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Chapter 18: What Are You?

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Angel noticed something very off about Claude. He was much clingier than usual. Sure, they were just separated for a few months, but that’s aside the point, it got to where, when he slept, he always had one hand on her; if she moved, he stirred awake.

One morning, however, his back was turned to her as he slept and she stirred awake. Taking in a deep breath, she quietly tip toed around him and out the guest room door. “…Angel?” he called, his eyes still shut, and his form still unmoved.

Angela stirred awake and peeked at her daughter, groaning as she moved her large white wings from her way. Angel turned and smiled. “Morning daddy~”

“Where are you going?” he asked groggily.

The teen was slightly confused as she looked around the empty room, then down the hall at the rest of the uniformed teens and young adults heading out the door. “…the school.” she answered. “That was the deal we made with Tomoe, remember? Everyone attends school until we find that Mikage dude?”

The spider sighed and dismissively rolled back in his futon. “Don’t talk to strangers.” he groaned out. “And stay close to the group.”

“Tomoe is staying here today.” she stated. “He said that he wanted to get to know you guys.”

“Don’t worry sweetie.” Angela stated, smiling through her tiredness. “We’ll be fine. Have fun~!”

The teen then smiled and rushed to follow everyone else with a quick, “Love you mom! See ya dad!”

Claude pulled the blankets from his face at the sound of that, staring his golden eyes into blank space. ‘…Too bad I won’t see you…’ he thought.

Angela looked down at the spider with a sigh before kneeling down to the floor and stroking his wavy black hair. “Is something wrong Claude?” she asked. “You used to be able to tell me anything, remember?”

The demon chuckled slightly. “That was nearly two thousand years ago.” he answered. “After that, Angel was born, and you were gone. I remember perfectly.” She was silent as she continued to stroke the night black locks. After a few moments, he sighed. “…I can’t see.” he stated sadly. “I haven’t been able to see anything but darkness since we came to this realm. Perhaps it was that flash of light; got too much for my eyes perhaps.”

“I think not.” a new voice sighed from the doorway. Turning, Angela saw Tomoe leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. “After talking with Sebastian, he told me that back in your realm, you were a spider demon, and William said the same before he left to the town. Is this true?”


“And Twilight told me that you all have gained the powers that are common in the realm you are in. Is that true also?”


The kitsune shook his head, letting out a small chuckle. “Tsuchigumo.” he huffed, gaining confusion from the guests. “It is my understanding that you, along with your daughter, and all other supernatural beings from your realm simply became the yokai that you would be if you were born in this realm. Your sudden blindness is all the proof I need to confirm it.”

Angela looked over at him in confusion as Claude turned his head in interest. “Why would this blindness be proof?” he asked.

Tomoe entered the room and sat on the floor with the two. “You see, Claude, tsuchigumo are very powerful yokai. They have amazing healing abilities, can even revive the dead, cast curses, can jump at high and long distances without injury, have amazing strength and speed, and are even sirens, both men and women.”

“What does that have to do with my sight?” the spider asked impatiently.

The fox took in a deep breath before he answered. “There’s a catch to all that power.” he explained. “Tsuchigumo lose a sense at birth, so they could be mute, anosmia, deaf, but usually are blind. It’s rare to find a tsuchigumo that has no disabilities. I’ve only seen one in the last five hundred years, but he wasn’t nearly as powerful as a blind or deaf tsuchigumo.”

“And you think that Angel is a yokai too?” Angela asked in slight worry.

Tomoe nodded, clutching his chin in thought. “I’m not sure what kind though. She’s not a jorogumo at all, nothing like the many jorogumo I’ve met in the past. Of course, you’re not a jorogumo either…Angela, what were you in your home realm?”

“An angel.” she answered.

The kitsune thought for a moment. “…I just don’t know.” he sighed. “I would say tengu, but we already have one tengu, and that’s bad enough as it is. What about your daughter?”

“She was a dog demon at home.” Claude answered.

To this, the fox only bit his lip and thought harder. “…I would say inugami, but that specific breed of yokai is exclusive to dead dogs.” Claude felt his heart stop as his froze stiff and tense. This didn’t go unnoticed to Tomoe as he just sighed and waved it off. “Don’t worry.” he sighed. “Your daughter isn’t dead…I still don’t know what she is though…maybe an okami, but I believed they were extinct before I was born. I never had the pleasure to meet one, but I’ve heard stories about them.”

“Perhaps this is an easier one.” Angela stated. “Sebastian was a crow demon.”

Hearing that, Tomoe flattened his head and glared at the unknown yokai. “…Great. A tengu. Just what we need in this shrine. I thought Kurama was enough…” Shaking his head, Tomoe sighed. “What about Christi?” he asked. “If she is truly Sebastian’s daughter, then she must’ve been a demon in your realm as well, right?”

