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Chapter 9: Arrest

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A few weeks later, in the dead of night, the large group was asleep. Some in their tents, but most just on the ground due to lack of tents. Suddenly, Toph jumped awake and started shaking her sister’s shoulder. “Angelica!” she shouted. “Something’s coming!”

The elder sister knew better than to question her, so she sprang up and looked at her intensely. “Who?” she asked. “What’s coming?”

“I don’t know who.” she answered. “But whoever it is, there’s a lot of them.”

“Let’s wake up everyone else.”

By the time the rest of them awoke, an army was seen in the distance. While everyone rushed to fight back, Katara hurried to the tent where Romano, Italy, and Louisiana still were. “We have to go!” she shouted, waking them hurriedly. “Now!”

The four of them left the tent, Louisiana groaning in pain and Romano still cradling his hand. They walked out into a battle of flying gold and orange sparks, rocketing rocks, and whooshing waters. Italy looked around in complete worry. “Venice! Where’s mia bambina?!” and he left, ignoring Katara’s warning to stay with her.

Screams were heard from every direction amongst the chaos.

“Let me go!”

“Dad! Help!”

“Nii-san! Where are you?!”

Sebastian, Twilight, and Japan turned to the sound of the screams in worry. They saw a sight they feared to see. Mareuscript was slung over a masked man’s shoulder and being taken away. Justine was being dragged back by another masked man. Tokyo was plummeting rocks and boulders at the firebender before her that held her arm in one hand and a fireball in the other. The parents and brother flew into action and threw fire, water, and blades at the men.

Sebastian only saw red as he fought his way to the soldier with such skill, agility, and perfection, one wouldn’t believe he’s only had this ability for a few weeks and trained with it in less time. Sadly, his ability didn’t exceed the group of firebenders that ambushed him and tackled him to the ground. If he was still a demon, the men would never have had the ability to hold him down, but here, he was only as powerful as any other firebender.

Twilight fought her way to her own daughter, slashing and whipping her way past the wall of red, but was snatched and caught when two soldiers cornered her.

Japan took his sword and blocked several of the fire blasts, knocking out several of the soldiers until he finally was bested by a surprise attack from behind.

Tokyo threw many rocks and boulders until the soldier finally let her go, at which time, she made a run for it, unknowing of Japan’s capture.

Naples stayed with Venice, the two fighting furiously with their new skills with fire and earth. “Where’s Papa?!” the young girl asked in realization. Both the girls knew of their family’s cowardice nature. Venice grit her teeth and left her cousin’s side.

“Venice!” Naples called after her, losing the young girl in all the chaos of the battle and sea of red cloth and black armor.

The young girl made it to Katara and the two injured but was still sick with worry for her father. “Papa?!” she called. “Where’s Papa?!”

Before she could run off, Katara took her shoulder and dragged her away from the battle kicking and screaming. “We can’t risk going back in there!” she reasoned. “We need to go with as much of the group as we can gather.”

William leaped from head to head on top of each of the soldiers’ helmets, whipping his hand across each soldier. Any unlucky soul in his hand’s path had the spit in their mouth frozen, clogging their throat and restricting access for air. Capture of him was impossible for the fire soldiers.

Jeremy wasn’t as lucky as his father. He put up a fight, but he made the mistake of thinking a levitating boulder could block a strong fire blast. The boulder he created knocked himself out cold before the soldier collected his limp form.

As the fight wore on, more of the group was being taken. America, Pinki Pie, and Chrima got a sneak attack with a bags blinding them and thick rope binding their hands. Though the American normally would’ve been able to break through rope back at home, he lost his super strength when he disappeared from England’s basement. Pinki Pie didn’t have any bending abilities (it was impossible to get her angry enough to show possible powers, so Twilight already put her and Cutie under ‘none’ in her notes out of assumption).

Angelica and Toph were taken by head-on-force and dragged away fighting, kicking, and screaming. Josiphine and Zuko were both tackled to the ground and bound.

France sucked the grass dry and used the plentiful water to defend himself. However, it was his own mistake to hit his younger brother instead of a soldier, leaving Paris unable to fend for himself with the shock of the cold water for one fatal second. In any other situation, France would’ve ran to his brother to be sure he was alright, but he ran in fear of the soldiers that were already binding Paris’ hands.

