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Chapter 12: Miseries of Faustus Household

The nearly full moon started to peek over the treetops as they made it inside the house, a two-story shack built of old wood and nearly falling apart, where Angela brewed a large pot of tea. “If I had known you were bringing the rest of the group, I would’ve gotten more food, Claude.” the angel stated venomously sweet.

“If I had known they were coming to this town, I would’ve told you and the kids, Angela.” he stated right back.

Pinki pouted. “…I’m not a kid…” she huffed.

“You still act like a kid, sweetie.” the white haired waterbender stated, much kinder than she had with Claude only seconds ago.

To this truth, the pink haired woman shrugged. “Can’t argue with that.” Out of nowhere, she rubbed her shoulder while Angela was putting the now empty pot in the sink. “Wait!” Pinki called as she hurried over. “Achy Shoulder!”

Cutie chuckled. “…Mom, I don’t think your Pinki Sense would work here.” As corrected, when Pinki reached in the sink, she pulled out a small Cat-gator.

While everyone in the room steered clear of the pathway, Pinki walked to the door with a smile. “You should know better than to doubt my Pinki Sense~ If my shoulder needs a rub, there’s a gator in the tub~”

Everyone turned to the two adults living in the shack as Claude nodded. “You’ll be surprised how many times her twitching has saved me from a rockslide.”

“…That sounds like it should be impossible…” France stated dumbfounded.

“…Indeed…” William agreed. “…Ms. Pie is not human…”

Angela chuckled as she maneuvered to the pink haired nonbender. “Pinki, sweetie, can you take all the younger kids to one of the guest rooms upstairs?” she asked. “It’s past your bedtime anyway, and the children here don’t need to hear this. Could you also make sure Ciel is in bed?”

“Okie Dokie Lokie Angela~” Pinki stated with a smile and nod as she took Cutie and Venice, leading them upstairs.

Katara made her way over to Claude and Angela. “You both mentioned that there are more than you two and Pinki here.” she stated. “Who all lives in this house at the moment?”

The woman sighed. “Other than Claude, Pinkamina, and myself, there is Mareuscript and Ciel.”

“Don’t worry.” Claude groaned out, holding up a finger to Sebastian before the crimson eyed man could say a word. “Ciel is just fine. While in this house, all five of us made a deal that we would step in place as each other’s families, meaning Angela and I treat Pinkamina, Mareuscript, and Ciel as our own children, and the same vice-versa. In this house, I am the ‘father’, Angela is the ‘mother’, Pinkamina is the ‘oldest daughter’, Mareuscript is the ‘middle child’, and Ciel is the ‘youngest son’.”

Paris tilted his head. “…You all play house here?”

Sebastian was the one to place a hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Much like how I went out of my way to look after you in your brother’s place, and you looked up to me.” He then gave him a more stern look. “I also doubt that you have not viewed Justine and Naples as younger sisters during our time in the army.”

While the two men talked, Rainbow Dash had to ask, “Mareuscript is here? Where is she?”

“She’s asleep in her room.” Angela answered as she set out small cups. “After the whole group was separated by that captain, Claude, Pinkamina, Mareuscript, Ciel, and I were sent here. We decided that we’d stay together since poor little Mareuscript is only a teenage girl, Ciel is just a boy, and we couldn’t just kick Pinkamina out. She lost just as much as the rest of us. We try to care for them as well as we could. We’re not allowed to leave the town; every exit is barred, as you most likely saw on your way in. They have soldiers that patrol the streets and keep everyone inside past a curfew. If anyone tries to escape, they’re burned on sight.”

“The taxes is the worst part.” Claude added. “The soldiers come in every morning at the crack of dawn, escort me and Pinkamina to the mines with all the other workers, and keep us in the mines until dusk.” he explained. “We only get paid a few silver and gold coins a day, then we have to give most of the money back to pay the taxes on the house. The rest of the money goes to food.”

“What do you, Mareuscript, and Ciel do all day while they’re in the mines?” Justine asked the angel.

Angela took in a deep breath before giving a hefty sigh. “Mareuscript and I collect things from outside and try to make things to sell, or we’d go outside and look for tea leaves, or sometimes, we’d go to the market for bread. Ciel however, typically doesn’t leave his room.”

