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Meet My Oc: Hetalia Cont. (Dreamtalia)

Ok, I probably shouldn’t do this…but…since I already did one of these for HetaOni, and Dreamtalia is (at the very least, in my opinion) the next HetaOni, I figure this is fitting. This is how the ocs of my friends and I are handling the events of Dreamtalia. I might write a version of Dreamtalia that includes the ocs, or I might not. I’m kinda just doing this for the fun of it.

I’m just picking up right where I left off on the original Meet My Oc for these characters. If you hadn’t read Meet My Ocs: Tokyo, Louisiana, Venice, Naples, and Paris, then it would behoove you to read that first. Otherwise, you might be very confused because I don’t like repeating myself and won’t put down important background info on these characters in this blog.

Really quick, before I forget, the featured image is of Naples (base used by: sweetslayer).

Tokyo, Louisiana, and Paris are informed of what’s going on, being the siblings of Japan, America, and France. Tokyo and Louisiana insist on joining the group in the dream, however, are denied and demanded to stay in the real world and help Paris and Prussia tend wounds and protect the other victims’ real bodies.

Naples and Venice are left in the dark, staying with Spain and Romano for most of the time. It’s not until Romano becomes a victim, falling into a coma, when Spain, Naples, and Venice take him to America’s house, where they hope to get answers from England. That is when Naples finds out what’s truly going on and why her uncle had never returned home. She didn’t get much time to worry before she drifted to sleep to become yet another victim not long after Sealand.

Louisiana and Tokyo would’ve been pushed to enter the dream world after seeing their friend fall victim, however, Spain still took the last of the potion. Louisiana, however, does sneak off to the basement, convinced that she spends enough time with England to know enough magic to make another. Unsurprisingly, she fails miserably. She spends the rest of the time trying to crack the code and make more of the potion. Though Tokyo followed Louisiana at first, she returned to the others after her first attempt, being told that her brother was in need of care.

In the dream world, Naples’ dream comes true and she’s the captain of a pirate ship. Here, though she’s still just as strong, witty, and brave as she is in real life, she isn’t relied on for normal everyday things, and, when she does step in to protect others, she gets acknowledged (or at least a simple thank you). Due to all the roles of the Arcana being filled, she takes the name Sky, for she is free as any cloud in the heavens and beyond. Her guardian is Strength, however, she rejects him for being all brawns, no brains. The Dream Reaper takes the form of Romano. However, much like how when he took the form of America he acted humble while praising Canada for every little thing, the Dream Reaper disguised as Romano is stronger, braver, independent, and loyal. Unlike the real Romano, the fake Romano can hold his own in a fight easily.

The group arrive at her pirate ship right after saving Sealand. The whole time, wandering the ship in search of the captain, Romano wonders who it could be. Of course, by this point, England and Germany have both had enough of this game, and to put simply, are in a really bad mood. Sky zeros in on the real Romano, focusing her fighting to him, viewing him as the fake trying to confuse her. However, Germany, being completely over it, smacks her across the face, scolding her on why the dream is nothing more than just a dream. He then explains what situation they’re all in while the Dream Reaper tries to counter Germany’s words, unable to. Seeing that the Dream Reaper disguised as Romano apparently doesn’t care about the situation and tries to brush it off, she effectively wakes up, ridding herself of the name Sky and accepting her role as Naples. She then apologizes to Romano and explains why her dream is the way it is.

Seeing that the Dream Reaper disguised as Romano apparently doesn’t care about the situation and tries to brush it off, she effectively wakes up, ridding herself of the name Sky and accepting her role as Naples. She then apologizes to Romano and explains why her dream is the way it is. Naples has a secret love of sailing and water, explaining why she’s a pirate captain in her dream. She also wishes for most of all that she wouldn’t be relied on for every little thing. Being the only brave Italian in the family means that she’s always the one to be the grown up, even when she was a child. Rather than be the one foundation for her father, uncle, and cousin, she wishes to be on equal ground, so none of the Italian family is completely dependent on anyone. Naples then guides the group from the ship safely, gaining her level head, however, Romano steps up and keeps pace with her, helping her guide the way by explaining how they got to her.

Once they all make it back to land, the group all decide to leave the ones who were rescued, including Naples. Naturally, she tries to argue that she should go and help save her uncle but goes with the more or less forced plan reluctantly when she’s reminded that her father is being left behind at land as well, returning to the real world when Italy is saved, just like the other victims.

I know it sounds kinda boring, but….that’s about it. Outside from that, the rest of the story continues exactly as it did originally. To sum it up….Naples is the one who has the most sway in the story, being one of the victims, while Paris, Tokyo, and Venice tend to the wounded in the real world and Louisiana tries and fails to make more potion to try and sneak her way in the dream world.

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