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Elements of Disharmony: Black Butler

Alright, here’s my installment for Black Butler’s worst people (term “people” used very loosely). Now, I’m keeping to the same rules, and I’m also looking at, not only seasons 1 and 2 but also Book of Circus and Book of Murder.

Without further ado, let us begin~

Betrayal is an easy one. Claude has no loyalty to anyone (I’m referring to the cannon story, not my head cannon that includes his romance with Angela, friendship with Sebastian, and his older sister. How about we just see the head cannon and my theories of his upbringing as an alternate Claude for how he could’ve turned out). I mean, he makes a contract based on a lie, he breaks another contract he has with Sebastian, he kills his master just because Alois pours his heart out and all but admits that he’s a child in need to guidance, Claude’s guidance.

Speaking of Alois, he’s our bearer of Cruelty. That boy is brutal and unforgiving. He literally gouged out his maid’s eye for being concerned for him, he makes Sebastian suffer, even after being told the truth that Sebastian isn’t even guilty of the crime Alois and Claude accuse of him, he almost psychotically enjoys having the chance to stab Ciel himself, he’s just a little brat! Although, Ciel is an honorable mention, or I should say dishonorable mention, due to his introduction of throwing darts at servants for no reason, and willing to use everyone, from his servants to strangers, to his aunt, who is the last family he has left, just for the chance to win his games. However, his good heart, acceptance of responsibility, and decently well treatment of his fiancee and his servants, I believe, are enough redeeming qualities to keep him from the dishonor of this element.

Deceit is a…difficult one. Everyone lies and cheats to meet their own ends and achieve their own goals. However, I think Ciel fits this one perfectly.

Despair is…even harder than Deceit. I’m kinda cheating here, but I think William fits. Out of all the other characters of Black Butler, William is the only one who could almost instantly kill a good mood and drag people to depressing topics kicking and screaming.

Greed isn’t a contest; easily, this is for Druitt. As soon as he’s introduced, Druitt is portrayed as delusional and greedy for the attention of any girl he deems beautiful. Not only that, but he lures girls he likes and decides he doesn’t want, then sells them in a black market, presumably not always in one piece (which is what lead Ciel and Sebastian to believe he was Jack the Ripper).

Magic is another easy one. In season 1 of Black Butler, the Angels destroyed London for their cause. Their destruction, no doubt, took many months to repair. Not to mention, they not only had a disregard for the safety of those they dragged into their plan, but they went out of their way to turn every human into a sacrifice until they were stopped by Sebastian. I say Dark Magic goes to both Angels because, not only are identical characteristics and personality, but they constantly refer to one another as the same person, two sides of the same coin.

Role call, Betrayal; Claude. Cruelty; Alois. Deceit; Ciel. Despair; William. Greed; Druitt. Magic; Ash/Angela.

Do you agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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