The couple shrugged. “This was the first we actually heard about her being related to Sebastian by blood.” Angela admitted. “We suspected that she wasn’t related to Ciel by blood, but we thought she was still human. We don’t know what kind of demon she was at home.”

The newly discovered tsuchigumo thought for a moment. “William and his son, Jeremy, they were both grim reapers. Does that count as a yokai?”

Tomoe considered the thought but shook his head. “Yokai are simply Japanese spirits and demons. A grim reaper, I believe, would be a shinigami, which is a Japanese grim reaper. Following that logic, I think they would be shinigami.”

“This might be another easy one.” Claude stated, turning to Tomoe as he found the willpower to sit up. “Sebastian’s oldest daughter, Justine. She was a cat demon.”

Tomoe smacked his face upon hearing that and oozed his claw-like hand to his chin, where he simply dropped it, smacking his lap in the process. “A bakeneko.” he uttered. “A bakeneko. Staying. In this shrine.”

On the way to the school, Ciel and Christi walked side by side in the large crowd of their group. The boy was confused that the young girl hadn’t sparked conversation yet, but passed it off as her being stressed and not wanting to talk. “…Nice day, don’t you think Christi?” Ciel asked. He felt a strong need to get her to be her cheerful self again. Still, her mouth remained shut.

“I think things are starting to look up.” he stated with a smile. “I saw Pinki scratch her back earlier this morning, and if I remember correctly, that usually means that it’s a lucky day.”

Christi only gave him a glance and a smirk as if to ask, “You believe in that?”

The boy chuckled. “…I don’t typically believe in what doesn’t make logical sense, you know, aside from what we’ve already seen, but I think this Pinki Sense thing is quite useful.” he stated, reading her mind. “I remember Pinki telling me that some things just require a leap of faith and cannot be explained. I don’t know, perhaps I’m overthinking all this…but…why are we trying so hard to return home when our past attempts already failed, twice for us now?”

When Christi was silent still, Ciel stopped and fell behind the group, causing the girl to stop as well. “…I’ve noticed Claude isn’t the same as before.” he thought out loud. “He broke down in that shack we lived in for several months, and now he…just doesn’t…something’s just not…quite right.” he stated. “Now, I’m scared for you.” he admitted. “In the last realm, we gained powers and abilities that were common in that realm, as well as consequences and drawbacks. In this realm, these demons Tomoe and his daughters call ‘yokai’ are as common as demons at home.” Christi tilted her head in curiosity as the boy continued. “So…what if…what if you became a yokai like you were a demon at home? And what if that meant a great consequence?”

The girl paused for a moment. After her pause, she took Ciel’s hand and tapped it on her own throat. Ciel’s blue eye widened. “…I see… I will ask Tomoe what he knows of this when we return to the shrine.” he promised.

“Ciel! Christi! Hurry up!” Pinki exclaimed. “You’re falling behind Silly Fillies~!” They ran forward before Pinki could bounce back and start talking their ear off. Ciel wouldn’t have admitted it, but he couldn’t decide if he liked her better as quiet, reserved Pinkamina or hyper, smiley Pinki.

At the school during the passing period, Romano and Sebastian had a conversation about apologizing for irrational behavior, which turned into an argument about whose fault it was for why they were all roped in this to begin with.

“Why, for the love of everything in this creation, would you blame me for something I wasn’t even a part of?! You didn’t even know I existed when you got roped into this crap!”

“Well, you were a demon with supernatural cuckoo powers! You could’ve cursed us from your realm to be roped into this shit!”

“I never had that kind of power! And you know it!”

“If I remember right, you had enough voodoo to clean a two story, thousand acre manner in ten seconds flat! If that’s not power, I don’t know what is, Sebastard!”

“I already warned you not to call me that!”

“Sebastard! Sebastard! SEBASTARD!”

Suddenly, Sebastian pulled his hand back and threw something at the Italian. When Romano dodged, he looked back at the wall where the steak knife stuck between the lockers. His curl wrinkled as he slowly turned back to see Sebastian’s red eyes glow in rage. Night black wings grew behind him and created a large shadow in the hall. Crossing his arms upward with his hands open and free, more sharp steak knives filled his fingers until the number passed the dozens. “…Oh fuck.”

The demon threw the knives at bullet speed at the human. Lucky for him, another black winged teen caught the knives and hid the Italian behind the large wings. “If I had known there was another tengu at the school, I would’ve thrown a welcoming party.” he stated with a charming smile.

Sebastian gazed at him through a mist of wonder that started to replace the anger. “…Who are you?”

The new boy smiled with a chuckle. “I’m sorry, I’m just so used to everyone just knowing who I am. My name’s Kurama, I’m a crow tengu just like you.”

