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Chapter 25: Who Goes First?

After meeting the rest of the group, Kyoya explaining the conditions to the others who didn’t approach the club themselves, Tamaki’s violet eyes sparkled. “It’s settled!” he exclaimed. “All of you will stay with me in my mansion!”

Quickly, Kyoya grabbed the blond by the collar and pulled him back to reality. “Think about this for a moment.” The other teen harshly whispered. “This is 39 people. I know our mansions are large, but not enough for that many people to house for who knows how long.” Hearing this, Tamaki pouted. “For now, the best you can do is get them enrolled at the school. After that, then they’ll most likely separate themselves into smaller groups that are easier for us all to handle.”

With a sigh, the blond nodded to his best friend. “I guess you have a point.” With another huff, Tamaki turned back to the large group with a smile. “You can stay in the Host Club room until the school day is over. I’ll talk to my father about getting you all enrolled. That should get you guys plenty of time to decide who you want to stay with and how you want to split up, and by tomorrow, all teens and kids should be enrolled and all adults would be free to roam the school-I mean-research ways for you to return to your homes.”

“Be warned.” Kyoya stated. “Even our mansions have limits, ranging about 10 guest rooms a piece, while Haruhi only has room for one guest.”

“You know, I’m still right here.” Haruhi huffed. “My apartment could take up to two people, it’s not like my dad would mind, as long as they’re respectable.”

Just then, the bell rang, signifying the beginning of class. “We’ll talk more about it later.” Masako exclaimed. “We gotta get to class.” Quickly, she shoved the large group into the club room. “Just stay here and figure out who you wanna stay with, kay?” With a smile, she closed the door.

“…Was this guy for real?” Louisiana asked, crossing her arms. “One minute, he’s a puppy, the next, he’s a box. I can’t get a read on him.” She then turned to France with an arched brow. “Also, tell me he’s not related to you, because, if I didn’t know better, I’d say he was your son, or younger brother, or something.”

“No.” Paris answered on France’s behalf. “I’m the only brother he’s got, at least, the closest in relation, since he considers all of Europe to be his younger siblings.”

France scratched his chin for a moment. “…Besides…if I had a child, or even another younger brother, I think I would’ve known.”

Louisiana raised a brow at the answer as Claude huffed a sigh. “At least he’s convinced his club to help us.” he stated. “He could easily just leave us be and abandon us.”

“If my memory serves correctly, you’d know all about that particular subject.” Sebastian stated with a cheeky grin.

The golden eyed man grit his teeth. “Excuse me?” he asked. “Are you seriously picking a fight over something that happened when we were children?”

“Maybe I am.”

The entire group growled. “Will you shut up?!” Twilight shouted. “Sebastian, ever since Romano first got under your skin, you have been nothing but cynical and antagonistic! How about you stop picking fights and contribute something for a change!”

“Mom, calm down!” Mareuscript exclaimed, putting a hand on her mother’s shoulder. “We have options on where we can stay, right? So we can split up and give each other enough time to cool our heads.” She then glared at Sebastian. “One thing’s for sure, no matter how we split up, you’re staying away from Romano and Claude…unless there’s more bad blood between you and someone else in this group you might want to get off your chest?”

The former Butler raised a brow. “Pardon?” he spat. “Why me specifically?!”

“She’s right Sebastian!” Ciel shouted. “Stay away from anyone who you’ll pick a fight with, for the sake of everyone’s sanity. Maybe try and talk to people you haven’t gotten to know yet.”

Sebastian grit his teeth and huffed under his breath in anger. Acting quickly, Justine took Sebastian’s arm and pulled him away. “Hey, daddy? Can we talk for a sec?” she asked, not giving him any choice as she simply pulled him from the group.

Angel tilted her head as she looked up at her father. “…What was that about?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about it, sweetie.” Angela smiled, not allowing Claude to spit or growl an answer in the anger and sour spite that violently spun around his head. The mother put her arm around the teen’s shoulders and tightly, squeezing the shoulders of the girl together. The daughter suspected that something was off, but said nothing.

Off to the side, Justine scolded her father. “Dad, this is getting out of hand.”

“I know.” Was his simple answer. “It’s just infuriating, being this far from the manner for so long. Normally, this long would be just the blink of an eye to those like us, but that was when we were demons. Now, all these months have felt as though a century has passed, while before it would be mere moments to us.”

“You’re antsy, I get it.” The daughter answered. “But, the more you pick fights, the more everyone’s gonna fight, the longer it’ll take to get anything done.”

“I am NOT picking fights! Romano was the one to start it all if you recall!”

Justine smacked her head and groaned. “That was over summer, and he got under your skin with literally one word. First off, get over it. Second off, Romano didn’t start the fights you just heated up with Claude and now Mareuscript.” It was then when the teen recalled Claude’s reply to Sebastian’s verbal attack. “…what happened when you two were children?”

Sebastian held his breath for a moment, subtly biting his lips before he scratched his face. “It’s nothing.” He answered. “…It happened a long time ago…”

“Apparently not long enough.” Was the reply. “Not if you’re still bitter about it.”

