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Elements of Harmony: Black Butler

Here’s yet another Harmony blog. I’m sticking with the rules, no matter how hard it might be. I say “hard” because…Black Butler is full of characters with their own agenda and ulterior motives. However, I’m gonna try my best. To possibly make it easier for me, I’m including characters from Book of Circus, Book of Murder, as well as seasons 1 and 2.

Honesty. In a show all about backstabbing and deception, this is a hard one to give. However, I think Bardroy fits this one nicely. Aside from Sebastian, Bardroy is the only one to keep the other servants in line, on schedule, and with a plan (even though Sebastian ends up needing to fix the situation nine times out of ten). Bardroy has a brutal honesty to him, along with a trust that he has in others and everyone has in him.

Kindness is…a tie. Finnian is innocent and wants nothing more than to spend all his time outside in a wide, open space, helping anything and everything he comes in contact with. Lizzie, however, is kind to anyone she notices needs help. Although, because Lizzie is fairly oblivious to some situations that would benefit her kindness due to being self-absorbed, I think this should go to our favorite lovable gardener.

Laughter has got to be Undertaker. His payment for information is a joke, and his laugh is contagious! When watching him, it’s hard to not laugh along with him, despite his depressing appearance and atmosphere.

Is it even a question who Loyalty is? Sebastian is extremely loyal to Ceil, the manner he works, and the staff he hires. “But that’s only because he’s a demon under contract!” I can hear you shouting through your computer. There’s one thing I want to point your attention to, however. Would you say Claude is loyal? HECK NO! Even though Claude and Sebastian are both in the same boat so to speak as far as being under contract, Claude killed Alois the first chance he got, as well as abusing his power as a butler by physically and verbally abusing the other servants of the Trancy manner, not to mention both his contracts, with Alois and Sebastian, were based on lies he said for his own benefit. Sebastian, on the flip side, is bitter-sweet to take Ciel’s soul, stays with Ciel through everything, and only ever manipulates or challenges Ciel to either remind him who he is, to teach him a lesson, or to somehow, in some way, benefit Ciel in the long run.

Magic is a bit tricky. I bet you think I’m gonna say, Ciel, because he’s the main character, right? Actually, remember a man by the name Arthur Conan Doyle? If not, then here’s a reminder. He’s the man who ultimately solves the mystery of Book of Murder. He doesn’t really show much potential until his cart is nearly leaving and “Jeremy” speaks to him in French, giving Arthur two options. Either leave things as they were, or stop the carriage and rework the odds of the mystery. Because he chooses to rework the entire mystery, I believe that act proves him worthy of the element of Magic, for his need to be 100% sure that the result of the mystery was correct and to understand what he missed. He goes out of his way for answers rather than just leave it be.

As for Sacrifice…I believe Joker fits. He lost everything, even his own arm, still, he is more than willing to make, give, and share a home with strangers who seem to come from hardships. From Snake to Doll to Beast to eventually Sebastian, he greets everyone with open arms and makes a place at his table for those who are unsatisfied with life. He doesn’t have much, but Joker will promise a job, a roof over your head, a pillow to rest your head, bread to stuff in your face, and a family to talk to.

So final role call; Honesty, Bardroy. Kindness, Finnian. Laughter, Undertaker. Loyalty, Sebastian. Magic, Professor Doyle. Sacrifice, Joker.

Do you agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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