stuttered as she wandered in the camp.

Josiphine smiled and crossed her arms. “You just wanted a field trip with me because Zuko and I took Sokka on a field trip.” she stated smugly. “Admit it! You miss the old days when I was Aang’s only firebending teacher.”

“This one is hurt badly.” Katara changed the subject to the man who cradled his unnaturally limp and swollen hand that was bandaged by various plants loosely. “Let’s take him back to camp.”

Josiphine arched a brow. “He’s obviously Fire Nation.” she pointed out. “You gonna trust him just like that?” she asked. “Besides, he has a camp right here!”

Katara groaned. “Let me rephrase it then, I’ll get him back to camp, you wake up everyone here and let them know where I’m taking him.” she stated. “Show them how to get there if they get worried. I’ll come back for her.” she gestured to the girl sprawled out under the earth tent with obviously broken arms. “I just don’t know how to move her carefully.”

The firebender nodded as the healer lifted Romano’s shoulders and dragged him away, oddly not waking him up. Naples stirred in her sleep from lack of cloth in her hand, but ignored it and fell back in her slumber. Josiphine slumped and sighed, approaching the girl in the tent. “I’ll wake them later.” she sighed as she gently took the teen in her arms and walked off, making sure to keep her broken limbs supported. “Thank you, Zuko and Iroh, for that intense training.”

America was the first to wake up and have a panic attack when he saw his sister not there. “Lou?” he called, looking over. “…Loui?!” he called louder as he tore the rock tent into rubble. “LOUISIANA!”

Twilight and Sebastian rushed over. “What’s wrong, America?” the former alicorn asked.

“My sister!” the American cried. “MY SISTER IS GONE!”

From across the camp, Naples searched everywhere she could think in just as much urgency and worry. “My papa’s gone too!” she cried, gaining France and Angela at her side. “What’s gonna happen?”

“Don’t worry.” Twilight stated powerfully. “I’m sure they’re around here somewhere.”

“Yeah,” Bard stated, forcing a smile. “how far can some wounded hot heads go alone?”

As they started to fan out and look, a twig snapping caught their attention and they all spun around tensely to see a teenage girl in a crimson and gold robe, her shoulder length dark brown hair simply hanging down around a flaming scar on her neck under her jaw that was poorly covered by a silver choker necklace. “…Hi.” she greeted. “I’m Josiphine.” she introduced before a little awkward pause and a cough. “I came by to tell you that my friends and I heard screams last night, so we tracked them here and found your hurt friends.” she stated. “They’re being healed as we speak. If you’d like to see for yourself, you can follow me to our camp.”

On the way there, the large group introduced themselves and the people injured. “So, what happened to them, if you don’t mind me asking.” Josiphine asked.

All fingers pointed to America. “…What?” he asked before he groaned. “Okay, I might’ve bent Romano’s wrist a little, but it was just to get Naples pissed off enough to get the fire going!…And I might’ve accidentally smashed Louisiana in her tent, but that was a complete accident! I didn’t know I’d do that!”

This caught the firebender’s attention. “…An earthbender your age…who doesn’t know the basics of earthbending?” she asked. “I have to say, I never heard that one before.”

“It’s true!” Rainbow Dash shouted. “Spiky, Black, Bulk Glasses, Paris, Pinki, Cutie, Bard, Shrimp, and I still don’t even know if we have these special powers, not that we even have a clue how to use them!” Sebastian and Ciel looked at her with furrowed brows at the sound of the odd nicknames while William shot her a glare through his glasses.

“…I have an actual name, you know.” the young Earl sighed in annoyance. “I do not require a nickname, so please don’t assign one to me.”

“…Sorry Shrimp.” Rainbow Dash huffed. Sebastian had to keep a firm hand on Ciel’s shoulder to keep him from ripping the former pony’s face off. Twilight glanced over as Rainbow Dash casually stated, “Add him to the list. If he had the special ability, his hand would be up in flames by now.” The former alicorn nodded and added “Ciel P.” to the ‘none’ list.

Josiphine glanced at them in curiosity before the former unicorn explained. “We’ve been making each other angry whenever we need something like a campfire or a tent, or to just figure out who has the abilities or not.” Mareuscript stated, causing the experienced firebender to shake her head.

“That’s not good.” she sighed. “Especially for firebenders. You lose your temper once, you go just a little too far off the deep end, you’ll easily do something you’ll regret for the rest of your life.” After some silence, they made it to the camp. “Well, here we are, Team Avatar Campsite.”

Naples made a beeline to the sound of Romano in a tent, Italy not far behind her after quickly telling Venice to stay with Japan. America rushed after them in high hopes that his sister was there too. “Papa!” the Italian teen called. “Papa!”

“In here!” Romano called in the tent as the three entered. Across the tent was a teenage girl in a light blue and white robe, a glowing glove of water on her hand that touched Romano’s hurt wrist. To the side, Louisiana was still asleep.

America collapsed next to his sister and hugged her tight, effectively waking her. “OW! America! Put me down!”

“Sorry!” the older brother dropped his sister, causing her to yelp again. “Sorry!”

She cringed for a while before she looked around the tent where Naples clung to Romano’s shirt and Italy wouldn’t stop hugging his brother. “…Where are we?” she asked.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” the girl in blue apologized. “My name’s Katara. I found your camp not far from ours and saw that you were hurt, so we brought you here.”

Naples squeezed herself around her father’s waist. When she couldn’t find room between the brothers, she just hugged them both. “Papa, I thought you were gone!” Tears flooded out of her eyes as the father’s back started sizzling.

Out of instinct, Katara dowsed the three in heavy water. “…Sorry.” she apologized before continuing her work on the wrist. The splash was enough to snap Italy from his hugging as he moved his hands to bend the water out of his, his brother’s, and his niece’s clothes. “I know a fire starting when I see one. You should get that under control. We have two well trained and experienced firebenders who’d love to help you keep your hands in check.” She then turned to America. “And you.” she almost growled. “Romano told me all about what you did back at your camp. We have earthbenders who can teach you to control your abilities too. Find them and learn to control yourself.” She lastly faced Italy. “I can personally help teach you and any other waterbenders in your group also. Water is a healing element, but it could also be a deadly weapon.” Katara then tilted her head. “That reminds me, who bandaged Romano’s hand?”

“Big Brother France.” Italy answered. “He moved his hands and plants followed his motions, moving on their own like they were possessed! He’s always been good at health stuff, but that was scary!”

“Well, if he didn’t do that when he did, Romano would’ve been worse off.” the master sighed. “He deserves thanks.”

“Is Papa going to be okay?” the teen asked.

Katara sighed. “I need more time to examine it, but he should be just fine with proper care.”

“What about my sister?” America asked impatiently. “Will she be okay?”

The healer again let out a sigh. “I haven’t had time to look at her injuries yet. Now, I’m sorry to be rude, but I don’t want to be in the same tent as inexperienced benders while I’m working on them.”

