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Chapter 26: Sebastian Alone

The teen led Sebastian to a secluded room separated from everyone. “If we remained in there, then my magic wouldn’t be properly channeled and I might accidentally teleport someone else or more people than I’m capable.” The boy quickly explained. The room Sebastian was led to was behind a black door. Inside was completely black with lit candles all along the walls.

After the door closed behind the man, there was almost instantly a blinding light. Sebastian had to shield his eyes with his arm as he tried to find the boy who was in front of him only a moment ago. “N-Nekozawa?” he called. When the light died down, he seemed to be in a wine cellar, light seeping in the dark room from between wooden boards. In the room, he had to duck his head slightly to avoid hitting his head on the roof. All around him was, rather than shelves of wine bottles like he’d expected, was several odd contraptions, large and small.

Sebastian inspected his clothing, disappointed, though not surprised that he was dressed in clothing unfamiliar to him. He wore a white blouse with a brown vest over her torso. Over his hands were gray gloves. His blouse was tucked in a pair of tight black pants, which were tucked into brown boots. Over his shoulders was a black hooded cloak

Walking up the steps to the door to the cellar, Sebastian pushed at the door, shocked to find that the door didn’t open. Listening carefully, he banged on the door. To his dismay, he heard the clatter of a metal lock. “Just great.” He grumbled. “That Nekozawa kid teleported me in a locked cellar. So much for doing something to get home.”

Seeing nothing better to do, Sebastian lit a candle on a table and looked around. The center piece of the room was a large machine that looked like a boiler with an ax attached with springs and levers. With a raised brow, he reached for the ax and pulled. He tugged and tried to wiggle the ax for several minutes only for it to remain cemented in place. “Alright, so the ax isn’t moving.” He concluded. “Perhaps…perhaps if I figure out how this contraption works, then I might be able to still use the ax, even if it’s not in my own hands.”

Curious, he took a closer look at what appeared to be a place for a person to sit and work the contraption. As he climbed up and sat in the cushioned seat, he tested the levers. After a moment, he saw that there was an opening to the boiler part of the large mechanism. As he opened it, he saw cold black coals inside. “This must work similar to a steam train.” Sebastian concluded, taking the candle to light the coals.

After a while, steam whistled out a small chimney in the machine as the coals burned bright red. With a smile, Sebastian tested to leavers, figuring out what each one does. “All these levers seem to control the direction. But how do I make the ax work?” He then saw another lever a little further from the seat than the others. Tilting his head, he reached over with his long arm and pulled the lever, smiling as the ax swung up and down. With a full grin now taking over his face, Sebastian used the other levers to direct the ax to the locked door.

Finally, the door was opened, allowing mid-afternoon sunlight to pour in the room and a sheet of snow plop on the top few steps that lead out. Quickly, Sebastian shut the machine down and climbed out of the dark cellar. “About time that door opened.” He stated, stretching his back and reaching up for the sky. “That room gets very constricting after an hour or so.”

“My WORKSHOP!” exclaimed a short man dressed in greens and browns; a green long-sleeved shirt, a brown coat and pants, dark brown boots, and a brown apron. Suddenly, the man glared at Sebastian. “HOW ABOUT YOU EXPLAIN YOURSELF, YOUNG MAN!” he shouted.

“I-I do sincerely apologize.” Sebastian stuttered. “You see, if I were to explain, you’d believe me to be mad as a hatter.” He stated.

The older man then huffed, planting his hands on his hips and raising a bushy white brow. “Try me, sonny.” And so, Sebastian explained his situation. As the explanation continued, the old man’s arms dropped to his sides and both his brows raised in shock and confusion. Once the explanation was complete, the older man’s mouth was left agape in confused awe. “…You expect me to believe that?” he asked. “You honestly came from some other world and magically appeared in my locked workshop?”

Sebastian could only nod. “It is the truth.” He replied. “I’m sorry, I assumed you wanted the honest story of how I ended up in your workshop despite the door being locked. Would it be preferable if I made up a story about being locked in there by a bully or something of the like?”

The old man couldn’t help but chuckle at his response. “Alright, I suppose no use sweating over what happened.” He stated before reaching out a beefy hand to shake. “I’m Maurice, and I expect you to repair that door.”

Sebastian nodded as he shook Maurice’s hand. “I’m Sebastian Michaelis, and I fully understand that I’m in your debt in exchange for your mercy.”

Maurice gave him a smile before turning back to the porch of the small lodge built on top of the workshop. Sebastian only stood there, at a loss of what to do. “Well, come along then. No telling how long you’ve been out in the cold. Warm up with some porridge so you can start repairing that door with a fresh and full feeling.” The former Butler raised a brow as he entered the lodge behind the older man.

The large group left behind waited anxiously to hear the results of whether or not Sebastian made it home, or at least to another world. Finally, Nekozawa returned with a smile. “You should all decide who is to go next.” He stated. “Your friend has successfully been relocated.”

Sokka raised a brow. “…relocated?” he asked. “You mean, there’s no way to tell if it actually worked?”

“Only way to know for sure is to follow his footsteps.” The teen replied. “I’ll see you all tomorrow.” He stated as he walked away.

The large group stood there in shock before Justine smacked her head. “…What have we done?” she asked. “We might never see my father again, all just because we were too eager for a quick answer…”

“To be fair,” Rainbow Dash sighed, crossing her arms. “Your dad hasn’t been the most cooperative lately. Maybe some time alone would be good for him.”

