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Chapter 16: From Benders to Yokai

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The large group found themselves in what seemed to be a school library in the blink of an eye. Twilight, Mareuscript, Rainbow Dash, AD, Pinki Pie, Naples, Louisiana, Tokyo, Justine, Angel, Rachel, Azula, Josiphine, Toph, Angelica, and Katara all were in uniform with white long sleeved dress shirts and mustard yellow bow ties and skirts. The most sophisticated girls, Twilight, Azula, Justine, and Angel all had jackets of the same mustard yellow and black hymning. The less sophisticated girls, Mareuscript, Naples, Tokyo, Rachel, Josiphine, Angelica, and Katara though they didn’t have the jackets over their shoulders, they still had the sleeves down with their cuffs buttoned. The rest of the girls had their sleeves messily rolled up. The former ponies of the group had their cutie marks on chain necklaces that were tucked under their shirts.

Romano, Italy, America, Japan, France, Paris, Sebastian, Ciel, Bardroy, Jeremy, Sokka, and Zuko all were in uniform also, but slightly different. Their long-sleeved dress shirts were more slender, they didn’t have any neck ties, and their slacks were dark gray. Sebastian and Japan were the only ones with buttoned cuffs. Though Zuko’s cuffs weren’t buttoned, his sleeves were all the way down as well. The others had their sleeves rolled up to their elbows sloppily.

Cutie, Venice, Christi, and Chrima were all in short, dark blue dresses with long sleeves, and sailor-like collars over their red bows. All of them had long, white socks and shiny black shoes.

William, Claude, and Angela were the only ones not in uniform. Instead, William had a white dress shirt tucked into black slacks. Claude wore a simple dark gray dress shirt draped over black slacks under a black leather belt (somehow, his beard was shaved off also). Angela had on a purple blouse with white slacks.

“…What…just…happened?” Azula asked as she looked around.

Ciel was the one to answer the princess. “If I had to guess, I’d say you ended up in our group.”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Zuko growled.

“I don’t even know what happened…” France sighed.

“Aang must’ve felt overly stressed.” Katara answered. “To tell the truth, I don’t like being forced to cooperate with that reckless blonde!” she spat at America.

The American dropped his jaw. “Seriously?! You’re pissed at me?! For what?!”

“Involving us to begin with!”

“I didn’t have anything to do with that! You involved yourselves!”

“If you hadn’t twisted Romano’s wrist or broke Louisiana’s arms, we would’ve never sought you out and gotten tangled in this mess!”

“Well, no use fighting over it at the moment!” Sebastian took charge. “The three of your highness’ are now included in our group, as well as Ms. Beifong, her sister, Sokka, Katara, and Chrima weather you like it or not.”

Angelica looked around. “Does this mean that we won’t get home again?”

“We’d better get home!” Romano huffed, crossing his arms.

“I have pasta to make!” Italy exclaimed. Naples and Venice smiled with a giggle as Romano rolled his eyes.

“I have my own work to do.” William sighed. “Had my son not stood too close, we wouldn’t’ve been in this mess. I agree with Katara in the fact that select individuals tied us all together with invisible chains. My select individual is my son.”

Jeremy glared at his father. “…Okay, I get it. It’s all my fault you got separated from your work. What can we do about it now?”

“You’re grounded.” was the simple answer.

Twilight looked around in guilt. She was the source that caused all these people to be misplaced from their homes with the possibility of never returning home again all because she wanted to learn a new spell.

As the group itself started to defuse, Angel looked up and sighed as she started to wander around. Only two steps later, she was pulled back by a firm hand. “Angel, where are you going?”

“Don’t worry dad, I’m just going to check out this place.” the teen huffed to her father. Something about him slightly confused her; he didn’t look directly at her, rather than in her general direction. She ignored it as Claude kept his grip on her and she sighed. “Do you want to come with me?”

“Why, yes. Thank you for your invitation.” the spider smiled with closed eyes as he followed her, not releasing her arm.

Turning a corner, a couple of girls crashed into Angel and the duo of unknown students dropped their large stacks of manga books from their arms. “I’m so sorry.” one of the girls apologized as she and her companion regathered their books. “Asami and I weren’t even looking.” The girl looked up with big brown eyes and saw Angel’s dog ears and tail from the slight shock of running into her. The collision pushed Claude away from her and he was knocked into a wall, causing his glasses to fall off.

