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Kamisama Kiss: How Stupid is Tomoe?

Spoiler warning for Kamisama Kiss anime and manga up to volume 24. You have been warned.

Just finished reading volume 24 of the Kamisama Kiss manga, and after reading Tomoe’s concept of what a proper paycheck should look like, I just shake my head in shame and disappointment. It made me wonder if Tomoe would truly survive as a human. So, here are all the reasons why Tomoe would not survive as a human and all the ways he’s at risk of making Nanami’s father’s mistakes.

I’m gonna start off with the most recent stupid act Tomoe committed in volume 24. While disappointed and ashamed of not being able to find a real job in the outside world for himself and to make Nanami stop nagging him to get a real job, Tomoe begs Mikage on his knees, pleading that the former God pay him for his service as a familiar. Mikage offers $100 per hour, and Tomoe declines. He says, and I quote, I kid you not, “That’s too much. $5 per day is enough.” …I only have eight words…but they speak the full truth about this instance. You can’t live on five dollars per day!

While around other humans, Tomoe doesn’t have any self-control. With his very first interaction with a human other than Nanami, he told them that Nanami was his mistress, which he doesn’ see anything wrong with, but it all too easily gives the wrong idea. His blunt speech can, and has, gotten Tomoe in trouble with other humans, Nanami, and even confusing himself, like when he was arrested by the gods in Izumo, his blunt honesty knew he was in love with Nanami, but his pride and past told him he didn’t even like Nanami, which drives him crazy in his prison cell. This might be knit picky, but he doesn’t know, or maybe doesn’t care about what others think, which could quickly ruin a reputation or first impression. Going back to the first example, good first impressions are key for landing the job you apply for.

Tomoe is also self-centered and immature. Despite being 500+ years old, Tomoe is extremely immature and anti-social. He’ll do anything for Nanami, but that’s it. Everything else he does is for himself and his selfish desire to get what he wants despite not being prepared for it or the thing he wants isn’t what has the best intentions of everyone else involved, or even not involved. He actually reminds me of a moody hormonal teenager. For example, he downed all the Water of Evolution, far too eager for the effects to kick in and to be human like he’s wanted for centuries only to learn the hard way his evolution line doesn’t even include humans.

That’s about all the points I have, but they’re BIG points. Tomoe wouldn’t survive on his own as a human supporting a wife and future family. I guess that’s why the very last page of the books is Tomoe finally getting his wish and becoming human to live his days with Nanami, so that we, the audience, wouldn’t have to watch the former yokai possibly die of starvation, or gamble all the funds away, or stupidly sign a contract to an obvious scam. I’m not convinced that it wouldn’t happen based on how we all know Tomoe.

What do you all think? Is it even possible for Tomoe to learn how to be an honest human and husband in only the year the two have, or is it more probable that Tomoe would fall into Nanami’s father’s shoes and become a gambling addict? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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