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How to Kill the Undying Golden Dragon: Yona of the Dawn Theory

In Yona of the Dawn, there are 5 dragons of legend. The Crimson Dragon King, whose lineage is the rightful rulers of the kingdom, the White Dragon Warrior, whose claws are sharp as a dragon’s, the Blue Dragon Warrior, whose eyes can see for miles, the Green Dragon Warrior, who’s leg is powerful enough to launch himself and into the air and fly, and the Yellow Dragon Warrior, whose body is resistant to all ways to die, from sickness to wounds and even old age. The last one is who I want to talk about. In the Yona of the Dawn OVA 2 and 3, it’s explained how all the dragons gained a human form, how they loved one another, and how they each lived their lives before death.

I’m gonna stop you here. MAJOR spoiler warning for Yona of the Dawn anime and all three OVA episodes. Only proceed if you’ve seen Yona of the Dawn in its entirety (it’s ok if you haven’t read the books yet).

Zeno, the yellow Dragon, stated at the very beginning when he was first offered the power of the Yellow Dragon, that he’s no fighter, but he’ll do what he could to help. I think it’s because of this that his power is more defensive than the other dragons. After surviving a battle behind Guen, the White Dragon, and Shuten, the Green Dragon, Zeno feels like he’s just there to carry away the Abi, the Blue Dragon, when he passes out from his psychic power until Zeno realizes that he never keeps the wounds he receives. When he reveals this to the others, the Crimson Dragon, knowing what this means, could only embrace him in a hug. As the years pass, the other dragons notice that Zeno doesn’t age while they all grow older. Eventually, Guen, Shuten, and Abi set out to colonize villages so their power could be passed down the generations since those three know their mortality would prevent their work from reaching the Crimson Dragon’s descendants. Zeno stays and watches the king die of illness before he leaves the palace because people were starting to freak out at the fact that he doesn’ age. To prove himself worthy to call himself a Dragon Warrior, he faces off an invading army all on his own, all the while sensing each of the other Dragon’s deaths, naming them as they die and wishing nothing more than to die and join them. The rest of the OVA is just Zeno wandering the kingdom, starving himself in hopes that he’d die of starvation only to not receive his wish time and time again as years turn into centuries. Now, here’s where our theory begins.

What if I told you Zeno could’ve been allowed to die if he followed in the other dragons’ footsteps? When each Dragon Warrior is born, the previous Dragon Warrior begins to slowly lose their dragon power. We see that in both Sinha’s and Gija’s flashbacks. After Sinha was born, the previous Blue Dragon, Ao, started to lose his sight slowly until finally, when Sinha was only a small child of roughly 4 or 5, Ao got completely blind and died before they made it back to the village. In the other Yona of the Dawn OVA, Gija explains to Jaeha that the scar on his back was from his own father, the previous White Dragon. When his father saw that Gija had the White Dragon Claws, he knew his power would be gone soon and he wouldn’t be the one to serve the Crimson Dragon King. In time, his claws faded into a normal human’s hand not long before he died when Gija was roughly 5 or 6 years old.

So, if Zeno had colonized his own village and passed down his genetics to future generations, then by this logic, he’d be free to die not too long after the next Yellow Dragon would be born. However, colonizing a village has downsides for the Dragon Warriors.

First of all, it’s mentioned that once a new dragon warrior is born, the power from previous one flows into the new one and when the old one dies, the new one has officially gained all the power. This is problematic if, in this scenario, Zeno dies when his successor is between the ages of 4 and 6. It’s just fine for the other Dragon Warriors, but, for Zeno, the Dragon Power includes not aging; the child would be forever trapped as a child and it’ll likely either stunt their mental growth as well as physical growth, or their mind matures while their body is trapped as a 6-year-old, meaning, if they wanted to follow in Zeno’s footsteps and be allowed to die, it would be much more difficult. The only way around this problem would be if Zeno had multiple descendants like the White Dragon has confirmed to have so there would be multiple people who would’ve been able to carry Zeno’s Yellow Dragon Blood while not having the abilities so they could more likely pass it down to their child.

Another problem with Zeno colonizing his own village is actually based on how each of the three other Dragons have been raised. Gija’s village, while safe and welcoming to each generation of White Dragons, is also overprotective and coddling to the point where Gija finds it difficult to function as a “camper” sleeping outside and eating whatever could be caught, as well as the fact that each White Dragon is promised to serve the Crimson Dragon King, and they get violently angry when that promise isn’t kept, as seen in Gija’s father when he saw a baby with the White Dragon Claws. Sinha’s village shunned the Blue Dragons and called them monsters, causing Sinha to believe in the superstitious rumors that he hears his powers could do and wear a mask just to protect the people around him from turning into stone. Jaeha’s village isn’t shown much in the anime, and I still haven’t had the pleasure of reading the books just yet (as of writing this theory), but in clips that are shown, he’s chained to a wall until he runs away and joins Gi-Gan and her Pirates of Awa. I could only guess that his years in chains led him to be stuck in a rebellious mentality. He’s told he must serve the Crimson Dragon King when he returns, so he actively avoids the other dragons, cloaks his aura, and puts a firm foot down that anything he does is because of his choice and free will and not because of prophecy.

While, I like how the story plays out, in that Zeno is finally reunited with his Crimson Dragon and Dragon Warriors, I just thought this may be a way for Zeno to regain his human mortality while not abandoning the Dragon Warriors Responsibilities. Though, with how playful and childish Zeno is already, and how the rest of Yona’s team are confused at best, annoyed at worst, I don’t think it would be so great if they were dealing with Zeno’s successor trapped as a small child, cementing them as “baby sitters”, as Jeaha would put it.

I know this was a short one, but what do you guys think? Did Zeno make the right call originally by not having children and sticking it out to the end, or do you think he should’ve been allowed to die alongside the original Dragon Warriors who he called brothers? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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