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Chapter 23: A Cat’s Song

Justine looked over at her birth sister. She’d been clinging to Ciel for so long, the teen thought they’d become conjoined twins or something. Then again, that was probably a good thing because Ciel was the only one who understood the finger letters Christi used to speak…aside from Mizuki, but he was too busy chasing after Asami to help Christi any more than he had already. The two of them have spent so much time together that Christi could spell something with her fingers at light speed, and Ciel wouldn’t miss a letter.

“Hey Christi, Ciel.” Justine greeted. “Is there anything you two need?”

Ciel sighed. “Justine, like I have already told Sebastian, Christi and I are not your masters as long as we are this far from our home.” he stated.

Christi shook her head and tapped Ciel’s shoulder, spelling on her fingers, “I-T/I-S/F-I-N-E” The boy tilted his head. “J-U-S-T-I-N-E/I-S/M-Y/B-L-O-O-D/S-I-S-T-E-R” She then paused for some time. “M-A-Y-B-E/S-H-E/I-S/J-U-S-T/C-O-N-C-E-R-N-E-D”

Justine furrowed her brows. “…What did she say?” she asked.

The boy huffed out a deep sigh. “She wants to know what your concern is.” he answered.

The teen shrugged. “…Well, just because I’m not your servant right now doesn’t mean I don’t care about you two. Even if Christi wasn’t my blood sister, I’d still ask if there’s anything you two need. We’re all in this group, and I guess, I have this fantasized thought that we’d all help each other.” she chuckled. “I suppose I got that idea when I saw that, not just me, but everyone was concerned for everyone else back when we were all separated in the last realm.”

Christi shrunk in her shoulders before spelling out to Justine, “D-O/Y-O-U/R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R/T-H-A-T/L-U-L-L-A-B-Y/Y-O-U/S-I-N-G/T-O/M-E/W-H-E-N/I/C-A-N-N-O-T/S-L-E-E-P”

“What lullaby?!” Ciel exclaimed.

“…What?” the bakeneko asked.

The human sighed again. “…She wants to know if you remember some lullaby.”

Justine’s green eyes pointed down. “…I’m sorry, Christi. I don’t think it’d be a good idea if I start singing.” she stated. “Since Claude makes us all fall in dead sleep with just a song that we didn’t even hear or pay attention to, and Tomoe said that I’m bad luck, then I don’t know what that would bring.”

The girl deflated a little. “I/U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D”

The teen felt the guilt of Christi’s sadness. Biting her lip, she looked around before sighing. “…Come on.” she instructed. When both of them started to follow her, Justine stopped the boy. “…It might be a good idea if you stay behind.”


“Please!” Justine exclaimed. “I think it’ll be okay if only Christi hears the song, since she’s a demon, or yokai, or whatever. However, you’re still just a human, so you should stay away.” Before walking away, she gave him a small smile. “Would you mind checking on my father? You know how he gets with Romano…”

Right on cue, the sound of a blade hitting one of the wooden walls rang through the shrine. “WATCH IT! YOU ALMOST HIT ME, SEBASTARD!”

“Believe me!” the second voice growled as they heard a ripping sound in the room. “I only hit my target! I was just going easy on you!”

Ciel clutched his head, going in the direction of the fight. “…I’ll talk to him… I suppose it’s a good thing he doesn’t understand that he’s not my butler outside of our realm…”

As Justine walked as far away as she could with Christi, she jumped when the girl jumped and clutched the teen’s arm. The cat took a look at what startled the girl, sighing when she saw a little white snake. “…Mizuki, what are you doing out here?”

“I need to keep an eye on you, Bakeneko!” the small snake answered. “Especially since you walked so far from the shrine with Jorogumo!”

The teen chuckled. “We have names, you know. Mine is Justine, and hers is Christi.” she stated. “And why not you bother Asami? No offence, but I hate snakes.”

“Asami’s ignoring me…” he stated. “Also, she hates snakes too, so I don’t mind.”

Justine gave a smirk before chuckling. “…I take it back then…I don’t hate snakes at all, in fact, I love them~” Mizuki smiled until Justine’s smirk turned evil. “They’re a great midnight snack when grilled properly.” The snake widened his eyes in fear as the cat laughed until Christi smacked her head. After some thought, the teen clutched her head. “…Fine. If I’m not letting Ciel come just because he’s human, I can’t think of any reason you can’t come… I just don’t know what would come of what I’m going to do, so watch your back.”

Mizuki smiled. “It’s alright, Bakeneko.” he reassured her. “Your species can only have dominion over the dead. The worst you can do is start a zombie apocalypse.”

Christi grew more fear as Justine gulped and looked down at the blonde jorogumo, her deep green eyes looking into the teen’s with a pleading shine. “…You really want this that much?” After some thought, Christi shakily nodded. “…no pressure…”

They all went a little further before Justine sighed and turned to Christi, sitting on a tree root. “You ready?” The girl nodded as the snake crossed his arms in judgmental curiosity. Taking a deep breath, the teen opened her mouth.

