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Meet My Oc: Hetalia Cont. (Dreamtalia)

Ok, I probably shouldn’t do this…but…since I already did one of these for HetaOni, and Dreamtalia is (at the very least, in my opinion) the next HetaOni, I figure this is fitting. This is how the ocs of my friends and I are handling the events of Dreamtalia. I might write a version of Dreamtalia that includes the ocs, or I might not. I’m kinda just doing this for the fun of it.

I’m just picking up right where I left off on the original Meet My Oc for these characters. If you hadn’t read Meet My Ocs: Tokyo, Louisiana, Venice, Naples, and Paris, then it would behoove you to read that first. Otherwise, you might be very confused because I don’t like repeating myself and won’t put down important background info on these characters in this blog.

Really quick, before I forget, the featured image is of Naples (base used by: sweetslayer).

Tokyo, Louisiana, and Paris are informed of what’s going on, being the siblings of Japan, America, and France. Tokyo and Louisiana insist on joining the group in the dream, however, are denied and demanded to stay in the real world and help Paris and Prussia tend wounds and protect the other victims’ real bodies.

Naples and Venice are left in the dark, staying with Spain and Romano for most of the time. It’s not until Romano becomes a victim, falling into a coma, when Spain, Naples, and Venice take him to America’s house, where they hope to get answers from England. That is when Naples finds out what’s truly going on and why her uncle had never returned home. She didn’t get much time to worry before she drifted to sleep to become yet another victim not long after Sealand.

Louisiana and Tokyo would’ve been pushed to enter the dream world after seeing their friend fall victim, however, Spain still took the last of the potion. Louisiana, however, does sneak off to the basement, convinced that she spends enough time with England to know enough magic to make another. Unsurprisingly, she fails miserably. She spends the rest of the time trying to crack the code and make more of the potion. Though Tokyo followed Louisiana at first, she returned to the others after her first attempt, being told that her brother was in need of care.

In the dream world, Naples’ dream comes true and she’s the captain of a pirate ship. Here, though she’s still just as strong, witty, and brave as she is in real life, she isn’t relied on for normal everyday things, and, when she does step in to protect others, she gets acknowledged (or at least a simple thank you). Due to all the roles of the Arcana being filled, she takes the name Sky, for she is free as any cloud in the heavens and beyond. Her guardian is Strength, however, she rejects him for being all brawns, no brains. The Dream Reaper takes the form of Romano. However, much like how when he took the form of America he acted humble while praising Canada for every little thing, the Dream Reaper disguised as Romano is stronger, braver, independent, and loyal. Unlike the real Romano, the fake Romano can hold his own in a fight easily.

The group arrive at her pirate ship right after saving Sealand. The whole time, wandering the ship in search of the captain, Romano wonders who it could be. Of course, by this point, England and Germany have both had enough of this game, and to put simply, are in a really bad mood. Sky zeros in on the real Romano, focusing her fighting to him, viewing him as the fake trying to confuse her. However, Germany, being completely over it, smacks her across the face, scolding her on why the dream is nothing more than just a dream. He then explains what situation they’re all in while the Dream Reaper tries to counter Germany’s words, unable to. Seeing that the Dream Reaper disguised as Romano apparently doesn’t care about the situation and tries to brush it off, she effectively wakes up, ridding herself of the name Sky and accepting her role as Naples. She then apologizes to Romano and explains why her dream is the way it is.

Seeing that the Dream Reaper disguised as Romano apparently doesn’t care about the situation and tries to brush it off, she effectively wakes up, ridding herself of the name Sky and accepting her role as Naples. She then apologizes to Romano and explains why her dream is the way it is. Naples has a secret love of sailing and water, explaining why she’s a pirate captain in her dream. She also wishes for most of all that she wouldn’t be relied on for every little thing. Being the only brave Italian in the family means that she’s always the one to be the grown up, even when she was a child. Rather than be the one foundation for her father, uncle, and cousin, she wishes to be on equal ground, so none of the Italian family is completely dependent on anyone. Naples then guides the group from the ship safely, gaining her level head, however, Romano steps up and keeps pace with her, helping her guide the way by explaining how they got to her.

