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Fruits Basket Reboot

If you remember when I reviewed Fruits Basket, I made a point that “I wanna talk about how this show needs a GOD DAMN SEQUEL! And NOT the Black Butler treatment where the animators were just pulling whatever’s popular out of a “quick-n’-easy copycat generator” (I’m looking at you, Claude). I mean, I want a sequel where the staff pay just as much attention to detail as they did the first time. I want the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood treatment here!” Finally, it’s time to eat my words. Oh my god, I really didn’t see this coming.

(I realize by the time this posts, this would be old news, but I have this habit of writing blogs at least a month or two in advance, so…when this posts, there would already be 4-5 episodes out, but when I wrote this, all that was out were trailers and the first episode hadn’t been out yet. That being said, please read on to see my first fan-girl reaction to the news or move on to another blog along the right of the page.)

I just saw the trailers for the 2019 reboot for Fruits Basket, and it makes sense that they’d redo the anime rather than pick up where they left off in 2001. With how much animation has advanced in the past 20 years, it would look odd and out of place if someone was to watch the end of the Fruits Basket 2001 then continue the story from after Kyo and Tohru’s misadventure in the woods in the new Fruits Basket 2019 style, where the color black doesn’t seem to exist (at least on Kyo’s design) and Tohru’s entire design looks so different. If they didn’t reanimate the first season and start completely fresh, it would be so weird.

Let me explain what I mean. While all the frames featured in the trailers look just like the original, the original took its frames from the panels in the manga, however, all the characters definitely got an updated design, Tohru being the most unrecognizable for me. In the 2001 show, Tohru has a wide, round head, a small, slim body, and square teal eyes. For the 2019 reboot, her eyes got more golden brown and rounded out their shape, her face and head got more narrow and oval, and her body is more curvy and proportional for her head with wider shoulders and a few more curves. There are other differences, like, how I mentioned black hues on Kyo’s design was changed to a dark crimson. Not only did the t-shirt Kyo wears in his introduction changed from black to red, but even the beads around his wrist is changed from black and white to red and ivory.

I can overlook the design changes, since all of the changes look really good with the new animation and style. I am so excited to see Fruits Basket 2019. The best part is I hadn’t read the manga since I was about 17 (it was for a summer book report for school) so all the tears for the new reboot will be fresh and real. I vaguely remember parts and little details, like Shigure being the ex of Tohru’s teacher, Yuki and Kyo arguing over either blue or orange is a better color for Tohru’s swimming suit, and Yuki having trouble communicating with the rest of the student council because he doesn’t have a cell phone. While the only frames and clips they showed in the trailers was all an updated version of the 2001 show, there was one single frame of the original banquet, which in the manga wasn’t featured until the last or second to last volume. Because of that, I think it’s safe to assume that all three arcs from the manga will be in animated form. If I am right, then oh my god, that will be a major emotional roller coaster.

I know this was kinda short, but I don’t really have much to say until Fruits Basket 2019 comes out and is available to the public, which may be literally any day now (as of April 6, 2019, when I write this). It is available on with a subscription, however….I cannot afford a subscription to Funimation, therefore I have to wait until it’s either complete and released on dvd or released on free platforms like youtube or justdubs.

What do you think about a reboot for Fruits Basket? You sick of all the reboots that have come out in recent years, or don’t really mind? You excited to see what the new cast and crew have in store for this tale, or think Fruits Basket should be left as is? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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