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Sorting Hat: Kamisama Kiss

Welcome again to another Sorting Hat installment, where I pretend to be the Sorting Hat and place characters from other franchises in the four houses of Harry Potter. For this, I’ll only go over the characters that I covered in the Kamisama Kiss Ponysona blog.

To start off, Nanami is optimistic, reckless, loyal, kind, and stubborn. Though she’s often scared, weak, defenseless, and found running away, I’m kinda thinking Gryffindor is her house. I mean, give it an honest thought. Time and time again, she’s rushed into situations without thinking it through. Hell, when she decided to make Tomoe her familiar in episode 1 (volume 1 of the manga), she literally let go of a tree branch, dragging Tomoe by the ankle, making the contract in mid-air so Tomoe couldn’t escape. For lack of better term, that stunt takes serious guts. If one thing went wrong, like if her hand slipped and Tomoe didn’t get dragged, or Tomoe somehow stop falling with his yokai power, and Nanami would be a fresh pancake for that demon hag chasing her. For that, and many more examples that would take too long to mention, Nanami is in Gryffindor!

Next is the egocentric Tomoe. I firmly believe Tomoe is a Slytherin, and here’s why. Not only does he have the purist type of mind set similar to Salazar Slytherin, but it’s also his lofty ambition to change his entire being that kick starts all the events. Similar to Black Butler, where the main character is Sebastian while the one with the main conflict is Ciel, though Nanami is the main character, it’s Tomoe who has the main conflict and gets the happy ending that he’s waited for and wished for hundreds of years before Nanami was even born. If you think about it, it’s Tomoe’s ambition to become a human that led him to make his first contract with the fallen god, which made him turn to Mikage for a cure when the contract goes wrong, which made him a familiar (from then on, Mikage orchestrated an elaborate plan to fulfill Tomoe’s initial wish). And so, Slytherin for the fox.

For Mizuki, it’s so easy to say Slytherin. However, I feel he’s more fitting for Hufflepuff. Through the whole story, from the moment Mizuki is introduced, he doesn’t care what Nanami is born as because to him, she’s the woman he wants as his bride, and later, his Lady and Mistress. He accepts Nanami despite her being born human and fallen into a position that granted her divine status. Not to mention, he is undyingly loyal. In the books, it shows that he’s hatched from an egg just to be Yonimori’s familiar. For hundreds of years, even after Yonimori left the shrine with no sign to return, Mizuki stayed. It’s not until Nanami comes to his shrine and grants her hand in friendship when he realizes that Yonimori isn’t coming back and told him to not be unhappy. He then extends his loyalty to Nanami, recognizing her as a divine being. For his loyalty and acceptance, Mizuki is Hufflepuff.

Kurama is boastful and has a habit of acting or talking without thinking, but also has the ambition to declare himself a god. Therefore, I think he fits Gryffindor or Slytherin. Kurama’s introduced as a big chested guy that hogs the spotlight as much as possible, even if it meant starting a fight. The more I think of it, he fits in Slytherin more than Gryffindor.

One of Nanami’s best friends, Kei, is short sighted and head strong. Though she’s a good friend, she is fairly self-centered and would ditch her friends for a chance to meet her next boyfriend. I’m kinda split between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Her ambition and ease of abandoning her friends fits Slytherin fairly well, but her short sightedness and fairly reckless behavior fits Gryffindor. If I had to choose one, I’d say Gryffindor.

Ami, Nanami’s other best friend, is kind and caring. Though she’s a little slow and it takes a while for her to pick up what’s been put down, her heart is in the right place. She stands by Nanami, Kei, Kurama, and anyone else she considers a friend. Though she wouldn’t throw herself into danger on her own, we’ve seen her at times like in episode 5 (or maybe it was 6. I can’t remember) when Tomoe, disguised as Nanami, saves Ami from a lowly perverted Yokai in the locker room. Ami at first runs in fear before she realizes that, in her perspective, she left Nanami back at the locker room with a monster. She then runs back to the locker room, telling Kei to go on to class without her. Though she’s afraid, she goes back to help her friend. Even though she didn’t really help, she was still prepared to help however she could despite her not even knowing what’s going on and doesn’t leave again until Kurama assures her that nothing is wrong. For this reason, I place her in Hufflepuff.

Final verdict, we have two Hufflepuff, two Gryffindor, and two Slytherin. Wow, an anime that mixes Supernatural Fantasy, and School Slice of Life, and no Ravenclaws…odd.

Oh well, do you agree? Disagree? Was there a detail I missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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