“Can I stay?” Feliciano asked. “I can do the waterbending thingy too, so I can help, right?”

The master bender sighed. “…Alright. I can go right into it and show you some healing techniques if you really want to help.” As the waterbending Italian got closer to the master, Katara looked again at the other two in the tent. “Please. You can start training now, or you can wait outside the tent. Either way, I prefer if you two leave. Nothing personal.” The daughter didn’t want to leave her father, but sighed and nodded, leaving the tent, dragging America behind her.

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Chapter 6: Next in Line

(Featured base by: iceflower19)

Ever since the incident where Italy and Venice ran in circles to try to find one another, the little girl was never allowed to leave the room without her father. Other than that, the rest of the time was fairly enjoyable. As time passed, Justine grew interested in Romano’s, Italy’s, Venice’s and Naples’ stories of Italian and Roman culture, and she was fascinated with Twilight, Cutie, AD talking about their world of ponies, pegasi, unicorns, and alicorns. She was even interested in France’s descriptions of his home, which she’d seen several times, but never as a tourist. When Rachel finally found a spare moment to meet them, she was no exception. Much to Sebastian’s and Bardroy’s dismay, the teen servants started asking if they could go with them when they leave. Even Christi took a liking to the guests and often shared personal information, such as where she truly came from and why she had butterfly wings half the time, in return for their knowledge of the other worlds. Even though Christi gave them all that information in exchange, Ciel never approved of it.

Things weren’t much different at the Trancy manor. Claude agreed with Ronald in the fact that the newcomers weren’t to be trusted, so the father (reluctantly) agreed to let Ronald take Angel out more often, no matter how much trouble he got in with William. Still, Angel always stayed around the guests and answered their every need. She loved it when America and Louisiana would tell her about their triumph in the Revolutionary war, Japan and Tokyo explain to her about their beautiful scenery and interesting eastern culture, and Rainbow Dash caught her attention easily with her beautiful descriptions of her Sonic Rainbooms she’s made in the past, as well as her spooky stories of the old mare and the rusty horseshoe, or slendermane…especially slendermane. In an instant, she’d be sucked into Pinki’s randomness and bubbly, and seemingly fearless, personality with her laughing in the face of her fears. She’d also hear Paris singing French songs, or watch him dance French dances, and listen to Mareuscript tell her all about her fictional pieces and how a mare named Lyra inspired a lot of the stories since most of them were about human life.

Angela couldn’t be happier, despite Claude’s mistrust. She would help Angel with the guests and just the fact that the teen would always talk about what she learned about the guests made her smile. It made her feel like she was finally catching up on her lost time with her only daughter.

Eventually, word got to Jeremy, Justine’s half brother, and he had to see it all for himself. He called the whole thing foolish, swung his ax, and left, pretending not to care. However, his visits with Justine grew more often and he’d simply add to her nerves.

It didn’t take long, though, for it to be time to let the misfits move on, hopefully back home. They asked Grell, him being an “A” student in school, and him having much more experience with travel. Thankfully, he agreed and Twilight’s research wasn’t needed.

When the two groups met in the woods with the servants and Ciel and Christi, Justine and Rachel both begged and pleaded to stay with the group. “Please let me go with you!” Rachel cried. “I mean, I’m getting nowhere here!”

“Besides,” Justine stated. “it would be rude of me to not make sure they actually made it home.”

“Same here.” Angel stated. “Can I go, daddy?”

“You’re going to let her go just like that?!” Ronald shouted at Claude. “What kind of father are you?!”

“Mr. Knox,” Claude sighed calmly. “if you had waited only a few moments, you would’ve known that my answer is…absolutely not.”

“Claude,” Angela called. “She never gets to have adventures anymore, and she really wants to see all their stories for herself. I’ll even go with her to make sure she’s alright.”

“Pretty please daddy?” she asked again, popping out her ears and wagging her tail, framed by her slightly folded wings and her golden brown eyes sparkling wide over her slightly pouted lip.

Claude seemed to be on the fence about it. He looked back at Ronald’s cold green glare and swapped to Angela and Angel’s pouts. With another sigh, he put his hands on his hips in defeat. “…Majority rules…”

Across the group, Sebastian, Bardroy, Ciel, Justine, Rachel, and Christi had basically the same conversation. “Pretty please with catnip on top?” Justine begged.

“They are my responsibility as well.” Christi convinced. “You said Phantomhive Hospitality is the most well known and most hospitable of all, so it only makes sense that I’d go too. Right Ciel?”

Justine looked at the young girl for a moment before she chuckled. “Christi, you still have too much to learn, also you’re far too fragile and delicate, being a butterfly demon. You must stay.” She then turned back to her father. “but…as a servant, I have direct responsibility even more so than the masters, right daddy?”

“I disagree.” Jeremy huffed, butting in the conversation. “There’s a reason you all asked mom to do this, it’s because he’s a reaper. All this is a reaper’s job.” He then sent a glance to his own father. “Now, if I-”

“No.” William stated. “For once, I agree with the demon. This isn’t our place to tread. If you want to go so badly, then leave your ax behind.” Jeremy then stayed silent, holding his ax tighter, not willing to give it up lightly.

“Justine, no means no!” Sebastian put his foot down. “I’m NOT going to lose you again!”

“You’re not going to lose me, dad!” she reasoned. “I’ll be fine, besides, don’t you remember my orders?” She then straightened her back and made a mockingly straight face, quickly covering her left eye with her hair before stating in a jokingly monotone voice, “They are your responsibility until the moment they set foot in their houses.” After a moment of Justine fixing her hair, Ciel straightened his face in annoyance and Sebastian averted the gaze they shared as she continued in a bubbly voice, “Like you always say, daddy, a master’s orders are absolute.”

“Yeah, Mr. Michaelis.” Rachel smiled, hugging Justine’s neck roughly and messing up her hair playfully. “No need to worry! I can take good care of her.”

“Sorry sis,” Bard shook his head. “you’re not going anywhere!” The sternness in his voice confused the younger sister as she loosened her grip on the butleress’ head. To her surprise, his serious face shifted to a mocking expression before a wide grin covered it all in seconds. “We’re going to get these blokes home!”

“Am I the only one to object, or am I trapped into agreeing with a reaper?”

“Believe me, demon. I am not at all happy about any of this.” Everyone ignored the two.

Sebastian gave his daughter one more look before he sighed and straightened his face. “If you go, I’ll go too.” he stated. “We stay together. You don’t leave my sight for a moment. Do you understand?” Justine nodded before hugging him tightly.

Jeremy glared at his sister. “You’re okay with her going?” he asked his father in agitation.

“Last I checked, Jeremy, I was your father, and simply her uncle. I don’t even have any blood ties to her, and only accepted the role of her uncle because she’s the daughter of your mother. Do you expect me to stoop to the same level as a full blood demon?” the reaper father asked coldly.

