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Chapter 8: Longer than Planned

(Featured image base by: Yumikurogane123)

Naples and America left the tent to an urgent, “INCOMING!” and they ducked, narrowly missing the fireballs as Rainbow Dash and Paris chuckled embarrassingly. “…Sorry ’bout that.” the rainbow haired woman apologized. “I guess I know that we’re fire-whatever now, right?”

She smiled at Twilight, who added them to the list, catching a teenage boy’s attention. “So…you organize for them?” he asked, sliding to her side.

Twilight smiled warmly. “Sort of, I’m still getting to know everyone.” she answered before reaching out a hand. “Twilight Sparkle!”

“Sokka!” the boy introduced himself, shaking Twilight’s hand as he sat beside her and peeked at the list of names and notes. “…So…you’re a waterbender?” he asked.

To that, she shrugged. “I don’t know.” she answered. “Is that the proper term for a being with the power to manipulate water?” Sokka nodded with a hearty laugh at the technical definition she used as Twilight smiled again. “Then, yes.”

“Are you from a different world or something?” he asked as she nodded. “Where?” And so, she told him all about her home.

Sebastian looked around in wonder. He originally lost sight of Ciel and was scanning the group for the young master’s face, but he soon got distracted by these teenage kids who lived completely on their own and functioned perfectly fine for who knows how long. “…I know that look.” came the voice of a boy in his late teens. He was fairly tall, possibly the tallest and oldest in the “Team Avatar” group, and dressed in the same crimson and golden shades as Josiphine. A large scar consumed his left eye all the way to his ear. “You don’t believe that we survived this long.”

The demon sighed as the boy sat beside him on the log. “I fully believe you obviously survived this long, but how long was this?”

The boy shrugged. “For me, nearly 3 ½ years.” he stated. “My name’s Zuko.”

“I’m Sebastian.” they introduced themselves.

“I’m Venice~!” came the voice of the young girl, startling the two as she used her new found abilities to raise herself up to the two’s eye level. She turned to Zuko and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you~”

Sebastian simply stared at the girl. “…Ms. Venice?” he called. “Didn’t your father tell you to stay with Mr. Japan?”

The young Italian nodded. “But Japan’s no fun. He’s more fun when he has his anime DVDs, which he left at home.” she stated. “But you look like fun, Mr. Michaelis~ I’m sure Papa won’t mind if I stay with you~”

Zuko looked at Sebastian in curiosity as Venice latched to the former butler’s arm and used him as a jungle gym. The man didn’t seem to mind that much.

Josiphine told her brother about how they were from a different world and even they didn’t know all their bending abilities. Judging from Sebastian’s attire, he should be a firebender, but at the same time, he could be a nonbender. According to Josiphine, the rest of the group figured out if they were or not by pushing their buttons.

He didn’t know much about Sebastian, but he has already met his daughter and knows that she is a nonbender.

Taking in a deep sigh, Zuko got an idea. “Your daughter is a very bright young woman.” he stated, gaining the demon’s and young girl’s attention. “If I were you, especially in this world, I’d keep an eye on her. You never know if there would be an accident.”

Suddenly, Zuko’s hand burst into flame and Sebastian’s red eyes widened. Venice let go of Sebastian’s arm and dropped to the ground in fright, staying in the dirt. “Are you crazy?” he asked, steam starting to sizzle from his palms. “She’s just a little kitten! I will NOT let my little girl get burned that easily!”

The teen restricted his fire and simply gestured to the heat coming from Sebastian’s hands. His golden eyes peeked over to Sokka, Twilight, and a new little girl that was hanging from Sokka’s shoulders. The little girl had the same dark skin as the teenage boy she seemed to cling to, but her eyes were a deep, dark blue and her hair was a lighter brown and much longer through her single, low ponytail. She wore a light blue robe with white accents and a dramatically darker blue robe underneath. Twilight’s purple eyes widened when she saw Sebastian with fire in his hands and she jumped, pulling out her paper of notes to add “Sebastian M.” to the ‘fire’ list.