Ciel and Christi tried to find Sebastian and Justine, ready to give orders, though the two servants were nowhere in sight. Even if they could find them, the two doubted the seals would work now that they were literally in a completely different world. They were both found by the soldiers and taken by brute force. Christi was the only one to fight back as Ciel stayed calm and composed, hiding his true fear behind a straight face.

Claude fought with whatever he could find, but it didn’t take long at all for a masked soldier to knock him out. Angela and Angel were simply overwhelmed by the numbers as they seemed to continue multiplying and eventually just stood there and looked around in shock and worry, allowing the soldiers to catch them as well.

Italy looked around frantically, not even seeing all the soldiers and scanning all the open faces for his daughter. His legs told him to run away out of fear of getting captured, tortured, or possibly killed, but his parental instincts shoved that fear aside and forced his legs to stay where he was as his arms used the water in the pouch Katara gave him to fight back. Eventually, when he assumed the worst, that Venice was gone forever, he stopped fighting and was captured all too easily.

AD and Rachel threw rocks and attacks like crazy, knocking each attacker to the ground. Sadly, in one of AD’s hits, Naples got in the way as she was blasting a group’s helmets off and the blast knocked the Italian down too. The earthbenders rushed to the teen to make sure she was alright.

Eventually, Tokyo found Bardroy and Cutie, who caught up with Katara, Sokka, and Venice, who were helping Louisiana and Romano just get out as Rainbow Dash stood with them and fought for them. France and William found one another and rushed to the fleeing group once they were in sight. The members of that one small group were the only ones to escape the overrun.

At the crack of dawn, the captain of the army viewed his new prize. He looked down at Angela, Angel, and Twilight struggling with their bonds. “Well, these little waterbenders seem to still have a little fire left in them.” he chuckled, earning a glare from the three women before looking over to see Japan and Chrima attempting to free themselves. “And even the nonbenders have some fire. Don’t worry, some time in our cells should fix that soon enough.” His attention was then brought to Italy, who was self-absorbed in despair. A smile graced his thin, deceiving lips as he turned to the five still fighting. “All in due time, you’ll be just like this pathetic waterbender here.” He stated, gesturing to the Italian.

He then moved on to the next group he caught, though he didn’t seem happy at the sight of Justine there next to Sebastian, Naples, and Paris. “Why do we not have these able young bodies working with us?” he asked.

“They were fighting against us, sir.” a soldier answered.

The captain growled. “That doesn’t make a difference!” he exclaimed. “I saw those two fight beautifully!” He referred to Sebastian and Naples. “I want perfection like that in this army! Cut them loose!” And so, the four were untied and pushed to the side for examination. Sebastian and Justine didn’t waste any time in hugging each other with no intent on letting go.

The sight of those two caused Claude to sneer. “What are you looking at?!” the captain yelled, shocking the spider. If he could, he’d shrink into a spider and crawl in a hole. The man before him twitched his golden eyes between Mareuscript, Pinki Pie, Ciel, and Claude. “…You will make wonderful additions to our coal mines.”

The two girls slumped in discouragement, even Pinki’s cotton candy pink hair deflated like a balloon without any warning. Claude’s eyes grew wide as he looked back at his family, knowing there’s a chance he might not see them again. Seeing the nonbender’s eyes gaze at the waterbenders, the captain tilted his head. “Is that your family?” he asked, to which Claude could only nod. He didn’t want to say too much. The captain smiled and turned to Angela. “Good news, my dear.” he stated. “You’ll go to the mines with your beloved. Once there, you two can have a new family, for all I care.”

The man ignored Angel’s cries as Angela was crudely dragged to Claude’s side, and moved down the line. Alfred pulled and tugged at the rope but couldn’t believe it was too thick for him as AD, Jeremy, Rach, Christi, Angelica, and Toph just huffed. “I know the perfect place for you all.” the captain smiled. “How does the factory sound?” At the sound of the word ‘factory’, Christi broke down in a ball of tears and fear, sinking in the same state she was when she was last in a factory. Behind her, Justine tried to rush to her side, but Sebastian stopped her in fear of what the captain would do if she did rush to the girl’s rescue.

“Please!” Ciel shouted, driving the captain’s attention back to the boy. “Christi is not a bender, therefore wouldn’t have the same upper hand in a factory as other benders.” he tried to smooth talk. “Allow her to come with us to the mines.”

The man paused before he burst into laughter. “This is too great. A little Romeo and Juliet.” he chuckled. “She goes to the factory. That’s final.” he stated.

