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Chapter 6: Next in Line

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Ever since the incident where Italy and Venice ran in circles to try to find one another, the little girl was never allowed to leave the room without her father. Other than that, the rest of the time was fairly enjoyable. As time passed, Justine grew interested in Romano’s, Italy’s, Venice’s and Naples’ stories of Italian and Roman culture, and she was fascinated with Twilight, Cutie, AD talking about their world of ponies, pegasi, unicorns, and alicorns. She was even interested in France’s descriptions of his home, which she’d seen several times, but never as a tourist. When Rachel finally found a spare moment to meet them, she was no exception. Much to Sebastian’s and Bardroy’s dismay, the teen servants started asking if they could go with them when they leave. Even Christi took a liking to the guests and often shared personal information, such as where she truly came from and why she had butterfly wings half the time, in return for their knowledge of the other worlds. Even though Christi gave them all that information in exchange, Ciel never approved of it.

Things weren’t much different at the Trancy manor. Claude agreed with Ronald in the fact that the newcomers weren’t to be trusted, so the father (reluctantly) agreed to let Ronald take Angel out more often, no matter how much trouble he got in with William. Still, Angel always stayed around the guests and answered their every need. She loved it when America and Louisiana would tell her about their triumph in the Revolutionary war, Japan and Tokyo explain to her about their beautiful scenery and interesting eastern culture, and Rainbow Dash caught her attention easily with her beautiful descriptions of her Sonic Rainbooms she’s made in the past, as well as her spooky stories of the old mare and the rusty horseshoe, or slendermane…especially slendermane. In an instant, she’d be sucked into Pinki’s randomness and bubbly, and seemingly fearless, personality with her laughing in the face of her fears. She’d also hear Paris singing French songs, or watch him dance French dances, and listen to Mareuscript tell her all about her fictional pieces and how a mare named Lyra inspired a lot of the stories since most of them were about human life.

Angela couldn’t be happier, despite Claude’s mistrust. She would help Angel with the guests and just the fact that the teen would always talk about what she learned about the guests made her smile. It made her feel like she was finally catching up on her lost time with her only daughter.

Eventually, word got to Jeremy, Justine’s half brother, and he had to see it all for himself. He called the whole thing foolish, swung his ax, and left, pretending not to care. However, his visits with Justine grew more often and he’d simply add to her nerves.

It didn’t take long, though, for it to be time to let the misfits move on, hopefully back home. They asked Grell, him being an “A” student in school, and him having much more experience with travel. Thankfully, he agreed and Twilight’s research wasn’t needed.

When the two groups met in the woods with the servants and Ciel and Christi, Justine and Rachel both begged and pleaded to stay with the group. “Please let me go with you!” Rachel cried. “I mean, I’m getting nowhere here!”

“Besides,” Justine stated. “it would be rude of me to not make sure they actually made it home.”

“Same here.” Angel stated. “Can I go, daddy?”

“You’re going to let her go just like that?!” Ronald shouted at Claude. “What kind of father are you?!”

“Mr. Knox,” Claude sighed calmly. “if you had waited only a few moments, you would’ve known that my answer is…absolutely not.”

“Claude,” Angela called. “She never gets to have adventures anymore, and she really wants to see all their stories for herself. I’ll even go with her to make sure she’s alright.”

“Pretty please daddy?” she asked again, popping out her ears and wagging her tail, framed by her slightly folded wings and her golden brown eyes sparkling wide over her slightly pouted lip.

Claude seemed to be on the fence about it. He looked back at Ronald’s cold green glare and swapped to Angela and Angel’s pouts. With another sigh, he put his hands on his hips in defeat. “…Majority rules…”

Across the group, Sebastian, Bardroy, Ciel, Justine, Rachel, and Christi had basically the same conversation. “Pretty please with catnip on top?” Justine begged.

“They are my responsibility as well.” Christi convinced. “You said Phantomhive Hospitality is the most well known and most hospitable of all, so it only makes sense that I’d go too. Right Ciel?”

Justine looked at the young girl for a moment before she chuckled. “Christi, you still have too much to learn, also you’re far too fragile and delicate, being a butterfly demon. You must stay.” She then turned back to her father. “but…as a servant, I have direct responsibility even more so than the masters, right daddy?”

“I disagree.” Jeremy huffed, butting in the conversation. “There’s a reason you all asked mom to do this, it’s because he’s a reaper. All this is a reaper’s job.” He then sent a glance to his own father. “Now, if I-”

“No.” William stated. “For once, I agree with the demon. This isn’t our place to tread. If you want to go so badly, then leave your ax behind.” Jeremy then stayed silent, holding his ax tighter, not willing to give it up lightly.

“Justine, no means no!” Sebastian put his foot down. “I’m NOT going to lose you again!”

“You’re not going to lose me, dad!” she reasoned. “I’ll be fine, besides, don’t you remember my orders?” She then straightened her back and made a mockingly straight face, quickly covering her left eye with her hair before stating in a jokingly monotone voice, “They are your responsibility until the moment they set foot in their houses.” After a moment of Justine fixing her hair, Ciel straightened his face in annoyance and Sebastian averted the gaze they shared as she continued in a bubbly voice, “Like you always say, daddy, a master’s orders are absolute.”