Ciel smacked his head. “You’re all forgetting that I’m the master! I’m the head of the family you all are connected to!” he exclaimed at all the servants. “I have the final say for ALL of you! And my answer is NO!”

Christi bit her lip before hugging Ciel’s arm. “Please Ciel!” she asked again. “I’ll behave! I promise! Besides, you can stay at the manor while I go and make sure that the guests are well taken care of!”

The master sighed and slouched his shoulders. “You’re doing this to get away from Alois, aren’t you?” With a deep sigh, he gave her one last look before quickly giving her a hug and walking back. “Keep them in line.” he requested of his sister before turning to his servants. “Keep her safe.”

Sebastian, Bardroy, and Rachel nodded while Justine smiled and even grabbed Christi’s shoulder protectively. “With my life, my Lord.” she promised.

Grell took in a deep breath and sighed with a huff. “Alright.” he stated, clapping his hands together nervously before rubbing them together. “Here we go…” Everyone in the group shut their eyes, the teens, and children clutching onto their family members as Grell worked his own form of magic. Jeremy stood “accidentally” too close to the group as the magic worked. Seconds before the reaper was done, William noticed where his son was standing and reached out to his wrist as Claude leaped in after his daughter, both fathers pushing Ciel in as well by surprise, and the three of them disappeared with the group.

When they opened their eyes, they seemed to be in the middle of the woods in, what seemed like, Medieval Asian attire.

Twilight wore a blue robe with white trim and belt, her long indigo hair in a double braid down her back tied by a thin white ribbon. Mareuscript had a similar robe, only brown with green trim and a cream belt around her waist. Her hair was still in a ponytail, but what held it there was a braid of her own hair. AD had her hair down and free, but, like Mareuscript, her robes had earth tones with browns, greens, and creams. Rainbow Dash had a deep crimson robe across her shoulders with a bright red belt around her waist. Her colorful hair, like her daughter, was still loose around her shoulders. Pinki’s cotton candy hair was in one ponytail, the bright, leafy green ribbon buried in the pink hair. Over her shoulders was a sleeveless robe of the same green with a golden belt around her waist loosely. Her legs were covered by loose cream pants. Cutie’s golden hair was still in her ponytail with a dark blue ribbon tied in a bow. She had a white turtleneck under her baby blue robe. Around their necks were chokers made from ribbons that matched their robes with stones that were carved to their cutie marks.

Naples was dressed in a red robe of varying crimson, gold, and gray shades. Her dark brown hair was tied up in a bun with her bangs free to give the natural curl that runs in her family. Romano also wore strictly red robes with his hair loose and free to fall. Louisiana was dressed differently, however, with her black and green robes, her long hair in a tight low ponytail. America’s robes, like Louisiana’s, were green, black, and gold. Tokyo had on a deep green robe with a cream robe over it to act as a jacket, her light brown hair in a long fishtail braid over her shoulder. Japan didn’t look much different from how he looks at his own home with the navy blue kimono and the white accents, but the fabric was much lighter and shorter. Venice had a green robe with yellow-green timing the hymn and belt all over a cream turtleneck. Over her arms were disconnected sleeves of the same colors. Italy had a generic dark blue robe with a white trim and baby blue belt over a black long sleeved shirt. France had a long, baby blue robe with royal blue-violet accents. The length of the robe looked similar to a dress. Around his waist was a white belt and his golden hair was half in a ponytail by a dark blue ribbon. Paris wore maroon pants under a bright red robe that was much shorter than his brother’s. He had no sleeves and his robe had golden accents.

Justine’s robes were bold red with a bright gold belt and dark crimson trim. Her long dark red hair was in two french braids over her shoulders. Sebastian also wore red, but it looked almost black with how dark the crimson cloth was next to his blood red eyes. Angel’s robes were dark blue with white trim and belt along with the deep blue pants under the robe. Her long curly brown hair was half in a braid with the rest puffing out from under the restriction. Angela’s robes were similar but purple with lavender and white trims and arm braces. A section of her snow white hair was tied to the side with blue and purple decorative beads. Claude was dressed in dark green robes with black trim and belt. Rachel’s knee long robes were a deep forest green in contrast to the golden accents and a black belt around her waist that kept it closed from her black pants. The long dirty blond hair curled freely at her shoulders. Bardroy’s dull gray robe was in complete contrast to the bright red accents in the collar and belt, leaving a darker red to hymn the robe and a single golden dot to shine at the base of his large neck. Christi had a dark, forest green robe, with golden trim. Her blond hair was tied in a side ponytail with a pink rose clip. She also had a light green turtleneck under the robe and her gloves were still on her hands, though they were the same light green. Ciel had a crimson robe with a golden trim and belt. Under the robe were black long sleeves. Jeremy had a robe that was such a dark green, it was nearly black. The robe itself was short enough to look similar to a suit while his pants were loose and forest green, the accents the same dark green as his pants. Around his waist was a cream belt. William had a robe that was similar in size, but it was completely black. The accents that framed the black were shallow ocean blue and his pants and belt were both white.

Claude’s golden eyes looked around in wonder. “…Where are we?” he asked.

“DAD!” Angel shouted, storming up to her father. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” As she yelled, Angela noticed a nearby pond ripple.

“I couldn’t let you go without myself knowing you’d be alright.” Claude defended himself.

“Yeah, right!” Angel exploded. “You just don’t trust me, and you’re jealous that I’m spending more time with mom than with you!”

“…Angel, sweetie,” Angela calmly approached her. “Calm down.”

“NO!” she shouted, throwing a five-year-old tantrum. “Dad’s been so jealous! It’s obvious, and it makes me sick!”

At the word ‘sick’, the little pond exploded from its place and rocketed to Claude as icicles, which alerted the rest of the group from their self-examinations. “No!” Angela shouted, reaching out to the icicles and watching them gather into a large snowball instead, still knocking the demon to the ground, but with something much softer.

Both angels gazed at their hands in confusion as the group just stared at them. “…Did I just-?” All they could do, even Pinki Pie, was to nod.

“…And I just-?” They nodded again at Angel’s implied question.

Twilight looked herself over again. “If I had to guess…” she stated. “…then, our clothes are the color of a specific natural element, and in this world, we can control this element with our emotions.”

“Awesome!” America smiled, looking himself over. “What can I do?”

Twilight smiled again at the American. “Judging from the natural tones in your robe, I’d say you can control the earth when your emotions call for it.”

“Do me!” Pinki exclaimed in excitement. “Do me! What about me?!”

The former alicorn giggled at her friend’s typical hyperness as she answered the question. “Like America, you look like you can manipulate the earth. Makes sense since you have your Pinki Sense. That’s connected with nature, which usually translates into earth elements.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Romano huffed, crossing his arms. “It still doesn’t mean we know how to control this, and that’s assuming we’ll never get home.”

This caught Naples’ attention. “…Never go home?” she asked.

Italy gazed at his older brother in sadness. “W-what about your birthday? We were going to make you a big pasta feast for your birthday party!”

