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Meet My Oc: Asami, Natsumi, Akimi, and Kamiko

Yay! Another Meet My Oc~! These are made for Kamisama Hajimashita, AKA Kamisama Kiss, and, even better news, this is the last one you need to know about for Fanfiction Gone Wrong~

In the featured image (base by: queenxmargrtaville), left to right, is Akimi, Natsumi, Asami, and Kamiko. The three girls are sisters and the daughters of Tomoe and Yukiji while Kamiko is the younger brother to Otohiko, and is the God of Nightmares and Dreams.

Akimi was inspired by AnimeAngel120’s lack of ability to care for herself, yet strong and stubborn attitude to prove herself capable. Natsumi was inspired by my “Daddy’s Little Girl” attitude that I had all through childhood. Asami was inspired RcMay’s desire to lighten any mood, as well as her prankster personality. Kamiko was inspired by my brother’s severe God Syndrome.

The ponysonas of these four are all alicorn-like (taller than normal ponies with bigger wings and/or horns) because, like the Black Butler bunch, they’re more than human. Akimi is a black pegasus with a cutiemark of an autumn leaf for her fragility when compared to her sisters and father. Natsumi is a fiery red unicorn with a fresh, green summer leaf cutiemark for her “not falling far from the tree” and being a Daddy’s Girl, but also for her ability to bring a fresh perspective to a situation. Asami is a lavender pegasus with a mouse trap cutiemark simply for her pranking nature and ability to turn anything anyone says against them. Kamiko is a dark blue alicorn with wings much larger than normal (not because he “earned his wings”, but because he is a god and I believe gods in Kamisama Kiss are alicorns…regardless of worth…) and a crescent moon and star cutiemark for his abilities to interpret dreams.

As for backstories, Asami is the first born daughter of Tomoe and Yukiji, only a year older than Natsumi and Akimi, who are both fraternal twins. All three being the children of Tomoe, they all have kitsune powers, however, none are as strong as Tomoe, him being pure yokai and the three sisters being half human. While all three can shapeshift, only Asami has Tomoe’s Fox Fire and incredible strength, however, her abilities pale in comparison to her twin sisters when combined. Natsumi inherited Tomoe’s Fox Fire, much stronger than Asami’s, but also much weaker than Tomoe’s, while Akimi inherited the physical strength. Their abilities match their personalities to the letter, Asami being most like a true Kitsune, having all powers of the said yokai (however very weak in comparison to the pure real deal), Natsumi being more delicate and supporter of whoever she deems either in the right or who’s idea is more fun, and Akimi being the most like the rebelling brute. When Tomoe steals the Dragon King’s Eye, Asami goes with him, despite being a small child at the time, and helps in whatever way she could to save her mother and unborn sisters.

Not long after the twins are born, Asami becomes friends with a black snake yokai. However, she’s attacked by the snake, could’ve even died if Tomoe didn’t swoop in and save her. Ever since she’s had a hatred and fear of snakes, which the twins are too young to remember or understand while Asami hides her scars under long sleeves or a hoodie.

Now, Kamiko is a different story. Being the younger brother of Otohiko, he takes after his brother perfectly. The only thing he needs as a god is a familiar, and he believes that Natsumi should be the one to fill that role. Kamiko is cocky, arrogant, and self-centered. As Natsumi and Akimi say all the time (in ponysona), his ego is as big as his wings. However, every time he asks Natsumi to be his familiar, she turns him down, usually with a spit to the face.

After Tomoe becomes a familiar to Mikage, Asami, Natsumi, and Akimi are all three still children and help Tomoe wherever they could. As they grow up, however, they develop their own identities. Once Nanami comes, the sisters become quick friends with her, finally with a girl about their age (relatively speaking). From then on, the sisters follow Nanami in her adventures and misadventures. The twins stayed behind when Tomoe left while Asami followed instantly to get him to come back home, Akimi fell head over heals for Kurama and was won over by his charm, Asami was captured with Nanami by Mizuki, Asami was taken by the Dragon King with Tomoe so they both could pay their debts while the twins worked with Nanami and Mizuki to repay it, and so on. All the while, Natsumi fights off Kamiko, continually refusing his proposal to be a “familiar for a real god” and Asami fights off Mizuki’s affection after he gives up on claiming Nanami as a bride.

Eventually, Mizuki wins Asami over, but it takes a long time, a lot of attempts of affection on Mizuki’s part, and a lot of teasing and nudging on the twins’ part for her to heal her old scars left on her by her old childhood friend.

In the end, when Tomoe makes his final decision to become a human, the three sisters decide to split up with their father and remain as they are so they can have their own Happily Ever Afters, and they’re all three sure that finding that wouldn’t be as difficult as it was for their father before them.

If you would like the pleasure of reading all the books and watching the episodes yourself, they’re all available on Amazon (but for simplicity sake, I’ll leave links to the latest three, you can find the rest from suggestion products). Come and get season 1 and season 2 but you can also get volume 22volume 23, or you can get the most recent volume 24.

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