“Yeah, Mr. Michaelis.” Rachel smiled, hugging Justine’s neck roughly and messing up her hair playfully. “No need to worry! I can take good care of her.”

“Sorry sis,” Bard shook his head. “you’re not going anywhere!” The sternness in his voice confused the younger sister as she loosened her grip on the butleress’ head. To her surprise, his serious face shifted to a mocking expression before a wide grin covered it all in seconds. “We’re going to get these blokes home!”

“Am I the only one to object, or am I trapped into agreeing with a reaper?”

“Believe me, demon. I am not at all happy about any of this.” Everyone ignored the two.

Sebastian gave his daughter one more look before he sighed and straightened his face. “If you go, I’ll go too.” he stated. “We stay together. You don’t leave my sight for a moment. Do you understand?” Justine nodded before hugging him tightly.

Jeremy glared at his sister. “You’re okay with her going?” he asked his father in agitation.

“Last I checked, Jeremy, I was your father, and simply her uncle. I don’t even have any blood ties to her, and only accepted the role of her uncle because she’s the daughter of your mother. Do you expect me to stoop to the same level as a full blood demon?” the reaper father asked coldly.

Ciel smacked his head. “You’re all forgetting that I’m the master! I’m the head of the family you all are connected to!” he exclaimed at all the servants. “I have the final say for ALL of you! And my answer is NO!”

Christi bit her lip before hugging Ciel’s arm. “Please Ciel!” she asked again. “I’ll behave! I promise! Besides, you can stay at the manor while I go and make sure that the guests are well taken care of!”

The master sighed and slouched his shoulders. “You’re doing this to get away from Alois, aren’t you?” With a deep sigh, he gave her one last look before quickly giving her a hug and walking back. “Keep them in line.” he requested of his sister before turning to his servants. “Keep her safe.”

Sebastian, Bardroy, and Rachel nodded while Justine smiled and even grabbed Christi’s shoulder protectively. “With my life, my Lord.” she promised.

Grell took in a deep breath and sighed with a huff. “Alright.” he stated, clapping his hands together nervously before rubbing them together. “Here we go…” Everyone in the group shut their eyes, the teens, and children clutching onto their family members as Grell worked his own form of magic. Jeremy stood “accidentally” too close to the group as the magic worked. Seconds before the reaper was done, William noticed where his son was standing and reached out to his wrist as Claude leaped in after his daughter, both fathers pushing Ciel in as well by surprise, and the three of them disappeared with the group.

When they opened their eyes, they seemed to be in the middle of the woods in, what seemed like, Medieval Asian attire.

Twilight wore a blue robe with white trim and belt, her long indigo hair in a double braid down her back tied by a thin white ribbon. Mareuscript had a similar robe, only brown with green trim and a cream belt around her waist. Her hair was still in a ponytail, but what held it there was a braid of her own hair. AD had her hair down and free, but, like Mareuscript, her robes had earth tones with browns, greens, and creams. Rainbow Dash had a deep crimson robe across her shoulders with a bright red belt around her waist. Her colorful hair, like her daughter, was still loose around her shoulders. Pinki’s cotton candy hair was in one ponytail, the bright, leafy green ribbon buried in the pink hair. Over her shoulders was a sleeveless robe of the same green with a golden belt around her waist loosely. Her legs were covered by loose cream pants. Cutie’s golden hair was still in her ponytail with a dark blue ribbon tied in a bow. She had a white turtleneck under her baby blue robe. Around their necks were chokers made from ribbons that matched their robes with stones that were carved to their cutie marks.

Naples was dressed in a red robe of varying crimson, gold, and gray shades. Her dark brown hair was tied up in a bun with her bangs free to give the natural curl that runs in her family. Romano also wore strictly red robes with his hair loose and free to fall. Louisiana was dressed differently, however, with her black and green robes, her long hair in a tight low ponytail. America’s robes, like Louisiana’s, were green, black, and gold. Tokyo had on a deep green robe with a cream robe over it to act as a jacket, her light brown hair in a long fishtail braid over her shoulder. Japan didn’t look much different from how he looks at his own home with the navy blue kimono and the white accents, but the fabric was much lighter and shorter. Venice had a green robe with yellow-green timing the hymn and belt all over a cream turtleneck. Over her arms were disconnected sleeves of the same colors. Italy had a generic dark blue robe with a white trim and baby blue belt over a black long sleeved shirt. France had a long, baby blue robe with royal blue-violet accents. The length of the robe looked similar to a dress. Around his waist was a white belt and his golden hair was half in a ponytail by a dark blue ribbon. Paris wore maroon pants under a bright red robe that was much shorter than his brother’s. He had no sleeves and his robe had golden accents.

