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Elements of Harmony: Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is actually…unique for this. Because there are only seven characters who have all the development, and all the characters are very happy and bubbly, I’m going to bend the rules stated in the intro and actually not write a blog for the Elements of Disharmony. There are only seven characters who get an actual personality, and none of the Elements of Disharmony fit any of them, except two (maybe three, but that’s taking a lot of liberties). So, without further ado, let’s get started~

Honesty. Hikaru is very blunt with how he feels on the inside, in fact, he cannot sugar coat any type of news to save his life. He makes sure that his opinion is out there, and if it conflicts with someone else’s, he lets them know. So, even though Kaoru is an honorable mention, Hikaru is the Element of Honesty.

Kindness. Bear with me here, but Kyoya fits this pretty well. He actually bends over backward to fulfill Tamaki’s dream and to complete Tamaki’s make-believe family setting that the Host Club turned into. Kyoya is the first to be Tamaki’s friend, the first to join his club, the first to dive into the craziness, the first to side with Tamaki when he right, the first to pull Tamaki and the twins when they execute a bad idea, and not to mention, the one who creates a co-dependency between him and Tamaki (whether he knows it or not). I fully believe he is perfect as the Element of Kindness.

Laughter. Honey lives for nothing more than to make others around him smile, though in a different way than Tamaki. While Tamaki makes girls smile and blush, making them feel like a princess, Honey makes girls smile and squirm, making them feel like an older sibling. He likes lightening the mood and making people enjoy simple pleasures in life, such as a good piece of cake with extra strawberries, or just cuddling with an adorable stuffed bunny. For that, Honey is the Element of Laughter.

Loyalty. Do I really need an explanation here? Mori’s undyingly loyal to not only Honey but all the Host Club members (though mostly Honey). Is there anything else to say?

Magic. Though Haruhi is an honorable mention, she is fairly pessimistic and closed-minded. However, Kaoru is nothing but interested in all things new. While he’s most comfortable in the world of gold, mansions, and money, he’s curious about other lifestyles, so much so that a trip to the grocery store is treated like a field trip to him. Kaoru is the Element of Magic.

Sacrifice. Tamaki will give the shirt off his back if someone needs it (hell, I think he even did give Haruhi the shirt off his back at least once). Once he hears that someone needs help, even if he doesn’t have the means, talents, or a reward for his efforts, he will do everything in his power to help everyone. I think the only thing he hasn’t done yet is ending world hunger. Tamaki gets Element of Sacrifice.

Role call. Honesty; Hikaru. Kindness; Kyoya. Laughter; Honey. Loyalty; Mori. Magic; Kaoru. Sacrifice; Tamaki.

Do you agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

Wanna watch Ouran High School Host Club and try to assign the elements yourself? Grab a DVD from Amazon and try to imagine these boys with their Elements of Harmony, whether you agree with my point of view or not.

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Elements of Harmony: Black Butler

Here’s yet another Harmony blog. I’m sticking with the rules, no matter how hard it might be. I say “hard” because…Black Butler is full of characters with their own agenda and ulterior motives. However, I’m gonna try my best. To possibly make it easier for me, I’m including characters from Book of Circus, Book of Murder, as well as seasons 1 and 2.

Honesty. In a show all about backstabbing and deception, this is a hard one to give. However, I think Bardroy fits this one nicely. Aside from Sebastian, Bardroy is the only one to keep the other servants in line, on schedule, and with a plan (even though Sebastian ends up needing to fix the situation nine times out of ten). Bardroy has a brutal honesty to him, along with a trust that he has in others and everyone has in him.

Kindness is…a tie. Finnian is innocent and wants nothing more than to spend all his time outside in a wide, open space, helping anything and everything he comes in contact with. Lizzie, however, is kind to anyone she notices needs help. Although, because Lizzie is fairly oblivious to some situations that would benefit her kindness due to being self-absorbed, I think this should go to our favorite lovable gardener.

Laughter has got to be Undertaker. His payment for information is a joke, and his laugh is contagious! When watching him, it’s hard to not laugh along with him, despite his depressing appearance and atmosphere.

Is it even a question who Loyalty is? Sebastian is extremely loyal to Ceil, the manner he works, and the staff he hires. “But that’s only because he’s a demon under contract!” I can hear you shouting through your computer. There’s one thing I want to point your attention to, however. Would you say Claude is loyal? HECK NO! Even though Claude and Sebastian are both in the same boat so to speak as far as being under contract, Claude killed Alois the first chance he got, as well as abusing his power as a butler by physically and verbally abusing the other servants of the Trancy manner, not to mention both his contracts, with Alois and Sebastian, were based on lies he said for his own benefit. Sebastian, on the flip side, is bitter-sweet to take Ciel’s soul, stays with Ciel through everything, and only ever manipulates or challenges Ciel to either remind him who he is, to teach him a lesson, or to somehow, in some way, benefit Ciel in the long run.