“We have pasta all the time bastard!” Romano shouted back, smacking the younger brother upside his head.

“…Not in front of Venice! Please fratello!” the frightened younger brother requested, though Romano didn’t back down.

“Calm down.” Japan reasoned. “I’m sure if we just find some help and explain the situation, we can all go home and move on with our lives.”

“…Yeah…” Rainbow Dash sighed. “…We’re pretty much screwed.”

William sighed, reaching up to adjust his black glasses. “I believe this is the worst situation I’ve been in since I left the Noah’s Arc Circus.”

Jeremy closed off from his father. “…Sorry dad…” he apologized with no response.

France tried with all his might to remain calm, though it was growing more difficult. “I’m not so sure about this”

“Don’t worry~” Pinki smiled. “What’s the worst that can happen?” She then slowly started to have breathing problems. “I-I mean, it’s not like we’ll never see our friends again! We’ll see them again! But how much longer will we be trapped like this? Days? Weeks? Months? YEARS?! I’ve already missed 28 birthdays! 28 birthdays either went party-less, or I MISSED 28 PARTIES! What if we never get home?! I’ll never see mom, or dad, or Maude, or Limestone, or-”

“PLEASE STOP! YOU’RE SCARING ME!” Italy cried, crushing his daughter.

“Will you both just cool it?!” Rachel shouted in aggravation and stress.

“Rachel!” Ciel shouted at his servant. “Please.” The young boy then took charge. “We’re all tired, we’re all scared, we’re all confused! Still, we just have to work together, otherwise, what’s the point of all this? I don’t believe in fate, nor coincidence, but I believe teamwork is the only way we’ll return home with our heads intact.”

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Chapter 5: Interruptions

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Italy came up on the front door of the Trancy Manor in nearly no time. He knew that Venice liked to test her courage, trying to break the family Curse of Cowards like her cousin before her. The Italian finally made it to the front door of the other manner and froze. He remembered what Angel said just before the group of sixteen split in two, and he didn’t like his odds. However, this was his baby girl he was thinking about, of course, he would go to hell and back for her (true, crying the whole way, but he’d still go). With a slightly timid hand, he knocked on the door.

“Coming!” came a voice on the other side as Angel opened the door. “…You were with Justine a few days ago! How can I help you?”

The man lost his voice for a moment before he took in a deep breath and answered with his Italian speed, “I’m looking for my daughter! Have you seen her? Ciel told me that she left the other mansion and I think she came here! Please help me find her! I’m so worried and scared! What if she hurts herself?!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Angel stopped him. “Slow down there. I haven’t seen your daughter, but I can look and see if she snuck past my nose.” She then turned and gestured for him to follow. “Come on in. Might as well have some tea while you’re here.”

Italy followed Angel cautiously, jumping at every little creek, catching the teen’s attention. “…You know, there’s nothing to be afraid of as long as my father’s out with the Young Master.” she reassured him.

“…Better safe than sorry…” he replied. “Can you please just help me find mia figlia?”

Angel chuckled. “Sure Scaredy Cat.”

The first place they looked was the ballroom, where Pinki Pie was with Rainbow Dash on the high balcony with a bucket of water sitting on the edge and nothing holding it up except for their own hands. Angel saw her mother about to walk under the bucket unknowingly. As the metal object started to tip over, the teen butler pulled out her wings and flapped them to gain speed. She flapped the large white extensions so hard, they started cramping. “LOOK OUT!” With that, she pushed her mother out of the way just in time and got soaked with the water, the metal bucket hitting her back. “…Ow. What’s that bucket made of? Diamonds?”

Angela looked at the current state of her daughter before looking at the culprits above her. Both Pinki and Rainbow Dash widened their eyes and tried to run away. Neither of them were a match to Angela’s flight speed as she appeared in front of them in mere seconds. “Mrs. Dash, Mrs. Pie, please try to not pull pranks that can leave someone hurt. There are servants only trying to do their job, and the Young Master doesn’t get happy if any of the servants are left unable to do their work.” She then took the two in her arms and took off, landing on the ground. “I ask that you please apologize to my daughter.”

“That reminds me!” Angel shouted, still cradling the bruise on her back between her wings where the bucket landed. “Mom, have you seen a Ms. Venice? Young girl, about eight years old, light hair, green eyes? Her father’s here, thinking she ran from the Phantomhive manner.”

Angela thought for a moment before shaking her head. “I can’t say that I have.” she replied, turning to Italy. “I do hope you find her, now if you would please excuse me, I need to escort Mrs. Pie and Mrs. Dash to their rooms.”

“What?!” the two former ponies exclaimed, looking at each other with wide blue and rose eyes.

“Are you really sending us to our rooms?!” Rainbow Dash complained. “First off, we’re guests, second, you’re NOT our mother!”

“In fact!” Pinki Pie added. “I have a little itsy bitsy Twinkie Cutie! I’m too old to be sent to bed without at least a cookie!”

“She means, we ARE mothers!” Rainbow Dash rephrased. “We don’t even listen to our own mothers anymore!”

The angel sighed. “Well then, think of it this way.” she stated, dragging them effortlessly to the entrance and up the stairs. “Had you both listened to your mothers even after obtaining motherhood yourselves, you wouldn’t need further mothering.”

Angel couldn’t help the chuckle when she heard her mother’s final decision. Her smile was stripped from her face, however, when she heard Angela shout from the second floor, “And no flying Angel!”

“What?!” she complained, rushing to the stairs to see the parent’s face herself. “But mom! I still hadn’t practiced yet today! What if I’m in a situation where I either fly or die?! I need to get all the practice I CAN get!”

“Doesn’t matter.” Angela shook her head. “Wet wings don’t fly either way. Too much weight added. Also, that bucket hit you between your wings, so those muscles are useless until they heal.” With that said, she added a quick, “Take care of Mr. Veniciano and rest in bed for the remainder of the day.”

Angel groaned but nodded. “Yes, mom.” The teen turned to the man and chuckled. “I’m truly sorry about this…” she stated. “It won’t happen again.”

With that said, she led him around the manner, running into another duo in the kitchen. America groaned as he searched the cabinets. Louisiana watched him in boredom. “Do you need help?” Angel offered.

The male American was the one to answer. “Yeah, are there any burgers here?”

Louisiana face palmed. “America…four words. We’re in the 1880’s!” she shouted to her brother. “Burgers won’t be invented for another 60 years give or take a decade!”

America pouted. “…But…Burgers…”

Angel sighed before she smiled. “Don’t worry, America. I’ll see what I can make with what we have.” she promised. “In the meantime, please wait in the dining room. I’ll be there momentarily while I pull strings.” She then pushed the siblings out of the kitchen and shut the door.

Italy gazed at her as her face completely changed from a calm and confident smile to a panicked look of fear, digging through the cabinets to search for an alternative. “I have about 15 minutes, guests are hungry, I have no idea what a burger even IS! Why did dad have to go to the other manner?!” she groaned.

