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Fanfiction Gone Wrong: Fan Fiction Crossover

…This is a monster of a story…and is gonna require some explaining.

I started writing this in my junior year of high school back in 2014 and it’s still a work in progress. I guess that’s what I get for trying to make a story that incorporates every oc I’ve ever made with my friends…and you know there are a lot (after the character list grew past 100, I decided to cut it off and trim back the character list, so not every oc will be in the story, example: Naomi, Lynn, and Yuki, the ocs my friends and I made for Devil’s a Part-Timer, will NOT be in this story). This story has faced revision after revision, and it’s barely half over.

However, I believe there’s enough content to buy myself time to write more chapters. Just don’t be surprised if either the story stops suddenly and I post something else unrelated for a while, or a chapter or two change overnight, even after posting. Especially since this is a work in process, any ideas and feedback you all have would be EXTREAMLY welcome in the comments and could even help me out of any writer’s block I may or may not have. Oh, and before I forget, the featured image wasn’t from a base…technically. I used a screenshot from the Canterlot Wedding and modified it to fit my art style and for the event and characters the picture is supposed to feature.

The featured image for this chapter story is going to be different than other chapter stories. Because it’s so long, I think it would be best if each chapter had its own featured image, all drawn by me using a base, of course. For each chapter, I’ll put credit for the base at the top. However, some of the chapters might have the same featured image as the one for this post, that’s because the featured image for this post is a placeholder for when I have time to draw individual pictures for those chapters.

Anyway, here’s a summary. I should note that this takes place during season 4 for the MLP part and that’s why the Golden Oaks Library is still a thing instead of Twilight’s Castle. Also, quick note, Romano is a main/supporting character, so cursing is inevitable (and there’s even an ongoing gag later in the story that relies on his cursing).

While learning advanced teleportation, Twilight and her student, Mareuscript, cast the wrong spell and teleport themselves, along with Rainbow Dash, Pinki Pie, Angel Dash, and Cutie Pie to a whole nother world where they’re human. World after world, they change forms and abilities, dragging some residence from each world along for the ride. Before they know it, the World Hopping Group is too big to stay together. Friendships and fiendships develop, while drama ensues and tensions rise and fall. The only thing everyone wants to do is simply return home, however, they fear what returning home would do to the bonds formed on this lengthy adventure.

On a side note, do you like ponies? Of course, you do since you’re about to read a monster of a story about ponies! Come to deviantart, where AnimeAngel120, one of my best friends, and the one who taught me almost everything I know about digital art, is drawing commissioned art of ponies! I’m doing the same thing! Check us out!

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