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Snow White with Red Hair and their Ponysonas

It’s no secret that Snow White with Red Hair is easily in my top ten list for favorite romantic fantasy anime. It only makes sense to ask the question, what would they be in Equestria? My Ponysona Rules still stand, so if you need to, brush up on my conditions for each choice. The characters I’m looking at will be the 5 central characters (Prince Zen, Shirayuki, Mitsuhide, Obi, and Kiki), as well as Prince Moron, and Prince Izana, since these characters, even though they’re secondary, have enough of an established personality to be considered, and I’m going in order of when they were introduced because why not?

To start off is our very own Shirayuki. This young herbalist is hard working, friendly, loyal, and studious. For her, I’m kinda stuck between earth pony, due to her work ethic and ties with the land, or unicorn, for her studious habits and intellect. However, I think earth pony wins. As for her cutiemark, I think possibly a Yura Shigure, since that is the herb that ultimately decides if she gets her dream job, as well as her being called a Yura Shigure by Ryu when he first says her name.

Next is Prince Moron himself, Raj. This prince is, for lack of better term, a complete idiot. He’s stubborn, prideful, however mature (at least in comparison to his younger brother and sister). He’s easily an earth pony. The cutiemark is a bit more difficult for him, however, I think possibly a mirror, maybe with an apple for his ability to reflect how he’s been treated. I mean, come on! Only a few days in Shirayuki’s company, and he’s taking huge steps from being a douche to being a decent prince taking himself seriously. As for the apple, not only did an apple cause his first meeting with Shirayuki and Zen, but apples in the show often represent Shirayuki. Therefore, a mirror and an apple could be simply how much he can take from a friendship with Shirayuki.

Right from one prince to another. Prince Zen is adventurous, athletic, loyal, kind, and a little lazy when it comes to sitting at a desk all day. Through the whole show, Zen is clearly the one breaking rules to either do what he believes is right for his friends or people or just to spread his wings and explore his kingdom. For that, he’s obviously gotta be a pegasus. His cutiemark is kinda difficult. However, I think it might be similar to Shining Armor’s cutiemark for the shield, however, instead of stars or sparkles, perhaps an apple and three seeds for Shirayuki and his three friends.

Next is Mitsuhide. He’s very loyal and supportive. Though Zen and Kiki tease Mitsuhide and annoy him all the time, if Zen needs anything, Mitsuhide is always there. For that, I think earth pony is perfect for him. As for a cutiemark, to reflect that, I believe two swords would be the perfect cutiemark. Rather than being a shield in Zen’s defense, he prefers to fight at Zen’s side as opposed to fighting in Zen’s place.

Kiki is the same way. However, she contributes more mind than just muscle to problems. Because of this, I think unicorn fits her. For her cutiemark, similar to Mitsuhide, Kiki fights at Zen’s side instead of fighting in Zen’s place, however, she does act as a shield for Shirayuki when she needs it. A good example would be when Shirayuki is captured by pirates, Kiki volunteers to be purposely captured just so she could protect Shirayuki while on the ship in Zen’s and Obi’s places. Therefore, her cutiemark should be a shield and sword.

Next on my list is Obi. He’s slick, agile, and I swear he’s part cat! So I think he’d be a unicorn, for really no other reason than I could easily see him using the teleportation spell left and right. His cutiemark, again is a shield, however with a blue sword since he only answers to Zen, and an apple since he has an obsession with protecting Shirayuki ever since he’s appointed her bodyguard.

Last, but certainly not least, First Prince Izana. Izana is cold, intelligent, and foreseeing. His list of priorities go something like; 1; his kingdom duties, 2; Zen’s safety, 3; everything else. He seems to be the only one of the three main princes who takes his role in life the most serious, however, that might only be because he’s the Crowned Prince; next to take his kingdom’s throne. Because of this, I think a unicorn with a golden crown cutiemark fits him perfectly.

I honestly just realized that all the trios are set up as earth pony, pegasus, and unicorn. I mean, the three princes, Zen’s a pegasus, Izana’s a unicorn, and Raj is an earth pony, Zen and his two best friends, he’s a pegasus, Kiki is a unicorn, and Mitsuhide’s an earth pony, Zen and his two guy friends, again he’s a pegasus, Mitsuhide’s an earth pony, and Obi’s a unicorn, then the love triangle, Zen’s a pegasus, Obi’s a unicorn, and Sirayuki’s an earth pony…this has gone far enough…

What do you all think? Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? Did I forget something that’s a real game changer? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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