Once they all make it back to land, the group all decide to leave the ones who were rescued, including Naples. Naturally, she tries to argue that she should go and help save her uncle but goes with the more or less forced plan reluctantly when she’s reminded that her father is being left behind at land as well, returning to the real world when Italy is saved, just like the other victims.

I know it sounds kinda boring, but….that’s about it. Outside from that, the rest of the story continues exactly as it did originally. To sum it up….Naples is the one who has the most sway in the story, being one of the victims, while Paris, Tokyo, and Venice tend to the wounded in the real world and Louisiana tries and fails to make more potion to try and sneak her way in the dream world.

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Dramtalia Review

If you like watching Kyokoon on youtube, you probably have already seen her Let’s Play Dreamtalia series, which was completed recently with a sequel game in the works. I have recently finished watching the last video of her let’s play, so, because the goal of this fan game is to be the “next HetaOni”, I believe I need to give a review. I’m saying this right now, the creators of Dreamtalia have successfully achieved their goal to, not only meet the standards set by HetaOni, but surpass it.

I guess I should start with a summary. Taking place in WW2, the game starts when Italy runs away from Germany to find a pasta plate hidden somewhere in the shrubs. The pasta turns out to be a trap and Italy gets captured by England and America, getting hit on the head so hard he got a concussion. Germany goes to save him and takes him home, where Italy goes to bed to ease his headache. Italy never wakes up. Germany takes Italy back to England and America, demanding them to apologize for causing his concussion and putting him in a coma-like state. However, while there, Germany learns that other people are just dropping in a dead sleep out of nowhere and entering sudden coma states. England explains that it’s the work of the Dream Reaper, and convinces Germany, Japan, America, France, Russia, and China to enter Italy’s dream (via magic) and save all those who have fallen victim. Now the allies and enemies must work together while setting aside their differences to beat the clock and save Italy, and all those who’ve fallen victim before the victims slip too far into their dreams and lose sight of reality; never to reawaken again as their body decays and their minds ascend into their literal dreams-come-true.

Quick side-note: this is your one and only spoiler warning. Watch Kyokoon’s Let’a Play before continuing or continue to read and be spoiled (and no, I’m not making a “spoiler free” version. If you’re looking for a recommendation, then just decide your own opinion from my summary). Also, I’ll be comparing this to HetaOni since this is, again, trying/succeeding in being the next HetaOni.

First, I want to look at the concept. In Dreamtalia, it is life threatening, since all injuries gained from the dream would affect the physical body. That makes it easier to raise stakes while also making it possible for everyone to live. For example, Japan freaks out and the blood vessels near his eyes pop, making him cry blood, both in the dream and in real life. Though it’s ignored by the group in the dream, he is tended to by the Taiwan and Hong Kong and he’s able to be in perfect physical condition quickly. This technique allows the emotional impact of harm or death of a character without really risking the consequence of not being able to use the character anymore. Something else that makes this work is that the real world isn’t seen that much once the characters enter the dream world, so, though the characters talk about the real world, the game doesn’t show what is going on on the outside until it reveals that Prussia abandoned the role of nursemaid and called Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Korea, and I think a few others to fill that role while he enters the dream world after them to help fight.

Next, let’s look at the story. As opposed to HetaOni, where the whole thing is just boring in the beginning, sad in the middle, and just a jumbled, confusing mess at the end, Dreamtalia has a really solid plot. All the detours are realistic, for example, one detour they take is they have to save all the victims even though they’re there for Italy, which get’s Germany more and more irritated the more people he has to save before he can even get a confirmation that Italy is alright. They spent most of the time trying to rescue Finland from his endless Christmas, Canada from his false brother, China from the illusion that he’s only loved because he’s high as a kite, Russia from a freaking stabbing, Austria from (…well, actually Austria is apparently a lucid dreamer so he didn’t need saving from anything), Romano from…you know, I think you get the point. A lot of people are in need of help, who they just so happen to come across while on their wild goose chase for Italy. While there are a lot of detours, they all are natural and force Germany to need to be tactful and patient while searching. All the while, it builds the team together and forces Germany and Japan to have more trust in the Allies, specifically England, Russia, and China.