The nonbender then leaned over to the American earthbender. “To answer your question, Ms. Louisiana, I have seen the soldiers take people away while Pinki and I work in the mines.” he added. “The people taken are ones just earthbending to make the job go by easier.” The whole group listened closely to the man. “One worker earthbends, the soldiers come in and tackle them to the ground and drag them away. After that, I don’t see them again in the mines, nor around the town.”

Sebastian clutched his chin. “…I suppose we are at the correct town then.” he stated. “All the evidence points to this being the correct town.”

“Yeah,” Romano sighed. “but I doubt this is the only town that gets earthbenders to a coal factory. For all we know, Burger Bastard’s sister would get through the plan, get taken to the factory, only to find that it’s the wrong factory! Like ponytail said! There are a shit ton of coal factories!”

Hearing this, Claude sighed as he weakly stood. “I’ll show you to where you can sleep tonight.” he stated before Angela froze his feet and had to catch him from falling on his face. Seeing the ice that restricted his movement, he groaned as he turned to the waterbender. “…Angela, you know how high tax is for drinkable water. It shouldn’t be wasted like this.”

“You’re exhausted.” the angel stated as she melted the water and splashed it in the sink. “I’ll show them where they can sleep. YOU go to bed and GET some sleep.”

He wanted to protest before he tiredly waved it off and dragged his lead filled feet across the wooden floor and creaked up the narrow stairs. This change didn’t pass unknown to William, Sebastian, and Justine as their eyes followed the spider. “…I’ve never noticed he was so…human-like.” the reaper noted.

“It was the transition from our world to this one.” Angela answered. “Back at home, he was a powerful demon who never grew tired, nor hungry. Here, he is a powerless human who tires easily and is growing thinner by the day. I’m sure you three have noticed it too.”

They remained silent as they followed Angela up the steps. She opened three doors, each with six small, lumpy beds and worn out blankets and sheets. “I apologize for the bad conditions, but these are the only spare beds we have here.” The group still smiled and separated themselves in the rooms to the beds as Angela squeezed past the group and down the hall.

Katara, Sokka, Aang, William, and Suki shared the first room and, despite the off mattress and drafty covers, they were just happy to sleep in actual beds for once. Romano, Rainbow Dash, Naples, Paris, France, and Louisiana took the next room and found it difficult to find a comfortable position. Sebastian, Bardroy, Tokyo, and Justine took the last room where Cutie and Venice were sharing a bed and falling asleep.

None of them realized just how tired they were until they laid down. Just as quickly as the candles were blown out, they were all fast asleep.

The next morning, just as Claude said, the soldiers came at the crack of dawn. Angela got up a little earlier to answer the door with a smile. “Good morning.” she stated. “I assume you want Claude and Pinkamina to come down?” They nodded as she turned back in the house. “Claude! Pinki! Time for you to go!” The pink haired woman was the only one who answered the call and hurried down the stairs. Angela looked over at her. “Where’s Claude?”

“He might still be asleep, I thought he was already down here, so I didn’t look on my way.” Pinki answered.

Angela peeked up the stairs before facing the soldiers again, chuckling nervously. “One moment please.” and she closed the door. She stormed up the steps and much crashing, splashing and yelling was heard by the soldiers and young woman.

Claude swung the door open with dark bags under his dulled yellow eyes, his glasses crooked, his robes slipping off his shoulders, and completely soaking wet and shivering from the early morning breeze that pricked at his skin. Adjusting his glasses with what shred of dignity he had left, he went out the door with Pinki to follow the soldiers and other workers to the mines.

Sebastian stared at the door from the staircase dumbfounded. “…Did I just see that correctly?”

Angela nodded as she shut the door behind Claude. “He works himself to death.” she explained. “He still expects to be able to use his powers to finish his daily chores, he get’s shocked when he needs to eat and doesn’t expect to need rest every night.” Sebastian listened as she continued. “Mareuscript usually stays in bed until after the sun is out and I don’t really know about Ciel. He never lets me know when he’s awake or when he’s not, or even if he’s still in the house. I assume everyone else is still asleep?” the demon nodded as the angel sighed with her hand on her hip and leaning on the old wooden counter with a rag over her shoulder.

“I worry about both of them, Claude and Ciel.” she stated. “They haven’t been the same…since Angel and Christi…”

“…I understand.” he stated as he approached the cabinet and took a rag, stirring it in the water in the bowl before wiping down the table, just for some way to feel as though he was helping. “If I were in Claude’s position; forced to work for little pay and high taxes while feeding, not only myself, but the mother of my daughter, complete strangers, and someone else’s Young Master, while my own daughter is somewhere I don’t know, or even if I were in the Young Master’s position; trapped in a town, knowing that there’s nothing I can do to retrieve my only family…I’m not sure I could live like that, much less for as long as you have.”