“How about this,” Sebastian sighed, grabbing Justine’s shoulder and hunching his back to level his crimson eyes with her own blue hued eyes. “I’ll tell you when we return home if you stop pushing the subject. If it’s brought up again by Claude, Angela, or myself, then Claude and I both will sit down and explain everything to you and Angel. Does that seem fair?”

“Don’t forget to Pinki Promise~!” Pinki exclaimed, jumping up and landing on Sebastian’s hunched back. “No pony can break a Pinki Promise~!”

With Justine’s eyes watching Sebastian patiently, her arms crossed, the man sighed. Pinki slid off his back as he stood straight, raising his right hand and using the left hand to cross his heart. “Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

“You are now bound by Pinki Promise~!” Pinki reminded as she bounced away.

“…I still don’t understand her…”

“She’s Pinki Pie, questioning her only causes headaches.” The teen stated. “Do you also promise to stop picking fights?” she asked. “Still, the sooner we can all work together, the sooner we can all go home.”

“Change in plans.” Twilight interrupted, approaching the duo talking. “We’re all leaving one at a time, one day at a time.”

Justine raised a brow. “What do you mean?” she asked. “We’re staying together! In case you hadn’t been keeping track, the times where we split up don’t exactly give the most positive results.”

“I know.” The former alicorn nodded. “However, while the two of you have been bickering, Zuko found someone who has magic. He said he could help us, but he doesn’t have the energy to teleport everyone at once, so he’s going to teleport one of us at a time, then spend the next 24-36 hours regaining his energy for the next person. We’re having a meeting to figure out who should go first.”

Sebastian and Justine rejoined the group, watching all the family members cling to one another. A new boy showed to this meeting.

This new boy was tall and slender. It was hard to tell if he was wearing a school uniform under his black cloak and hood. On his hand was a crudely sewn, cloth cat puppet. Under his black hood was long black hair that covered his eyes, only revealing a wide grin on his face. “Nice to see you have joined the conversation.” The boy purred. “You can just call me Nekozawa, I’m the leader of the Black Magic Club in this school.”

“Can we just get this going?” Romano huffed. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you have magic. Just answer our fucking question. Can you or can you not return us home?”

Justine squeezed Sebastian’s arm before he could get into another fight as Nekozawa nodded. “I’m fairly positive that I can, however, it takes a lot of energy and I am still fairly inexperienced. I might be the leader of the club, but I’m still considerably young. I can only do one person at a time for now. There are so many of you that I might be able to handle two at once later on, however that will take much more of my energy.” The boy then scanned the whole crowd. “Now, who shall go first? Be my little Test Dummy, my Lab Rat?”

All the members of the group looked around for the members they least liked. Four people were silently voted as the majority hated, America, Sebastian, Romano, and Azula.

“Oh, come ON!” America complained. “Why are all of you looking at me?!”

“They’re looking at me too bastard!” Romano cursed.

“Finally, a time when I agree with your word choice.” Sebastian huffed, crossing his arms with a scowl.

Azula just stood there in silence before she took in a deep breath and stepped forward. “Okay, I get it.” She nodded. “Everyone hates me, and I know why that is. I’ll be the test dummy. Wherever I end up, I’d just hope you all would retrieve me somehow.”

“No Azula.” Naples grit her teeth. “If you go, I go. That’s what friends do.”

Zuko gave one of his rare smiles. “You’ve changed, just in the past few weeks.” He stated. “I change my vote.” The teen then shifted his gaze to America, causing the blond to let out another complaint.

“I cannot take two people in one trip without risk, at least, not now.” Nekozawa reminded. “If you two girls are conjoined at the hip, then you’ll have to wait. I’ll gain enough power and energy for you two on a later date.” After another sweeping scan through where everyone is looking, he grinned at Sebastian. “It would appear that everyone is eager to have you move on ahead.”

“I cannot see why.” The former Butler grumbled. “Claude’s the back-stabbing creeper, America is the head-strong, annoying, childish brat, Romano is the hot-tempered, potty-mouth, Louisiana and Angelica are the two who are trapped in their own little petty fight over America’s affections, Azula was the one who imprisoned several of us in the past, Mareuscript is the narrow-minded, oblivious, ignorant child, all the while, I’m one of the few who actually cares about going home!”

“SEBASTIAN!” Ciel shouted. “You’ve become the child! Can you not see that? We all want you to move on ahead because you haven’t been yourself since we left and we all want you to return to being yourself; especially since you’re the most dangerous of us all!”

Around the group, though some of the faces were in anger towards the Butler, most of the expressions were that of worry for the butler or fear of the Butler. After another moment, Sebastian nodded. “Alright. I’ll go first.” He then turned to Justine. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“I think we’re all going to go in a specific order. Either way, I should stay with Ciel and Christi. If anything, I might go after they do.” The daughter answered. “I do promise that I’ll see you on the other side before too long; cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. If it’s not home, promise me you’ll handle it ok and not pick a fight.”

Sebastian nodded. “Cross my heart and hope to fly.” After the two hugged, Sebastian stepped over to Nekozawa. “I’m ready when you are.”

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