While I’m on it, let’s go over the character interactions. In HetaOni, all the characters already treat one another like long-standing friends, and in some cases, broke character, especially Italy and Germany. In Dreamtalia, however, all the characters are very natural and don’t trust one another at first. It’s even pointed out quite a few times, in the beginning, Japan questions why they’re even at a meeting with their enemies, then again, later on, England asks Germany if he trusts him and the answer is a blunt, “No, I don’t”. However, if you go the bad ending, then when they all wake up except for Italy, England apologizes to Germany.

All of the character interactions are very believable, however…when it comes to Japan’s miniature character arc…he’s a little out of character. After seeing all the damage they are doing to this world, and watching the Arcana, servants of the Dream Reaper who take forms of their friends and family, all die, Japan breaks down making an unnecessary detour. He begs them to kill him and has to be held down by the German Brothers to calm down. However, because he turns into a zombie and just does whatever he’s told, China and Canada keep Japan away from Germany. It actually feels like a-whole-lot-of-pointless (I do admit that it is a little humorous when they meet the Arcana who masquerades as England and his head get’s literally turned around and Japan blames it on the fact that his eyes are playing tricks on him).

Another thing I want to talk about it England’s antagonistic behavior. Though most people think this is out of character, I actually believe his character is still unbroken. Let’s take a look at everything going through England’s mind throughout the game. In the beginning, England is dealing with being at a major disadvantage, trying to save Canada without knowing he isn’t the host dreamer. After calling a meeting, he’s made fun of for giving a magical answer to a supposed medical problem. Then, once they enter Italy’s dream, England has to talk sense to Finland, who is currently not in his right mind and in a dream of Christmas every day. At the same time, he has to keep Germany from destroying their chances to get answers from the Dream Reaper (which Germany does anyway). Then, when they get to China Town, England has to be partnered with Germany, someone who he doesn’t trust at all and doesn’t trust him one bit. By the time he starts being irritable, antagonistic, and short, England is simply done with doing things slowly. To him, they’ve wasted enough time with China, Japan, Germany, the Arcana, and freeing all the other victims while the host, Italy, is still in need of saving; if ignored for too long, not only would Italy be lost, but (as far as I understand) all the other victims would be more likely to fall victims again. So yeah, I understand England being a little short-tempered half way through to the end.

To sum it all up, Dreamtalia is one of the best games I’ve ever seen a Let’s Play for (since as of writing this blog, the complete game is unavailable for the public to play). I think it’s not only as good as HetaOni, but it’s better. It’s got a few tear jerkers, and unsettling ideas and themes, but it’s one of the most solid stories I’ve seen in a fan game. I wish God-Speed to the creators to finish the sequel. I’m simply excited to see what happens to the characters and how they fix the problem that snuck its way from the dream world. As of now, there are just a few hints in the epilog and a preview for the sequel. It looks like it’ll be centered around America, but I’m excited and hyped to see how they make it right.

Watch the Let’s Play (link at the top) yourself or play it on DeviantArt. Though I’m sure it isn’t the full version, the full game would show up there eventually, I’m sure! If you’ve already seen/played Dreamtalia, then what’s your opinion? Did you love it? Hate it? Do you think the creators succeeded in surpassing the HetaOni place, or is there still something to be desired? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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Step 4; Declare yourself a Hero!

This time, when Arthur made the journey to Alfred’s house, Oliver and Francis joined him. The Frenchman didn’t have a good feeling about this plan; wanted to be sure his younger brother was alright, him having the title of Big Brother of Europe.

They made it to their destination and knocked on the door. Alfred opened the door before he slammed it shut and locked the bolt. “NO ONE’S HOME!” he called as he pushed the door shut in case the lock failed.

“Open the door you bloody git!” Arthur scolded as he attempted to turn the knob.

Seeing the door shut, Oliver lightly pushed Arthur aside. “Allow me.” Pulling out a small kitchen knife, he wedged it in between the door and the frame, twisting, pulling, and tugging the door open. Seeing it not working, he took his knife back and slid it in the keyhole with a paperclip he found in his pocket. It took many tedious moments of listening, but they heard the bolt slowly turn.

