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Sorting Hat: Yona of the Dawn

WOW! It’s been forever since I’ve done one of these. If you need a reminder, click here for how the rules work. For this, I’m gonna stick with the 8 main characters of Yona, Hak, Su-won, Yun, Gija, Sinha, Jaeha, and Zeno. While I could include all the other characters here like Mundak, Guen-te, Tae-jun, Iksu, etc, I’m not gonna go that far even though they all have enough character development to sort them. In the case of this blog, major spoilers for the anime and manga ahead.

Right off the bat, Su-won is a Slytherin. His ambition, strategies, and leadership not only lead to his ascension to the throne but also quickly one by one gains the trust of all the generals of the kingdom. Even when he was a child, he has the strategy and leadership to save 6-year-old Yona when she gets kidnapped in the capital city when they don’t have access to the generals’ help. He gathers allies from the back streets of the city, coordinates the guys’ strengths and managed to gather information on where Yona could be faster than Judo, the Sky Clan General, can find them in the town with all his resources at his disposal. Not to mention, after just a single day in the Earth Clan Capital, Chishin, he gathers information on resources and valuables that Guen-te didn’t even know he had under his nose, and fixed 3 or 4 problems all with one festival; Guen-te’s depressed cause he can’t fight to defend his kingdom, so Su-won makes a holiday and game to mimic war and battle. The Earth Clan is poor and struggling, Su-won makes Guen-te wear jewelry featuring the stones from his mines to increase value when everyone wants to be like their general, and he also convinced merchants to try and trade with Guen-te’s wife and start a business. So, in the span of a week, with the problems he observed in a single afternoon, he’s dragged Guen-te out of his depression, brought the Earth Clan citizens joy in having a stone that their hero wore to victory, and he brought a flood of income to the clan. There are more examples, but I’ll stop there before I run out of time and brain cells to talk about the rest of them. Su-won, go to Slytherin and wear green and silver with pride!

Next, let’s get to Yona. This is a bit tougher cause, she’s passionate, brave, and reckless like a Gryffindor, accepting and loyal like a Hufflepuff, and ambitious as a Slytherin. However, all those traits are post-chapter/episode 1. During her introduction, she really only has the passion and reckless behavior going for her. For that reason, since she’s had the traits all along, I’ll say Gryffindor!

Hak, you’d think would be easy. However, his bravery and loyalty are pretty evenly split. Heck, he’s brave enough to literally laugh off his wounds, but, if he wasn’t loyal, then he would’ve either lost his temper at Yona, left her in Fuuga without any hope for her to join him, or, if not that last point, he wouldn’t have been so eager to follow a prophecy or legend he doesn’t believe in and would’ve said “you wanna find the Dragon Warriors who don’t exist? You’re on your own.” but he stays with her through all of it. On the other hand, as loyal as he is, the few times he collaborates with Su-won in the books, he seems to be in psychological and possibly even physical pain, needing Gija and Jaeha to hold him back from Su-won, and they struggle even with their dragon limbs. With his constant cries and claims that he’ll never forgive him and all he wants is revenge, he seems a bit too reckless and passion-forward to be Hufflepuff. If there was a “Gryffinpuff”, he’d be in it. Though, since he can’t accept that Su-won is actually a good king, and the kingdom is better off, I believe he should be Gryffindor!

Yun is another easy one. He calls himself a Beautiful Genius, and he doesn’t disappoint. He makes all the strategies, dictates where they should go and what’s the best way to get there, he even is the one that cooks, handles medicine, and basically, everything that requires prior knowledge or is skill-based, he’s got it. However, while he’s cunning and pulls some real risky moves for a chance to move the plan forward, he’s not ambitious enough to be Slytherin. Therefore, he’s a better fit for Ravenclaw!

Gija is another tough one. Like Hak, he’s reckless and impulsive. To put it in Zeno’s words, “He (the first White Dragon) always charged headlong into things like a wild boar.” At the same time, Gija literally lives for Yona. He’s prepared to lay down his life over and over again if it means her goal is achieved. In a couple situations, his desire to tear apart Yona’s enemies is held back for what’s best for her. In the books (as of chapter 125), he has at least 2 interactions with Su-won and, knowing fully who he is and what he’s done in the past, he is able to hold back and see the bigger picture that revenge on Su-won would be no benefit to Yona at best and possibly endanger her at worst. Gija and Hak are similar in that if there truly was a “Gryffinpuff” he’d be sorted there, but, Su-won is the key difference between the two. While Hak had to be held back by outside intervention, Gija is able to keep calm and have a civil conversation with Su-won and collaborate fairly. I think he’s able to do that because he sees himself as a Dragon Warrior to Yona first and a stubborn, vengeful human second. He’s the best fit for Hufflepuff!

Sinha is fairly easy. He’s kind, gentle, and shy. However, in the few times that he’s lost control of himself, Yona or his village had been in danger. When he was roughly four years old, after Ao, his foster father, passed away, Sinha saw an army approaching the village and was able to logically figure out that he could either stay put and let the village be slaughtered as long as he’s not seen, or he could go out and use his power since he was still too young to use a sword properly. He chose to use his power, knowing what it would do to him. Then, in events in volume 9 (chapter 50) when bandits kill a kid with Sinha’s stolen sword and Yona attacks them, the bandits capture her but don’t go far because Sinha’s mask comes off and… let’s just say…crap hits the fan. If that’s not undying loyalty, I don’t know what is. I’m not even mentioning how he’s accepting the citizens of his village even after they’ve been so cruel to him through his whole life. He’d better be Hufflepuff!

Jaeha is another difficult one, mainly cause he’s the only one of the Dragon Warriors who doesn’t really fit in Hufflepuff at all, really. Unlike the other Dragon Warriors, Jaeha has personal ambitions and goals. He’s cautious and thinks things through and he’s also the one who holds Hak back from Su-won without hesitation, while Gija has hesitation and even stated after the first encounter that he won’t hold Hak back again. He is really conflicted, however, and doesn’t really want the “big brother” role he fills. Because of this new role, he acts without thinking at times, from leaping into white rapids to save Sinha, Gija, and Ao (Sinha’s squirrel), to jumping in front of Zeno when a bear attacks, even though he knows fully well the Zeno couldn’t die, even taking responsibility for the casualties of the tent and supplies at the end of the day. Overall though, I think he’d fit just fine in Slytherin!

Lastly, Zeno could really only be Hufflepuff. While he doubles as the “troublesome little brother” and “wise elder”, his wisdom is more history-based. He doesn’t really think things through. His personality is simply a people-pleaser. Even before he became a Dragon Warrior, he blatantly states “I don’t have the makings of a warrior. But if I can make his world and everyone in it a little happier, then I will accept the Dragon Blood.” and after the Crimson Dragon King dies, he wishes nothing more than for the Crimson Dragon to return so he’d have someone to protect again. Zeno would only belong in Hufflepuff!

So, in conclusion, that’s 2 Slytherin, 2 Gryffindor, 1 Ravenclaw, and 3 Hufflepuff.

Do you agree, or did I miss something game-changing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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