Sebastian calmly let the flames die down as Zuko started to stare into space and Venice just climbed up on the log and sat next to the two firebenders. “I’m not kidding, though.” the prince stated. “According to your friend, Twilight, your daughter isn’t a bender. She’ll get burned or even killed next time we’re overrun by firenation troops.” After a second, he stood. “Aang’s not here right now, he’s with Suki on an emergency mission near Kyoshi Island. I doubt he’s practicing his firebending, but my sister and I will help you and the others to control it if you’re interested.”

Venice then tugged at Sebastian’s sleeve. “If you don’t and Papa finds out, he won’t let me hang out with you anymore.” she stated. “And you’re fun to hang out around, and the safest person to be around. At least, that’s what Christi told me.”

After some time, Katara left the tent with bad news, leaving Italy to fawn over his brother’s horrid condition. “Twilight,” she called (Twilight came to visit the injured people a few times to check on their recovery, and requested to be kept up to date).

The former alicorn looked over and saw Katara approaching her, catching Sokka’s attention, as well as the girl hanging on his back, who slid down and scooted around to be in front of the teen boy. “What is it?” Twilight asked. “Are Romano and Louisiana alright?”

“There’s a problem.” she answered. “Louisiana is hurt much worse than I expected. It’ll take more than just one session to heal her and complete recovery. Romano is doing better, but he won’t be able to use his hand for a while.” She explained their situations very thoroughly and exactly how long each recovery would take, as well as how to not make it worse.

“Isn’t there more you can do?” Sokka asked.

“There’s gotta be!” the girl exclaimed. “You’re the best healer I know, Katara!”

To this, the healer giggled a little more. “I wish there was more I could do, Chrima.” she sighed. “All I could do now sooth them to sleep so that they can recover quicker, and keep a close eye on their injuries, but that’s about it.”

Twilight nodded and sighed. “I’ll let the rest of the group know. Is it alright if we stay here while our friends recover?”

Katara nodded. “I think America and Naples are out by the waterfall not far from here. Other than that, everyone else should be around here somewhere. I already told Italy, so there’s no need to worry about him.” Before Twilight could leave, Katara caught her attention once again. “If you can, could you send France in the tent when you find him?” she requested. “…I heard something about his waterbending and…just want to confirm something.”

Sokka looked at his sister in worry. “Are you alright Katara?” he asked before he realized what she could be talking about. The color drained from his face as he asked with urgency, “You don’t mean…?”

“NO!” Katara exclaimed. “I-I’m sure I’m just paranoid…but…it is possible…isn’t it? I mean, if he is, then I want to give his training a top priority. A power like that is too dangerous for someone who doesn’t know what it means.” She then looked over at Twilight and sighed. “Can you please just tell him to meet me tonight? Also, any other waterbenders that are…powerful.”

The former alicorn nodded as she hurried to search for the rest of her group. She found Claude, Angela, and Angel first. “Hey guys,” she stated, stopping herself when she saw the man’s irritated face. “…Is this a bad time?” she asked.

“No./Yes!” the small family answered simultaneously, Claude gritting his teeth as he nodded violently with his answer.

The family of three looked at one another before Angela smiled sweetly to Twilight. “What is it?” she asked.

The alicorn was hesitant to add to their bad news, whatever it was, but let out a deep sigh. “I just talked with Katara, the healer here in this camp, she said that Romano and Louisiana are going to take some time to recover.” she stated. “It seems like we’re staying with them until they are fit to travel again. They do need to get home just as much as we do after all.”

Claude took in a deep breath and shut his eyes as Angela and Angel eyed each other. This confused Twilight as she couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

“…I have…no powers…” Claude huffed out. “I can’t change forms, I can’t change anything, I can’t even shoot my webs.”

Twilight turned to the two women as they nodded. “I guess our angel powers stayed behind at home with his demon powers.” Angela stated. “I can’t fly.”

“Yes,” Claude huffed, his fists clenched and just turning his head so that he could only see his family from the corner of his eye. “But you can do…something. Both of you…have power…over water. I have…no powers…whatsoever.”

Angel giggled at her father. “Dad…are you going through withdraw?” At Claude’s silence, the daughter could only laugh harder. “It’s like super powers are your crack! This is too great!”

As Angel laughed, Twilight turned to Angela. “Would you mind going to see Katara tonight?” she requested. “She asked to see waterbenders that are powerful, or at least potentially powerful. If you and your daughter can go and see her, that might help calm her nerves.”