Alfred felt his blood pumping right against his throat, nearly chocking him. Sweat beaded his face. The knob turned and Oliver started to creek the door open.

Seeing it open, Arthur and Oliver both pushed the door open as Alfred fought to keep it shut. ‘Just a little more.’ he thought to himself. ‘If I can just get this door closed for just a second, I can lock it again. Then, while they deal with that, I can get Allan and get out. I gotta keep them away from him, or he might crack!’

Allan came out of the guest room of the home after pausing his game. “What the hell is going on?!” he shouted. “I was just about to shoot enough people to level up!” He looked up with his blood red eyes and saw his counterpart in high distress.

Upon hearing the dark American, Oliver stopped pushing the door open and stood straight. Arthur stopped as well, making Alfred stop and listen. The sound of maniacal laughter filled the otherwise dead silent air. “…Come out Allan~” Oliver’s voice chuckled.

Arthur and Francis looked over at the Englishman as he looked up with wide baby blue eyes, hot pink swirling in a continuous whirlpool of insanity. In a flash, Oliver spun around, took Francis by the sleeve, and pulled him close, holding him close by his shoulders. He pressed his knife right at his stubbly jaw. “Arthur told me you want to be a hero~” he squeaked, his voice nails on an old chalkboard. “Rule number one, poppet, heroes save everyone!”

Arthur took a step forward and growled at his deception. “Oliver, you little-“

“Ah-ah!” the lunatic warned. “One move from any of you 1ps, and…” He let his knife complete the sentence for him as the bright crimson blood dribbled down the blade; the blood that was once flowing undisturbed in the Frenchman’s veins. Francis could only try to stay still. “Alfred, be a good little boy, and open the door so I can talk to my little brother~”

“Don’t Alfred!” Francis called. “We are the ones at fault for bringing him here!”

“Stop it you bloody frog!” Arthur scolded. “Do you want to live? Open the door Alfred!”

The two Americans didn’t know what to do. Alfred looked to Allan for guidance. Allan gave Alfred the same desperate look. He could already tell that Oliver lost it; it was obvious in the laugh that was heard beyond the wooden door.

“What’s it going to be, poppet~?” Oliver asked. “Stay there like a coward, or come out and be the villain you were born to be?”

Allan’s breathing stopped. He wanted so desperately to be a hero, but he’s been a villain for as long as he could remember. Only one thing was for sure, he was no coward. “Open the door.” he growled at the blonde American. Unsure what he was going to do, Alfred complied and opened the door.

On the porch, Francis’ eyes strained to see anything but the deceptive bright skies above them, and Oliver held him there with his swirling eyes growing wider in insanity at the sight of the American he searched for as Arthur inched past the threshold inside the American home. While one of the madman’s hands kept the knife at the Frenchman’s throat, Oliver raised his other hand with his index finger extended on the other hand. At the very tip of the finger was a pair of square, black sunglasses.

Allan took in a deep breath and started to walk out. “I don’t want a fight, Oliver.” he stated calmly. “Just let the goody-two-shoes 1p go.”

Oliver hummed in mocking consideration. “How about…no~!” he smiled. “You need a reminder of who you are; where you come from. I need some more French Flesh for my cupcakes for Christophe’s birthday coming up~!”

Francis’ bold blue eyes grew wide at the sound of that, but he tried to keep his whimpers silent. Allan glared at his childhood caretaker. “I know exactly who I am, and where I came from.” he growled as he reached for the baseball bat that collected dust against the wall. Though the nails were gone, they still left stray splinters all over the end where the nails originally were, and the dark, dried blood still wasn’t completely cleaned off, though the bat was still much less bloody than it was a day ago.

“Where did I come from?” he asked, coming closer to the pink and blue Brit. Oliver, now seeing the rage of the American, quickened his breathing. The knife in his fist started to slightly shake. The sunglasses that dangled on his fingertip slipped down to the concrete he stood on. “Alfred took a potion, split in two, and the other half became me.”