Magic is a bit tricky. I bet you think I’m gonna say, Ciel, because he’s the main character, right? Actually, remember a man by the name Arthur Conan Doyle? If not, then here’s a reminder. He’s the man who ultimately solves the mystery of Book of Murder. He doesn’t really show much potential until his cart is nearly leaving and “Jeremy” speaks to him in French, giving Arthur two options. Either leave things as they were, or stop the carriage and rework the odds of the mystery. Because he chooses to rework the entire mystery, I believe that act proves him worthy of the element of Magic, for his need to be 100% sure that the result of the mystery was correct and to understand what he missed. He goes out of his way for answers rather than just leave it be.

As for Sacrifice…I believe Joker fits. He lost everything, even his own arm, still, he is more than willing to make, give, and share a home with strangers who seem to come from hardships. From Snake to Doll to Beast to eventually Sebastian, he greets everyone with open arms and makes a place at his table for those who are unsatisfied with life. He doesn’t have much, but Joker will promise a job, a roof over your head, a pillow to rest your head, bread to stuff in your face, and a family to talk to.

So final role call; Honesty, Bardroy. Kindness, Finnian. Laughter, Undertaker. Loyalty, Sebastian. Magic, Professor Doyle. Sacrifice, Joker.

Do you agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

Wanna see these characters and decide for yourself if I’m right or wrong? Get the DVDs for Black Butler season 1, season 2, Book of Circus, and even Book of Murder! They’re all on Amazon and will deliver right to your door in only a few days, so why not?

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Elements of Harmony: Brothers Conflict

Been a while since I posted one of these, so, if you need a reminder on the rules, go ahead and read the intro. For this installment, I’ll be considering the 13 Asahina Brothers, as well as Chii and Juli. Oh boy, this is gonna be difficult. However, I think I can manage (I’m sure pairing these elements to Black Butler characters will be more difficult).

Honesty. This is a difficult one because all the brothers have their own ways to show their honesty. Taking that into consideration, I think the brother that’s most straightforward, blunt, and, for lack of better term, aggressive with his thoughts and emotions. That’s right, I’m giving this to Wataru, brother number 13. After all, out of all the brothers, Wataru is the first to confess. Unfortunatly for him, he isn’t taken seriously because of his young age.

Kindness. For this, seriously, any of the brothers can be a possible bearer. I’m actually caught between Natsume and Lois. After meeting Chii, those two are the ones who go out of their way for her and spend the most “fun” time with her, making her feel more like one of the family. Also, after the truth of Chii’s heritage is out in the open, Natusme is the one who finds Chii and brings her to his home so she could cool down and have the much needed alone time she needs. Then, the next day, it’s Lois who takes her out and makes her feel like a true member of the family. It’s tight, however, I think it should go to Lois, simply because he’s there on her first night at the house, and offers his kindness and support ever since, while Natsume, not only has a bad first impression, but also doesn’t bother to meet his new sister until the wedding day, giving Lois a head start.

Laughter. This one’s difficult, but for a different reason than the last one. The only candidate I could think of for this element is Tsubaki, however, his humor is more for his own entertainment and he causes a lot of cringe-filled moments. Well, he’s the only candidate, so he gets an E for Effort.

Loyalty. Hands down, this goes to Juli. Ever since Chii was a baby, Juli has stayed by her side through thick and thin. There are no lengths he won’t go for her. Need I say more?

Magic. I think it’s pretty obvious this goes to Hikaru, and not only for the reason that he can teleport himself right to his brothers’ most embarrassing moments (SERIOUSLY! THERE WAS ONLY ONE DOOR TO THAT BALCONY! HOW’D HE GET THERE?!) but also because he seems to be the only one intrested in learning everything he can about the state his family has come to. On top of that, he’s a traveler, so I wouldn’t doubt that he explores while on his trips.

Sacrifice. I think I have to put down Chii. Think about it, she’s gone out of her way several times for all of her (step) brothers at some point. Not to mention, she is the most willing to sacrifice everything she knows, her whole way of life, for her father and new (step) mother so they could have their newly-wed-alone-time.

So, the final roll-call. Honesty: Wataru. Kindness: Louis. Laughter: Tsubaki. Loyalty: Juli. Magic: Hikaru. Sacrifice: Chii.