“If I remember correctly, Christi and Ciel have no blood relation.” Angela brought up. “Unlike Claude and I, he’s worried about a girl that’s not even his own family.” The demon bit his lip, catching the angel’s attention. “…Could you know something about that, by any chance?”

Sebastian sighed. “…A year or so ago, I was summoned to the United States of America by Christi. She lost her human parents in factory accidents due to the Industrial Revolution. Out of her grief, she sold her soul in exchange for a family and a chance for revenge on the ones responsible for her human parents’ deaths, direct and indirect.” he explained. “The next day, the ones running the factories her parents worked at were killed by my own hand, and she was brought to Phantomhive manor as the Young Master’s younger sister. We later learned her true genealogy was…tied to Grell and myself.” he hesitated to say. “Lady Christi is, in truth, my own youngest daughter, a demon reaper hybrid like Justine. To make matters more complicated, the Young Master is her target.” Angela raised her brows, widening her purple eyes. “…Lady Christi’s human adopted parents died at factories that manufactured Phantomhive toys and candies.”

Sebastian continued explaining. “…Now she will not have a completed contract until the Young Master is dead, and in exchange, she sold a soul she doesn’t own.” The more he revealed, the more the firebender found it difficult to stand with a high head. “I have made a fatal mistake, and now that Justine, the Young Master, and myself all know Lady Christi’s true genealogy, the Young Master is more determined than ever to put on the masquerade that they are brother and sister. I’m not sure if Lady Christi knows that I am her true father, but I don’t know if I should treat her as my mistress, or as my butterfly.”

Angela placed a hand on the firebender’s shoulder. “You know what I think?” she asked. Sebastian looked up into her purple gaze with his bold red eyes. “I think I understand.” she answered. “I think, she didn’t want a brother, though she is most likely thankful to have Ciel. Because she lost her parents, I think she wants more than anything to be parented.” she stated. “Watch after her, guide her, show her right and wrong, restrict her, set her free, be a father. Especially if you are her birth father, I think she needs a birth father.”

The waterbender sighed. “Call me Christian, but I also think that there are no mistakes like that.” she reassured. “If you weren’t meant to know of Christi’s existence, then you would’ve never found her in that factory.”

Sebastian looked over and smiled sadly as he stood again. “Don’t worry.” he reassured. “We’ll get your daughter back…along with my little butterfly.”

“…That sounds better than ‘my Lady Christi’.” she chuckled, quickly wiping the tear away. “…After everything Claude and I have done to you and your daughter and master,” she started breathlessly. “you still are willing to help?”

“Our daughters are best friends.” he answered with a sigh. “Besides, that was before we were all roped together by fate.”

She could only gaze at him before a smile graced her chapped lips. All she could think to do was hug him in relief that someone like Sebastian Michaelis was willing to help her. “Thank you.” After a moment, she stepped back and handed him a small loaf of bread just small enough to be wrapped by the hand towel. “Could you check on Ciel and give this to him?” Sebastian gazed at her in slight confusion as she explained. “He skips meals and sometimes at night, I can hear him still up. I have to go in his room and make him sleep and eat sometimes. He came out of his room only once to collect blood samples from each of us and to ask me for my sewing needle. Though, I don’t know what he’s trying to do up there.”

The firebender huffed out a sigh, taking the bread in his hand. “You do not need to ask a butler to do his job.”

Mareuscript thrashed in her small, cheap bed, whimpering as tears streamed from her eyes. “MOM!” she screamed when finally, she zipped up from her bed. Her breathing shallow and frail, she whipped her head around the shabby room.

“You okay Mare?” a voice beside the bed asked.

Looking over, she melted into the embrace of the familiar face. “Rainbow Dash!” she cried. “…It was terrible…mom was in big trouble. She left the library back at home to deal with a problem, and…” She only collapsed into more tears.

“It’s alright.” the firebender soothed, stroking her brown locks. “Twilight’s just fine. She is in trouble, but we’re going to get her back. We got you, me, Cutie, and Pinki now. We’re going to get Twilight and Angel back, get home all six of us, and pretend like none of this ever happened.”

