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If Harry Potter Wasn’t with the Dursley’s

Every Harry Potter fan knows that Harry was brought to the Dursley’s by Dumbledore, McGonagle, and Hagrid so he could grow up away from the fame, fortune, and knowledge of his parent’s heroic tragedy. However, the Dursley’s, despite being the brother-in-law and sister of Lily Potter, Harry was outcasted by the Dursley’s and treated as vermin; given a horrid childhood. His story is basically a Cinderella Story, Hogwarts School as the ball, and the Dursley’s as the evil step-family. Still, Harry isn’t without kind adults who view him as part of their family, and honored/loved one or both of his parents. My question is how different would Harry’s childhood be if one of these other people came to take him as a baby before Hagrid got there to take him to Privet Drive.

Also, though James Potter was friends with Lupin, Serious, and Peter, I will NOT consider Peter Pettigrew as a potential guardian due to him being a coward and avid Death Eater (not to mention he’s the one who told Voldemort about the Potters; he wouldn’t protect Harry due to that putting himself at risk. If he did, then he’d give him to Voldemort instantly, or lock him up somewhere to live out his whole life in a literal inescapable cell. Forget “bars on the window”, Harry would literally be in a prison cell).

First is Serious Black, the one who was appointed as Harry’s Godfather by Lily and James. If Serious took Harry as a baby, I could see two possible outcomes.

The good outcome is that Serious takes Herry and goes straight to House Black to go into hiding, raising Harry in secret, probably only extending knowledge of his existence to the Order of the Phoenix. I think Serious would’ve been more than proud when Harry gets his letter and would help him with his shopping while disguised as a dog. Serious would give Harry the best possible life he could.

On the other hand, Because Serious is framed for the betrayal of the Potters and murder of Peter Pettigrew, Serious might be arrested same as in the original story, and Harry either be taken to Dumbledore to go to the Dursley’s or be sent to an orphanage, which, there are too many outcomes that go with that scenario to even start guessing.

Second on my little list is Remus Lupin, a good friend to Lily and James. Again, I can see two possible outcomes.

One way this could play out is that Lupin takes Harry and just places strict rules, especially on bed time to avoid turning into a wolf in front of Harry. He would be more than happy to help Harry get to Hogwarts and would gladly support him in school. Again, Lupin, like Serious, would give Harry the best possible life he could provide.

However, the other way it could be is, Harry would still be at high risk of becoming a werewolf as well. Let’s just say, one night, Harry doesn’t listen to Lupin when he says “go to bed”, he sneaks out, only to find Lupin either transform into a wolf or already changed. Scared for his life, Harry, who might be a small child at this point in time, would have no idea how to react. Lupin, being in wolf form, wouldn’t recognize Harry as the boy he raised and would attack, turning young Harry into a werewolf. I’ll give child Harry the benefit of the doubt and say that he would run instantly after Lupin would be distracted with something. The next morning, Harry would be wary around Lupin, and Lupin would find the scar he left and apologize, probably getting more strict with his rules and preparing Harry for the hardships that come with being a werewolf. This would also affect his school life, as most, if not all, the students would avoid Harry, similar to how they did in the Chamber of Secrets. To all the students, Harry is a threat; a danger. The only ones to treat him no different would be the other professors. Actually, he might be more reliant on Snape for a potion that prevents transformation.

Speaking of Snape, he’s the third option for the love he has for Lily. According to Snape’s flashback, Snape actually did arrive at the crime scene before Hagrid. He actually saw baby Harry as he cradled Lily’s corpse. However, if he had taken Harry before Hagrid arrived, he would’ve been a strict father figure. I believe he would not allow Harry to take after James, or might even not allow Harry to bring up or ask about his parents. How this is different from the Dursleys is the fact that Snape would keep Harry close. I firmly believe that he would still put up a harsh shell and protect Harry in secret. He may even be harsher on Harry both in and out of class.

The last option I can think of is Hagrid, simply because he’s the one who takes Harry to Privet Drive. However, if he took Harry and somehow convinced Dumbledore to allow Hagrid to keep him, Harry would probably get the happiest home life. Since Hagrid lives on Hogwarts grounds, Harry would live there too. He’d be much more familiar with the grounds before even enrolling. Hagrid wouldn’t have many rules at his house, except probably respect all creatures no matter how unattractive, how scary, how big, or how small, for those are the ones that are “vastly misunderstood”.

Shout out to the Weasley’s, they really do make Harry feel the most like he’s a part of a family, mother, father, brothers, a sister, the whole enchilada. However, the Weasley’s and the Potter’s don’t have a relationship before the events of the movies and books.

Did I miss something? Was there another option of someone to take Harry in that I missed? Are there details that I missed for the optional guardians I’ve mentioned? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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