Do you agree? Dissagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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Elements of Harmony: Hetalia

For this installment of Elements of Harmony, I’ll be looking through the Hetalia franchise, this includes all versions such as Paint it White, Axis Powers, World Series, Beautiful World, and World Twinkle (…I can’t believe they stuck with “World Twinkle”…). For the rules, read the intro blog. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

The Element of Honesty for Hetalia should be England. England is honest to the point of being brutally blunt. He’s also not the best at lying, not even sarcasm really.

Next on the list, Kindness. I’m giving this to Canada. Canada puts up with a ton of crap from America alone! Not to mention, everyone mistakes him for America. I’m also using my personal experience when I visited Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Next up is Laughter. I think the best for this element would be Spain. He’s never without a smile, and the one time he’s not happy and/or spreading joy, he’s warning others how to avoid tragedy. Italy is a good runner-up for this element, however, I think Spain fits better.

Now we get to Loyalty. This one is actually difficult, though I think I might give this to Japan since he’s always seen standing with Germany and Italy no matter how much he wants to be alone. Even America earns Japan’s loyalty, even though being loyal to America is very difficult.

Magic is a…really difficult one. Literally, NO ONE is interested in learning for the sake of learning in Hetalia. There’s only one moment when one character was interested in understanding and that was at the end of Paint it White when Italy draws faces on all the aliens. Because Italy is the only one to think of giving faces to the faceless aliens, he gets the element of Magic (I know it’s a stretch, but I literally can’t think of ANYONE who fits the requirements of the Element of Magic).

Lastly is Sacrifice. For this, I believe Germany is a perfect fit. Now bear with me here and think about it. What doesn’t Germany do for Italy or anyone he calls friend? Germany, not only puts up with a ton of crap for Italy’s, Prussia’s, Austria’s, etc. sake and is hard on Italy only so he can learn to defend himself (in theory) and sacrifices his time; precious, tedious hours that he’ll never get back.

So, we have England for Honesty, Canada for Kindness, Spain for Laughter, Japan for Loyalty, Italy for Magic, and Germany for Sacrifice.

Do you agree? Disagree? Leave anything I could’ve missed in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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Elements of Harmony: Disney

For this installment of Elements of Harmony, I’ll be looking at all Disney characters, even side-kicks and yes, even villains are a possibility, as long as they were featured in a Disney film. For the rules, please read the intro blog. I can wait.

Ready? Good.

Honesty. The Disney element of Honesty I think should go to Iago from Disney’s Aladdin. Every time he’s on screen, he’s the one to point out the exact situation, usually very bluntly and impatiently, to his companion, Jafar. He is also the one to assess the situation and make a logical solution (granted, it is very questionable logic).

Kindness. A proper bearer for Disney’s element of Kindness is…a difficult decision. All the princesses, princes, and even side-kicks showcase kindness. However, I believe Snow White from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is the best suit for Kindness. Despite having her own head on bounty just for the crime of being prettier than the queen, when faced with the possibility that there could be seven orphans living in a cottage, Snow’s first instinct is to care for the cottage and any supposed motherless children living there. Even after it’s revealed that it’s seven dwarves instead of seven orphans, she still fills the role of a motherly figure for the dwarves, which includes a firm hand when needed.

Laughter. Hands down, this must go to everyone’s favorite blue best friend, the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin. Do I even need to justify this one? Genie constantly goes out of his way and used his magic to not only fulfill all Aladdin’s wishes and act as his wingman but also have fun with it. An honorable mention is Timon from Disney’s Lion King, however, his attempts to lighten the mood was a 50/50 hit-or-miss; half the time just making the atmosphere heavier. Still, he’s a runner-up.

Loyalty. Another difficult one, but I think this should go to Quasimodo from Disney’s Hunchback and Notre Dame. Though Quasimodo is cowardice and suffers from anxiety, but that makes it all the more meaningful when he defies everything he’s brainwashed into thinking to help Esmerelda escape from Notre Dame, assists to hide Phoebus from Frollo so he could heal from his arrow shot (even after Quasi’s heart was ripped to pieces), and rescued Esmerelda from being burnt at the stake. No matter what happened or what would happen to him, he stood with Esmerelda though all hell and high water. However, Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is, believe it or not, an honorable mention. Think about it, he’s a jerk, yes, but his worst crime is narcissism. Aside from that, he honestly thought he was protecting the love of his life and the village he calls home. Heck, he actually wouldn’t have been a bad husband for Belle, but that’s for another day.