The teen smiled widely as she smacked a book on Asami’s back to get her attention. “Don’t do that, Akimi!” she complained until she too saw the strangers, a smile on her own face. “You’re yokai?!”

Angel gazed at her with an arched brow as Claude tilted his head in confusion, retrieving his glasses with slight difficulty and sliding them on his face as the two smiled in joy. “I didn’t know other yokai came to this school!”

“Asami, there is Kurama, Natsumi, and Oto.”

“Yeah, but OTHER than them!”

“…Come again?” Angel asked.

Akimi rushed to her feet and shook Angel’s hand violently. “My name’s Akimi, and this is my oldest sister, Asami! My sisters and I are yokai, but we’re not that powerful. Heck, I don’t even have any powers aside from stupid shape shifting and super strength.”

“You and Natsumi are still more powerful than me.” Asami brought up.

To that, Akimi shrugged. “Yeah, but you still have Fox Fire, and all I can do is punch stuff.” She then turned her attention back to Angel and Claude. “What kind of yokai are you? Kitsune? Inugami? Tengu? Tsuchigumo? Jorogumo? Tanuki? Bakeneko? Hebi? Mujina?”

“Hold it!” Angel stopped her. “Look, Akimi, right?” the yokai nodded. “Look Akimi, we are demons. Not yokai. Though I’d love to, I don’t speak Japanese.” With that, she explained what she was, where she and her parents were from, and how she got there.

“If you and your group need a place to stay, stop by the Mikage shrine. I’m sure Oto wouldn’t mind, and Nanami is staying with Otohiko and Kamiko for a few months for tests and training for her to be more up for the role as a god.” Asami stated. “Just one tiny thing I ask in return… You say you can make clones?” Evil smiles spread on the three teens’ faces

After school later that day, Tomoe found a note on his desk:

“Need to stay after for a test. Asami said she’ll walk me home. Meet you later. -Akimi”

With a sigh, the yokai simply continued home with Natsumi, explaining to her that Akimi and Asami would be home late.

That evening, Tomoe cooked dinner as usual while Natsumi played cards with Mizuki. He soon heard a quick, “Hey Oto”. Glancing up, he saw that Akimi just passed by the door.

Not thinking anything of it, he just sighed, “Hey Akimi.” and continued to cook.

A few seconds later, he reached for a pot in the cabinet as he again heard, “Hey Oto”. Turning around, he expected to see Asami but instead saw Akimi walk by the door yet again.

With furrowed brows, he froze for a moment in confusion. “…Hey Akimi.” he stated, thinking he didn’t really say it before and his mind was playing tricks on him.

Just as he started to return to cooking, he heard, “Hey Oto” once again. Whipping his head around, he saw Akimi walk by the door a third time.

Curiosity edging in his mind, Tomoe poked his head out the door and looked down the hall where Akimi allegedly went. Behind him, he again heard, “Hey Oto” as another Akimi walked around him and down the hall.

His purple eyes grew wide and his pale face turned blue. “…Akimi?” he called.

“Yes, Oto?” over a dozen identical voices answered from behind him. When he turned, he couldn’t even count the ‘Akimi’s, there were so many squashed in that small hall.

His kimono slipped off his shoulder as his ears and tail drooped. In the few moments of silence, the sound of giggling was heard from behind a door down the hall. His right ear twitched toward the sound. Following the giggles, he opened the door and saw an Akimi (he didn’t know if it was the real one or not) with Asami and several people he never met before. Seeing the yokai in the doorway, Akimi laughed even louder. “Hey Oto.” she laughed. “I just thought that you’d want a more entertaining introduction to my new friends~!” she then gestured to the girls. “This is Angel, Bardroy, Rachel, Pinki Pie, Cutie Pie, Louisiana, Jeremy, AD, Justine, Tokyo, Naples, and Rainbow Dash.”

“These people and a few others needed a place to stay, so I offered that they could stay here~! Isn’t that great?!” Asami added happily.

Tomoe stood there for a moment. “…Exactly how many is ‘a few others’?”

“There are 35 in our group total.” Justine answered.

Hearing this, the fox dropped his jaw. “…35…”

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