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Chapter 24: For the Rich and Beautiful

When the group looked around, the first thing they noticed was the absence of the shrine. Twilight looked down, expecting to see a new change of clothes and new location, not shocked to see her expectations met precicly to the letter. They all stood in a rather large hallway with pink walls and tall windows that had a perfect overhead view of a courtyard and a large pink version of Big Ben.

Romano, America, Japan, Italy, France, Paris, Jeremy, Zuko, and Sokka were all dressed in white dress shirts, black slacks and shoes. Over their shirts were light blue suits with a golden crest on their left brest. Jeremy and Japan were the only two wearing the black ties with the purple stripe tight against their necks. Meanwhile, Paris, Italy, Zuko and Sokka, though they wore the uniformed ties, their ties were loose. The rest of the boys didn’t even have their ties tied, rather the ties were just hanging around their necks like scarves.

Mareuscript, AD, Naples, Louisiana, Tokyo, Justine, Angel, Rachel, Azula, Asami, Natsumi, and Akimi all bore yellow ball gown-like dresses with black dress shoes and white stockings and red neck bowties. The former ponies had hair-clips of their respective cutiemarks.

Ciel was dressed in black slacks, black shoes, and a white jacket with golden hymn work. On his own left brest was the same golden crest as the older boys.

Josiphine, Toph, Angelica and Katara all were dressed in brown Japanese school-girl uniforms with white seams and a dark brown bowtie in the front. On their feet were black dress shoes with white stockings.

Cutie, Venice, Christi and Chrima were all dressed in traditional Japanese school-girl uniforms as well, only theirs were soft pink with dark pink cuffs on the sleaves and a dark pink collar instead of brown. Again, they had black dress shoes over white stocking on their feet.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinki, Sebastian, Claude, Angela, Bardroy, William, and Tomoe were the only ones not in any uniform.

Twilight had on a white dress shirt with a light lavender sweater. Over her legs were black slacks. Rainbow wore a simple white T-shirt with a black leather jacket and light, ripped blue jeans under her shirt. Pinki was dressed in a white tank-top and a dark pink mini skirt. Over her shirt was a light blue short-sleeved sweater with yellow lace trim. The cutiemarks they still bear were on silver chained necklaces around their necks, however, the cutiemarks were without color and were only a silhouette of their cutiemarks carved from silver.

Sebastian had a white T-shirt with a black and white striped vest, dark blue jeans, and black shoes. Claude was dressed in a dark gray V-neck shirt with a black suit, slacks, and shoes. Angela had a purple dress shirt with a white skirt and transparent stockings under her high heeled shoes. Bardroy only had a white T-shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers. William looked almost exactly as he did back in his own world, with a white dress-shirt and black everything else; suit, tie, slacks, and shoes. Tomoe had a white dress shirt that wasn’t buttoned all the way, leaving a large portion of his chest exposed, as well as the sleeves rolled up. However, the shirt was tucked under gray slacks and a black leather belt.

Claude clutched his head, rubbing his eyes as Romano cursed. “Well, this is just fan-fucking-tastic! Back to square one all over again!”

“How did this even happen?” Tomoe asked, looking around. “We were just at the shrine only seconds ago.”

Sebastian planted his hands on his hips. “Does it matter how it happened?!” he exclaimed. “We are, yet again, in a new world, new rules, possibly new powers, new plan needed!”

Angel looked over at her father, the spider still rubbing his eyes. “…If it’s a new world with new powers…then…”

Ciel caught on as he glanced over to Christi with a wide blue eye. “…Is it true…?”

Christi hesitated before taking a deep breath. “…It’s true.” she simply stated in her dry voice.

Angela then gently removed Claude’s fingers from his eyes. The sight of him looking her in the eye was enough for the couple to hug each other in tears of joy, which Claude wasn’t shy to pull Angel into.

Rainbow Dash chuckled as she shook her head. “Glad to see some good came out of this.”

“…I guess.” Jeremy scowled, crossing his arms. “However, we have no idea where we are…again.”