The former unicorn looked up at her aunt with tearful blue eyes. “…What about Mr. Faustus?” she asked. “Or Mrs. Blanc, or Mr. Michaelis, or Bardroy, or Mr. Spears, or Mr. America, or Mr. France, or the Italys’, or Mr. Japan, or Ciel, or their families?” she asked. “What about Zuko and Josiphine? Or Toph and Angelica? Or Chrima? We’re going to help them too, right?”

Rainbow Dash smiled and nodded. “Mare, we would still be wandering that building if it weren’t for Cowlick, Curly 1 and 2, Fish Eyes, Blondy, Louisiana, Naples, Venice, Tokyo, and Paris.” she stated. “We wouldn’t’ve made it here if it weren’t for William, Jeremy, Spiky, Justine, Bardroy, Rachel, Shrimp, Christi, Claude, Angela, and their Angel, and Twilight would’ve been worried sick if Angela and Claude weren’t with you. I promise, all of us are going home soon, but first we gotta bust everyone out.”

Ciel sat at the small, horrible quality table in his small, drafty room. The candlelight burned his open eye, but he didn’t want to risk closing it. The night before, when Pinki told him it was bedtime, he replied with, “I’ll be in bed momentarily.” He never even looked at his bed after that. The young boy jumped when there was a knock on his door. “I’m not hungry Angela!” he called. “Please leave me alone!”

“I’m afraid I cannot do that.” answered a man’s voice that was all too familiar to the boy.

The nonbender in the room glanced at the door before he took in a deep breath. “…Is that really you, Sebastian?” Instead of answering, the firebender only opened the door and entered. Ciel didn’t bother containing his joy to see him as the boy stood from the stool at the table and weakly rushed to Sebastian, falling in the man’s arms.

Sebastian was surprised at the lack of restraint. “…Young Master, I-”

“Ciel.” the boy groaned. “For the love of whatever hope there is left, call me by my name for once. At least while we are this far from home.”

Though it was fairly awkward for him, the man stuttered, “Y-yes. As you wish…Ciel.” Wanting to get to the reason he sought out the boy’s room, Sebastian held up the bread. “Angela told me you’re refusing to eat and sleep.” The large hand lifted the boy’s face to take a good look at how bad the boy Earl had gotten in the seemingly short time they were apart. Though there was still the eye patch over his right eye, his left eye was deep with large, dark bags. Ciel was also thinner than Sebastian remembered him being. “Judging by your current state,” the firebender sighed. “I think it’s a fair guess that she was right.”

Hearing this, Ciel pushed himself off the tall firebender. “You don’t understand.” he sighed. “I need to get Christi back. She is my soul responsibility. You know how she came from a factory. It was my fault she was in that factory, my fault her parents died, my fault she was in horrible living conditions, my fault she thought she had to be betrothed to Alois, my fault she’s in this world, my fault she’s now back in a factory all over again, where she started.”

With a stream of light tears running from Ciel’s open eye, Sebastian only listened. “It’s my job as head of the Phantomhive family…no…as Christi’s brother…to ensure her safety, both mental and physical. I don’t care that she’s not my sister by blood. I don’t care that she’s truly your youngest daughter.” The young boy leaned into Sebastian, hiding his face in the firebender’s chest. “No matter what, she’s the closest to a family I’ve had since my parents died. She’s now in trouble. I can’t run away from her.” As he cried, his muscles started to relax and his speech began to lag. “I can’t…repeat…my…mistake…”

Sebastian stood there for a while before he sighed. “…Oh, Young Ma-” He stopped himself before he smiled. “…Ciel…You quite literally will work yourself to death at this rate.” Without a second thought, he set the bread on the table in the room, picked up the boy in his arms and placed him on the small bed, fluffing up his lumpy pillow and covering him with the thin blankets.

The man glanced at the only light in the room, three candles of varying sizes. All three candles were almost completely melted in the large cups they sat in. He was going to blow them all out, but changed his mind, however, when he saw what the small flames were illuminating. All over the table were scattered papers of studies Ciel’s been working on, vials of blood, and empty vials. The papers had titles like “Bending vs. Nonbenders”, “Earth Elements”, “Blood Results”, and “Bending Studies”. The vials with blood all had two labels, one was for the name of the subject, the other was what they were, like “Angela” “Waterbender 1”, “Claude” “Earth Nonbender 1”, “Pinkamina” “Earth Nonbender 2”, and “Mareuscript” “Earth Nonbender 3”. The empty vials had only one label each, but only what is left that he needs, like “Water Nonbender 1”, “Earthbender 1”, and “Firebender 1”. One vial was opened and empty with two labels, “Ciel” “Fire Nonbender 1” next to a sewing needle.

