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Chapter 5: Interruptions

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Italy came up on the front door of the Trancy Manor in nearly no time. He knew that Venice liked to test her courage, trying to break the family Curse of Cowards like her cousin before her. The Italian finally made it to the front door of the other manner and froze. He remembered what Angel said just before the group of sixteen split in two, and he didn’t like his odds. However, this was his baby girl he was thinking about, of course, he would go to hell and back for her (true, crying the whole way, but he’d still go). With a slightly timid hand, he knocked on the door.

“Coming!” came a voice on the other side as Angel opened the door. “…You were with Justine a few days ago! How can I help you?”

The man lost his voice for a moment before he took in a deep breath and answered with his Italian speed, “I’m looking for my daughter! Have you seen her? Ciel told me that she left the other mansion and I think she came here! Please help me find her! I’m so worried and scared! What if she hurts herself?!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Angel stopped him. “Slow down there. I haven’t seen your daughter, but I can look and see if she snuck past my nose.” She then turned and gestured for him to follow. “Come on in. Might as well have some tea while you’re here.”

Italy followed Angel cautiously, jumping at every little creek, catching the teen’s attention. “…You know, there’s nothing to be afraid of as long as my father’s out with the Young Master.” she reassured him.

“…Better safe than sorry…” he replied. “Can you please just help me find mia figlia?”

Angel chuckled. “Sure Scaredy Cat.”

The first place they looked was the ballroom, where Pinki Pie was with Rainbow Dash on the high balcony with a bucket of water sitting on the edge and nothing holding it up except for their own hands. Angel saw her mother about to walk under the bucket unknowingly. As the metal object started to tip over, the teen butler pulled out her wings and flapped them to gain speed. She flapped the large white extensions so hard, they started cramping. “LOOK OUT!” With that, she pushed her mother out of the way just in time and got soaked with the water, the metal bucket hitting her back. “…Ow. What’s that bucket made of? Diamonds?”

Angela looked at the current state of her daughter before looking at the culprits above her. Both Pinki and Rainbow Dash widened their eyes and tried to run away. Neither of them were a match to Angela’s flight speed as she appeared in front of them in mere seconds. “Mrs. Dash, Mrs. Pie, please try to not pull pranks that can leave someone hurt. There are servants only trying to do their job, and the Young Master doesn’t get happy if any of the servants are left unable to do their work.” She then took the two in her arms and took off, landing on the ground. “I ask that you please apologize to my daughter.”

“That reminds me!” Angel shouted, still cradling the bruise on her back between her wings where the bucket landed. “Mom, have you seen a Ms. Venice? Young girl, about eight years old, light hair, green eyes? Her father’s here, thinking she ran from the Phantomhive manner.”

Angela thought for a moment before shaking her head. “I can’t say that I have.” she replied, turning to Italy. “I do hope you find her, now if you would please excuse me, I need to escort Mrs. Pie and Mrs. Dash to their rooms.”

“What?!” the two former ponies exclaimed, looking at each other with wide blue and rose eyes.

“Are you really sending us to our rooms?!” Rainbow Dash complained. “First off, we’re guests, second, you’re NOT our mother!”

“In fact!” Pinki Pie added. “I have a little itsy bitsy Twinkie Cutie! I’m too old to be sent to bed without at least a cookie!”

“She means, we ARE mothers!” Rainbow Dash rephrased. “We don’t even listen to our own mothers anymore!”

The angel sighed. “Well then, think of it this way.” she stated, dragging them effortlessly to the entrance and up the stairs. “Had you both listened to your mothers even after obtaining motherhood yourselves, you wouldn’t need further mothering.”

Angel couldn’t help the chuckle when she heard her mother’s final decision. Her smile was stripped from her face, however, when she heard Angela shout from the second floor, “And no flying Angel!”

“What?!” she complained, rushing to the stairs to see the parent’s face herself. “But mom! I still hadn’t practiced yet today! What if I’m in a situation where I either fly or die?! I need to get all the practice I CAN get!”

“Doesn’t matter.” Angela shook her head. “Wet wings don’t fly either way. Too much weight added. Also, that bucket hit you between your wings, so those muscles are useless until they heal.” With that said, she added a quick, “Take care of Mr. Veniciano and rest in bed for the remainder of the day.”

Angel groaned but nodded. “Yes, mom.” The teen turned to the man and chuckled. “I’m truly sorry about this…” she stated. “It won’t happen again.”

With that said, she led him around the manner, running into another duo in the kitchen. America groaned as he searched the cabinets. Louisiana watched him in boredom. “Do you need help?” Angel offered.

The male American was the one to answer. “Yeah, are there any burgers here?”

Louisiana face palmed. “America…four words. We’re in the 1880’s!” she shouted to her brother. “Burgers won’t be invented for another 60 years give or take a decade!”

America pouted. “…But…Burgers…”

Angel sighed before she smiled. “Don’t worry, America. I’ll see what I can make with what we have.” she promised. “In the meantime, please wait in the dining room. I’ll be there momentarily while I pull strings.” She then pushed the siblings out of the kitchen and shut the door.

Italy gazed at her as her face completely changed from a calm and confident smile to a panicked look of fear, digging through the cabinets to search for an alternative. “I have about 15 minutes, guests are hungry, I have no idea what a burger even IS! Why did dad have to go to the other manner?!” she groaned.

