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Chapter 3: Split Up

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The female butler began to walk down the street, giving the group a little, “Please follow me.”

Justine led them down the streets of London to the countryside. Much to the America’s and Romano’s complaints, they were walking the whole way. “I apologize for the lack of carriage.” she stated. “My father and masters still need that, they are expected to bring home a large amount of packaging. Besides, I still can’t drive.”

“So, who exactly is your master?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah,” Rainbow Dash stated. “And what is your dad? Some sort of slave?”

Justine didn’t take her green eyes off the path ahead of them as she answered their questions. “My master is Ciel Phantomhive, son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive. My father and I are his and Christi’s life-long servants, butlers…I’m still in training, though.”

“Are there other servants?” Tokyo asked.

“Of course there are!” Romano snapped. “Hundreds, I bet.”

Justine shook her head. “Actually, Mr. Romano, aside from my father and I, there are only four other servants to the Phantomhives; five if you count our steward, Tanaka. He doesn’t do much, so not a lot of people count him as a ‘servant’ per-say.”

“What’s a steward?” Cutie asked.

“A steward is sort of like a house maid.” Justine answered. “They do little chores, like make the bed, do the dishes, things like that. Tanaka, on the other hand, doesn’t even do that. He’s just there if we need an extra hand.”

“What do the other servants do?” Paris asked.

The female butler tapped her chin in thought before she smiled. “Well…Bardroy is the cook, though my dad has to re-cook everything he tries to make with his sticks of dynamite and flamethrower,” the guests froze for a moment upon hearing the weapons before rushing back up to Justine, who didn’t stop walking. “his younger sister, Rachel, helps the maid, Meyrin, because that woman is blind as a bat and clumsy as heck, but it’s fun to see my dad mess with her head; he always has to be with her to catch whatever she’s dropping, though, and tell her what she’s doing wrong, or redo whatever she messed up all together, that is, if Rachel doesn’t fix it first.” She paused for more thought. “Then there’s Finnian, the gardener. He doesn’t always realize his strength, and he destroys the yard because of it, causing my dad to have to fix everything, but he’s always fun to be around.”

“So, to sum it all up,” Romano stated. “Your padre does everything?”

Justine hummed in thought before she smiled. “Yeah, pretty much, but I still do what I can, which actually reminds me.” She looked up at the former pony. “You’re name is Angel, right?”

“…Yes.” the teen answered hesitantly, not knowing why the female butler was asking that.

Still, the red girl smiled. “Either you need a nickname, or my friend, Angel Faustus, does.”

Rainbow Dash smiled with a huff of laughter. “Then she’ll be AD.” she declared.

“We can’t mix up our friends~ That’s just not what friends do!” Pinki exclaimed as she bounced to the front of the group.

Not long after they continued walking, the group heard something screaming, “LOOK OUT!” and something crashed on the dirt road. The group looked down and Justine sighed, walking up to the object…that started groaning. White wings lay limp and spread across the road, hiding the half buried, face down, curled up owner of the wings.

The butler sighed and pulled up a limp arm, effectively pulling the form up. “Angel, what are you doing?” she giggled. “Shouldn’t you be helping your dad with…whatever he does all day?”

The new-comer shook her dusty head much like a dog would (whether it was in ‘no’ or to get the dirt out of her curled brown hair, it was difficult to tell, but it still accomplished both). “That’s why my mom’s there,” she answered, dusting off her sleeves and shaking her wings. “To fill in for me while I practice controlling these things.”

Justine was confused at this. “I thought your mom moved in with you and your dad so she can teach you more about your angelic side.”

To that, Angel shrugged. “She’s doing that too.” she sighed as she looked over at the group that stood behind her friend. “Who are they?”

After introductions, the new teen, who was introduced as Angel (which Mareuscript had to chuckle at due to the apparent similarities between the two Angels’ flying abilities), smiled. “Maybe even I can help!” she exclaimed. “I can take on half the guests, make the workload lighter on you and your dad. I know how stressful things have gotten since the whole Serial Killer Case thing.”

“Actually, we caught him earlier today.” she smiled. “So, no need to worry.”

“…Still.” Angel pressed. “It’ll take a while for things to cool off, I know your family, and they stay stressed for, like, ever after shit hits the fan.” she stated before humming in thought. “It’ll have to be only the bravest though, my dad does have a way of scarring weak stomached guests…with his…spider obsession…”

“I’ll go.” Romano volunteered, making his daughter laugh out loud.

“Papa, you don’t have a stomach at all!” she laughed. “You’ll run out in ten seconds flat like you did when those cute baby turtles-!”


After a second, the Italian girl turned to the new butleress. “I guess you can count my papa and me out. We’ll stay with Justine.”

“I’ll stay with Fratello…” Italy whimpered, clutching Venice’s hand tight in his grip. “Right Bella?”

The young girl tried to escape the grip, but she soon sighed and answered, “…Si Papa…”

America smiled. “Well, I’ll go! What do you say, Louisiana?”

“Sounds like fun, bro!” the little sister exclaimed as they walked over to Angel.