The American started to tower the Englishman as Oliver’s grip got looser and his eyes slowly lost their sense of happy-go-lucky. “Who am I?” Allan growled. He suddenly took his bat and smashed down on Oliver’s head with full force, which was enough to make a large dent in the skull. Upon impact, Oliver let Francis go and crossed his blue eyes to look at the bat. “I’m the hero, you bastard.” Allan took one more step closer to Oliver to enjoy the pure shock and fear in the bright blue eyes tinted slightly in pink. Beneath his grey sneaker, the black sunglasses cracked and the lenses shattered under his weight.

Allan lifted his leg and kicked the Brit in his chest, freeing his bat from the mess of blood coated blonde hair. Large, deep splinters stuck out from the cave in as the bat accepted the blood from it’s last victim. The bright crimson dribbled down the wood that was now rested over Allan’s shoulder. Oliver fell to his knees and dropped on his face frozen in shock and a hint of fear.

Looking down at his bat, the impact stripped the weapon of the stray splinters; it looked to be smooth enough to run bear fingers over it, though there were small holes and scars on the wood. His red eyes were brought back down to the square, black sunglasses that laid next to the cold, pale index finger. The frames were completely crushed and the lenses were practically turned into dust.

Alfred, Arthur, and Francis still stared at the growing pool of blood on the porch that oozed from Oliver’s sadistic brain. Allan simply smiled coldly at the corps, small silver tears leaking down his face. He looked down at his hands stained in the Brit’s crimson blood, small tears landing in his palm and washing the red stains away. Though blood stained Allan’s hands, he has never been cleaner.

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How to Train Your Villain Author’s Note

I know this is a short chapter story, but, like I said earlier, I hold a lot of pride in this. The story How to Train Your Villain started off as a joke, but actually turned into a school Creative Writing Archetype project. I hold so much pride because this was the first story where I tried taking a villain and giving him the Hero’s Journey arc, while keeping his personality and taking creative liberties, such as the assumption that Allan is a baseball fan due to him always carrying a baseball bat. I promise, I’ll

I promise I’ll have more oc stories up, but I’m biding my time to prepare for a REALLY big and long story. Though How to Train Your Villain has a lot of pride, it’s not my most prideful, that place is reserved for the story in preparation.

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Step 3; Violent Video Games

Back at Alfred’s house, he and Allan thought things were going well as the blonde taught him the wonders of violent video games. “See?” he asked. “Now, if you feel angry about something, and you wanna beat that dude to a pulp, just turn to these games to vent out your anger!”

DIE!” Allan screamed in joy as he shot a character on the screen repeatedly. Once the character was dead, he let out a happy, content sigh and looked over at the hero. “What was that?”

Alfred smiled widely, his blue eyes containing bright night stars, gleaming in the TV light that illuminated the 3D computer generated bloody dead body of the character Allan just killed. With a gasp and widening grin, Alfred lunged over and squeezed Allan in a hug. “I can’t believe it~!” he sobbed. “My student is learning so fast~!”

“GET OFF ME!” the red-eyed American shoved his counterpart away from him.

To this, the blue-eyed American chuckled nervously. “…Right. Baby steps. Sorry bro.”

Allan shrugged. “It’s alright I guess.” he sighed as the two returned to their video game.

In the midst of the gun shots, animated people screaming, and the clicking of the controllers, the door slammed open. The green eyes of the visitor grew wide in disbelief and the thick, unkept, black eyebrows raised high in shock. “…So…it’s true…”

“Artie!” Alfred cried as he paused the game, jerked on the lights, and glared at his former caretaker. “There’s this thing called knocking! You should try it!”

Arthur glared over at Allan. “What have you done to him, you monster?!” he shouted, completely ignoring the American beside him.

Allan sat there frozen. In his mind, he replaced the critical green eyes with sadistic baby blue ones. He replaced the mop of yellow hair with slightly messy strawberry blonde hair. He replaced the unkept black eyebrows with neatly trimmed light eyebrows. He replaced Arthur with Oliver.

“Artie stop it!” Alfred came to his counterpart’s defense. His thin blonde brows furrowed in frustration. “Allan just needs a little help! He didn’t do anything to me!”

“Of course you’d say that!” Arthur shot back. “You’re the one brainwashed!”

“WHAT?!” The American was confused and offended by this. “Where’d you get THAT idea?!”