Magic. I bet all of you think Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast; however, I think a better fit is Ariel from Disney’s the Little Mermaid fits better. Unlike Belle, Ariel is interested in the world and learning about how the surface world works and how it’s different from her own while Belle is only concerned with the world of her books and going on adventures. She doesn’t want to see the world, she wants to experience a story. Ariel also acts toward satisfying her curiosity of humans and the way of the surface.

Sacrifice. This is what I award for Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Without knowing that she would get her wish come true, Belle gives up her freedom and her whole life as she knows it. When she promised herself in the place of her older, weaker, and ill father, she expected to be given the same treatment that she found her father in; locked in a cold cell in a tall tower. Just because she was treated nicely and was the love interest of the master of the castle doesn’t mean that she gave a great sacrifice to save another. Her father also is a runner-up for this element, because after he was forced to leave her in the castle, he still went back to rescue her (granted he wanted assistance from the town’s hero, Gaston, but was rejected).

Role call! Honesty; Iago! Kindness; Snow White! Laughter; Genie! Loyalty; Quasimodo! Magic; Ariel! Sacrifice; Belle!

Do you agree? Disagree? Should I have considered someone else? Who would you have put for the elements? Meet me next week when I go over Disney’s bearers for the elements of Disharmony. Tell me your thoughts and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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Elements of Harmony & Disharmony

Now, I’ve seen a TON of interpretations of who alternate element bearers could be if there was no Mane Six. This is going to be a bit different. In this series, I will assign the elements of, not only harmony but disharmony as well, to characters of different shows, video games, and movies. I might do one blog for My Little Pony, but it will be for alternate ponies other than the Mane Six.

For each element, there will be specific criteria that the character must meet for each element and only one element per character. The character must fulfill the criteria for their element in their cannon behavior; all headcanons and ocs will be null and void. For example, Claude from Black Butler doesn’t get the element of Loyalty because he is loyal to Angela in my personal ship-headcanon. Also, characters who are two-in-one characters (for example, Ash and Angela from Black Butler, Italy and fem!Italy from Hetalia or the like) will count as separate characters to avoid confusion.

To meet the criteria for the element of Magic for harmony, I’m using the same definition that Fire Brand used, which is the element of Magic is a need to understand the world and themselves. As for Disharmony Magic, it should be the exact opposite. The bearer for Disharmony Magic should have a disregard for the world and probably find joy in inflicting damage.

There is one element I’m changing, and that is the element of Generosity. This is because generosity is a very materialistic term, and it implies that the bearer must have things to give to make others happy. Therefore, I’m changing it to the element of Sacrifice, which is similar but expands to more than materials. For the element of Sacrifice to be fulfilled, the bearer must be willing to give the shirt off their back if someone else needs it; the major point is that they must be willing to handle a loss so another wouldn’t have to. On the opposing side, the bearer for the element of Greed must be, for lack of better term, greedy. They must have a unquenchable need for more than what they have.

As for Loyalty, the bearer must be willing to stand by their friends and/or companions no matter what, even if it meant standing in jail together. They must stand by their companions unconditionally. Turning to the element of Betrayal, the bearer must be willing to leave and throw their companions under the bus at the drop of the hat. These bearers could have someone’s life in their hands or are untrusted by everyone else.

Kindness is more than just “nice”, but is also very similar to generosity or sacrifice, but is more active than materialistic. To be kind is to put other’s needs ahead of those of the bearer. The bearer must be willing to break their own arm if it meant their companions wouldn’t be hurt. On the other hand, the bearer of Cruelty must put themselves above all others. Cruel people might be cowardice behind a tough facade or overly controlling.

Honesty is often confused with Loyalty but is still different. To fulfill the element of Honesty is to be trustworthy and to have the ability to face the truth no matter how hard a truth it may be, may that be admitting that a relationship must end or possibly even admitting that the bearer themselves need help. As for the element of Deceit, the bearer would be untrustworthy and, similar to Betrayal, would change their story on the drop of a hat.

Lastly, the element of Laughter. Again, I’m taking Fire Brand’s interpretation of this element and saying the bearer should be able to lift a heavy mood. The bearer must be able to move their companions on an emotional level, whether that be to ease fear or just bring smiles to their faces. On the flip side, the element bearer for Dispair should be able to bring down the mood. They must, again, move their companions emotionally, though instead of positively, the element of Dispair should strike fear or make eyes water.

These rules will carry through this whole series of blogs. If the rules change for the specific blog, I will state it in the specific blog. See you next blog and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

Hey, do you like ponies? Of course, you do since you’re on a blog about ponies! Come to deviantart, where AnimeAngel120, one of my best friends, and the one who taught me almost everything I know about digital art, is drawing commissioned art of ponies! I’m doing the same thing! Check us out!