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Chapter 15: Final Escape

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After a while, Angel started trying to part from Claude so Angela could get a turn to at least see her, but he tightened his grip when she started to slip away. “…Dad, you can let go now.” The father simply shook his head. The teen sighed as she strained to look at the rest of the group. “A little help here guys!”

With a little chuckle, Sebastian sighed. “Claude, I understand you miss your daughter, but you’ve been hugging her like that since midnight, and it’s nearing three in the morning.”

The spider continued to shake his head as Katara took a turn. “Look, we’ve all missed our loved ones and are overjoyed to see them again, but right now, we need a plan to get out of here, and we need both of you to help.”

“Start by shaving your face!” Angel exclaimed. “You’re making my head itch!”

With another shake of his head, Claude hugged Angel even tighter, causing her face to turn as blue as her robes. Angela smiled and looked up at them with shimmering purple eyes. “…Claude,” He moved his slightly brighter yellow eyes to meet hers. “…the moon is still full.”

Just like that, Claude zipped his arms from Angel and leaned back so far, he fell on the floor and bumped his head on the closed door behind him. Angela smiled as she gave her daughter a tight but quick hug. “That’s better.”

“We should be able to escape right now while the guards are asleep.” Angelica stated.

“There are still guards at every gate.” Angela sighed. “There are fewer than in the day, true, but the ones still on duty will still burn us all alive if we even try that.”

“But Angela,” Aang smiled. “you already forgot that I have a flying bison.” he stated.

Tokyo sighed as she clutched Japan’s sleeve in her fist. “It might be a little tough for him to get 35 people out at once, we’d have to take turns and split into groups, that way he can fly us over where there aren’t any guards, and we can all meet there.”

“Or at least not as many guards.” Sokka added.

“How would we break up the groups?” Sebastian asked.

“Easy!” America laughed. “We split into groups of six, seven for Spiderman, Puppy Eyes, and White Head and Boomerang, Noodle Arms, and Claw Fist!”

Claude, Angela, Angel, Katara, and Chrima (Sokka was used to being referred to as something with a boomerang) looked confused at the nicknames. “…Spiderman?”

“Noodle Arms?”

“Puppy Eyes?”

“Claw Fist?”

“White Head?!” Angela smiled strainingly before she raised a hand and America started twitching. “I find that offensive.”

“Angela! Stop it!” Katara barked. “Threatening with bloodbending is one thing, but using it just because you don’t like a nickname is something completely different! I don’t like the nickname Noodle Arms, but nicknames aren’t even a priority right now!”

France raised his own hand toward Angela with a cold look in his blue eyes. “If you don’t release him, I’ll bend you, and you know I can.” he threatened.

The angel sighed and released America. “…You’re even crazier than Russia…” he huffed.

The blonde waterbender slouched his shoulders and sighed tiringly. “…Merci for not forcing my hand…I would hate to make a mistake since I’m a little out of practice…”

“So, we’ll go with that plan?” Twilight asked. “We’ll take turns based on family. No more than three families at once.”

“Sounds fair enough.” Rainbow Dash stated. “Let’s get started!” And they started to defuse.

Quietly, in their groups, they snuck out the back door of the house, where Appa hid. Aang leaped to the bison’s head. “Alright, first passengers, climb on.” Rainbow Dash, AD, Romano, Italy, Naples, and Venice were the first to stumble up the wide tail and in the saddle.

More groups left the town, playing hopscotch over the wall before the last group of six approached the beast. America pulled Angelica in the saddle before assisting his sister, to which she responded with a hateful glare and proceeded to assist herself in the leather, sitting next to Toph near the edge. Pinki had no trouble bouncing up the tail and sitting at the rim of the saddle while Cutie followed her mother’s lead. Smacking his tail on the hard ground once again, Appa took off in the sky as dawn started to break.

Suddenly, one of Pinki’s knees started twitching uncontrollably and she looked at the shack behind the American blonde in worry. America looked back at the shack, following Pinki’s gaze before he leaped at the five girls in the saddle. “DUCK!” he shouted, pushing them down to the leather. A shower of fireballs sizzled past their heads. A loud, deep bell rang through the town. Every soldier ran out and prepared to attack. They were caught.

Appa swerved, ducked, and dodged the many fireballs aimed at them. When America dared to look back, he saw the soldier count rising. “Let’s just go!” he shouted over the alarms. “We can’t fight them head on!”

