My Life

This part of the site is gonna be…a bit more…morbid. I’m going to be putting down things here that are very personal. While I try and keep my normal Monday blogs upbeat with the occasional serious topic here and there, this is more of pulling the curtain and getting a bit more personal and down-to-earth. Of course, when telling stories, I’m gonna change names to protect the identities of the people I’m talking about, as well as my own personal reputation in my friends and family, but all the stories I put here will be true and from my own perspective. After a while, I will run out of depressing stories, especially since my life has been looking up since my rock-bottom fall.

I hope this successfully allows us to be more like people trying to have a normal conversation rather than I just ramble about an oc, or ponies, or anime, or whatever then say “Kay, later dudes!”, leaving you probably thinking that I’m an apathetic computer that’s always one-note and unrealistic.

Have a beautiful rest of your day~