Japan groaned out a sigh. “…I should stay with America-san.” he huffed out, turning to his little sister. “You should stay with me.”

“But Japan-nii-”

“Last time you left my sight, you were almost killed!” Japan snapped, causing everyone who knew him personally to flinch before the younger sister nodded. Japan never snapped like that, much less to her. He must’ve been really worried.

“I can be brave!” Rainbow Dash shouted.

“So can I!” Mareuscript agreed.

“I can’t!” AD and Twilight exclaimed.

“Come on guys~!” Pinki giggled as she bounced to the other group. “Giggle at the Ghosty?! Remember?”

Cutie bit her lip. “…I think I’ll stay behind with Auntie Twilight…”

“Besides,” France sighed. “America, Louisiana, Japan, Tokyo, Mareuscript, Rainbow Dash and Pinki Pie looks like you are all full.” she stated. “Parie and I can stay with Mademoiselle Justine.”

“There’s room for one more.” Paris stated, making his way over. “J’etame France, but it’s gotta be a fair trade, oui?”

The two butlers went their separate ways with their group. Angel turned to the group she got and just gazed at America in slight wonder, gaining his attention. “…What?” he asked.

She was hesitant to answer but still did. “…You just look an awful lot like-” Suddenly, there was the sound of a lawn mower and Angel smiled and pointed to the sound. “Him.”

America was still very confused as a young man appearing to be in his late teens, early twenties fell from a tree and stood up, leaning on his lawn mower, now starting to die down. “Hey, babe.” he chuckled, smiling to Angel. “You doing anything?”

“I’m just going to show my new guests to the manner, then I’ll dump them on my dad or something.” she answered with a growing blush.

To this, he smiled. “I’ll be more than happy to help.” he stated, hugging Angel close, making her blush even more intensely.

“Ronald!” she called, weakly pushing away from him and laughing. “I have guests here!”

Pinki Pie took a closer look at Ronald before gasping. “You look just like America!” she exclaimed, pointing to the said blonde. “You guys could be brothers! Or twins! Or maybe even twin BROTHERS!”

Ronald’s attention was instantly brought to America as he approached him and they started mirroring each other with odd hand motions and weird faces. “Who is this guy?” they both asked in perfect unison, the only difference being the accents.

The butler smiled. “Ronald, this is America, like the country, America, Ronald.”

Ronald then started to leave, not taking his yellow-green eyes off the American, America giving him the same curious stare. “…I just remembered…William will kill me if I don’t find the next person on the list, some Arthur Randell or whatever. I’ll see you later Angel.” and with that, he took his lawn mower and leaped up to the trees, starting the motor as he left.

“…That was…awkward.” Louisiana stated.

“I’ll say.” Mareuscript agreed.

“What did he mean when he said ‘list’?” Japan asked.

“Was it like a party guest list? Is he throwing a party? WHY WERE WE NOT INVITED?!” Pinki exclaimed.

“It’s not a party list!” Angel shouted over Pinki’s raising voice before she turned to the group and smiled. “Actually, that couldn’t be more wrong. Ronald is a Grim Reaper.” she answered. “He was talking about his To Die list.”

This caused all of them to go wide eyed as Angel looked down at her watch. “It’s getting late.” she stated. “My parents will kill me if I stay out past 6:23!”

She then spread her white wings and made seven copies of herself with the same white wings spread in the air. Each Angel copy grabbed a guest and started to fly off. Rainbow Dash was the only one who struggled, much to the former unicorn’s confusion. “What’s wrong Aunt Rainbow Dash?” she asked. “I thought you liked flying.”

“Not when I have no control!” she shouted. “Also, did you not see her when she landed back there? Just like AD on a regular basis.”

The demon holding Rainbow Dash overheard her and started to slip her hands a little, causing the former pegasus to yelp and tense in fear and shock before the grip re-stiffened. “I’m sorry.” the clone apologized. “I’m such a butter fingers.”

They made it to the manner at 6:22 on the dot, where two figures were waiting for her return. When she landed (much smoother than before) and restricted her clones and wings, the woman in white and purple rushed up to her and held her tightly. “That was beautiful!” she fawned. “I trust you got a lot of practice in today?”

“Yes, mom.” Angel sighed as the white haired woman kissed her cheek.

The man in black, however, just gazed at her with his golden stare. “…Angel,” he called. “Who did you bring? You know the master doesn’t like surprise guests.”

“While I was practicing, I found them with Justine. I thought I could help her out.” she answered.

“Claude, it’s fine.” the woman soothed. “She was just helping a friend. How does that surprise you?”

“Because, Angela,” Claude sighed. “It means more food to cook, more beds to make, and the master has not approved of this.”

Angela rolled her purple eyes and smiled at the group. “Welcome to the Trancy Manor.” she welcomed. “Please follow me to your rooms.”

“…But, Angela!” Claude’s voice cracked to a whine, making the teen smile.

“Sorry dad,” Angel chuckled as Angela left with the group of eight. “You’re out voted.”

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