Angela nodded with furrowed brows. “Did she say why we were requested?”

Twilight shrugged. “She requested to see France and all other potentially powerful waterbenders tonight. She mentioned confirming something. After breaking the news to everyone, I’ll be heading over as well; I am a waterbender, after all.”

The mother nodded as she turned to Angel. “Sweetheart, stop laughing at your father.”

The teen stopped her roar. “Yes, ma’am!” Claude gaped at the sight in silence as Twilight moved on.

Twilight soon found Sebastian, Venice, Rainbow Dash, and Paris with Josiphine. “Guys,” Twilight sighed as she approached the new group. “I have some bad news.”

The former pegasus accidentally set fire to the field as Sebastian spouted a wall of fire exploding from his palm while Paris threw his ball of fire across the field, all causing the young earthbender to duck for cover from the potential wildfires. The Fire Princess lowered the wall of fire as Twilight thought quickly and splashed water on the burned patches in the field. The four firebenders shot glares at Twilight while the little girl simply peeked at her. “With all due respect, Mrs. Sparkle, do you mind?” Sebastian asked as politely as he could while still making it painfully obvious that he was getting short-tempered.

“Yeah, Twilight!” Rainbow Dash shouted. “Josiphine was helping us to control this…fire…thing!”

“I was so close to getting that right, now I have to start all over!” Paris complained.

The young teen took in a deep breath and sighed it out. “Sebastian, Rainbow Dash, Paris, remember the very first lesson to firebending is to control your temper and breath. Power in firebeinding comes from the breath after all.” The amateurs nodded as the master turned to Twilight. “What is your news?”

The former alicorn explained what Katara told her as the small group listened carefully. “We will wait for Mr. Romano’s and Ms. Louisiana’s recovery.” Sebastian stated. “Thank you for letting us know.”

“How’s Papa?” Venice asked. “Is he alright with Zio Romano like that?”

The waterbender sighed, kneeling down to the young girl. “I didn’t see him.” she answered while running her fingers through the girl’s hair. “But since he was in there the whole time, helping Katara heal him, I think he’s doing as good as to be expected.”

Venice pouted at the vagueness of the answer as Sebastian sighed and picked up the earthbender, holding her in his own arms. “I’m sure your father is taking the news of your uncle’s recovery quite well.” he stated. “It could always be worse.”

Twilight nodded as she moved on, leaving them to their training and practice. She soon saw AD, Mareuscript, Bardroy, Rachel, Ciel and Justine talking with two girls Twilight hadn’t met yet. The shorter one had jet black hair and dulled eyes with a green and cream headband and robes under a black belt. The taller girl had lighter brown hair that was let down with bold brown eyes and green and gold robes and headband. Twilight smiled at the two unknown girls. “I don’t believe I had the chance to meet you yet.” she stated to the girls politely. “I’m Twilight Sparkle.”

The tall one was the one to smile and answer. “I’m Angelica, this is my little sister, Toph.” she introduced.

To that, Twilight smiled and nodded her head. “It’s nice to meet you two.” she stated before turning to the five members of her group, getting distracted by what Bardroy was doing; throwing random punches in the air and getting pissed off that no fire sparked from his fists.

With gritted teeth, Bardroy huffed, “How did those guys do it?! I know I can do it too!”

Hearing this, Twilight pulled out her notes and added, reading aloud, “Bardroy goes under ‘none’”

“DON’T WRITE THAT!” Bard insisted, making his younger sister laugh hard. “I know I can do it! I saw Sebastian do it, why can’t I?!”

“No offense Bard,” Justine sighed. “but, even back at home, my dad can do a lot of things that you can’t do.”

“Yeah!” Rachel laughed. “Like cook without explosives!”

“Like you’re one to talk, Rach!” Bard shouted. “Don’t even TRY telling me you don’t find excuses to use your guns as often as possible!”

As the siblings went back and forth, Ciel groaned, clutching his head. “What brought you over here?” the boy Earl asked. “I doubt it was just Angelica and Toph.”

Twilight sighed, not wanting to add to their problems. “Sadly, I have some bad news.” she stated.

“Whether or not you’re sad isn’t the point.” Toph huffed, crossing her arms. “It doesn’t change the fact that it’s still bad news, so quit wasting your breath and just say what’s up!”