The Italian tapped her shoulder. “I could help.” he offered. “A burger is ground beef with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and various other vegetables between two buns or bread slices.” Angel only gave him a look of confusion as Italy smiled widely. “I’m not a big fan of burgers, but I think I can make them~ America likes them A LOT, and he’s one of my friends!”

With that said, Angel only watched as Italy worked his culinary magic. In 5 minutes, he had a full burger ready to eat on a plate. Angel observed how he cooked the meat and pieced the sandwich together. With her supernatural speed that she inherited from her father, the plate was full of burgers, which they both made in the full 15 minutes. There was even another plate of salted, sliced, fried potatoes.

Italy handed her the two plates and she served the meal to America. “Here you go.” she sighed in slight exhaustion. “A plate full of ground beef, all cooked medium well, with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, cut onions, sliced cheese, all between two slices of bread, and a side of salted, sliced, fried potatoes.” She then gave the guests a bow. “I hope this is what you were searching for.”

America’s eyes lit up as Louisiana only sat there with wide, confused eyes. The brother was already eating the meat while the sister hesitantly picked up a fried potato slice and ate it. She soon gained the excitement of her brother and joined him in the meal as close to familiar they would get in a while.

Angel smiled and sighed, turning to Italy. “Thanks for the heads up!” she stated. “Don’t worry. I’ll be sure your daughter is found.”

She continued to lead him around the mansion until they ran into Mareuscript, Paris, Tokyo and Japan. Angel smiled as she approached the four. “May I help you with something?”

Tokyo and Paris shook their heads but Mareuscript and Japan nodded. The Japanese teen and French young man both glared at the Japanese man and the former unicorn. “…What are you guys talking about?” Paris asked, leaning on the wall behind him. “We don’t need any help at all.” he stated.

“Yeah,” Tokyo agreed, turning to her brother. “I don’t understand what help you think we need, Nii-san.”

“Communicating with Mom is one thing.” Mareuscript huffed. “If I know her, she’ll be looking for an alternative in case our plan to go home doesn’t work and we need to know what alternatives she comes up with so we’re all on the same page.”

“I would be interested to know what page the other half of the group is at as well.” Japan added.

“Who cares?” Paris huffed out a chuckle. “The plan isn’t going to fail. We’ll be home any day now.”

Mareuscript raised a brow. “That’s what we thought when England told us he’d help us.”

Angel thought for a moment before smiling. “Please follow me.” she stated before leading them to a back room. Behind the door was only a single phone. “If communication is an issue, then this should fix it.” she stated. “Just dial this number,” She handed them a sheet with a string of numbers. “and it should get you straight to the Phantomhive Manner. Normally Sebastian answers, so as long as you’re prepared for that and tell him who you want to speak to, you can communicate with anyone in the other manner. It’s better to not need the knowledge than it is to need what you don’t know.”

Mareuscript thanked Angel and grabbed the phone, dialing the number. Just as predicted, Sebastian answered fairly quickly, “Phantomhive Manner.”

The former pony smiled. “Is Twilight Sparkle there?”

Sebastian paused in thought before chuckling. “Mrs. Sparkle is here and available.” he promised.

“May I speak with her?” she requested. “This is Mareuscript.”

“Ah yes. One moment please.”

It was silent as Sebastian left briskly to retrieve the requested guest. When they came back, the phone was cautiously raised. “Hello?”

“Mom?” Mareuscript called.

Twilight sighed. “Is there something wrong? Are you alright?”

The daughter shook her head. “I’m fine mom.” she reassured. “I was just wondering if there was anything over there on what we can do if our plan doesn’t work and we stay here.” she requested. “I can’t find any books here on anything other than flamenco or tap dancing.” Twilight thought back to her research before she answered her daughter’s question, explaining everything she learned in great detail.

“Mrs. Sparkle, who are you talking to?” asked a voice that interrupted the woman from explaining an alternative bad side to their plans in which they end up completely in another world like before.

“Mareuscript.” the mother paused to answer the new comer’s question.

“When you’re done,” the second voice stated. “may I use the phone to call the Trancy Manner?”

Twilight hummed in agreement before returning to her conversation. When every different scenario was explained and exchanged, the former alicorn stated, “If that’s everything, then I’m going to hand the phone over to Justine. She needs to talk to someone over on your side.”

Mareuscript nodded. “I’ll hand the phone to Angel then.” she agreed

When the phones touched the servant’s’ hands, the Michaelis teen didn’t waste any time. “Angel?” she called in the phone. “Is Mr. Veniciano over there?”

Angel nodded. “Yeah, Mr. Veniciano’s here.” she confirmed, the Italian jumping at the sound of his name. “You need me to hand the phone over?”


As requested, Angel handed the phone over to Italy, who took it hurriedly. “Ciao?!” he called in the phone.

“Mr. Veniciano?” Justine called. “I have a very worried little girl here. Venice.” she stated.

Italy sighed in relief. “Gratsi! Gratsi! Gratsi!” he thanked. “Where has she been?!”

Justine chuckled a little. “Lady Venice never left my side.” she informed. “Are you ready to reunite with your daughter, Mr. Italy?”

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Chapter 4: Little Errands

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Just as Claude predicted, Alois wasn’t happy at all about the eight unexpected guests, though the boy Earl tried to put on a masquerade for them. The moment the young boy was alone, however, his smile was stripped from his face. “…Claude! How much longer must I continue this nonsense?!”

“It shouldn’t be too much longer.” the butler answered, giving the boy his tea. “I heard Angel talking with her friends of the Phantomhive manner that they plan to ask a Grim Reaper to send all the guests on their way.”

“That mutt of yours is dating a reaper, is she not?” he asked. “Can’t she just get him to do it NOW?!”

The butler shook his head. “I’m afraid Mr. Knox isn’t skilled in that area of expertise. Sebastian’s daughter’s mother, however, is.”

“You mean that Ginger tranny?” Claude gave a simple nod. Alois groaned. “First you force me to take on that mutt you call a daughter, then you make me take in that angel maid, now you refuse to get these extra lunatics out of my mansion!”

“Ciel and Christi have the same number of guests.” Claude reminded. “Or are you saying that you cannot handle what the Phantomhives can?”

The master glared at him before gaining an idea. “I’ll just pay my sweet fiancé a visit~ That should lighten my spirits. Come on Claude!” Without another word, the two were gone.

Christi was laying on her bed with Venice, just talking and giggling like little girls do, when there was a knock on the door. “My Lady,” called the teen butler. “you have a visitor from the Trancy Manor. Shall I send him away?”

Christi groaned as she made her way over and sighed, “No, just let him in. I guess I should give him a lick of a chance to ‘sweep me off my feet’…like it’ll ever happen…”

As commanded, Justine opened the door for Alois Trancy and Claude. “Hello my sweetheart~” the Trancy boy smiled widely. “I just thought that you could use a good long visit from me~”

Christi only clutched her head. “…And here I thought you were only here to ask for sugar…” she stated sarcastically. “What is it you want?” she asked.