“Kiku told me.” the Brit answered gruffly before he turned to the other man in the room with crossed arms. “What did you do? Give him Oliver’s cupcakes?”

“Artie! I’m-”

“Or did you knock him out with that bat of yours?”

“Stop it! Can’t you-”

“Oh wait, I know! You and Oliver hypnotized him!”

“I DIDN’T DO ANY OF THAT!” Allan exploded, clutching his head. “I’m not bad anymore. I’m good. I’m not a villain anymore. I’m a hero.”

Hearing this, Arthur straightened his back and narrowed his eyes at the 2p. “…We shall see about that…” He turned around and walked out to his car.

As Arthur marched through the halls of his home to his basement, Francis stumbled after him, trying to stop him. After meeting with him shortly after the Brit returned home, he told him his full intentions and this scared the Frenchman to death. “Arthur! Think about what you are doing for once in your life!”

“I know exactly what I’m doing.” Arthur calmly replied, flipping the magical black cloak over his shoulders and popping the hood over his head. “Nothing can go wrong.”

“But to summon Oliver? Your own counterpart?” the elder blonde sighed. “You know how cunning he is. He seems happy on the outside, but, as Kiku would say, he is a true Yandere! He out of his mind!”

“I am perfectly well aware that he is mentally unstable.” Arthur pushed him aside as he flipped through his spell-book. “But, he and Allan share a similar, if not exactly the same, past as Alfred and I.” he reasoned. “I am willing to bet sterling that Oliver would do the same if the situation was reversed.”

Francis furrowed his brows and crossed his arms. “I’m not sure that statement helps your cause, mon ami.”

With that, Arthur brewed the potion as Francis tried to change his mind to no avail. When the liquid was complete, the green-eyed Brit took a ladle full of the liquid and chugged it down before he could change his mind. It wasn’t until the effects were complete and Arthur split into two full bodies, one of which taking the form of the strawberry blonde, when he thought it might not be a good idea.

Oliver smiled a sweet smile at the two men in the basement he found himself in. “Francis, Arthur, it’s been far too long.” he purred. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have much time to chat, poppet. Allan is missing and has been since yesterday afternoon.”

“We know where Allan is.” Arthur stated before the baker could leave. “As a matter of fact, that’s the reason behind this unexpected call.” As Oliver looked back at them, Arthur raised a pair of black sunglasses in the view of the large baby blue eyes.

The Brit bearing bright colors raised an eyebrow. “I’m listening…”

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Step 2; Social Life

Alfred and Allan walked down the side-walk side by side, though the moment people saw the brunette, disregarding the change in attire, they cleared the streets. “What’s next on the list?” Allan asked.

“Well, we fixed your cloths, and your bat, now, I teach you how to hold a conversation.” Alfred stated. “A hero can’t be a hero if he’s known as…well…you. You have to prove to everyone that you’re changing, you’re fixing your act, you’re not the same person that just got out of prison a month ago.”

“Two months.” he huffed. “They let me out early for kissing their a-I mean-good behavior.”

Alfred smiled widely. “See?” he laughed. “You’re already changing for the better!”

Allan smiled at the complement as he moved his black sunglasses over the brim of his hat. “So, where are we going?”

“We’re going to visit my good friend, Kiku!”

The former villain looked at his companion oddly. “…Kiku…Kiku…I’m sorry, who?”

“Sorry dude.” the hero laughed, patting his shoulder. “You might know him better as ‘Koru’. For a second, I completely forgot where you were from!” The two walked up to the porch of their destination and knocked on the door. “Yo! Kiku! It’s me!”

The door opened to a short man with short black hair and a forced smile on his face. “Mr. Alfred.” he greeted.

His dull brown eyes fell on the brunette next to the blonde and the door was shut. Allan glared at the door as Alfred chuckled nervously and knocked again. “Kiku! Don’t worry, bro! Allan’s with me!”

Again, Kiku opened the door, though much slower and more hesitant than before. “W-why not you p-please come in?” he stuttered, sliding to the side with caution with his hand not leaving the katana he strapped to his side. “Would you and your…f-friend care for some tea Mr. Alfred?”