“Fuck that!” Romano laughed. “Sebastard being gone is great for us all! Good riddance!”

“Papa!” Naples scolded as she smacked her father upside his head. “How about you go tomorrow and then, you could get over this whole ‘Sebastard’ nonsense!”

After the day was complete, the hosts returned to the club room, shocked to see them all arguing while Justine sat secluded with her face hidden in her knees, Ciel and Christi next to her, the boy looking bored and the girl placing a hand on the teen’s back. “What’s going on?” Tamaki asked the group.

When there was no reply, Kyoya sighed. “Perhaps we should try this…” He then stomped his foot on the ground twice. “We’re in need of a manager.”

“So glad you called, my sweet Kyoya~!” sang a voice that was projected in speakers all over the room. Upon hearing the voice, the other club members groaned in annoyance as the misfits stopped fighting in confusion. Suddenly, a platform came out from under the ground, a teen girl in the school uniform spinning on top. This girl had light long light brown hair with a pink bow and large, round brown eyes. “While all these weird people were standing around fighting all day, I’ve been here, listening to the whole thing!”

“…Renge…aren’t you a student?” Masako questioned. “Shouldn’t you have been in class?”

“Aside from the point, fellow female host member.” Renge brushed her off. “For now, just know that all day, while all these people should’ve been deciding how to split up and go into groups, Nekozawa gave them a proposition.”

The very mention of the Black Magic member caused Tamaki and a few other hosts to gulp in fear. “Wait, what?!” Alexis exclaimed.

“Don’t you all know Nekozawa is creepy?!” the twins asked in unison.

“He curses anyone who gets mixed up with his magic.” Tamaki stated, hiding behind Kyoya.

Kyoya sighed. “What did Nekozawa do?”

“He saved my life!” Romano exclaimed with a smile, earning a smack from his daughter.

“He just gave us an option get home.” Twilight stated. “However, he said he needs about 24 hours to regain power to do it again, and he could only send one person at a time. Sebastian volunteered to go first.”

“More like we forced him to go!” Justine sobbed. “I might never see him again! There’s no telling where he went, and worse, no guarantee that we can get to where he is!”

Again, the vice president sighed. “I suppose one of us will have to go after him.” He stated. “Tomorrow morning, one of us will go with Nekozawa and try to follow Sebastian. Hopefully, we could confirm that he made it home and he could find a way to get us back in one piece.” When Kyoya turned back to his club, he noticed that the other hosts backed away in fear. Raising a brow, Kyoya took in a deep breath. “I suppose I’ll do it…”

Meanwhile, Sebastian spent the whole day searching for proper wood to use to replace the door he destroyed. “Hey! Sebastian!” Maurice called, a lantern in his hand. “Come back to the house! You’ll catch cold being out here all night!”

“I’m sorry.” He apologized. “I hadn’t even realized the sun had gone down, however, I hadn’t even finished trying to find proper material for replacing the door to your workshop.”

“The wood will still be here in the morning.” The old man huffed. “I don’t need a strapping man like you catching a cold on my watch.” He stated as he led Sebastian back to the small cabin Maurice called home.

That night, Sebastian offered to make something warm for them to eat before turning in for the night. “But this is my house.” Maurice huffed. “You’re my guest.”

The tall man nodded. “True, however, that does not mean you should handle everything on your own. Please, allow me to cook for you as a way to thank you for your hospitality.” The older man couldn’t argue as Sebastian simply went straight to the kitchen to figure out something to serve. “I could make something that would satisfy my Young Master, however, that might overwhelm my gracious host.” He reasoned with himself, thinking out loud. “It might be best to cook something simple, but still hot to warm us both from being out in the snow all day.” And so, he took an apron that was hanging beside the door, rolled up his sleeves, and began to cook.

Because the meal he cooked was a simple beef stew, Sebastian was done fairly quickly, even considering his lack of demonic speed. Maurice devoured the stew. “Where did you say you were from again?” he asked. “I’ve never tasted any stew like this unless I’m visiting my daughter and her family.”

“You have a daughter?” Sebastian asked.

The old man gestured to a painting hanging on the wall. In the painting, there was a beautiful young woman with long brown hair wearing a lavish pink gown decorated with roses. In the woman’s lap was a little girl with long brown hair tied back in a blue bow and big hazel-brown eyes. The little girl was dressed in a simple blue dress. Behind the pair was an extravagant rose bush. “That’s my little girl and her late mother.” He explained. “That’s the last portrait I have of them together. Now my little girl is all grown up, with a husband and twins, if you could believe it.”

Sebastian suddenly lost his appetite. “…I left my daughter behind…” he confessed. “She was so disappointed in me before we parted ways. I promised her that we’d see one another soon, but how could I keep that promise when she doesn’t know where I ended up?”

“You’ll see her again.” The old man promised. “I thought the same thing many years ago. My daughter was so brave as she took my place as a prisoner. She promised a beast that she’ll stand in my place and never try to escape. I tried everything to get her back, asking for help, begging the man I thought was the town hero, and even going back myself.” He explained. “I knew it was a bad idea, but when you’re a father looking for the only family you have left, you’d do anything. When I saw her again, she had turned the beast into a man and got her free will once again. She chose to stay with him and I’ve never seen her happier.”

The tall man gave Maurice a smile. “Thank you.”

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