“Do I need a reason to see my beloved?” he asked before turning to Claude. “Leave me. I want to be alone with my betrothed.”

The butler simply bowed with a, “Yes, Your Highness.” before leaving.

Justine glared at the spider before leaning down to her mistress. “Are you sure you even want him here?”

“Alois Trancy is my betrothed, and has been for a good while.” Christi answered with profession beyond her years. “It’s fine. Just check on all the guests and see if they need tending to. With how many there are, that should keep you busy for a while.”

The butleress nodded with a bow. “Yes, my Lady.” the teen stated before she grumbled a full rant under her breath. “I still can’t believe I have to serve my own little sister for nothing in return. Dad should’ve checked her background before signing a contract with a soulless butterfly demon. Why didn’t he look over her background? In fact, why did mom give her up and not tell the two of us? Did he think she wasn’t worth our time? Well news flash mom, the kid you gave up is now our Lady and Mistress for all eternity. This sucks. And, not to mention, Ciel’s her target, and dad and I can’t do a damn thing about it until his contract is fulfilled, which I don’t see that one being fulfilled for another year or so. Even if Christi was human, we couldn’t do a damn thing about her contract. Still, doing all this work for no soul in return is total bullshit. When dad told me she was my responsibility, I thought, ‘Oh, good, so dad get’s Ciel’s full soul, I get Christi’s full soul, we both are happy demons’ but no! Christi had to turn out to be my long-lost little sister, the butterfly demon-reaper hybrid, the second in existence, soul not included. At least she satisfies with human food.” The mistress listened as she left the room, but Christi ignored it and tried to keep a smile for her fiancé, leading him to the garden.

Just as she was ordered Justine checked on every single guest individually, starting with Venice, since she was already in Christi’s bedroom. “Is there anything I can do for you Ms. Venice?” she asked, kneeling down to the little eight-year-old.

“I came in here to see if Christi’s seen Papa and Zio Romano, but she hadn’t, so instead, she started talking with me to help me feel less lonely.” the Italian child confessed. “If it’s not too much trouble, can you help me find Papa? He’s not brave at all, and he worries really easy when I’m not with him.”

Justine bowed to the little girl. “It will be my pleasure to help you find your father. This is a large manner for young guests after all; it’s very easy to be lost. Some say these halls are nothing more, nor less, than a maze.” Seeing that she was doing nothing but scaring the poor girl, the servant stood and took Venice’s hand gently. “We’ll find him.”

The two wandered around for some time before they found Twilight in the library. Remembering her order, Justine entered the room, the little girl with her following closely. “Is there something I can do for you, Mrs. Sparkle?”

Twilight looked up from the book she was reading and smiled. “Hey Justine.” she greeted. “I was just trying to find something that can possibly help us, some form of magic in this world maybe…just a plan B, you know? It’s just in case your mom decides not to help us.”

Justine thought for a moment before she smiled. Leaping in the air, she transformed into a cat and landed on a high shelf on her small, precise paws. She scanned each of the titles of the books before turning back to Twilight. “Heads up!” And just like that, she started tossing various different books down before returning to the ground on two feet. “These should have what you’re looking for, it’s all the knowledge of all supernatural beings we know of.”

“Thank you.” the former pony smiled, already taking the books and starting to read.

The teen nodded and gave her a bow. “If there is anything else, don’t hesitate to ask, Lady Twilight.” With that said, Justine took Venice’s hand again and continued on their way.

Not finding Italy in the hall, Venice suggested they search in the kitchen; Italians can’t live without pasta or pizza. Instead of Italy or even Romano, they found France stirring something at the stove, which peaked the teen’s curiosity. “Do you need help, Mr. France?” she asked.

The blonde turned and shook his head. “Non, not at all.”

“What are you doing?” Venice asked, sniffing the sweet aroma in the air. “Is that some special pasta?”

France chuckled and ruffled the girl’s hair. “Non, petite belle. I’m just showing my gratitude by making a soup from home, the best in my country.” he answered. “I can’t get the same ingredients as the ones from home, but I think it’ll still be good.”

Justine smiled as she smelled the air filled with the spices. “This is really sweet Mr. France, but Bardroy is very protective of his space. There’s a reason he cooks with explosives.”

“Don’t worry Tine!” Bardroy reassured, entering the kitchen with boxes of spices. “He is helping. I gave him permission since he’s a cook to rival Sebastian! I thought that, if he tasted Mr. France’s food, thinking it’s mine, then he’ll get off my back about the kitchen!”

Justine smacked her face at the sound of that. “…There are so many things wrong with your plan…to start off, dad hates food. Second, if he thought that Mr. France’s food was your’s, which he most likely won’t because he knows you, how you cook, and what you cook, then he’d be even more disappointed and more agitated that you won’t be able to recreate the same food after Mr. France is gone.”

“Can we help?!” Venice asked, joyfully jumping with a smile on her face. “Papa and I make apple pie for America every Thanksgiving! All our pies have to be HUMONGOUS for America’s big mouth! Zio Romano says that his mouth is big in more ways than one, but I don’t really understand what he means by that…”

France and Bardroy chuckled. “I think we’ve got it, belle.” the Frenchman answered. “Now, go on. I saw your papa earlier, and he looks more scared than usual.”

Justine nodded and took Venice’s hand again, gently pulling her out of the kitchen. “Let me know if you need help…and beware, my father is very picky on how meals should be made…”

She continued on to the garden, where Cutie and AD were both doing something unknown to the servant. “Stay here, Lady Venice, I’ll be right back.” she requested as she made her way to the two.

“Come on AD!” Cutie stated. “Flying isn’t THAT scary!”

“Aren’t you a little young to start sounding like my mom?” AD questioned.

Cutie giggled and turned to the side. “Come on Finnie! Give us a good start!”

Justine never noticed Finnie in the sidelines until he walked up to them and asked, “Are you sure about this?”

“As sure as my mom’s the Party Pony~!” the young girl answered.

The gardener took in a deep breath and picked up the girl. With one hand, he threw her across the garden, flapping her arms like wings. Justine gasped and ran in the direction the girl was flying, holding her arms open, ready to catch her as she hurried in her path. Before the teen had a chance to catch Cutie, she disappeared in a blur of black. “Please try to keep your feet on the ground, Lady Cutie.” requested a smooth voice. “I understand that you were a pegasus in your homeland, but here, you are without wings. You could’ve easily gotten hurt, which would stain the Phantomhive name.”

“Yes Mr. Sebastian.” the girl stated as the butler smiled and put her back on the ground.

Justine crossed her arms and pouted. “I had it under control.” she complained. “Why do you always have to ruin my fun, dad?”

Sebastian smirked at the teen. “I am your father, therefore, it is my duty to, as you put it, ‘ruin your fun’.” he explained. “Also, if you had it under control, then why was Lady Cutie flying in the air to begin with?”