As he said that, Appa had to turn over sharply and Angelica slipped out of the saddle, her grip just barely enough to keep her on the bison. America hurried to her and reached for her. As his hand brushed against her’s, her grip slipped. She fell.

The American whipped his head to the airbender. “Angelica overboard! Get down there and get her!” Aang was too busy avoiding the rain of fire to even hear him. With a deep breath, America pushed himself to Aang, violently shoved him in the saddle, and took the reigns. “Yip yip!” he shouted as he yanked the strips of leather back to the town and guided Appa down, trying to ignore the girl’s screaming at the speed they were going at.

Angelica nearly hit the ground before she felt fur beneath her. She opened her dark brown eyes and looked down. The patch of rock she was supposed to land on was growing small in the distance. Looking over, she saw America right beside her. With a smile, she reached over and collapsed him in a hug. Behind them, fire rained. To them, fireworks sparked. With a growing smile, Ameriça continued the way back to the rest of the group.

They landed in the small field where the others waited. “What the hell took you guys so long?!” Romano cursed.

“We were a little busy with the soldiers that came and rang the alarm.” Toph huffed back.

“Well, they were coming to take Spiderman and me to the mines for our day of work~” Pinki giggled. “It was a doozy, but not the biggest doozy I’ve ever seen~”

“Did my legal name change to Spiderman?!” Claude shouted.

“Are you guys alright?” Katara asked with worry edged in her tone as everyone swarmed them.

“If you mean, ‘did you get burned?’ then we’re all fine.” Angelica sighed.

“You know, it doesn’t really matter right now.” America stated hurriedly. “We’re all in one piece, no burns, no bumps, no bruises, let’s get the last two that were captured and go HOME!”

“If I remember correctly,” Sebastian stated, scratching his chin. “Prince Zuko and Princess Josiphine were taken to a prison called the Boiling Rock.”

“You have a keen memory.” Claude complemented.

To that, the firebender shrugged. “I’m sure you do too when you’re not threatened to never see your daughter again.”

“You’re one to talk.” The nonbender growled. “I still remember how you were when your daughter was captured by Alistair Chamber.”

“And you turned around and took her as soon as you found her!” Sebastian barked, a flame starting to consume his fists.

“Will you both STOP!” Ciel shouted. “What has gotten into you, Sebastian! First Romano, now Claude?!”

“But Young Ma-”


“…But Ciel!” Sebastian whined, pointing a finger to the nonbender childishly. “He started it!”

Justine only gave her father a glare. She didn’t dare call him out since he was her father after all. Still, it didn’t matter what they went through together, Sebastian and Claude would never just be grown up and leave each other alone.

Wanting to get back on track, Chrima looked up at Sokka. “Isn’t the Boiling Rock that prison you, Zuko, and Josiphine went to a while back?”

Sokka nodded with a sigh. “…They’re gone.” he stated, earning looks from the misfits. “When I went to the Boiling Rock with them, it had the reputation that it was inescapable. Now that we’ve escaped with dad, Suki, and one of its prisoners, it’s bound to be even more impossible.”

Twilight thought for a moment. “…Yeah, it would make sense that they would raise the security.”

“And Appa can’t carry 35 passengers, plus 2 in one trip!” Paris reasoned.

Aang thought for a moment before an idea struck in his mind. “My glider can hold up to two other people as long as they’re small enough. I’ll take Chrima and Venice since they’re the youngest and smallest. Appa can hold a large group for a short amount of time in the air, and when he gets tired, he can just swim; it’ll be like riding a boat. We’ll just have to go on foot for as long as we can.” They went with that plan with no complications (mainly because this author is too tired/lazy to put in any complications).

While Angelica, Katara, and Naples left to find Zuko and Josiphine in guard disguises, the rest of the group simply tried to not get noticed on the outside of the prison.

While searching for the correct cell, the three froze as they saw a teenage girl with long night black hair. Red, black, and golden armor spread across her shoulders and down her arms and breasts. The amber golden eyes stayed focused on the path ahead of her. “That’s the girl that almost killed Sebastian without hesitation.” Naples whispered. “We have to be careful.”

“I remember the captain saying he was saving Zuko and Josiphine for the princess.” the earthbender stated. “That means she knows where they are!”

“Maybe, but it’s risky.” the waterbender stated, not moving her glare from the powerful teen below her. “I say we should find them on our own and meet everyone in the courtyard as planned.”

