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Sorting Hat

Ok, this is something I’ve been considering on starting for a while now.

Ever since the first movie came to theaters, I’ve been a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and, I honestly want to see if I could play Sorting Hat and guess which Hogwarts houses the characters of various anime shows, MLP, and Disney would be in.

So, since I’m playing the Sorting Hat, allow me to “sing” the sorting hat’s song from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book (not the whole thing, just what it says about each house).

“You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;

“You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;

“Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;

“Or perhaps in Slytherin
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.”

Okay, now that we have a brief description of each house, let me go over really quick the rules of this series since I need some guidelines that keep this from turning into a runaway train.

First thing’s first, JK Rowling herself said in interviews that the house placement is based on what traits the witch/wizard values, not always possess.

Now that that’s out of the way, Gryffindor is comprised of students who are brave, but maybe reckless or short-sighted. They seem to be ones who don’t consider, or maybe not even care, about the consequences of their actions. If they don’t have these traits, then they might admire the virtue of bravery to a point where they wish it for themselves.

Hufflepuff are…difficult. They’re treated as the house to go when there’s nowhere else for you, but that’s not really the case. Hufflepuff is a house of equality, loyalty, and dedication. However, a con to this might be too much trust in strangers or others who aren’t deserving of such loyalty. Again, if someone in this house doesn’t have these traits, then they desire to strive to gain the traits of loyalty and acceptance.

Ravenclaw is filled to the brim with wisdom and knowledge. This is where the scholars, planners, and strategists are. A downside to Ravenclaw could simply be isolation. Being smart sometimes takes a toll on social life, so it might be difficult for a Ravenclaw to get a strong, lasting relationship. If missing the traits, a member could wish for nothing more than to learn how to gain the wit of Ravenclaw.

Lastly, Slytherin has a bad reputation as it is. Slytherins in the books and movies are racist, rebellious bullies, molding to become Death Eaters. However, those are sins on the few Slytherin characters we’ve seen in the books and movies; the true virtues of the house itself aren’t related to that at all. If in Slytherin, they might be cunning, a puppet-master-type of person, or a strategist. The only difference between Slytherin and Ravenclaw is that Slytherin has more ambition to be more than just the group strategist and be more leadership status. However, a con to this could be that Slytherin’s reputation keeps them isolated from the other houses and only in their own circle of other Slytherins. Once again, if a member of Slytherin doesn’t have the virtues of Slytherin house, then that means he/she wants ambition…which kinda means they have the ambition to strive for ambitious personality…so…yeah.

Need a reminder of the houses and how they act in JK Rowling world? Snatch the eight DVDs, all on Amazon, or you wanna see her world in her words? The seven books are also on Amazon, ready to be read.

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