Sebastian glanced back at the boy now in the bed in exhausted sleep. “…You really want to help Christi?” he asked Ciel, though he knew there would be no reply. “Why do you not simply order me to rescue her?” A thought then occurred to him. He hadn’t actually paid any attention to his own hands in a long time; this thought never crossed his mind, at least not as a high priority.

Taking his sleeve, which had covered the back of his hands this whole time, Sebastian pulled the cloth up and widened his crimson eyes at the bare skin on the back of his hand. He then looked back at Ciel. Carefully, he took the boy’s face in his gentle hands and slipped the eye patch off. As careful as one possibly could, Sebastian pulled his eyelid open. Thankfully for the firebender, the boy was too exhausted to notice the examination being done on him. However, he widened his own eyes in a state of shock at the sight of the deep blue iris. Once his conclusion sunk in, Sebastian returned the black patch where it was. The only way this would answer Sebastian’s question would be if another question were answered. “…Have you known all this time?”

Later that day, the large group met around the old dining table and discussed what to do. “First thing’s first.” Sokka stated. “We need to find Chrima, Toph, and Angelica-”

“And AD!” Rainbow Dash added.

“And Papa!” Venice cried.

“And America!” Louisiana exclaimed.

“And Rachel!” Bardroy huffed.

“And Angel!” Angela added.

“And Jeremy!” William added.

“And my mom!” Mareuscript shouted.

“And Japan-nii!” Tokyo exclaimed.

“And Christi.” Sebastian stated moderately softly compared to the others. Justine looked over at her father with a raised brow, curious why he changed to informal addressing instead of calling her ‘Lady’ or ‘Young Mistress’, but she didn’t voice her questions.

“It’s a safe bet to start with the factory group, Toph, Angelica, AD, Jeremy, America, Rachel, and Christi.” Naples looked around the room before she asked, “Any ideas how we get there, to begin with?”

Paris nodded. “She’s right.” he stated. “From what I could see, only Louisiana and Tokyo can get to the factory. The rest of us are trapped here.”

“And me!” Venice exclaimed. “I can get in no problem!”

“No!” Romano exclaimed, taking his niece’s arm tightly. “Your papa would never let me hear the end of it if you went to the factory!” He then turned to the firebender. “Not to mention, you’re forgetting something, Sebastard!” The demon seemed offended and taken aback by the nickname. “We don’t know if it’s the same factory! All Spider Bastard said was that the earthbenders were taken away and didn’t come back! That could mean ANYTHING!”

“Is ‘bastard’ your favorite word in the English language?” the firebender asked with wavering composure.


“Yeah, it is, Sebastard!” the nonbender exclaimed. “Why? Do you not like it? Hu Sebastard?!”

“Zio Roma?!”

“Papa, can we please just-”

“Why do you insist on calling everyone around you a bastard?!” Sebastian raised his voice, fire starting to grow on his palms as everyone but Romano backed away. “I doubt you know the proper definition of ‘bastard’, bastard!”

“Spiky, remember, this whole house is made of old wood!”

“As a matter of fact, I DO know what the original definition is for ‘bastard’!” Romano shouted, leaning on the table and knocking his chair down at his quick movement to stand. “If I pulled out a dictionary, and looked up ‘bastard’, your picture would be in the definition!”

Sebastian finally snapped. He took the fire in his hands and blasted it all at Romano full force. The Italian would’ve died on the spot if Angela didn’t douse Sebastian in water while all the other firebenders in the room blocked the flame.

“SEBASTIAN!” called a young, but powerful voice from the stairs. “That’s ENOUGH!” All heads turned to see the young nonbender in red and black.

Katara walked over to Ciel in concern. “Sebastian told us that you were asleep.”

The boy huffed out a chuckle, rubbing his sore, tired eye. “How can anyone possibly sleep with all this yelling through these paper thin walls?” he asked before turning to the tall firebender. “Go upstairs and lay down. I believe the time for you to ‘cool your head’ is in order. Pun intended.”

The butler still only saw red from his anger as he looked over at his master. “Why should I be the only one blamed?!” he exclaimed, pointing a finger at Romano like a small child. “He’s the one to blame here! Not me!”