They poked around the cells a little longer before a distinct cry echoed through the steel halls. “What’s going on?! Let me go!” The three looked down from the second floor to see a small teenage girl around the age of fourteen being dragged away while she pushed, kicked, and struggled to break free. Her matted hair was thrown left and right as she fought to no avail.

“That looks like Josiphine.” Angelica stated.

“It is.” Katara confirmed. “I’d know her anywhere.”

“…She’s been my best friend since I joined the gang.” the earthbender sighed.

The waterbender averted her eyes, lost in thought. “…I’ve known her longer, but I’ve only been friends with her for a short amount of time. I’m not sure, even now, that I can call us friends.”

Justine looked over at Angelica in curiosity. Even though she, Louisiana, and Tokyo were very different from Josiphine and Angelica, Mareuscript and AD, even Justine, Rachel, and Angel, she couldn’t help but see a sense of familiarity with the relationships; each and every group were best friends since day one; since the moment they actually knew each other. Taking a deep breath, she sighed, looking over at the two. “You should go and look for Zuko. He should still be in a cell, so you’ll need metalbending since there were no keys with these uniforms. I’ll follow Josiphine and see if I can help her out.”

Katara’s look turned stern. “I’m going with you. You’d need help if you run into Azula.”

As a reply, she generated a small, minuscule electric spark in her fingers. “I think I can handle myself against her.” she stated. “Since Angelica would be metalbending, she’d need someone to watch her back.”

The teen nodded before Angelica asked, “Where do we meet after we get Zuko?”

“Just get back to the rest of the group. Act like you’re taking him someplace, another reason both of you should get him, it’ll be more convincing if two guards were taking a powerful male prisoner somewhere than just one female guard.” she stated. “I’ll meet you there with Josiphine.” They nodded in response and hurried across the metal floor.

With a sigh, the Italian firebender followed the guards that held the exiled princess captive. After some time, she was thrown in a small cell with frozen air exploding out the moment the door opened. “You’ll stay in here ’til your dear older sister can come and get you.” the guard smirked as the steel doors slammed shut and the two guards stood at either side of the cell door with the small, barred, glass window.

Naples furrowed her brows before she put on her best brave face. “Hey, I need to get in there.” she stated strictly. “I have direct orders from the princess to take her directly to her.”

“The girl just got here.” the large intimidating guard sighed, leaning on the wall. “We were told that the princess was going to run a few errands, pick up her brother, then come here and get her herself.”

“She’s a princess.” Naples reasoned. “She has more important things to do than chase down her little sister all day.” The guards were silent. “If you guys want to completely go against her highness’ wishes, that’s fine by me. I’ll just go back and let her know what you guys said. I’m sure she’s itching for a reason to use her rare blue fire. What are your names again?” They both froze in fear before scrambling, fumbling with their keys to open the cell door.

With the metal door opened, Josiphine looked up from her huddled shivering in confusion. Looking up with her golden auburn eyes, she saw two guards fall on the metal floor, twitching slightly. Standing above them was a teenage girl seemingly no older than fifteen in a guard uniform. Cautiously, she backed away. “It’s okay! It’s only me!” the unknown girl stated as she lifted the mask on the helmet to reveal her blue-green eyes.

“…Naples?” the princess asked. “…You…you can bend lightning?!”

“I have to agree with my sister, that was quite a shock, wouldn’t you agree peasant?” a voice purred from around the corner. Josiphine looked over and nearly slipped out of her prison shoes as she tried to run away with Naples close behind. Chasing after them was Azula as they raced through the steal halls to the courtyard.

As they made it closer and closer to the rest of the group, Naples shouted, “Help! She’s crazy!”

The avatar looked over where the three firebenders ran towards them and snapped. His grey eyes widened as Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Chrima, and Romano tried to help and the group was split.

Drawing closer to the three was the large group of strangers from different worlds, as well as Angelica, Toph, Zuko, Sokka, Katara, and Chrima. Rushing away was the Avatar. Aang’s eyes flashed a blinding light during the very instant the three firebenders made it to the group and they all collided.

The light was gone as instantaneously as it appeared. Just as instantaneously, Twilight, Mareuscript, Rainbow Dash, AD, Pinki, Cutie, Romano, Naples, Italy, Venice, America, Louisiana, Japan, Tokyo, France, Paris, Sebastian, Justine, Ciel, Christi, Claude, Angela, Angel, Bardroy, Rachel, William, Jeremy, Zuko, Azula, Josiphine, Toph, Angelica, Sokka, Katara, and Chrima all disappeared into thin air.

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