Justine’s robes were bold red with a bright gold belt and dark crimson trim. Her long dark red hair was in two french braids over her shoulders. Sebastian also wore red, but it looked almost black with how dark the crimson cloth was next to his blood red eyes. Angel’s robes were dark blue with white trim and belt along with the deep blue pants under the robe. Her long curly brown hair was half in a braid with the rest puffing out from under the restriction. Angela’s robes were similar but purple with lavender and white trims and arm braces. A section of her snow white hair was tied to the side with blue and purple decorative beads. Claude was dressed in dark green robes with black trim and belt. Rachel’s knee long robes were a deep forest green in contrast to the golden accents and a black belt around her waist that kept it closed from her black pants. The long dirty blond hair curled freely at her shoulders. Bardroy’s dull gray robe was in complete contrast to the bright red accents in the collar and belt, leaving a darker red to hymn the robe and a single golden dot to shine at the base of his large neck. Christi had a dark, forest green robe, with golden trim. Her blond hair was tied in a side ponytail with a pink rose clip. She also had a light green turtleneck under the robe and her gloves were still on her hands, though they were the same light green. Ciel had a crimson robe with a golden trim and belt. Under the robe were black long sleeves. Jeremy had a robe that was such a dark green, it was nearly black. The robe itself was short enough to look similar to a suit while his pants were loose and forest green, the accents the same dark green as his pants. Around his waist was a cream belt. William had a robe that was similar in size, but it was completely black. The accents that framed the black were shallow ocean blue and his pants and belt were both white.

Claude’s golden eyes looked around in wonder. “…Where are we?” he asked.

“DAD!” Angel shouted, storming up to her father. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” As she yelled, Angela noticed a nearby pond ripple.

“I couldn’t let you go without myself knowing you’d be alright.” Claude defended himself.

“Yeah, right!” Angel exploded. “You just don’t trust me, and you’re jealous that I’m spending more time with mom than with you!”

“…Angel, sweetie,” Angela calmly approached her. “Calm down.”

“NO!” she shouted, throwing a five-year-old tantrum. “Dad’s been so jealous! It’s obvious, and it makes me sick!”

At the word ‘sick’, the little pond exploded from its place and rocketed to Claude as icicles, which alerted the rest of the group from their self-examinations. “No!” Angela shouted, reaching out to the icicles and watching them gather into a large snowball instead, still knocking the demon to the ground, but with something much softer.

Both angels gazed at their hands in confusion as the group just stared at them. “…Did I just-?” All they could do, even Pinki Pie, was to nod.

“…And I just-?” They nodded again at Angel’s implied question.

Twilight looked herself over again. “If I had to guess…” she stated. “…then, our clothes are the color of a specific natural element, and in this world, we can control this element with our emotions.”

“Awesome!” America smiled, looking himself over. “What can I do?”

Twilight smiled again at the American. “Judging from the natural tones in your robe, I’d say you can control the earth when your emotions call for it.”

“Do me!” Pinki exclaimed in excitement. “Do me! What about me?!”

The former alicorn giggled at her friend’s typical hyperness as she answered the question. “Like America, you look like you can manipulate the earth. Makes sense since you have your Pinki Sense. That’s connected with nature, which usually translates into earth elements.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Romano huffed, crossing his arms. “It still doesn’t mean we know how to control this, and that’s assuming we’ll never get home.”

This caught Naples’ attention. “…Never go home?” she asked.

Italy gazed at his older brother in sadness. “W-what about your birthday? We were going to make you a big pasta feast for your birthday party!”

“We have pasta all the time bastard!” Romano shouted back, smacking the younger brother upside his head.

“…Not in front of Venice! Please fratello!” the frightened younger brother requested, though Romano didn’t back down.

“Calm down.” Japan reasoned. “I’m sure if we just find some help and explain the situation, we can all go home and move on with our lives.”

“…Yeah…” Rainbow Dash sighed. “…We’re pretty much screwed.”

William sighed, reaching up to adjust his black glasses. “I believe this is the worst situation I’ve been in since I left the Noah’s Arc Circus.”

Jeremy closed off from his father. “…Sorry dad…” he apologized with no response.

France tried with all his might to remain calm, though it was growing more difficult. “I’m not so sure about this”

“Don’t worry~” Pinki smiled. “What’s the worst that can happen?” She then slowly started to have breathing problems. “I-I mean, it’s not like we’ll never see our friends again! We’ll see them again! But how much longer will we be trapped like this? Days? Weeks? Months? YEARS?! I’ve already missed 28 birthdays! 28 birthdays either went party-less, or I MISSED 28 PARTIES! What if we never get home?! I’ll never see mom, or dad, or Maude, or Limestone, or-”

“PLEASE STOP! YOU’RE SCARING ME!” Italy cried, crushing his daughter.

“Will you both just cool it?!” Rachel shouted in aggravation and stress.

“Rachel!” Ciel shouted at his servant. “Please.” The young boy then took charge. “We’re all tired, we’re all scared, we’re all confused! Still, we just have to work together, otherwise, what’s the point of all this? I don’t believe in fate, nor coincidence, but I believe teamwork is the only way we’ll return home with our heads intact.”

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