“Then I’ll go to the factory too!” the boy Earl insisted.

The captain huffed in annoyance before kicking the boy back to the ground. “What is she, an Earth Kingdom nonbender, to you, a Fire Nation nonbender?” he asked in agitation. “Final decision. You go to the mines, she goes to the factory. No changes.” he sneered. “If you’re a good little boy, I’ll be sure to reconsider your location.”

“…He can do much worse than put us in a factory.” Angelica stated, trying to brighten up Christi’s and Ciel’s spirits, even slightly. “Besides, all their factories are metal.” she added to the other benders through gritted teeth.

“Yes, it is completely made of metal.” he stated. “If you work in the factories, then I won’t have to put chains on you.”

“Go ahead, I don’t care!” Toph yelled back, only scaring Christi further. “I’m the greatest earthbender in the world!”

“Dude!” America shouted. “I know I’m one to talk, but even I know that now’s not the time to brag!”

“Are you asking him to do worse?” Jeremy asked worriedly.

“I’m not even an earthbender!” Christi exclaimed, hoping that would get her off the hook.

The captain shut his eyes with a shrug of his armored shoulders and waved his hand. “Just put them in the factory!”


The seven were already getting pulled on a cart as the captain smiled at the last duo in the line. “…Prince Zuko and Princess Josiphine.” he smiled. “Your father and sister have a hefty price for just one of you two regardless if I keep the other for myself. I could turn in just one of you and be richer than I ever dreamed. I turn in both of you, I might even be as rich as the Fire Lord himself!” The two looked at each other before hearing the captain state, “Take those two to the Boiling Rock.” he stated. “Security there doubled since you two broke out last time. If it wasn’t inescapable before, it surely is now, thanks to you.” And with that, they were all separated.

Twilight, Italy, Japan, Chrima, and Angel were taken to a prison where there was literally no water, not even in the air. The cells were more like birdcages the size of a large closet with no solid walls. They were forced to change from their blue robes to old gray and black rags, even Twilight’s necklace, which bore her cutie mark, was taken from her. When the guards were gone, and the cages were suspended and dangling from a chain, Angel crawled to the corner, not trusting herself to be balanced on her feet on the wobbly steal ground, and sobbed as Japan stayed as still in the corner as he could. Twilight reached as close to Angel as she could, only being able to barely stroke her arm with her fingertips, but somehow was able to give her some amount of comfort, even if that amount was very small. Italy, however, clung to the corner of his own cage as far from the others as possible, simply hugging his knees and sobbing. As Japan tried to comfort him through words, Chrima pulled out a dagger she hid in her rags when they changed. Cautiously, she started to pick the lock, ignoring the others telling her it wouldn’t work.

Justine, Sebastian, Paris, and Naples were taken to a highly strict military camp of segregated genders. They were each given a uniform and told the consequence for treason was death. Even though demons and reapers rarely die, Sebastian took this threat seriously. What if, because they have none of their demonic powers, they aren’t even demons in this world? He didn’t want to risk it and told Justine the same. And so, they started their training. Naples and Justine stuck together to try to fill in the gap their fathers and sister left while Sebastian’s only comfort was the fact that the army took his daughter in and that she was still alive. However, he kept a close eye on Paris in place of France.

Claude, Angela, Pinki, Ciel, and Mareuscript were simply dumped in a highly guarded coal mine town. The five of them stayed together, but nothing put Claude at ease for his little girl’s absence. They pulled themselves together enough to work and make enough money to pay the overwhelming taxes, but they were still miserable. Pinki and Claude were the only two working the mine, the spider being the “Man of the Household” and Pinki being a former rock farmer. Angela spent her time caring for Mareuscript and Ciel, trying to hold them together with what blood, sweat, and tears she could spare while keeping Ciel from going after Christi with the fear of him being caught escaping and possibly killed. If the death of a member didn’t break the group apart, then it would definitely leave a gashing wound on Christi, Justine, Sebastian, Bardroy, Rachel, and the other Phantomhive servants left behind, as well as a loss of a strong, untainted mind in the group.

Alfred, AD, Jeremy, Rachel, Christi, Angelica, and Toph were changed into rags and taken far out to sea to a factory of an already growing number of workers. Toph and Angelica tried hard to hide the fact that they can metalbend as the warden showed them around the factory and to the courtyard. There were three thick metal doors that shut behind them and in front of them was a large number of people, mostly middle-aged and elderly men and women and there was no back wall. Instead, there were tall spikes that acted as bars in front of an endless sea.

