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Chapter 27: Arabian Nights

The next morning, Kyoya stood in front of Nekozawa, arms crossed. “Are you sure about this?” he asked. “You realize you are purposely leaving your home to, quote on quote, ‘help’ someone who might not need help, to begin with.”

The host nodded. Tamaki chuckled nervously. “You’re a brave soul, Kyoya!” he sobbed. “A true inspiration to us all!”

“I fully intend to be right back soon.” Kyoya sighed.

“I’m coming with you.” Ciel demanded.

“But Ciel!” Christi exclaimed. “Nekozawa said that he can only handle transporting one person at a time. If Kyoya is sure that he can get Sebastian and confirm that he made it home, then there’s no point in us going too.”

“You’re staying with Justine.” The older brother ordered. “Sebastian was my butler before he even knew your existence. He is my responsibility.”

“Are you sure about this, young man?” Nekozawa questioned. “I might not have the energy to even send you both to the same place if you’re both going at the same time.” The boy nodded. The teen chuckled. “Very well.” He complied as he led the host and child to his dark club room beyond the black door. In a flash of blinding light, Kyoya and Ciel were both gone.

When Kyoya opened his black eyes, he looked around to find himself in the middle of a snowy patch of trees. He examined himself, noting his lack of school uniform. He gained a long sleeved gray shirt with tightly buttoned cuffs and was tied with a yellow sash around his waist. Below his sash was black pants and highly cuffed dark brown boots. On his hands were long dark gloves and across his shoulders was a black cloak.

In his view was a small cabin. With a huff, he watched his breath pass his lips as he trudged over. By the time he made it to the porch, he could already feel the cold nibble at his nose and ears. Kyoya was about to knock on the door to ask for help but was interrupted by a voice from the inside. “I believe it’s time for me to repair your workshop door.” Stated the voice, almost cheerfully. The door suddenly opened. The black eyes of the teen widened as the owner of the voice slammed right into him, causing his silver glasses to fly off his face. “I am so sorry!” the culprit exclaimed before taking a close look at the teen. “…Do I know you from somewhere?” he asked as he picked up the glasses.

Kyoya huffed out a sigh as he took the glasses delicately in his grip. Once he put the glasses on his face, the teen took in the sight of the tall man with long black hair and crimson eyes. “Are you, by any chance, Sebastian Michaelis?”

The man nodded as he assisted Kyoya to his feet. “Correct. However, I’m afraid I don’t quite remember your name.”

“That might be because my club and I were in such a rush that we didn’t have time for proper introductions.” The teen explained, extending a hand to shake. “Pleasure to properly meet you, though I wish it were in better circumstances. My name is Kyoya Ootori.”

Sebastian smiled. “Pleasure to meet you officially.” He stated as he shook the hand in front of him, passing by him to head to the workshop, where a pile of wood sat just inside the broken door. “Though, I do have to wonder.” Sebastian thought out loud as he began his owed work. “If your home was that school that houses the rest of my friends and family, why are you here?” he asked. “If I remember correctly, Nekozawa has the process set up specifically so that no one would be sent accidentally.”

“Everyone was concerned about you.” Kyoya answered. “As a host, it’s my job, as well as the job for my friends, to assist everyone who passes by the club doors with whatever they may need as long as it’s within our power.” He stated. “Because everyone was so worried, in fact, a teenager, I believe she said she was your daughter, was tearing herself apart believing she sent you away to someplace horrible and alone.”

“That sounds like something my daughter would do…” Sebastian sighed. “I wish I could let her know that I’m fine, though not home.”

Kyoya sighed. “Well, I hoped there would be a way for me to return home as soon as I confirmed that you were alright.” He stated, looking around. “However…I’m not sure where to even start when searching for a way back. I can’t exactly go back the way I came.”

“I believe that’s a sign that I should officially welcome you to our group.” Sebastian stated, his arms crossed.

“I’m honestly surprised that we found you so quickly.” The teen stated.

The man arched a brow. “…‘we’?” he asked.

Kyoya nodded. “That boy came with…oh no…” His face drained of color as he looked around, spinning in circles and scratching his head. “…Odd. That boy with the eye patch insisted on following me to go after you.”

“…Ciel?” Sebastian asked. “Ciel went with you? Where is he?”

Meanwhile, Ciel spat sand out of his mouth. “Sebastian, when we return home, you owe me the biggest, sweetest cake, and it better be a chocolate heart attack!” he exclaimed as he looked around, only to find dunes of sand. He examined his clothes and saw that he bore light, loose pants that tied tightly around his waist. Over his shoulders was simply an open dark blue jacket. On his head and around his face was a white smock, protecting his hair and face from flying grains of sand and the intense sun.

“I come from a land, from a far away place, where the caravan camels roam~” a voice sang over the sand dunes. Ciel looked around eagerly and saw a single camel with a small man sitting on a large hump of water and merchandise on the animal’s back. “Where it’s big and immense and the heat is intense, it’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home~”

Ciel rushed over to the camel, tripping as sand caught between his sandals and toes. “Excuse me!” he shouted, running as quickly as he could. “Excuse me!”

The camel stopped as the man turned to the boy. Ciel finally caught up to the animal as he hunched over, huffing and puffing as sweat exploded from his skin. “Please. Help.” Was all he could muster between his gasps of air. “Please. Help.” He repeated.

The man smiled as he slid off the camel with a jug of water, handing it to the boy. “What brings you here without a camel?” the man asked as Ciel greedily accepted the water given to him.

After his drink, the boy huffed for air, coughing. Once he got himself together enough to speak, he took in a deep breath. “My name is Ciel. I was sent her with magic to find someone, a friend of mine.”