The former alicorn paused a little in intimidation of the little girl before she shook herself out of her trance and remembered what she came for. “Guys, we’re going to be here a while.” she stated, explaining the situation. “We can’t leave until they’re ready to travel.”

Toph tsked and shook her head. “All this from that America guy you guys were talking about? Where is he? I’ll him what a REAL earthbender can do!”

Angelica quickly pulled her sister back a little. “Toph, if another one of their friends is hurt, then they’ll just be stuck here for longer and they’ll never get home.” she stated. Twilight smiled and left them to their chat, which quickly turned into AD learning some earthbending moves, and even started touching on something they called ‘metalbending’. Apparently, AD has something in her that makes her qualified for, not just earthbending, but metalbending as well, much to Bardroy’s annoyance. This fact drove the cook away from them to sit and pout on a log.

A little further from the main group, Twilight saw Christi, William, Jeremy, and France simply chatting with Japan and his own younger sister. Pinki and Cutie just sitting nearby, doing their own thing (because it’s the Pies, Twilight didn’t question what they were doing). “Guys!” the waterbender called, catching their attention. “I’ve got some bad news.” She then explained what Katara had told her earlier. “It’ll take a while for them to heal, and we have to wait for them.”

Pinki gasped. “They’re not gonna die, are they?!”

Twilight furrowed her brows. “No, Pinki, they’re not going to die.” she sighed. “They just need more time than we all thought to recover.”

“I hope they recover soon.” Japan stated.

William adjusted his glasses again as he sighed. “Quite right. If they don’t recover soon, then we will have to leave them.”

France gaped at him, appalled. “I agree that I wish for them to have a fast recovery, but leave them behind in a world that’s not even their own? I desperately want to get home now, but not if it means leaving anyone behind or getting them in worse conditions.”

“Have you told my brother?” Christi asked the woman relaying the news. “He can get a little grumpy when things don’t go exactly his way.”

Twilight nodded. “I already told Ciel, so don’t worry. He seemed fine with the final decision.”

Cutie sighed. “I really hope we can get home soon.” she stated. “I miss everypony…”

The former alicorn smiled sadly and gave the former pegasus a small hug. “Don’t worry. We’ll be back in Ponyville soon enough, I promise.” She then turned to France. “On a side note, Katara asked for you.”

The Frenchman raised his brows over his wide eyes. “…moi?” he asked. “…Specifically moi?”

Twilight nodded before turning to William. “Do you mind going to see her too?” she asked. “Katara only specified that she wanted to see France, but she also wants to see potentially powerful waterbenders, and you could be one.”

“I also could have no abilities like Mr. Feastus over there.” he pointed out, gesturing to the father, now pulling up blades of grass mindlessly.

“Come on dad.” Jeremy huffed. “Just try.”

William sighed as he nodded. “Fine, I’ll attempt this special power…even though I believe I’ll just look like a fool…”

“I’ll try it with you then.” the son smiled, looking himself over. “I should be an earthbender, so I’ll try that.”

Jeremy took in a deep breath took a strong stance. Focusing on the ground, he smashed his hand on the ground, a ripple of the stones and earthy substances expanding throughout the field, dying down when they got fairly far. Seeing this, Twilight pulled out her paper and wrote his name under ‘earth’.

William sighed as he glanced around for a water source. Once his lime green eyes fell on a puddle, he whipped his hand back, clenching his hand so it looked like an animal paw. The water flew up and was a frozen pole before it reached his hand. The tip of the ice pole was shaped just like Will’s personal death scythe. The former alicorn added his name under ‘water’ before she nodded. “Will you and France see Katara tonight then?” The two men simply nodded.

Still, Twilight moved on to the last two in the group that had to hear the message. At a nearby waterfall, Naples and America threw rocks down the stream over the cliff. America’s rocks were large and rough, only splashing in the water and sinking to the bottom, while Naples’ were much smaller in size, skipping down the stream. All of her pebbles were followed by a trail of fire seconds after they left her hand only to start sizzling at the contact of the water.

The two didn’t talk aside from America sighing out another, “I said I’m sorry. What else do you want to hear?” He was never answered, though, but after every time he asked, Naples’ throws got just a notch more violent.