Zuko and Josiphine were taken to the Boiling Rock in chains and separated in small cells with only a small window to the hall in the door and a small mat and blanket in the back. They received the same speech from the warden about how their sister would be there in a few weeks to collect them and ‘bring them back home’.

Katara and Sokka tried hard to fight the guilt that grew in them for leaving everyone high and dry, especially their own younger sister, Chrima, as Romano, Louisiana, Tokyo, Bardroy, Venice, Cutie, William, France, and Rainbow Dash tried to convince them to turn back. “My daughter was back there! Are you saying there’s no hope for her?!”

“Curly’s right! What about my daughter?! They took her away, and I’m not gonna let them get away with that!”

“And I hadn’t seen Japan-nii since before the overrun! We have to find him!”

“There’s also America! He might’ve broken my arms, but he’s still my big brother!”

“…I left my brother to the mercy of those…that army!…I know I can’t make it up to him, but I have to do SOMETHING!”

“Not to mention my little sister! Rachel just disappeared, and you want me to walk away from that?!”

“I didn’t see my son and hadn’t seen him in some time. He’s boastfully blind, but as his father, I have to search for him.”

“And my mom!” Cutie shouted. “She’s the PARTY Pony! Not the SLAVE Pony! She won’t last the night!”

“Papa’s the same way!” Venice exclaimed. “He’s probably worried SICK! I have to find him and at least let him know I’m okay!”

“We’re not saying that we should walk away, we’re only saying that it would basically be suicide for us to go back in your conditions!” Katara stated.

To that, Rainbow Dash huffed. “Not for me!” and she bolted back.

“Count me in!” Bard agreed eagerly.

“Oui!” France nodded. “I agree!”

“Sign me up!” Tokyo nodded confidently, only for the three of them to get hit on the head with a boomerang.

“Look guys,” Sokka sighed, catching the blue and white weapon in his gloved hand. “I want to find Chrima just as badly as you all want to find your families, but there’s nothing we can do right now! At least not without Appa.”

Just then, the waterbender jumped. “Appa! We DO need to go back!” she shouted. “What if Aang and Suki go back to the camp and see it empty?! They’ll expect the worst!”

They ran back to the camp, Rainbow Dash and Tokyo in the back of the group to make sure Louisiana wasn’t left behind and made it just in time to see the bison land in the field. A young bald boy lept out from behind the bison’s head on the ground while a teenage girl in the saddle didn’t bother leaving the back. The boy looked around in confusion. “…Hey Katara, hey Sokka…where is everyone?…and who are they?”

The nonbender quickly climbed up the bison’s side to the saddle. “We’ll explain on the way. We gotta go.”

Seeing Rainbow Dash, Romano, France, Bardroy, Tokyo, William, Venice, Cutie, and Louisiana follow Sokka, he looked to Katara for answers. “Sorry Aang.” she apologized. “Sokka’s right, we need to go. We’ll explain on the way.”

As they flew away, Katara and Sokka explained everything from what drew Katara to Romano’s camp to what happened the previous night. “…So, let me see if I heard that right…” Aang stated, sounding skeptical. “You found another camp, saw that two of them were hurt, took them back to our camp to heal them, brought in the rest of their group, who didn’t even know about bending, in the camp, taught them basic control over bending, and last night you were overrun by Fire Nation troops and you’re all that escaped?” Katara nodded as the airbender directed his attention forward. “The last part I believe, no problem.”

“Look, Arrow Head, all of that’s true!” Rainbow Dash stated. “Now my daughter is who knows where, where those creepy masked guys are going to do who knows what to her!”

“My daughter’s in the same position as yours, you know!” Romano shouted as Katara moved her healing water to Louisiana to start her zillionth session.

“As well as my son!” William explained agitatedly.

“And my brother!” the American teen shouted.

“Mine too!” the Japanese teen added.

“Mon as well!” the Frenchman exclaimed.

“Also my sister!” Bardroy huffed.

“And my mom!” Cutie reminded.

“Don’t forget about mio Papa!” Venice cried.

“You guys just have to trust us.” Katara sighed. “We know our way around, and, with Aang on our side, we have next to nothing to worry about. We’ll get your families and friends back, along with Chrima. You have my word.”

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