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Ouran High School Host Club and their Ponysonas

It’s been a while since I made a ponysona blog, and I already sorted the host club into Hogwarts Houses and Elements of Harmony, so here’s what I believe the hosts would be as ponies.

Might as well start with the prince himself, Tamaki. Tamaki Suoh is eccentric, but I don’t believe he’s enough so to be a pegasus. He is stubborn, but not really enough to be an earth pony. So, though he lacks the intellect to be a unicorn, I do think he does have the grace to be a unicorn. Even though he is goofy, he is very suave and graceful, too much so to see him as any other type of pony in my opinion. So, Tamaki is a unicorn, probably with a white rose for his childish purity and fragile heart.

Next is Kyoya. I’m saying it now, there is no way Kyoya is anything other than a unicorn. He’s just so manipulative, intelligent, and studious. I can’t see him as anything else. Therefore, to save our time, I’ll declare him a unicorn with his black book as a cutiemark due to him always having his face buried in that book, or possibly, bear with me, an equal sign. Not because of Starlight’s Village, but because Kyoya is a BIG numbers person. He’s always looking for an equation, finding sums and differences between the numbers (heck, the one time in the show when he’s chipper, he’s animated with numbers and addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division signs dancing around…just watch episode 12 if you don’t know what I’m talking about…).

Hikaru and Kaoru I’m just getting through at once. Both these twins are extroverted pranksters (I know they weren’t like that in their middle school days, but I’m only judging how they were for the majority of the show). I can easily see them both as pegasi. As for the cutiemark, I think they might both have mirror cutiemarks, but different colors, since the two pride themselves on the Which One’s Hikaru game.

As for Honey, I’m kinda torn between pegasus and earth pony. Though Honey is extroverted enough to be a pegasus, I’m going to take his family into consideration and say earth pony. Honey’s family is full of master martial artists, and considering that Honey himself is the strongest of the family, I think earth pony first a little better than pegasus. As for a cutiemark, it’s gotta be a strawberry cake. Not only is that his favorite, but he’s also so bright and sweet inside and out.

Now moving over to Mori. Similar to Honey, Mori comes from a martial arts background and family. I think earth pony is obvious for Mori. A cutiemark is a bit more difficult because he hardly gets in the spotlight. Maybe some throne for his supportive nature and habit of sitting on the sidelines for almost every episode? I really can’t think of anything else.

Lastly is Haruhi. Though Haruhi has the intelligence to be a unicorn, she’s also kind of a Plain Jane, stubborn type of person. I’m caught between unicorn and earth pony…I’m literally flipping a coin to break this tie…Earth pony is the winner. As for a cutiemark, either a red rose for her ‘Natural Type’ position in the club, or a notebook for her school ambition.

Do you agree? Disagree? Did I miss something that’s a game changer? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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