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Elements of Harmony: Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is actually…unique for this. Because there are only seven characters who have all the development, and all the characters are very happy and bubbly, I’m going to bend the rules stated in the intro and actually not write a blog for the Elements of Disharmony. There are only seven characters who get an actual personality, and none of the Elements of Disharmony fit any of them, except two (maybe three, but that’s taking a lot of liberties). So, without further ado, let’s get started~

Honesty. Hikaru is very blunt with how he feels on the inside, in fact, he cannot sugar coat any type of news to save his life. He makes sure that his opinion is out there, and if it conflicts with someone else’s, he lets them know. So, even though Kaoru is an honorable mention, Hikaru is the Element of Honesty.

Kindness. Bear with me here, but Kyoya fits this pretty well. He actually bends over backward to fulfill Tamaki’s dream and to complete Tamaki’s make-believe family setting that the Host Club turned into. Kyoya is the first to be Tamaki’s friend, the first to join his club, the first to dive into the craziness, the first to side with Tamaki when he right, the first to pull Tamaki and the twins when they execute a bad idea, and not to mention, the one who creates a co-dependency between him and Tamaki (whether he knows it or not). I fully believe he is perfect as the Element of Kindness.

Laughter. Honey lives for nothing more than to make others around him smile, though in a different way than Tamaki. While Tamaki makes girls smile and blush, making them feel like a princess, Honey makes girls smile and squirm, making them feel like an older sibling. He likes lightening the mood and making people enjoy simple pleasures in life, such as a good piece of cake with extra strawberries, or just cuddling with an adorable stuffed bunny. For that, Honey is the Element of Laughter.

Loyalty. Do I really need an explanation here? Mori’s undyingly loyal to not only Honey but all the Host Club members (though mostly Honey). Is there anything else to say?

Magic. Though Haruhi is an honorable mention, she is fairly pessimistic and closed-minded. However, Kaoru is nothing but interested in all things new. While he’s most comfortable in the world of gold, mansions, and money, he’s curious about other lifestyles, so much so that a trip to the grocery store is treated like a field trip to him. Kaoru is the Element of Magic.

Sacrifice. Tamaki will give the shirt off his back if someone needs it (hell, I think he even did give Haruhi the shirt off his back at least once). Once he hears that someone needs help, even if he doesn’t have the means, talents, or a reward for his efforts, he will do everything in his power to help everyone. I think the only thing he hasn’t done yet is ending world hunger. Tamaki gets Element of Sacrifice.

Role call. Honesty; Hikaru. Kindness; Kyoya. Laughter; Honey. Loyalty; Mori. Magic; Kaoru. Sacrifice; Tamaki.

Do you agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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