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Chapter 19: Powerless Princess

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When the teens and young adults returned to the shrine, Tomoe simply gazed at his daughters as they confirmed his guesses. “So, Sebastian is a tengu, his daughter is a bakeneko, and Angel is an okami.” he sighed, before turning to the two teens. “You girls basically cancel each other out.” he explained.

To that, they looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean?” they asked.

With a sigh, the fox explained. “Okami are very rare, therefore, they are a good luck charm to anyone in its presence. Bakeneko are the exact opposite. In fact, cats that are older than ten years are a death sentence to the humans that raised them.”

Ciel then nudged Christi to the kitsune. “Tomoe, is there a yokai that is mute?”

Tomoe thought for a moment before he asked, “Do you know what kind of demon she was in your own realm, or if she was a demon at all?”

The boy nodded. “She was a butterfly demon.” he answered.

The kitsune sighed, tilting his head. “She might be a jorogumo…that would explain her suddenly becoming mute. There’s no such thing as a Butterfly Yokai, so the closest thing is a spider.” Ciel widened his eye before he sighed in as close to acceptance as he could.

William went over to his son and pulled him over to the kitsune. “Can you tell my son what you told me earlier?” he requested.

Tomoe sighed as he turned to the duo and explained his logic. “Because you and your father were grim reapers in your realm, I believe you two are shinigami now. It’s basically the same power you most likely had, only a different name and location.”

Jeremy flattened his face. “What good does that do? Our power was linked to our scythes, which are at home!”

William scolded Jeremy as Azula gazed at the small group of new yokai and shinigami in spite. With her arms crossed, she narrowed her golden eyes at the selected few with power.

As Romano and Sebastian slipped into another fight and Ciel started scolding Sebastian, however fruitless it proved to be, Naples, Rachel, Bardroy, Pinki, and France looked over and saw the ebony haired princess. “I know that look.” the Italian teen sighed, approaching the princess.

“Still getting used to this?” the cook asked with an arched brow. The golden eyes glared at the small group before she physically rolled away and slithered down the hall.

Naples, trying to be friendly, followed as Pinki bounced behind her and the other three continued out of curiosity rather than to cheer up the mentally unstable teen. “You know, back in your realm, it was hard for us to get used to it too. I mean, Rachel, France, and I all had these weird abilities that we didn’t understand. We could’ve easily hurt someone without meaning too. Same for everyone else.”

“Hell, I’m STILL getting used to this whole two legs and hands thing!” Pinki shouted. “Oh well~ At least I don’t need my mouth to hold everything~”

“It’s the exact opposite.” Azula sneered at the Italian girl. “You had all the power I had, both fire and lightning. Now…now…LOOK AT ME!”

The Italian girl deflated, pointing her eyes to the ground and her smile gone from her bright face. She didn’t know what else to say to her. Glancing over, France felt the need to do something about it, this was his friend’s niece after all. After a moment of thought, he smiled at the princess. “Look in the mirror, mademoiselle. What do you see?”

The princess groaned as she glanced at a mirror in the hall before she growled. “I see a pathetic, weak, dependent, helpless peasant.” she answered. “There is nothing more shameful.”

Bardroy widened his eyes at France, tilting his head. After a quick glance at the full set up, he furrowed his brows as he glanced at his younger sister with a growing smile. “Can you see it, Rach?” he asked. “Tell me I’m not crazy and you see it too.”

Rachel looked closer before she smirked as Azula, Naples, and France glanced at them. “I think I see it.” she answered. “Why not you explain it for us.”

“…Explain what?” Azula asked, arching a trimmed black brow.

Watching this unfold, Naples smiled again. “You know what I see?” the Italian asked, moving out of the mirror frame, the other three doing the same, so the black haired princess was the only one in the reflection. “I see a strong young woman who is just confused and lost. I see someone who is trying to cope with the new standards and situation, but doesn’t have any trust from others, nor herself, that cooperation is even possible.”

Pinki looked in the mirror where everyone else was looking and she raised a brow. “I just see Azula. What’s so different? I mean, yeah, her hair’s a little crazy, and her eyes are a little deep, and all that, but I still see Azula!”

With his smile growing wider than it has in a long time, the Frenchman stated, “Correct, Pinki. It is your name in the reflection.”

“…My name?”

France gave the others a wink as they gave him a wide smile. “That’s right!” he confirmed. “That’s exactly what I see!” With France starting off, the rest of the small group took turns to spell it out. “A for Accomplished in all that you do,”

“Yeah! And Z for Zeal your zest life,”

“You can’t forget the U for the potential to naturally show others Understanding,”

“And not to mention L for Laughter you can easily spread wherever you go,”

“and lastly, A for Abundant cheer you can give off that knows no bounds.”

Azula looked at the mirror again, tilting her head from side to side in attempt to see what the others beside her meant. With another smile, Naples shrugged. “Sure, my family isn’t really the smartest in the world, my uncle especially, but I know potential when I see it. My uncles have it, my papa has it, my cousin has it, my friends have it, and you are dripping in it.”

“I might not be one to talk,” Bardroy smiled. “but Sebastian saw potential in me when he hired me. We don’t see each other eye to eye when it comes to food, but he hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet! You’re not going there any time soon!”

“It’s time to make friends all around the place~!” Pinki cheered, cart-wheeling down the hall and back. “Don’t worry~ It’s easy and fun~!”

“If you think that no one else trusts you,” Rachel stated happily. “then you gotta make them trust you! We’ll vouch for you! And all who oppose will meet my rifle!” Bardroy sent his sister a look only an older sibling could give. “…I-I mean…” Rachel cleared her throat, chuckling nervously. “All who oppose will be talked down until they trust you too!…that sounded so much more boring…”

Bardroy sighed as he pat his younger sister’s head, easily taking the gun from her hand to his own. “You should be more careful.” he sighed. “These aren’t toys.”

“…You’re the one who gave me that riffle…”

France gave Azula a glance. “Do you see what we are trying to do?” he asked. “If someone in our group is in need, especially if that person is as strong as you, then we all should do everything in our power to help that one person.” The princess huffed out a sigh but otherwise stayed silent.

After a moment, Asami came in. “Hey! Naples! Your dad’s gone ballistic again, and your uncle’s not helping!” she shouted in slight panic. “We need you and anyone else who can help out!”

“Is he fighting with Sebastian again?” France asked, his question answered with a quick, curt nod.

Bardroy and Rachel stood quickly. “We should probably help out too.” he stated. “If anything, I’m used to his rage…”

“I’ll help too!” Pinki stated, bouncing to the teen kitsune. “If anything, I can make them laugh so hard, they forget they’re mad at each other~”

After a loud gulp from the cook, Bardroy, France, and Rachel hurried down the hall. Just before the Italian teen left, she gave one last smile to Azula. “Remember.” she laughed. “Accomplishments, Zeal, Understanding, Laughter, Abundant of cheer.” Once that was said, she rushed down the hall and back to the room she left her father in.

As they left, the princess gazed at her reflection again with a growing, soft smile, repeating the words under her breath. With every word uttered, her smile grew a little wider. “…Accomplishments…Zeal…Understanding…Laughter…Abundant of cheer…”

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