Welcome to my stories! This is where I pour my heart and soul into writing creative stories that are supposed to suck you in and make you live in a whole new world. You may notice that there is only fan fiction here, well that’s because that’s my specialty. I write fan fictions that more likely than not include at least one character that I do not own, nor do I claim as my own, and at least one character that I DO claim as my own. All the same, I honestly hope you find yourself in a new place which may or may not be familiar to you.

Just an update, I’m right now, as of June 17, 2019, am pouring my heart and soul into two fan fiction stories that J Michael Tatum and Monica Rial themselves told me I needed to write. I promise, I’m still working on Fanfiction Gone Wrong, but…voice actors’ direct requests/supported works come first in my mind. Once those two are complete, then I’ll refocus on trying to get Fanfiction Gone Wrong back on track.