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Sorting Hat: Brothers Conflict

Kicking off with the first in Sorting Hat series, I’ll be going over the Asahina Brothers (and Chii) from Brothers Conflict, and say which house I believe the sorting hat would place them if they enrolled at Hogwarts. If you missed the rules last week, go ahead and read them now. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.

Just like when I thought of what ponies these characters would be, I’ll be going over these brothers in order of age (and Chii last because I don’t know if she’s technically older or younger than Yusuke). One thing though, because most of these brothers are adults, I doubt they value any traits that they don’t possess to the point where they wish for those traits themselves, so that rule won’t apply to the older brothers, since any virtuous traits they’ve strived to achieve would either be in their possession or they’d give up on them by that time.

First up is Masaomi. He’s kind, loyal, protective, and strong. However, I don’t believe he’s strong enough for Gryffindor, nor does he wish to be. I believe Masaomi would feel right at home in Hufflepuff.

Second is Ukyo. He’s smart, cunning, and ambitious, he has to be to be a lawyer. I’m kinda torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, however, I think he has too much ambition, pride, and leadership to be Ravenclaw, so Slytherin it is!

Third, we’ve got Kaname. This brother is laid back and go-with-the-flow type of person. However, he is the first of the brothers to make a move on Chii, also, while on Christmas vacation when Chii hurts herself while skiing down a mountain during a storm, he goes on the mountain for a one-man-search-and-rescue mission. For that, I believe Kaname fits in Gryffindor.

Hikaru is Slytherin, saying that now. He has all the ambition, cunning, and strategy. If you need a plan of any kind, Hikaru has you covered. His personality just screams puppet-master and he likes to twist words around in his favor. Not only do I think he’d be Slytherin, but I think he’d be a Slytherin that Malfoy would beg to be around to bounce ideas off of and absorb Hikaru’s schemes.

Next on my list is the first of the triplets, Tsubaki. He has all the passion and ambition that drives, not only himself but also Azusa to voice acting careers. He’s also got a lot of mischievous behavior, he pulls pranks on Chii and all his brothers; he reminds me of Fred and George. I…really don’t know between Slytherin and Gryffindor. I’m going to say Gryffindor since Tsubaki wouldn’t be the type to isolate himself from others, no matter difference in opinion.

The identical twin, Azusa is reserved and a thinker. He doesn’t really have ambition, and he, in my opinion, lacks the equality to be a Hufflepuff due to him thinking Tsubaki deserves everything he works towards. Tsubaki himself says (not word for word), “It was my idea to be a voice actor, and Azusa surpassed me.” Tsubaki has all the passion and ambition while Azusa just has the skills. For that, I think Azusa belongs in Ravenclaw.

The youngest triplet with the most maturity, Natsume, is apathetic and socially awkward, as well as a workaholic. He has ambitions, and he’s a thinking person. I’m torn between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. However, due to hus humility and humble nature, he belongs in Ravenclaw.

Louis is…a tough one. Unlike all his brothers, Louis is so laid back that he constantly looks like he just walked out of the 1970s. However, like I said before, he has a very philosopher way of speaking, he makes something as simple as just saying “Let me style your hair” sound like some ancient prophocy, or something that belongs in a fortune cookie. For that, I’m thinking Ravenclaw for our dear Louis.

Subaru is reckless, greedy, and short-sighted. He acts without thinking. For that, I think he should be Gryffindor (…however, I’m not happy that he’s in the same house as me…since he’s my least favorite brother out of all the Asahina brothers).

Iori always has some ulterior motives going on. For example, in the Valentine’s day special, he acts suspiciously the whole time, never really being clear what he’s doing until the very end when he comes down with a bouquet of chocolate roses. Also, let’s not forget that he’s the only brother in the games that has a bad ending that ends with him snapping and killing one of his older brothers; that homicidal personality is hidden behind those innocent hazel eyes, dashing style, and fluffy dark gray hair. For his ambition and secrecy, he’d better be Slytherin.

Yusuke is fairly simple, but at the same time, difficult. He wants nothing more than to surpass his brothers. For that, I believe Slytherin is a good fit for Yusuke.

Fuuto acts without thinking. Like Iori, he has a hidden goal that he’s striving to achieve, but like Subaru, he is reckless and short-sighted. Again, I’m torn between Gryffindor and Slytherin. I believe Fuuto belongs in Slytherin because, unlike Tsubaki, he isolates himself and insults all the brothers he deems unworthy of his time and attantion.

Wataru’s main ambition is to make everyone be happy and feel accepted. No contest, he’s a Hufflepuff.

Chii is…nice…just, nice. She’s stubborn, but only about her loyalty to her brothers and tries to make sure all her brothers are treated equally. For that, I believe Hufflepuff is her house.

So, in conclution, we’ve got 5 Slytherins, 3 Ravenclaws, 3 Gryffindors, 3 Hufflepuffs.

Do you agree? Dissagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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