At this point, Sebastian was purely confused. “…Just like…me?” he asked. “I’m afraid you’re mistaken.”

Kurama shook his head as he inspected the demon after taking a knife in his hand. “Sharp blade, magical aura, black wings, sorry to break it to you, but you’re a tengu.”


“Over here babe!” he called down the hall to the teen girl running to the tengu and hugging him as he closed his wings. “What’s up Akimi?”

She looked over at the shocked Sebastian with his own wings now halfway folded. “I see you met my new friends.” she sighed.

The boy sighed, placing his fist on his hip while his other hand rested on her shoulder. “I tried, but they hadn’t given me names yet.”

“Well, the tan, mean, and slightly scary, but childishly cute one is Romano,”


“And the one with the big black wings and throws tantrums like a five year old is Sebastian.”

“I do NOT throw tantrums!” the demon defended himself before pointing a jagged, sharp finger at Romano. “Even if I did, if anyone’s to blame for the cause, it’s Mr. Bastard over there!”

“Who are you calling bastard, Sebastard?!”


“Stop being a bastard, and I will!”

Kurama looked down at Akimi in confusion as the kitsune groaned. “It’s been like that since they started staying in the shrine.” she answered.

In another room, Josiphine, Rachel, and Justine laughed as they started to pull out lunches. “Hey, you mind if we sit with Angel today?” the Michaelis girl asked. “We sit with Angelica and Toph every day, and Angel is starting to get a little lonely.”

“Why not?” the maid asked with a chuckle. “We’re all friends, right?”

The princess smiled. “Well, I don’t mind at all.” she stated. “Besides, Bardroy, Louisiana, America, and Zuko already filled Angelica’s and Toph’s table.” They laughed a little as they walked over to the Feastus girl.

Sitting with Angel already was Natsumi, and Twilight. “Are these seats taken?” Josiphine asked as she gestured to the empty seats.

Upon seeing her friend, Angel smiled. “Not at all.”

The three joined the small table happily as Twilight smiled. “So, Natsumi, you were telling us more about Mikage?”

“Oh yeah!” the teen smiled. “Mikage-oji was great. He was always so kind and knowledgeable about humans. He taught Asami, Akimi, and I everything we know about them. He was also our martial arts master, and he taught us first aid too! Akimi was the one to start calling him ‘Mikage-oji’ though. Of course, I loved him too, but…no one, not even Oto, loved him like Akimi did, and still does.”

“Still does?” Justine asked as the kitsune nodded.

“Yeah.” she answered. “Akimi has such faith that he’ll come back, and she’s still loyal to his honor.”

Josiphine smiled, the talk about Mikage reminding her of her own uncle. “I know the feeling of defending an uncle’s honor.”

“Oh, I forgot my chopsticks in my bag!” Natsumi exclaimed before hurriedly standing and leaving. “I’ll be right back!”

Only seconds after she left, Azula threw her lunch on the table, toppling Natsumi’s tray, spilling the food, and violently ripped the seat from the table before stomping to sit in the chair. Josiphine growled at her sister. “AZULA!” she shouted. “Natsumi is sitting there!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” the elder sister apologized sarcastically. “Did I sit on her?”

“No.” Rachel answered coldly. “She left to get her chopsticks.”

To that, Azula shrugged. “Free seat then.” Angel and Justine both sat there in infuriated silence. “You peasants should count yourselves lucky that I even decided to sit here with you.”

Hearing that, Angel’s dog ears grew as she quickly stomped behind Azula’s chair and ripped her back, throwing her across the room by her black hair. Justine was no help to the princess. With black cat ears atop her head, she threw a wave of fire at the teen.

Azula tried to stop the flames before she remembered her situation. She was in no position to help herself, and looking over at Twilight, Josiphine, and Rachel, they weren’t in any kind of hurry to save her from the scorching punishment that was coming her way as Angel held her in place.

Out of nowhere, Natsumi returned to Azula’s aid and extinguished the fire, Asami with her, ripping the Feastus girl’s hand from the black hair of the loud mouthed former princess. “What just happened?!” the younger kitsune demanded, her white tipped brown ears and tail fully revealed while her sister’s dirty blonde ears and white tipped tail popped into existence as well, expressing pure irritation rather than the shock/anger of the younger teen.

The teens with cat and dog ears uttered explanations before they stopped. “…I never had that kind of strength before…” Angel huffed, gazing at her hand in wonder and awe.

Justine stared at her own hands like a small school girl holding a gun. “…Did I just…do that…?” she asked.

Asami slumped. “You two ARE yokai.” she stated before punching her hips with a slanted jaw. “Little Ms. Okami and Bakeneko.”

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