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Chapter 2: London Town

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The sixteen of them looked around the alleyway they found themselves in. They looked themselves over and noticed their change in attire.

Twilight’s gown was still deep lavender, but was long sleeved and reached her ankles with little white stars scattered over the fabric. Her long indigo hair was in an up-do. Her cutie mark was spread over her breasts across her shoulders.

Rainbow Dash had a similar gown but the skirt was layered with the rainbow colors and the sleeves were looser. Her vibrant rainbow hair was let loose around her shoulders. Her cutie mark in the same place as Twilight’s mark.

Pinki Pie had on a long baby blue dress with white lace and ruffles. She didn’t look at all sophisticated, though, she only looked more fun-loving and energetic than ever. Her cotton candy pink hair was weakly attempted to be tamed with a low ponytail, tied with a yellow ribbon. Her cutie mark was extended to a pattern circling around the base of her dress.

Mareuscript was dressed in a more flowing red gown than her mother’s, but the white trim made it look more like a summer Santa Clause dress. Her cutie mark was again, stitched over her breast across her shoulders, and a design of what looked like pencil lines swirled the dress. Her hair remained in its ponytail.

Angel was also wearing a gown, but fairly different than her mother, aunt, and friends. This gown faded from black at the bottom hymn to white at the top across the shoulders. Her cutiemark was stitched on her hip. Her hair, like her mother’s, hung around her shoulders loosely.

Cutie Pie’s gown was shorter, only reaching her knees, but still, the same basic idea with its light blue fabric and white lace. Her shoulders, however, were puffy and were short. Her golden yellow hair was still tied with her green ribbon.

Naples’ gown was more plain tomato red while it reached her ankles and had long, loose sleeves. Her own dark brown hair was curled more and was half in a french braid with a thin white ribbon as the rest curled loose and free.

Louisiana was also in a long royal blue gown with long sleeves. Her curled brown hair was braided over her right shoulder held together with a black band.

Tokyo’s dress was light blue with a design of scattered cherry blossoms across the bottom hymn. Her light brown hair was restricted in a high, loose bun.

Venice’s dress was much like Cutie’s, only with short sleeves that reached her elbows, where there were brown cuffs over the dark pinkish dress. Her light hair was let loose with the exception of her bangs, which were held back by a headband that matched the dress.

Romano, Italy, America, Paris, France, and Japan were dressed in simple, basic suits, much like they were already wearing, but slightly different in length, and texture. They also had top hats and colored ties around their necks.

Pinki Pie giggled. “That was fun~ Let’s go again~!”

“Let’s not! Please!” Italy cried, clinging to Romano’s arm until the older brother would push him off.

“Now what?” Mareuscript asked, looking around.

“Where’d Iggy go?” America asked, searching for his brother frantically.

“I think he might’ve ditched us.” Angel sighed. “He wasn’t in the circle.”

Japan turned to his sister with furrowed brows. “Tokyo! I’m very upset with you!” he shouted.

The younger sister raised a brow in confusion. “…You don’t look that upset.”

“I am sheathing in pure rage! How can you not notice?!” he yelled. “I told you to get out of that circle, now look where we are!”

Tokyo looked around again. “…Where are we?”

“We’re over at Iggy’s place.” America answered. “I sorta recognize it, but it’s a little different from how it was two seconds ago…”

“Shitty stench, itchy clothes, we’re back in time, you bastard!”

“Which means I should know what to do.” France stated. “I’ve been like a big brother to England since the dawn of time~”

“…France, as far as I remember, you and England have been on opposing sides of war since the dawn of time…” Paris pointed out.

Twilight thought for a moment. “Question is…in what time are we in now?”

“Does it really matter?” Rainbow Dash asked. “It’s not like we’re going to stay here long anyway.”

“Actually, Rainbow,” Twilight sighed. “Knowing what time we’re in could help us know what to expect if we do have to stay here awhile. It seems like America and France know this place well, they might know what to expect if they know the date.”

Cutie clutched her head. “That sounds complicated!”

Louisiana and Paris tried to calm Japan down, which wasn’t hard once they started reasoning with him, Romano yelled at Naples about staying in his line of sight, Italy suffocated Venice in a hug and drowned her in his tears of worry and fright, and Twilight, Mareuscript, France, and America talked about what time period they could be in, having much trouble with it since America stayed isolated from Europeans for a long time and they could be in that time frame, and at the same time not (which France tried to convince them all of). Off to the side, Rainbow Dash kept on convincing them that a time period didn’t matter while Pinki, Angel, and Cutie tried to convince her the importance of knowing and maybe not needing. Tokyo was drawn away from the group by a mysterious figure in the shadows. Being Japan’s sister, she knew that a stranger in the shadows meant no good. Still, this shadow sparked her interest.

She followed the shadow, looking back every once in a while to make sure she didn’t lose the group before continuing forward. When the shadow finally stopped and acknowledged her, she found herself in a dark alleyway. “…Hello?” she called to the shadow man. “Can you possibly help us? We’re a little lost.”

The unknown man approached her slowly, the sound of his feet loud as thunder on the cobblestone. When the man was close enough to her, he quickly snatched her arm and jerked her to him, pulling a silver knife from his pocket.

