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Sorting Hat: Snow White with Red Hair

Last week, I made the claim of what pony race each of the main characters in Snow White with Red Hair would be in Equestria. This week, I pretend that I’m the Sorting Hat and sort the same characters into Hogwarts Houses. Why? Because why the heck not? However, this will be quick and short because I don’t want to stuff this blog full of fluff.

To start off, Shirayuki is kind and loyal. She would prefer herself being harmed if it means a friend or kind person is better off, as seen in season 1 when she jumps out of a window to retrieve a bell that is needed to make a test succeed and a kind young woman to achieve her goal to save birds that reside in her home village. No surprise, she’s a Hufflepuff.

Raj is…difficult. At first, Raj is rude, insufferable, cocky, and childish. However, after gaining Shirayuki’s friendship, he’s become humble, loyal, and daring. Just compare how he acts when introduced in episode 1, when he hides behind his guards and Right Hand Man, Sakaki, as they fetch for him everything he declares as his, compared to the whole second half of season 2, when he literally rounds up sea merchants to chase pirates and save Shirayuki’s life! Even his father says “Even my idiot son is going to save some girl” (I don’t know if that’s the exact quote, but it’s something like that). It’s a bit difficult, but I’m going with Hufflepuff because of his loyalty that, while it doesn’t show up until later in the show, it is featured in the majority of his appearances.

Zen is much easier. He is loyal, brave, action-orientated, a bit meat-headed, and very… “act first think later” type of attitude for lack of better phrasing. If he had it his way, he’d spend his days practicing his sword fighting or traveling all over the country and beyond, while he resents time that he’s forced to spend in a single place like a desk with paperwork or in a room with a politician who’s stuck in their ways. Is it really any question that he belongs in Gryffindor House?

Another easy one! Mitsuhide is the best support Zen has. From the day he first met Zen, he’s nothing but encouraging, protective, supportive, helpful, resourceful, friendly, loyal, I can go on and on. While he could at times be a bit too close for comfort to Zen, his intention is very noble. It’s pretty obvious, from his undying loyalty to the Princes of Clarines, that he can only fit in Hufflepuff.

Kiki is kinda easy and kinda difficult. She’s very much the brains of the group. While she can still contribute a sword in the fight, she’s often the voice of reason to Zen. Ravenclaw should be a perfect fit for her.

This one is easy and difficult at the same time. While Obi is loyal and upfront, he’s also sneaky, cocky, and, for lack of better term, snake-like. In the beginning, he’s odd, untrustworthy, and sneaky, while he later becomes loyal, mysterious, and teasing. While Hufflepuff is a possibility, I think Slytherin fits him more for how he is all through his life while Hufflepuff really only fits the type of character Obi becomes over time.

And last, but definitely not least, Izana is nothing but pure ambition. While he’s still protective, intelligent, and preservative while also forward-thinking, he takes his role as Crowned Prince very seriously and takes every oprotunity to test politicians and his own brother, much like a Saw Movie (without all the blood, guts, and stomach-churning screaming). He never reveals his ulterior motives until it’s all said and done; for example, when he asked for that castle for his 17th birthday, he tested the lords of the lands that the castle is built in-between, the tests consist of how the lords treat their people as a result. Both the lords fail the test, raising the tax to ridiculous amounts to kiss Izana’s boots. It’s only after they are broke and Izana has all their gold when he reveals that it was a test for the lords and it was his intention to replace them with better-intended men, returning the gold and allowing them to start all over. For his sneaky ways to achieve his goals, Slytherin should be Izana’s house.

In conclusion, we have one Gryffindor, three Hufflepuffs, one Ravenclaw, and two Slytherins. Any points I missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

Oh, and before I forget, if you’re reading this on the day of posting, or even the day after…

~Happy Halloween~

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