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Prologue: Epic Fail

Twilight and Mareuscript searched through the pages of the books in the library. “What exactly are we looking for again, mom?” the teen unicorn asked, lifting another book in her orange magical aura.

“We’re looking for the teleportation spell.” the alicorn answered hastily, flapping her wings to get a book on a high shelf.

To this, the red unicorn rolled her baby blue eyes. “You already know that spell.” she huffed.

“Yes, I do,” the purple alicorn answered quickly, snatching another book from the shelf with her magic and fluttering down to the ground, opening the book with an intense, concentrated dark purple gaze. “but not the long distance one. I need to be able to get between Canterlot and Ponyville in mere seconds.”

“…Why?” the teen pony asked, arching brow of confusion.

“So that we don’t have to move back to Canterlot, therefore, no need to break up the Elements of Harmony.”

Mareuscript groaned. “Mom, you put the elements back in the Tree of Harmony, like, forever ago with everyone else, remember?”

“That doesn’t mean we won’t need them again!” Twilight shouted.

“…Fine, you’re the all-powerful princess, and I’m just a simple unicorn that makes up stories. What would I know of common sense?…” the unicorn groaned sarcastically as she flipped a book open to a random page, her blue eyes widening at the spell they searched for. “Hey, mom, I think I found it.” she called.

The pink magic aura overlapped the orange one of the teenager’s and the book was taken by the princess. The unicorn huddled the alicorn to see the page for herself in curiosity. “It looks really complicated, even for you.” Mareuscript stated in uncertainty, to which the princess ignored. “You sure about this?”

“As sure as I’m a Princess.” she answered confidently.

“No offense,” Mareuscript sighed. “but you still don’t really know what being a princess means.”

“But I am a princess, and I represent the harmonic element of magic.”

“And I am Laughter~!” called a random voice, followed by the owner of the voice bouncing in on her pink hooves, her cotton candy mane bouncing with her. Behind her was a young filly pegasus flipping and hovering behind the pink pony on her baby blue wings, her blond ponytail tied in the green bow getting tangled in her action, but she didn’t care.

“Hey, Pinki! Hey, Cutie!” Mareuscript greeted with a smile. “What brings you guys here?”

“We were bored~” Pinki answered.

“So, we came here to see what fun you guys were having!” Cutie finished, browsing the many books on the high shelves. “Mind if we stay and have fun?”

“You can stay and watch.” the teen answered. “Mom’s gotta concentrate on some really tough magic.”

Pinki Pie, being Pinki Pie, gasped and zipped over to the alicorn, startling her enough to force her purple wings to fold back. “What’ll happen when you cast this spell?”

“Will it bring stuff to life?” Cutie suggested.

“Bring back the dead?”

“Who died?! Was it Shining Armor?!”


“GUYS!” Twilight shouted over the two who went back and forth, only making the situation seem worse and worse. “Shining Armor isn’t dead! This isn’t a spell to bring life, and hopefully, not one that will be fatal if done incorrectly! It’s just a simple long distance teleportation spell. With me being the element of magic and a princess, what could possibly go wrong?”

Suddenly, there was a scream that gradually grew louder until something crashed through the window. The red unicorn, pink earth pony, and blue pegasus looked down to see the tan pegasus on the floor, her wings flattened as well as the rest of her form. “Angel?” Mareuscript called, helping her friend back to her hooves.

The blue pegasus looked at the tan teen in worry. “You okay?”

The unicorn couldn’t help but look up at the hole left in the roof of the library, much less keep in her sigh of annoyance. “What are you doing?”

“Sorry Mare.” the crash landing pegasus chuckled in apology with the unicorn’s old nickname as she shook the twigs out of her mane. “Mom wanted me to help her with a new trick she had, and…let’s just say, it didn’t go quite as planned.”

“Angel!” the said pegasus called for her fillie, catching the attention of the two teen ponies and the fillie in the room. “Angel! Where’d you go?!”

“Here mom!” Angel called up. Soaring through the hole to land gracefully was the blue mare with a mane that shined with all the colors of the rainbow.

All the commotion didn’t go unnoticed by the purple mare as she narrowed her purple dagger-like eyes at the newest coming pegasus. “Rainbow Dash!” Twilight shouted. “As you can see, I’m TRYING to cast this spell!”

“Egghead stuff?” she asked, hovering over to the alicorn and effectively pushing Pinki out of the way just enough to make room. The party pony didn’t mind, though. “Let me see!”

“Would you just get out so I can see if I can do this?!” Twilight commanded as she turned away from the hovering blue mare, looking back at the book in her magical aura.

“But I wanna see!” Rainbow whined. “Besides, why do Pinki, Cutie, and Mare get to see when Angel and I don’t?!”

“…If it would make you happy, Rainbow Dash, then fine. You can stay and watch me cast this spell.” the alicorn groaned before concentrating hard on the spell before her, attempting to ignore her audience.

The room was illuminated with a bright pink light before the unicorn noticed Twilight’s horn started to give out, a stream of smoke sizzling up to the roof. Mareuscript galloped to Twilight’s side and added her orange magic to the mix. The whole room flashed between orange and pink light.

Seeing things start to go wrong, Rainbow Dash turned to the teen pegasus as well as Pinki and the fillie. “This isn’t looking so good, we should go!” the rainbow pegasus shouted as she dragged Angel out the door.

Pinki and Cutie were both still very confused, though Pinki wanted to be where most of her friends were, so she bounced behind Rainbow Dash and Angel, thinking it was a game. Cutie, seeing the pink mare leave, followed, ignoring her own confusion and trusting that her mother knew best.

Angel was harder to convince that something was wrong. She stubbornly fought against her mother as Rainbow Dash hauled her as fast as she could. “But mom-”

“Go! NOW!” It was too late, however. Rainbow Dash was only able to snatch Angel, zip past the Pies, and to the door before, like the bright, blinding light, the six ponies were gone.

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