“Come, little children~
I’ll take thee away~
Into a land of enchantment~
Come, little children~
The time’s come to play~
Here in my garden of shadows~

“Follow sweet children~
I’ll show thee the way~
Through all the pain and the sorrows~
Weep not poor children~
For life is this way~
Murdering beauty and passions~

“Hush now dear children~
It must be this way~
Too weary of life and deceptions~
Rest now my children~
For soon we’ll away~
Into the calm and the quiet~

“Come, little children~
I’ll take thee away~
Into a land of enchantment~
Come, little children~
The time’s come to play~
Here in my garden of shadows~”

Once it was over, Mizuki furrowed his brows. “…That’s IT?!” he complained. “You came all the way out here, just to sing that one short song?!”

Justine clutched her head. “Unlike Claude, I didn’t want to risk putting a spell on everyone unintentionally!”

The snake chuckled. “Singing doesn’t do anything magical for you, Bakeneko!”

“I’m starting to understand why my father has been so irritable ever since Romano started calling him ‘Sebastard’.” the teen huffed. “Would you PLEASE stop calling me ‘Bakeneko’?” she requested. “I have a name, AND a nickname! My name is Justine, my nickname is Tine! I don’t need another nickname!”

The two continued to bicker as the three headed back to the shrine.

Meanwhile, Sebastian and Romano were in the middle of their fighting once again. However, an odd sound caused the crow to look out the window. Seeing the opportunity, the Italian punched Sebastian across the face. “WOULD YOU STOP FOR JUST A MINUTE?!” the tengu shouted, jamming his blade in the wall through Romano’s shirt, trapping him several inches from the ground, listening closely. “…Do you hear that?”

Upon closer inspection, the two saw a group of rotting corpses walking across the courtyard, dragging their feet behind them and moaning away the clean air. Unsure what else to do, Sebastian ran to look for Tomoe, leaving Romano behind to attempt to let himself go with his thin, weak arms. “Sebastard! What was that?! Don’t leave me hanging here! SEBASTARD!”

Sebastian ignored Romano as he ran straight to the white kitsune. “Tomoe!”

The fox clutched his head. “Sebastian, for the last time, I hold no responsibility for Romano’s actions.”

“It’s not that!” the crow exclaimed. “It’s…LOOK!” He directed Tomoe’s attention to the growing number of the undead.

Watching idly from a safe distance away was Otohiko and Kamiko as Nanami continued her Divine Power Practice. “…Seems like the Zombie Apocalypse started early.”

“What?!” the land god screamed as she snapped straight. “The zombie APOCALYPSE?!”

The night god simply sighed, glancing at his calendar. “The zombie apocalypse isn’t due for another century or so…” he sighed before he shrugged. “I suppose your shrine was just eager for the end of the world.”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Nanami exclaimed. “My shrine?! End of the WORLD?! What’s going on down there?!”

Kamiko glanced at the inexperienced god as Otohiko replied. “You mean you don’t know?” he asked. “Tomoe and Mizuki are housing a variety of different yokai, shinigami, and humans in your shrine, all of which don’t even belong in this realm, and one of which is a Bakeneko, who have dominion over the dead.” He then thought for a moment. “…However, I was sure that the Okami would cancel out the Bakeneko’s bad luck…”

“You’re joking, right?” Nanami asked. “You have to be pulling my leg…”

“‘Fraid not, sweet cheeks.” Otohiko sighed before he smiled. “This is your shrine we’re talking about. I could fix this zombie problem, and mis-fits situation in a jiff, but it would be better to teach you how to fix this yourself instead. You know what they say, give a man a fish, he gets a meal, teach a man to fish, he gets a million meals.”

“Just teach me, He-She-Guy!” the land god exclaimed, earning a glare. “…I mean Wind God Otohiko…”

Kamiko sighed. “When you’re done with th human god, let me know.” he huffed as he made his own way down. “I’ll be checking in to see what I could do to stop this and save both our reputations.”

The wind god smiled and instructed the land god on what to do. “Close your eyes and see in your mind’s eye what the shrine is supposed to look like. What does it look like? Who belongs inside and around the outside? What beings have your permission to be there?” She did as she was instructed. “Now, feel your chi building and when it’s strong enough, let it out on the shrine.” He then left Nanami to build her chi as he joined his younger brother.

She did as she was instructed, but there was a small problem. Nanami’s chi grew too strong, so, not only did the mis-fits and the zombies go, but so did everyone that the mis-fits were in physical contact with.

Asami was dragging Venice inside where it was supposedly safe. Natsumi was holding Katara away from America. Akimi was holding Cutie inside the shrine. Kamiko grabbed America’s shoulder, asking what he could do to help the situation. Otohiko leaned on his younger brother’s shoulder. Tomoe was pushing Claude out of the way of a zombie and guiding him with a hand on his shoulder constantly.

In a flash, three sisters and familiar were added to the continuously growing band of mis-fits, moving to a new realm once again, leaving the duo of gods alone and confused.

When Nanami opened her eyes, she was surprised to find herself alone. She searched and searched for the wind god and his brother until she ran into Mizuki. “Nanami!” he called. “Nanami! The shrine!”

“…What’s wrong?” she asked. “I stopped the zombie apocalypse, didn’t I?”

The familiar slumped. He had A LOT of explaining to do…

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