“Sure!” the blonde smiled as he sat on the couch, oblivious to the awkward atmosphere. “We’d love some, right Allan?”

The counterpart looked over at Alfred’s blue eyes that glistened like the seas that surrounded his land (I guess that’s why the lyrics are “from sea to shining sea”) with uncomfortable pools of bloody crimson. Even though the blonde was an idiot, he was his only hope if he ever wanted to be seen as more than just a criminal who can’t last a year outside prison. Even as a child, Oliver taught him if someone makes you mad, make them suffer. If they die, you save energy from needing to make them suffer again. He nodded. “Right. Tea. Nice.”

Sitting on the couch with Alfred, Allan took in a deep breath. “Don’t be nervous.” the blonde smiled at his counterpart. “Kiku is the perfect place to start! Already, he can see that you’re trying, otherwise, he wouldn’t let you in.”

Kiku started to brew the tea in the kitchen before he migrated over to the phone. “…Hello, Sir Arthur Kirkland?” he asked in the phone. “…Let everyone else know that there’s a meeting here in Tokyo this afternoon…No, don’t tell Mr. Alfred. The meeting is about him.” On that note, he hung up and continued with the visit.

That afternoon, after Alfred and Allan left, Kiku rushed to the meeting hall in Tokyo to find the six other men he had to see. “Can I have everyone’s attention?” he called over their yelling and chaotic fighting. “Please! This is an emergency!”

“EVERYONE SHUT UP!” a large buff blonde screamed, his cold blue eyes glaring at the group intimidatingly, silencing the whole room. When everyone was seated, the man turned to Kiku. “All yours, my friend.”

Kiku took his place at the head of the table, giving his friend a nod. “Arigato Mr. Ludwig.” With that, the short Japanese man turned to the group of men from around the world and bowed his head. “Apologies for requesting you all come here on such short notice.” he stated quickly before standing straight to face the men. “But I had to share my concerns for Mr. Alfred.”

“Why didn’t you want Alfred here?” a thin man with a yellow mop of hair and thick, black eyebrows asked. “What did you mean when you said ‘the meeting is about him’ over the phone?”

Kiku took in a deep breath. After a moment, he took a pair of black sunglasses out of his pocket and tossed them in the center of the table. At the sight of the glasses, everyone lept from their seats and backed away to the walls like the glasses were a nuclear.

“Are you crazy Kiku?!” a lean man with long blonde hair and stubble lining his jaw exclaimed. “How can you THINK of bringing that here?!”

“That’s a valid question, Francis.” Arthur chuckled nervously, standing flat on the far wall. “What the bloody hell were you thinking?!”

“I’m scared!” A small man with short auburn hair and shut eyes clung to Ludwig’s side. “Please tell me those aren’t the same glasses I think they are!”

“Calm down, Feliciano.” Ludwig wavered. “I-I’m sure Kiku has a perfectly well explanation for this.”

Across the room, the small Chinese man with his long black hair in a ponytail completely lept in the large Russian man’s arms, the two of them making the perfect Scooby Dooby Doo couple. “Ivan! T-th-that’s-Those are-”

“I know Yao!” Ivan exclaimed, uncharacteristically shaking in his Russian winter boots.

Seeing everyone in high distress, Kiku sighed and took the glasses back in his hand. “I just saw Mr. Alfred with his counterpart earlier today.” he stated. “I believe Mr. Alfred has been brainwashed in some way.”

Hearing this, Arthur thought for a moment, still too stressed to take his seat. “…Well, I do remember when Oliver got into my magical potions and used a mind stripping potion I’ve been working on for his cupcakes.”

Feliciano, completely forgetting about the problem he was presented with, smiled happily, looking at the Englishman with glimmering golden honey drop eyes. “I remember that~! Oliver was so sweet and happy~!”

To this, Ludwig crossed his arms. “You only remember that because you ate that whole cupcake!”

“If those were really Allan’s glasses,” Francis stuttered. “Does that mean…Christophe, and Max, and Oliver, and the rest of them are coming here as well?”

“We can only assume so.” Kiku stated. “We all remember what happened last time they all came.” The whole room was silent as they all sank in the memory of the 2p’s last ‘visit’. “We cannot allow that, or anything similar to happen again.”