“That wasn’t my fault!” Justine complained. “Finnie threw her in the air because she wanted to fly! I tried to stop him, but I wasn’t fast enough!” Sebastian only gave her a cold stare, causing the teen to cringe. “…Fine. I take responsibility for Lady Cutie…”

Hearing that, the father smiled. “That’s my girl.”

Glancing over, she saw Venice rushing to the teen, causing her to remember something. “Dad, have you seen Mr. Italy?”

“Which one?”

“Not the one who curses a lot, the other one.” she answered.

Sebastian thought for a moment before smiling and nodding. “I saw him with Ms. Naples in the study.” he answered. “He seemed quite worried, so I offered them tea to calm their nerves, then I saw the Young Mistress in the garden with Lord Trancy.”

Justine flattened her face. “…Dad, no one’s around. You don’t have to be so formal with Christi all the damn time.” she huffed.

“Habit.” Sebastian shrugged.

“Yeah, well, you do realize she’s not only our mistress by contract, but your daughter and my sister by blood!” Justine backfired. “So while we’re in public and trying to sell the cheap crap that Christi is the Young Master’s younger sister, then we should treat her like a mistress. But just around the manner?” Sebastian simply looked at the teen as she went on and on. “Around the manner, when no one who thinks she’s a blood Phantomhive is around, be a father! Her contract was for a family, right? ‘Cause her human parents died in factory accidents? So you have every right to be a father to her! Just as much as I have the right to be a sister to her!”

The butler stared at Justine for another minute before turning to the young girl that started to cling to the teen’s clothes. “Your father is worried about you. I suggest you hurry to the study.”

“Thanks, dad.” the teen huffed, dropping her arms from their crossed position over her chest before lightly tugging Venice in the proper direction.

On their way to the study, someone started stomping behind them. “THERE YOU ARE!” called the man following them. “Veniciano and I have been searching this whole fucking maze for you! Do you realize how worried SICK your Papa is?!” He then snatched Venice’s hand and dragged her away. “Seriously! It’s bad enough I have to watch my own daughter, now I have to go on wild goose chases for my niece!”

“Is there something I can do for you, Mr. Romano?” Justine offered in a weak attempt to calm him down as she followed him down the hall.

“No Gratsi!” he shouted over his shoulder. “I’m going back to that room where mio fratello is still worrying!”

Regardless, Justine continued following. When they got to the room, they only saw Naples in the room, worrying in Italy’s place. “Papa! Venice!” she called, running over and hugging her younger cousin. “This mansion seriously is a maze!”

Romano wasn’t very happy to see his daughter, however. “…Naples, where’s Veniciano?”

“He just left.” she answered. “I tried to stop him, convince him to wait just a little longer, but he lost it!”

“Do not worry.” Justine smiled with a little bow. “I will find him. Just please stay in this room so that we don’t just miss each other again.” With that, she left the room and ventured down the hall.

Re passing all the rooms, she asked other guests and servants if they’ve seen Italy, to which none of them recently have. She soon came to Ciel’s desk, the young Earl going through his paperwork, giving his signature, and whatever else was required of him as the Queen’s Guard Dog. “…Young Master,” Justine called, catching the attention of the boy, his single blue eye glancing up at her with annoyance. Not wanting to show disrespect, she bowed low and on a single knee. “My apologies, but I failed to care for one of the guests.” She proceeded to explain the situation.

When the servant was done, Ciel chuckled and sat back in his chair. “Is that all?” he asked with a smirk on his face. “The father in question came here, asking where his daughter was only fifteen minutes ago. I told him I didn’t know, and perhaps she was wandering a little too far from the manner.” he explained. “He then left in a bigger ball of nerves than your own father was when you were kidnapped by the Viscount Druitt.” He then gestured to the window with a perfect view of the front door. In the distance, Italy was running at full speed through the woods, the dust clouds leading to the Trancy manor.

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Chapter 3: Split Up

(Featured image used a base by: darkdood pixels)

The female butler began to walk down the street, giving the group a little, “Please follow me.”

Justine led them down the streets of London to the countryside. Much to the America’s and Romano’s complaints, they were walking the whole way. “I apologize for the lack of carriage.” she stated. “My father and masters still need that, they are expected to bring home a large amount of packaging. Besides, I still can’t drive.”

“So, who exactly is your master?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah,” Rainbow Dash stated. “And what is your dad? Some sort of slave?”

Justine didn’t take her green eyes off the path ahead of them as she answered their questions. “My master is Ciel Phantomhive, son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive. My father and I are his and Christi’s life-long servants, butlers…I’m still in training, though.”

“Are there other servants?” Tokyo asked.

“Of course there are!” Romano snapped. “Hundreds, I bet.”

Justine shook her head. “Actually, Mr. Romano, aside from my father and I, there are only four other servants to the Phantomhives; five if you count our steward, Tanaka. He doesn’t do much, so not a lot of people count him as a ‘servant’ per-say.”

“What’s a steward?” Cutie asked.

“A steward is sort of like a house maid.” Justine answered. “They do little chores, like make the bed, do the dishes, things like that. Tanaka, on the other hand, doesn’t even do that. He’s just there if we need an extra hand.”

“What do the other servants do?” Paris asked.

The female butler tapped her chin in thought before she smiled. “Well…Bardroy is the cook, though my dad has to re-cook everything he tries to make with his sticks of dynamite and flamethrower,” the guests froze for a moment upon hearing the weapons before rushing back up to Justine, who didn’t stop walking. “his younger sister, Rachel, helps the maid, Meyrin, because that woman is blind as a bat and clumsy as heck, but it’s fun to see my dad mess with her head; he always has to be with her to catch whatever she’s dropping, though, and tell her what she’s doing wrong, or redo whatever she messed up all together, that is, if Rachel doesn’t fix it first.” She paused for more thought. “Then there’s Finnian, the gardener. He doesn’t always realize his strength, and he destroys the yard because of it, causing my dad to have to fix everything, but he’s always fun to be around.”

“So, to sum it all up,” Romano stated. “Your padre does everything?”

Justine hummed in thought before she smiled. “Yeah, pretty much, but I still do what I can, which actually reminds me.” She looked up at the former pony. “You’re name is Angel, right?”

“…Yes.” the teen answered hesitantly, not knowing why the female butler was asking that.

Still, the red girl smiled. “Either you need a nickname, or my friend, Angel Faustus, does.”

Rainbow Dash smiled with a huff of laughter. “Then she’ll be AD.” she declared.

“We can’t mix up our friends~ That’s just not what friends do!” Pinki exclaimed as she bounced to the front of the group.

Not long after they continued walking, the group heard something screaming, “LOOK OUT!” and something crashed on the dirt road. The group looked down and Justine sighed, walking up to the object…that started groaning. White wings lay limp and spread across the road, hiding the half buried, face down, curled up owner of the wings.

