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Kamisama Kiss and their Ponysonas

Alright, here’s another Ponysona list. For simplicity sake, I’m only doing the members of the Mikage Shrine, Nanami’s two friends, and outside yokai that have a significant role in the story.

Starting with the main girl herself, Nanami Momozono. Now, Nanami is difficult. Not because her personality is complicated, I fully believe her optimism, need to help others, and positive energy is enough for her to be a natural pegasus with either a blooming or fully bloomed blossom for a cutiemark. However, her being a God, and my belief that all gods should be alicorns due to their large amount of supernatural power that normal people or even yokai could only dream of, I believe Mikage gave her a horn and turned her into an alicorn when he made her a God.

Moving on to the romantic interest, Tomoe. Now, this kitsune is actually a lot like Sebastian in a lot of ways, right down to the same English voice actor. They both view themselves as superior to humans, they are both fully aware that they are supernatural and don’t hesitate to show off their skills, both are prideful and possessive of their masters, and both take full control of their households almost instantly after being recruited into servitude. However, unlike Sebastian, Tomoe is much less restrained and wouldn’t hesitate to cuss or be honest to a point where it’s brutal. While Sebastian only ever expresses annoyance, acceptance, joy, and, what I like to call, “Cut the BS” face, Tomoe expresses a larger range of emotion and is more like a hormonal teenager with just enough maturity to know when he made a mess of things. For this, I believe Tomoe is a unicorn with a wild purple/blue Fox Fire cutiemark.

Now to the other familiar of the Mikage shrine, Mizuki. Mizuki is stubborn and bull headed, especially against Tomoe. In fact, the two familiars act a lot like brothers competing for the attention of a parent. However, Mizuki is much blunter with his emotions while Tomoe hides behind a thought process he has gone by for so long, doesn’t even remember why he thinks that way. For that reason, I believe Mizuki is an earth pony with a snake cutiemark.

On to Kurama and the tengu. I think it’s pretty obvious they should be pegasi, especially considering that the tengu are shunned if they can’t fly at a specific age. However, Kurama himself, I’d say his cutiemark is a microphone, not only for his singing career, but also for him being one of the few to join the mundane world and climb the ladder so quickly without raising suspicion, heck, he gained an entire fanbase practically over night after descending the mountain.

I’ve already stated that I believe all the gods are alicorns for their tremendous power to bend reality, fate, and nature at their whim, so I’m gonna skip them (mainly cause other than Mikage and Otohiko, none of the gods made much of an impact so most of their cutiemarks would be left as “I have no clue”).

Moving on to Nanami’s friends.

Kei is blunt to the point of being rude. Her main code is Misters before Sisters because she is constantly looking for a boyfriend, even as soon as a day after breaking up with the last one. For her blunt speech, forceful actions, and stubborn personality, I firmly believe she is an earth pony with a cell phone cutiemark. Whenever she’s in the frame, she’s on her phone texting and only closes the phone when she means business.

Ami is probably one of the biggest sweethearts in all anime. When even Nanami’s down and pessimistic, Ami stays bright and happy. For that, I think she should be a pegasus with strawberries for her cutiemark (if you’ve seen Kamisama Kiss, you’d understand why I say strawberries…then again, if you haven’t then…why are you reading this blog?).

You agree with my annalysis? I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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