“Ja,” Ludwig sighed. “But last time, Luciano came first and completely replaced Feliciano. You said you saw Alfred and Allan earlier today?”

The Japanese man nodded. “The problem is that they seemed to be…friends.”

“If Alfred joins their side,” Yao gasped. “Then, we wouldn’t stand much of a chance!”

“With Alfred’s superhuman strength, no doubt that will tip the balance far more than it already is just by Allan being here and not in his own realm!” Arthur reasoned.

“It must be their plan to get Alfred on their side.” Ivan agreed. “It only makes since.”

“So, we are all in agreement?” Kiku asked. “Alfred and Allan must be dealt with now.” For the first time ever, the vote was unanimous.

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Step 1; Appearance

“So…what are we looking for?” Allan asked as he watched Alfred dig through his closet.

“I’m looking for better cloths!” he answered. “You can’t go around in a white t-shirt and ripped light blue jeans and that brown jacket with blood all over it, and expect everyone to see you as a hero, or even as a normal guy.”

The brunette shrugged. “…What can I say?” he asked. “Blood from my more recent victims drip from my bat on my cloths.” he answered as he swung his bat to the other shoulder.

Alfred looked back at him with an arched brow. “…On that note…it would be better if you at least clean your bat and take out those rusty, crocked nails.” Though he was a little reluctant, Allan grabbed a hammer and started to pry the nails out of the wood. He was about half way done when his 1p came out of the closet with cloths in his hands. “Here you go~! They should fit just fine, they fit me, and we’re practically the same person~!”

Allan sent him a glare. “…Except, I’m the exact opposite as you.”

In return, he playfully smirked and tossed the cloths to him. “Just try it on.”

The red eyed American looked at the cloths picked out for him as Alfred left the room and closed the door. In his hands was a blue t-shirt with a big red ‘S’ on the chest and a pair of hole less dark blue jeans. He was also given grey sneakers. With a sigh, he started to take off his jacket and pull his white shirt over his head.

After looking in the mirror, Allan huffed. “It doesn’t look right.” he stated. “Maybe I should see what Alfred has to say about it. He is my ‘teacher’ after all.” He left the room to see Alfred waiting in the hallway.

The blonde scratched his chin in deep thought, circling his 2p. After several moments, he shook his head. “No.” With that one word, he pushed past him and began to dig in his closet once again. “You need a different shirt!… And maybe a cap!” After he threw more cloths at Allan to change into, he once again left the room and shut the door. Allan looked at the shirt and cap in his hands, a small smile on his lips. In his hands was a white baseball shirt with red trimming. On the back it had an ‘A’ with a halo. The same icon was on the front of the cap.

As he changed into the new shirt, he remembered that he used to love baseball as a kid. Oliver used to take him to games all the time back when they were close…

“I’m going to get a ball this time!” Allan exclaimed, enthusiasm sparkling in his red eyes.

“If you do, I’ll go down there and get it signed by the batter just for you!” Oliver promised as the game went on. “If they refuse to sign, I’ll just have to offer a cupcake in exchange~!” he stated, holding up the blue and pink mini cake with unspeakable ingredients inside.

Allan nearly caught ever ball that came his way, but every time it was just out of his reach, right at the tip of the mitt. After some time, he slumped in disappointment. “I’m never going to catch a ball.” he whined. Just then, as he started to take his mitt off, the palm facing up, a ball flew over the audience, hit Allan on the head, and bounced in the mitt. He stared at the ball in his hand in disbelief and excitement as he waved it in his care taker’s face. “Look Oliver! I knew I could catch one!”

…But then, as time passed, Oliver got clingy, and Allan demanded his space from him. After Oliver refused, he moved away from him, and they were never as close again.

As he pulled on his jacket, Allan headed out to the hall once again with a genuine smile on his face. Alfred circled him again before he took the jacket and pulled it off. “If you’re going to wear a jacket, it’s gotta be at least a bloodless jacket that doesn’t look like it was made by a blind seamstress.” The brunette took a deep breath before he relaxed again, letting go of the anger he had at the fact that someone made fun of his jacket. “Other than that, get your bat fixed, and you’re good to go!”