The butler sighed and pulled up a limp arm, effectively pulling the form up. “Angel, what are you doing?” she giggled. “Shouldn’t you be helping your dad with…whatever he does all day?”

The new-comer shook her dusty head much like a dog would (whether it was in ‘no’ or to get the dirt out of her curled brown hair, it was difficult to tell, but it still accomplished both). “That’s why my mom’s there,” she answered, dusting off her sleeves and shaking her wings. “To fill in for me while I practice controlling these things.”

Justine was confused at this. “I thought your mom moved in with you and your dad so she can teach you more about your angelic side.”

To that, Angel shrugged. “She’s doing that too.” she sighed as she looked over at the group that stood behind her friend. “Who are they?”

After introductions, the new teen, who was introduced as Angel (which Mareuscript had to chuckle at due to the apparent similarities between the two Angels’ flying abilities), smiled. “Maybe even I can help!” she exclaimed. “I can take on half the guests, make the workload lighter on you and your dad. I know how stressful things have gotten since the whole Serial Killer Case thing.”

“Actually, we caught him earlier today.” she smiled. “So, no need to worry.”

“…Still.” Angel pressed. “It’ll take a while for things to cool off, I know your family, and they stay stressed for, like, ever after shit hits the fan.” she stated before humming in thought. “It’ll have to be only the bravest though, my dad does have a way of scarring weak stomached guests…with his…spider obsession…”

“I’ll go.” Romano volunteered, making his daughter laugh out loud.

“Papa, you don’t have a stomach at all!” she laughed. “You’ll run out in ten seconds flat like you did when those cute baby turtles-!”


After a second, the Italian girl turned to the new butleress. “I guess you can count my papa and me out. We’ll stay with Justine.”

“I’ll stay with Fratello…” Italy whimpered, clutching Venice’s hand tight in his grip. “Right Bella?”

The young girl tried to escape the grip, but she soon sighed and answered, “…Si Papa…”

America smiled. “Well, I’ll go! What do you say, Louisiana?”

“Sounds like fun, bro!” the little sister exclaimed as they walked over to Angel.

Japan groaned out a sigh. “…I should stay with America-san.” he huffed out, turning to his little sister. “You should stay with me.”

“But Japan-nii-”

“Last time you left my sight, you were almost killed!” Japan snapped, causing everyone who knew him personally to flinch before the younger sister nodded. Japan never snapped like that, much less to her. He must’ve been really worried.

“I can be brave!” Rainbow Dash shouted.

“So can I!” Mareuscript agreed.

“I can’t!” AD and Twilight exclaimed.

“Come on guys~!” Pinki giggled as she bounced to the other group. “Giggle at the Ghosty?! Remember?”

Cutie bit her lip. “…I think I’ll stay behind with Auntie Twilight…”

“Besides,” France sighed. “America, Louisiana, Japan, Tokyo, Mareuscript, Rainbow Dash and Pinki Pie looks like you are all full.” she stated. “Parie and I can stay with Mademoiselle Justine.”

“There’s room for one more.” Paris stated, making his way over. “J’etame France, but it’s gotta be a fair trade, oui?”

The two butlers went their separate ways with their group. Angel turned to the group she got and just gazed at America in slight wonder, gaining his attention. “…What?” he asked.

She was hesitant to answer but still did. “…You just look an awful lot like-” Suddenly, there was the sound of a lawn mower and Angel smiled and pointed to the sound. “Him.”

America was still very confused as a young man appearing to be in his late teens, early twenties fell from a tree and stood up, leaning on his lawn mower, now starting to die down. “Hey, babe.” he chuckled, smiling to Angel. “You doing anything?”

“I’m just going to show my new guests to the manner, then I’ll dump them on my dad or something.” she answered with a growing blush.

To this, he smiled. “I’ll be more than happy to help.” he stated, hugging Angel close, making her blush even more intensely.

“Ronald!” she called, weakly pushing away from him and laughing. “I have guests here!”

Pinki Pie took a closer look at Ronald before gasping. “You look just like America!” she exclaimed, pointing to the said blonde. “You guys could be brothers! Or twins! Or maybe even twin BROTHERS!”

Ronald’s attention was instantly brought to America as he approached him and they started mirroring each other with odd hand motions and weird faces. “Who is this guy?” they both asked in perfect unison, the only difference being the accents.

The butler smiled. “Ronald, this is America, like the country, America, Ronald.”

Ronald then started to leave, not taking his yellow-green eyes off the American, America giving him the same curious stare. “…I just remembered…William will kill me if I don’t find the next person on the list, some Arthur Randell or whatever. I’ll see you later Angel.” and with that, he took his lawn mower and leaped up to the trees, starting the motor as he left.

“…That was…awkward.” Louisiana stated.

“I’ll say.” Mareuscript agreed.

“What did he mean when he said ‘list’?” Japan asked.

“Was it like a party guest list? Is he throwing a party? WHY WERE WE NOT INVITED?!” Pinki exclaimed.

“It’s not a party list!” Angel shouted over Pinki’s raising voice before she turned to the group and smiled. “Actually, that couldn’t be more wrong. Ronald is a Grim Reaper.” she answered. “He was talking about his To Die list.”

This caused all of them to go wide eyed as Angel looked down at her watch. “It’s getting late.” she stated. “My parents will kill me if I stay out past 6:23!”

She then spread her white wings and made seven copies of herself with the same white wings spread in the air. Each Angel copy grabbed a guest and started to fly off. Rainbow Dash was the only one who struggled, much to the former unicorn’s confusion. “What’s wrong Aunt Rainbow Dash?” she asked. “I thought you liked flying.”

“Not when I have no control!” she shouted. “Also, did you not see her when she landed back there? Just like AD on a regular basis.”

The demon holding Rainbow Dash overheard her and started to slip her hands a little, causing the former pegasus to yelp and tense in fear and shock before the grip re-stiffened. “I’m sorry.” the clone apologized. “I’m such a butter fingers.”

They made it to the manner at 6:22 on the dot, where two figures were waiting for her return. When she landed (much smoother than before) and restricted her clones and wings, the woman in white and purple rushed up to her and held her tightly. “That was beautiful!” she fawned. “I trust you got a lot of practice in today?”

“Yes, mom.” Angel sighed as the white haired woman kissed her cheek.

The man in black, however, just gazed at her with his golden stare. “…Angel,” he called. “Who did you bring? You know the master doesn’t like surprise guests.”

“While I was practicing, I found them with Justine. I thought I could help her out.” she answered.

“Claude, it’s fine.” the woman soothed. “She was just helping a friend. How does that surprise you?”

“Because, Angela,” Claude sighed. “It means more food to cook, more beds to make, and the master has not approved of this.”

Angela rolled her purple eyes and smiled at the group. “Welcome to the Trancy Manor.” she welcomed. “Please follow me to your rooms.”

“…But, Angela!” Claude’s voice cracked to a whine, making the teen smile.

“Sorry dad,” Angel chuckled as Angela left with the group of eight. “You’re out voted.”