AD shrugged. “At least no one was left behind, right?”

“Got a point there.” Mareuscript nodded. “It’s a pretty big coincidence that, ever since this whole mess started, we’ve been lucky and haven’t had anyone left behind.”

“We can’t seem to stop growing our group, though.” Paris stated with a sigh.

“What’s the problem with that?” Pinki asked, bouncing up and hanging on Azula and Naples’ necks. “We’re all friends, right? Bigger group means more friends, right?”

“Not always.” Sebastian growled, glaring at Romano.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Sebastard?!” the Italian sneered right back.

“Will you two just STOP IT ALREADY?!” Claude shouted, stepping between the two. “You’re both big men, great, can we stop this whole ‘My Horse is Bigger than Your Horse’ fight?!”

“You can say that again, dad.” Angel groaned. “You two have had this ‘Manhood Measuring Contest’ since summer, and winter is nearly here.”

Twilight looked around and sighed. “We’re obviously in another world, so let’s figure out how we can fix this and go home.”

“Because that worked so well the last two times you said that.” Jeremy huffed, earning a smack upside the head from his own younger half sister.

“It’s not Twilight’s fault we’re all here!” Justine shouted. “I’m sure it was all just an accident.” Seeing the pain in Mareuscript’s and Twilight’s faces, the cat shook her head and looked around hastily. “Look! A door!” she exclaimed, pointing to the end of the hall there was a large, pink double door with golden handles. “Let’s just look in here and see if it leads to someone who could help us!”

Justine rushed to the door, with only the two pies, Naples, America, France, Angela, Ciel, Christi, Asami, and Natsumi following her and the rest of the large group staying where they were in pessimism. When the cat opened the door, the small group were showered in red rose petals and a bright white light. Inside the room was seven boys and three girls, all saying “Welcome” in perfect unison.

The first boy noticed was the blond front and center who looked like he could pass as a long-lost relative of France and Paris. Next to him was a boy about the same hight as the blond but with black hair and glasses that didn’t allow his eye color to be shown. Hanging on that boy’s arm was a girl with sandy blond hair and blue-gray eyes, but she wore a modified uniform. Next to that girl was another girl with black hair and light brown eyes wearing a boy’s uniform and hanging on the arm of the boys next to her, who had burnt orange hair and bunt golden eyes. On the other side of the blond front and center was a freakishly tall boy with short black hair and black eyes. In front of him was a short boy with burnt blond hair and burnt golden eyes next to another boy with brown hair and dark brown, yet feminine eyes. Next to those three was another girl, this time wearing an actually girl’s uniform, with long dark brown hair and light brown eyes. The boy who’s arm she clung to looked like a twin of the boy with burnt orange hair and burnt golden eyes.

With a deep breath, the smaller group entered the room. “Hi, do you mind helping us?” Naples requested, referring to herself and the people behind her.

“What’s the problem, my Princess?” the blond asked, taking Naples’ hand and leaving a small peck on the back of the hand.

The Italian chuckled. “I’m no princess.” She stated bluntly. “We’re all beyond lost and kinda need some help, if you’re willing to.”

“For God’s Sake Naples!” Ciel shouted. “Will you just tell him the problem instead of babbling on like a teenage girl with a crush!”

“Ciel!” Christi shouted, squeezing his arm and pulling the boy back. “That’s not nice! You’ve been irritable ever since we left home!”

As the two siblings bickered silently, Justine approached the boys. “We’re not from this world at all.” She cut straight to the point. “We’ve been world-hopping for a few months now, and have yet to return home to our loved ones.”

“We’re fortunate enough to have immediate family with us,” France added. “However, needless to say, that makes it even worse than it probably has to.”

“How many of you are there?” asked the boy with the glasses.

“39.” Asami answered quickly. “There’s me, my two sisters, oto,”

“And my father, two of my friends, my stupid half brother, and his father,” Justine continued.

“As well as myself, and my husband and daughter,” Angela added.