Before Tokyo could make a sound, the man took her, turned her and pushed the knife against her back, holding her in front of him with a hand over her mouth strong enough to make her head immobile. “Here, Sebastian!” called a boy at the end of the ally. The teen looked up to see a man suddenly appear in front of her and her capture. The man looming at the only exit of the alleyway had a dark gray overcoat and black hair over bloody red eyes, standing behind a boy with dark hair and a top hat and matching dark cape; from the boy, only a single dark blue eye was visible. Beside the boy was a girl quite a bit younger than him with golden yellow hair in a braid, leafy green eyes and a fancy green dress with black gloves and a black scarf. A teenage girl with dark red hair and blue-green eyes behind purple glasses in a black sweater, red blouse, and black pants stood by the man in gray and black.

“Sebastian.” the boy commanded. “Don’t let him escape this time.”

The man smiled, removing his white glove and overcoat to show a bare hand with black nail polish and a glowing purple mark on the back of his hand, and a black tailcoat of a butler. “Yes, my Lord.”

“Justine.” the girl commanded as Sebastian leaped in the air to start his chase. “Get the girl and get her to her home, then return here to await orders.”

The teen nodded with slight spite in her face with a bow as she too removed her black glove to show her own black polished nails and glowing purple mark. “Yes, my Lady.”

As the shadow man disappeared, Sebastian chased after it as Justine ran up to catch the victimized girl. “Where do you live, my Lady?” the new teen asked.

Tokyo looked around the corner to where she came from. Sure enough, the group was nowhere in sight. “Japan!” she called before turning to the teen by her side. “I need to find my big brother.”

“My orders were to get you home.”

The teen in blue shook her head. “You don’t understand! I don’t even live in this time period!”

This new knowledge caught Justine’s attention as she glanced back at her masters. “Do you change my orders?”

The boy simply shook his head as the girl could only widen her eyes. “Only now, you have the added order to assist her in finding her family.”

The servant girl huffed as she nodded. “Yes, my Lord.”

The two walked all the way down the street for what felt like hours before Tokyo was snatched and jerked to the sidewalk. “Tokyo-chan! How many times must I tell you to stay close?!”

The teen relaxed when she saw the dilated brown eyes of her brother; so much so that she laughed. “This just isn’t your day Japan-nii, you’re never this clingy.”

The servant looked around to see the rest of the group rushing up the stone street before turning to Tokyo. “I see we’ve found your family, now, if you’ll excuse me-”

“Wait!” the teen stopped her, ripping herself from her brother. “Can you really help us get home?”

The teen in red felt pity as she saw the group of misfits catching up to the Japanese man. With a sigh, she nodded. “I’ll see what I can do once I can speak with my father and masters.” With that, she led the group of sixteen back up the streets to her master, arriving at the boy’s side just in time to see Sebastian land on the stone from the rooftop with a smile on his face and the cloak the shadow man wore in the butler’s hand.

Seeing this, the red teen pouted. “Aw man! I always miss all the fun!”

Sebastian chuckled at his daughter’s whine. “Don’t worry, you’re ‘fun’ will come soon enough. For now, just know that you saved a girl from the fate of being the sixth victim.”

“…Yeah, but you had all the fun with chasing that guy down.” Before she could continue her whine, the daughter gestured to the group behind her. “These are that girl’s friends. They claim to be from another world and time period, so I thought, maybe we can help them, right daddy?” she asked.

Sebastian didn’t seem on board with the idea of helping strangers without the master’s order. “Hold on, Justine.”

“Please!” Pinki begged. “You might be the only one to help us! I mean, if you can save lives that fast, and find us that fast, then you have to be able to help us out! If I were back at home, and there were ponies that need-”

“Wait a moment!” Sebastian shouted, raising his voice in annoyance. “What do you mean ‘ponies’? Also, who has ever said that she would join your group?!”

“Dad, they are from a different world.” Justine reminded. “In her world, the dominant species are ponies. I’m sure the young master and mistress wouldn’t mind if I assist them. Besides, my orders were to take Ms. Tokyo home.”

To this, the man in black chuckled anxiously. “Justine, what makes you think that you’ll be going with them?” he asked. “You belong here!”

“I want to help!” she answered before turning to the young boy. “May I, young master?”

The boy groaned and clutched his head. “It’s obvious your father doesn’t like that, and I must respect his authority as a father.” he stated.

“But Ciel!” the younger girl cried. “They have nowhere to go! I remember being in their situation and you took me in, what makes them any different?”

“Everything is different, Christi.” Ciel explained. “You came here from America because you made a contract with Sebastian while he was still bound to me, therefore I had no choice but to accept you as a part of my family. These people were brought by supernatural means and have no relation to us aside from crossing paths on the street.” Christi widened her big green eyes at her adopted brother before Ciel sighed. “…However, you are right. We’ll give them lodgings until they can get to their own homes.” he then turned to Justine. “Your previous orders have not changed. They are your responsibility until the moment they set foot in their houses.” he then turned to the man. “Sebastian, stay here with Christi and I while Justine shows our new guests the way to the manner. We still have business in the city.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Sebastian bowed as Christi smiled and Justine nodded at her new order.

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