The Italian tapped her shoulder. “I could help.” he offered. “A burger is ground beef with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and various other vegetables between two buns or bread slices.” Angel only gave him a look of confusion as Italy smiled widely. “I’m not a big fan of burgers, but I think I can make them~ America likes them A LOT, and he’s one of my friends!”

With that said, Angel only watched as Italy worked his culinary magic. In 5 minutes, he had a full burger ready to eat on a plate. Angel observed how he cooked the meat and pieced the sandwich together. With her supernatural speed that she inherited from her father, the plate was full of burgers, which they both made in the full 15 minutes. There was even another plate of salted, sliced, fried potatoes.

Italy handed her the two plates and she served the meal to America. “Here you go.” she sighed in slight exhaustion. “A plate full of ground beef, all cooked medium well, with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, cut onions, sliced cheese, all between two slices of bread, and a side of salted, sliced, fried potatoes.” She then gave the guests a bow. “I hope this is what you were searching for.”

America’s eyes lit up as Louisiana only sat there with wide, confused eyes. The brother was already eating the meat while the sister hesitantly picked up a fried potato slice and ate it. She soon gained the excitement of her brother and joined him in the meal as close to familiar they would get in a while.

Angel smiled and sighed, turning to Italy. “Thanks for the heads up!” she stated. “Don’t worry. I’ll be sure your daughter is found.”

She continued to lead him around the mansion until they ran into Mareuscript, Paris, Tokyo and Japan. Angel smiled as she approached the four. “May I help you with something?”

Tokyo and Paris shook their heads but Mareuscript and Japan nodded. The Japanese teen and French young man both glared at the Japanese man and the former unicorn. “…What are you guys talking about?” Paris asked, leaning on the wall behind him. “We don’t need any help at all.” he stated.

“Yeah,” Tokyo agreed, turning to her brother. “I don’t understand what help you think we need, Nii-san.”

“Communicating with Mom is one thing.” Mareuscript huffed. “If I know her, she’ll be looking for an alternative in case our plan to go home doesn’t work and we need to know what alternatives she comes up with so we’re all on the same page.”

“I would be interested to know what page the other half of the group is at as well.” Japan added.

“Who cares?” Paris huffed out a chuckle. “The plan isn’t going to fail. We’ll be home any day now.”

Mareuscript raised a brow. “That’s what we thought when England told us he’d help us.”

Angel thought for a moment before smiling. “Please follow me.” she stated before leading them to a back room. Behind the door was only a single phone. “If communication is an issue, then this should fix it.” she stated. “Just dial this number,” She handed them a sheet with a string of numbers. “and it should get you straight to the Phantomhive Manner. Normally Sebastian answers, so as long as you’re prepared for that and tell him who you want to speak to, you can communicate with anyone in the other manner. It’s better to not need the knowledge than it is to need what you don’t know.”

Mareuscript thanked Angel and grabbed the phone, dialing the number. Just as predicted, Sebastian answered fairly quickly, “Phantomhive Manner.”

The former pony smiled. “Is Twilight Sparkle there?”

Sebastian paused in thought before chuckling. “Mrs. Sparkle is here and available.” he promised.

“May I speak with her?” she requested. “This is Mareuscript.”

“Ah yes. One moment please.”

It was silent as Sebastian left briskly to retrieve the requested guest. When they came back, the phone was cautiously raised. “Hello?”

“Mom?” Mareuscript called.

Twilight sighed. “Is there something wrong? Are you alright?”

The daughter shook her head. “I’m fine mom.” she reassured. “I was just wondering if there was anything over there on what we can do if our plan doesn’t work and we stay here.” she requested. “I can’t find any books here on anything other than flamenco or tap dancing.” Twilight thought back to her research before she answered her daughter’s question, explaining everything she learned in great detail.

“Mrs. Sparkle, who are you talking to?” asked a voice that interrupted the woman from explaining an alternative bad side to their plans in which they end up completely in another world like before.

“Mareuscript.” the mother paused to answer the new comer’s question.

“When you’re done,” the second voice stated. “may I use the phone to call the Trancy Manner?”

Twilight hummed in agreement before returning to her conversation. When every different scenario was explained and exchanged, the former alicorn stated, “If that’s everything, then I’m going to hand the phone over to Justine. She needs to talk to someone over on your side.”

Mareuscript nodded. “I’ll hand the phone to Angel then.” she agreed

When the phones touched the servant’s’ hands, the Michaelis teen didn’t waste any time. “Angel?” she called in the phone. “Is Mr. Veniciano over there?”

Angel nodded. “Yeah, Mr. Veniciano’s here.” she confirmed, the Italian jumping at the sound of his name. “You need me to hand the phone over?”


As requested, Angel handed the phone over to Italy, who took it hurriedly. “Ciao?!” he called in the phone.

“Mr. Veniciano?” Justine called. “I have a very worried little girl here. Venice.” she stated.

Italy sighed in relief. “Gratsi! Gratsi! Gratsi!” he thanked. “Where has she been?!”

Justine chuckled a little. “Lady Venice never left my side.” she informed. “Are you ready to reunite with your daughter, Mr. Italy?”

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