“Also my own brother, and several of my good friends,” France continued on.

“Plus me and my Itsy Bitsy Twinkie Pie!” Pinki stated, holding Cutie close. “And Twilight, and Mareuscript, and Dashie, and AD, and Zuko, and Azula, and-”

“The point is!” Justine cut Pinki off to save time. “We’re all from different worlds, we just got here, most of us are in a cranky mood because we all expected to be home by now, and we would deeply appreciate it if you could at least help us learn the rules of this world we’re in.”

The blond boy gave a chuckle as he smiled. “Of course we’ll help you, as is the duty of the Host Club~!” he practically sang, shocking the rest of the club behind him.

“Tamaki!” the boy with glasses growled as he marched to the blond named Tamaki and pulled him back. “You don’t even bother to ask the rest of the club?”

“Come on Kyoya!” Tamaki complained. “They’re lost, confused, and missing their friends! We can’t just sit back and do nothing!”

“Well, my vote is for Tamaki~” stated the girl with black hair. “We have to do something.”

“See?” Tamaki teased. “Masako agrees with me~”

“I say it’s not our problem.” Stated the boy that was only moments ago being cuddled by the girl with long brown hair. “Different worlds? Are they serious?! That sounds like something in a Kirigaya story book!”

“How could you say that Hikaru?!” asked the boy who looked like Hikaru’s twin. “What if you and I were separated, literally worlds apart! Wouldn’t you do the same thing and ask strangers for help wherever you could?”

“Exactly! Thank you, Kaoru!” Masako huffed.

“We gotta help them!” shouted the smallest boy in the club. “At least, we gotta make sure they have a place to stay while they’re here!”

“If Mitzkuni agrees, then so do I.” Stated the tall boy with black hair.

“Honey-senpi and Mori-senpi are right.” The boy with brown hair stated. “Even if we can’t help them with their apparent world-hopping problem, then we should at least help them know a thing or two about where they are.”

“Too true, Haruhi!” the girl with the modified uniform exclaimed. “It’s the least we could do, and Tamaki’s right in saying that it’s the duty of the host club to be sure that everyone, and really EVERYONE, who walks through those doors leave with exactly what they came for!”

“Do you all hear yourselves?” asked the girl with long brown hair. “This is WAY out of our league! This requires help from Nekozawa and the Black Magic Club, and we all know how creepy they are! If none of us could face Nekozawa himself, then what makes any of you think that we could possibly help these strangers with a magic related problem?”

“But Alexis,” the sandy blond sighed, turning to the brown haired girl. “All they’re asking for is help to learn about where they are and a place to stay. It’s not like any of our homes aren’t big enough, even if all of them decide to go to one location.”

Alexis sighed before huffing out, “Ichigo, when you’re right, you’re right.”

Alexis then turned to Hikaru as Ichigo turned to Kyoya. “Majority rules.” They both stated as Tamaki gave Kyoya a pouty lip and big puppy eyes.

Faced with all the votes, Kyoya sighed. “Fine.” He stated before turning to the small group of guests. “You all will stay with one of us, however, fair warning, Haruhi is a commoner and cannot accommodate for more than one guest.”

“HEY!” Haruhi shouted.

“Otherwise,” Kyoya continued. “Any of our homes would be more than enough space to accommodate at most 10 people. You’ll attend school with us, I’m sure Tamaki can get that arranged, and you’ll be required to stay where at least one member of the club can see you, therefore you will be involved with club activities.”

“What about those of us, like myself, who are too old to attend school?” Angela asked.

Kyoya adjusted his glasses. “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind attending club activities and staying at the mansion.” He stated. “Or you could spend your time in one of our many libraries to study on ways you could return to your own homes.”

“Agreed~” Justine smiled, shaking Kyoya’s hand. “I should be used to seeing someone your age so business-like, but it surprises me every time I come across another teenager or child that’s so formal.”

“You’ll be home before you used to the shenanigans of this club.” The boy commented.

Natsumi huffed out a sigh. “I hope you’re right.”

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