With a deep breath, Twilight approached them. “America, Naples,” she called. “I have some…news.” She couldn’t bear to tell them it was bad news, so she decided to let them decide if it was good or bad.

Hearing this, the two jumped and ran back to her. “Yeah?” they asked. “How’s my sister/papa? Is (s)he alright?” they asked in unison.

The alicorn sighed and explained the situation, starting with the worst condition so it was simply out of the way. “America, your sister’s arms were broken very badly. Katara told me it’ll take longer for her to recover.”

“…But,” he stuttered. “…She will recover…right?”

“In about a month of constant care, she’ll be able to leave the tent. It’ll take another few weeks after that for her to be completely recovered.” she stated. “But she can’t be disturbed…which means…until she gets better…you can’t see her.” That sentence hit him like a ton of bricks as he walked away and sat on the edge of the stream.

Twilight then turned to the teen, who waited anxiously. “Naples, your father is going to be just fine. Katara told me that he won’t be able to use his hand for anything so someone would have to always help him, but he should be independent within a little less than a month.”

Hours later, the five waterbenders sat outside the tent. Once Katara stepped out, she sighed. “I’m sorry for keeping you all this long, but the only way I could confirm this is during a full moon.”

“We understand, mon ami.” France nodded. “Water is most powerful during the full moon, oui?”

Katara nodded as she took a deep breath and stepped over to the side, finding a small rodent. After apologizing to the animal, she took another deep breath and moved her hand in a few different positions. The amateur waterbenders all looked confused at the sound of terrified squeaking before Angel steadily walked over and looked.

The sight before the teen terrified her as she ran back to her mother. “What’s wrong Angel?”

The teen could hardly speak, she was so horrified. Katara then turned and answered her question. “I asked you here to confirm or deny that you have the ability to…bend another person to your own will.”

The five waterbenders were uneasy as Katara placed the rodent in front of them and started to bend the small creature. When she stopped, she glanced at the first in the line, Angela. “I know it’s unfair to ask, but I need to know what you’re all capable of.” she apologized. “If you can’t, then you can leave. If you do have this horrifying ability, then please stay.”

Angela took in a deep breath and moved her hand in specific positions. Much to Katara’s horror, the rodent twitched as it followed the bender’s silent commands, stiffly bowing, pressed to the ground by an invisible force. When she noticed Angel get uncomfortable, the mother stopped. It was the teen’s turn. With a look of terror on a sheet white face, Angel went through the procedure. To her relief, the rodent scurried away before Katara had the chance to catch it again.

While the teen apologized and ran away to the tent her father stayed in, France took his turn. After a moment to collect himself, he raised his hand and moved it flowingly, making the rodent dance with no time to allow its feet to catch up. Katara gave him a nod, to which he stopped forcing the creature to dance. Next was William. The man coldly raised his hand in preparation, however, when he moved his hand and fingers, the rodent ran for its life. Katara caught it one last time and gave Twilight a look. With a deep breath, the former alicorn moved her hand like she was controlling a stringed puppet. However, the rodent ran away. The waterbending master allowed it to leave as she nodded with a more relaxed appearance. “Thank you for your time. I’m sorry for this, Twilight, William. You two can go.” she offered. Without a word, they left, slightly horrified by their experience.

Katara looked at the two left with a sigh. “…I think I need to explain what just happened.” she sighed. “You two…are not only waterbenders but also…bloodbenders.” She then began her lesson. “Just like firebending, this ability is no toy. It’s only to be used in a dire circumstance, life or death situations.” She then turned to France. “Italy told me that you were the one who wrapped up Romano’s wrist with something similar to this.”

The blonde nodded. “I did, but that wasn’t during a full moon, and it was only a few plants that happened to be there.”

“It’s still controlling a living thing beyond yourself.” she specified. “These abilities are still dangerous. I suppose they could be used for medical purposes, but it’s so easy to make a fatal mistake. One gesture incorrect, and you could stop a person’s heart and there would be nothing you could do about it.” Hearing this increased the two to grow nervous.

Angela thought about if she had a fight with Claude or anyone during a full moon, and kill them. France thought of using this new ability to help treat injuries and bleeds, but the fear of turning a scratch on the arm into a heart attack turned that idea into a nightmare.

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