“Papa, you should head upstairs too.” Naples stated, looking up at her father. “Justine and I will come up after we finish talking.”

“Ragazza, ti amo, but you’re NOT my mamma!” She responded by showing him the small flame in her hand. “…ALRIGHT! I’m going!” And with that, the two of them went up the steps.

“…I’m going to make sure they don’t burn the house down.” Katara stated as she followed them up the stairs.

Back at the table, everyone just looked around from face to face with the exception of Naples, Louisiana, Venice, France, Paris, and Tokyo. The former nations rubbed their heads to ease the oncoming migraines. “It doesn’t matter if it’s at home, or here.” Naples sighed, dropping her head on the table.

“I know.” Louisiana groaned. “Every meeting ends up in a huge fight. Your dad always has a short temper.”

“Since Japan-nii, Ameri-san, and Ita-kun are gone,” Tokyo continued, her voice muffled by her arms. “and everyone else is back at home, he had to pick a fight with the most dangerous guy in the room…no offense Justine.”

“None taken.” she sighed.

France huffed. “If he was smart, he would’ve picked a fight with me.” he stated. “Unlike almost everyone here, I’m used to being called a bastard, and have a more level head about being cursed out like that.”

“I doubt it.” Naples sighed. “Though he won’t admit it, papa’s afraid of you.”

Paris shrugged. “Either way, I kinda think that Sebastian and Romano would start to butt heads eventually.” he stated. “Back when Romano came for us in the army with Bardroy and Rainbow Dash, Sebastian was pretty quick to criticize Romano and Romano was quick to butt back.”

Bard crossed his arms and huffed. “Yeah, it was only a matter of time before they became rivals.”

“Despite that, Romano and Sebastian both made valid points.” Angela sighed. “Louisiana, Venice, and Tokyo can leave the moment they earthbend in front of a soldier, but the rest of us are trapped here so we’d be separated, and we don’t know if the soldiers would take them to the factory we need to go. We’re taking a large leap of faith.”

Justine looked over at her with furrowed brows. “…This coming from an angel.”

Mareuscript thought for a moment before she spoke. “How about, Louisiana earthbends in front of the soldiers, and goes to the factory. If it’s the right one, she would get America, AD, Toph, Jeremy, Rachel, Christi, and Angelica, then come back for us.”

At the sound of Christi’s name, Ciel staggered forward, landing his hand on the table with a hard smack. “I’m going too.” he demanded. “I recall Sokka telling me that he faked earthbending once to get Katara in a factory. I’ll do the same thing.”

Justine glanced at the boy worriedly. “…Young Master,”

“Call me Ciel!” he snapped. The teen was shocked by the exclamation. “I’m having Sebastian call me Ciel, so you will do the same!”

The teen sighed. “…That explains quite a bit…” she mumbled under her breath. “Anyway, Ciel,” she called. “as long as we have Louisiana going to the factory, there’s no need for you to go as well.”

The boy Earl shot her a glare. “…Christi is at that factory.” he stated bluntly. “I don’t recall this being up for debate.”

“What if it’s the wrong one?” Rainbow Dash asked, catching everyone’s attention. “Also, if the factory is all the way in the middle of the sea, like what Sokka said earlier, how would you guys get back?”

To that, Aang reached into his pocket and pulled out a little tan whistle. “Here. Appa would come to get you once he hears this bison whistle.” he stated. “If it’s the wrong factory, then call for Appa and see if you could find it, then come back for us when you found them all.”

“If it takes too long,” Tokyo stated. “then I can get to the same factory the same way and that way, you’d have another head to work with. Two heads are always better than one.”

“Same for me if that doesn’t work!” Venice exclaimed. “I have a brain too, you know! I can do something right!”

Sokka didn’t like this plan, and it was obvious in his narrow, light blue eyes as the airbender handed the whistle over to the American. “…You sure about this, Aang?” he asked. “Can she even fly a flying bison?”

“All you do is say ‘yip yip’ and guide him with the reigns on his horns.” was his answer.

“It doesn’t sound like rocket science.” Louisiana stated as she took the whistle. “I’ll be sure to return it.” The earthbender then looked at the insistent nonbender. She wasn’t sure how he could pull off fake earthbending, but there was no changing the mind of Ciel Phantomhive once the young Christi Phantomhive was involved.

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