“I hadn’t seen anyone crazy enough to wander the dunes alone.” The man chuckled. Ciel then took a good look at the man. He was extremely short, about the same height as himself. The man’s features were curved and round with a round face, a body of a similar shape as a pair, and large, oval feet; even his thin goatee was curled. His hands oddly only had three fingers and a thumb to each hand. On his head was a large, white, round smock. The only clothing he wore was a bright blue robe with a bright red belt around his waist. “I have to say, you’re the only one I’ve seen out in these dunes.”

“There has to be some civilization close enough for you to risk traveling this deep in the desert!” Ciel exclaimed. “I have no possessions to pay you, but I’ll pay you back in labor if you take me to the nearest civilization.”

“You wish to go to Agrabah?” the man chuckled. “Well, alright. I have friends in high places there.” He stated as he mounted the camel once again. “The royal family themselves are close friends with me.”

“Royalty?” Ciel asked as he tried to follow suit, only for the man to deny him access. “What?!”

“One passenger per camel.” The man stated. “Perhaps you should get your own camel.”

“Where do you propose I get a camel?!” The short man then pointed to a camel with a blanket on it’s back and loaded with jugs of water across both its sides as though it’s been there the whole time. “Where the bloody hell did that come from?!”

The man shrugged. “Who knows?” he asked. “However it seems abandoned. Take it now, it seems to be just for you.”

Ciel was hesitant at first, but took the seemingly abandoned camel and mounted the hump. As the man started his way, Ciel followed with a curious eye. “…Who did you say you were again?”

With a grin, the man glanced back at the boy. “You should learn to ask the correct questions at the appropriate time, boy.” He stated as he turned back to his path and continued on his way.

Ciel hurried his camel forward to catch up. “That doesn’t answer my question!”

It was night time when Ciel and the merchant made it to a large wall. “It’s about time.” The boy complained. “We’ve been riding for hours!”

“All day, actually.” The merchant corrected. “And it’s still farther than it appears. You see, I used to live here, however, I left to see the world ever since I was granted my freedom from my last master.”

The boy tilted his head as he caught up to be side by side with the man. “You were a slave?” he asked.

The man nodded. “In a way, yes. You could say, I had to grant anything my masters wished for. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, ‘Your Wish is My Command’?”

Ciel gave a confused look. “What do you mean by that?” he asked. “Who are you?”

The merchant gave a grin. “The story of my freedom is quite the amazing one.” He stated. “You wish to hear the tale?” The boy nodded as the merchant took out a lamp from his stores of merchandice, handing it to Ciel. “It all starts with a lamp and a rat.” He stated. “I was once a slave to that very same lamp, in search for a diamond in the rough.” He explained. “One day, a street rat found my lamp in a cave and wished for a chance to be with the woman of his dreams, who happened to be the princess. I made him a prince with all the tools to get the right to claim her heart. Once he won her heart and was proclaimed as a hero, he set me free.”

“Could you be any more veuge?” Ciel complained. “A street rat and a princess?” he asked. “Surely you are only speaking in metaphors. Such a relationship is doomed from the start.”

The merchant raised a brow at the boy’s statement. “‘Doomed from the start’ you say?” he asked. “What of you? You mean to tell me a story of a poor boy striving to win the heart of his true love isn’t inspiring? Surely you have been an inspiration or have been inspired by another’s will to strive to be more than they are.” When Ciel nodded, avoiding the man’s dark eyes, the man chuckled. “Come along, boy. Let us hear your story. I’ve said mine.”

Ciel took in a deep breath. “I’m of noble birth.” He stated. “However, my sister, on the other hand, was taken in by my butler. She’s from a factory. When I first met her, she begged me to allow her to stay, so I took her in as my sister. I turned her from a poor factory girl into a girl of nobility.”

The merchant then smirked. “Now, tell me how that’s different.” Ciel tilted his head in confusion. “You say a street rat and a princess of doomed from the start. How is that different from a factory girl and a noble.”

“I taught my sister how to be a noble.” The boy explained. “Based on your story, the street rat didn’t learn anything. Not how to be a proper member of the royal family, not how to govern a country, nothing that comes with being royalty, or even nobility!” He exclaimed. “He was ‘given the tools’? Sounds more like he was told exactly what to do. He didn’t better himself. Likely, the kingdom this street rat now rules over is doomed to have such an inexperienced, freeloading ruler.”

“Well, once we arrive to the land my last master rules over, you can judge with your own eyes, rather than speculation.”

Back with the rest of the misfits, Rainbow Dash groaned. “Why did we do that?” she asked. “Now we still have no way to confirm that they made it home!”

“The only way to know is to follow them.” Zuko stated. “It’s no longer a testament of who is most hated and has become more of a test of courage.”

Twilight nodded. “We need to decide the exact order in which we’re moving on.” She stated. “I already know that I should go last to be sure everyone else gets their turn.”

“Why do we even have to go?” Romano huffed, crossing his arms. “We’re finally rid of Sebastard.”

“Papa! Seriously?!” Naples shouted.

“I’M GOING NEXT!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “I can’t stand the whole ‘Sebastard’ this and ‘Sebastard’ that!”

“I have an idea.” Mareuscript stated, crossing her arms. “How about just sending Romano next, then we’ll all be free of it for a while.”

“What?! FUCK NO!” Romano exclaimed.

Even Italy sighed. “I have to agree, fratello.” He admitted. “It would be a lot more peaceful if you went on ahead.” He then smiled. “I’ll go later when Nekozawa can confidently handle more people at once~”

“…Fucking coward.” Romano cursed.

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