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Chapter 1: New World

(Featured image is a combination of two bases by: pearl 14 and darkdeath6136)

The next thing the group of six knew, Rainbow Dash smacked the hard tile with a thud. Pinki slipped and fell on the slick ground, toppling Cutie over behind her. Angel groaned as she sat up, catching Rainbow’s attention as she alertly went back to her side. “Angel! Are you alright?” she asked, rushing to her daughter’s side and cradling her, completely passing the Pies as they clutched their heads and all groaned.

“I’m okay…mom?” the teen stated, getting a little confused at her mother’s appearance. “…Mom, you don’t look like yourself.” she stated.

“What do you mean?” the older woman asked. “Where’s Pinki Pie?”

“I’m right here!” Pinki shouted, getting to her feet as Cutie got up to her knees before stopping to rub her head.

“…Mommy, this doesn’t look like Auntie Twilight’s tree…” Cutie stated fearfully, clinging to the older Pie.

“Don’t worry~” Pinki smiled. “Just remember our motto~!”

Cutie smiled as she started laughing. “Giggle at the Ghosty~!” Her answer was rewarded a nod from the energetic mother.

Angel simply looked around until she found a mirror and the pegasi and earth pony looked at the reflection.

Rainbow Dash’s hair was still as vibrant as the rainbow, but her rose eyes looked odd with her tan skin. Over her shoulders was a light blue hoodie. Under the jacket was a white tank top and loose, light, holy blue jeans covered her legs until they reached the white sneakers over her feet. On her left ring finger was her cutiemark on a metal band.

Angel’s hair remained brown, but her own brown orbs seemed awkward to her with her light skin tone. Across her back was her black hoodie; a picture of her own cutie mark on her own ring finger in the form of a ring. Black pants draped over her legs to her own black sneakers.

Pinki Pie’s light skin was covered in freckles all across her light blue eyes and nose. Her hot pink hair was as big and puffy as cotton candy, impossible to be tamed. She wore a white tank top with a soft pink short sleeve jacket, her cutie mark on a ring of her own, and black shorts over her legs. Over her feet were white sneakers.

Cutie Pie’s pale skin clashed with her deep, dark forest green eyes. Her golden yellow hair was tied with her own green bow She had on a light blue sun dress with a green belt. Black slippers with silver buckles protected her feet.

Suddenly, Angel’s brown eyes widened. “What happened to Mareuscript and Aunt Twilight?!”

“Right here!” the teen called, clutching her head before helping her hyperventilating mother up from the ground where she lay.

“What happened?” Twilight asked breathlessly. “Where are we? Why didn’t the spell work? It was supposed to work!”

“MOM!” Mareuscript shouted, slapping her across the face. “Get a hold of yourself!” The two remaining ponies glanced over at the mirror Angel held up for them.

Twilight’s long, straight hair was still dark indigo and were her eyes the same dark purple, but her light skin tone made her freak out even more. She wore a light blue sweater with a deep lavender button up shirt with her cutie mark on her ring finger; same as the rest. From her waist down was a skirt that only went down to her knees, covering her calves were black leather boots.

Mareuscript’s brown hair reached her shoulders, even at a high ponytail. Her blue eyes grew wide against her pale skin. Covering her arms was her denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Under the jacket was a bold tomato red tank top with her cutie mark, again, on a ring that took up her left finger. From her waist down were dark blue jeans and black boots stuck out from under the hymn.

“Mom, what happened?” Mareuscript asked. “How’d we get here?”

Twilight had no answer for her daughter. “I-I don’t know.” she stuttered. “There must’ve been too much magic behind the spell when you jumped in.”

“Your horn was smoking! LITERALLY!” the teen defended herself. “You needed more magic than you had to offer! If I didn’t jump on the spell, you wouldn’t have had enough magic to do anything except maybe go to the hospital!”

“I think that might’ve been better.” Rainbow Dash stated, looking around in a daze.

“What are you talking about?!” Pinki huffed, crossing her arms. “If Twilight got to the hospital, she won’t be able to go to parties for who KNOWS how long!”

“Yeah!” Rainbow Dash rebutted. “But at least, if nothing happened, nothing would’ve happened! Now we don’t know where we are, or how to get back home!”

Angel sighed, clutching her head in her hand. “Look, there’s nothing we can do about that now, Mareuscript just did what she thought was best, and Twilight never meant to do any harm.”

“She’s right.” Cutie nodded.

“All we can do now is find some help, and get home.” Mareuscript suggested.

“Hey, guys,” Angel stole their attention. “I think we should follow that guy; he looks promising to help.” She pointed to a random man she found wandering the halls with red-brown hair and a suit. Next to him was a young girl in a bright blue sundress with long, light hair holding his hand.

“…I don’t really know…” Twilight sighed in hesitation. “We don’t know him. We already know that we’re in a completely different world, that’s why we’re all not ponies anymore apparently, this world might have nothing but dangerous people.”

“But he’s got a little girl!” Pinki argued. “They look nice!”

“Twilight, you have to admit, we’re in a jam.” Rainbow bluntly stated. “True, we don’t know him, but we don’t know anyone here. Trust in a friend starts with a leap of faith in a stranger.”

Cutie smiled. “Maybe he could help us get out of here and go home!” Rainbow Dash was already rushing after the stranger with Angel, Mareuscript and the Pies just behind her. The alicorn sighed and decided to follow for lack of any better plan.

They followed him until he disappeared behind a large door. Despite the alicorn’s protests, the six went through the door to find themselves in the center of attention in a large group of nearly thirty men, maybe even more, with a few women.

The man at the end of the table, a mean looking blonde with cold eyes, stared them down in distrust as the red head walked across the room to take his seat. “Don’t hurt them, Germany!” he cried. “They’re pretty bellas!”

“Where were you Italy?” Germany growled.

Italy gestured to the little girl beside him. “Venice needed to use the bathroom.”

The German sighed and smacked his face. “That child isn’t even allowed here until she is the proper age, which she is not!” After a moment, he turned to the newcomers. “What do you women want?” he asked impatiently, paying no mind to his friend anymore. “How did you get here?”

“Let me do the talking.” Twilight whispered to the five behind her before she cleared her throat. “We don’t know.” she answered. “We were just at home, doing experimenting, and something went terribly wrong.”

“Zio Germany, listen to Papa!” Venice urged. “They’re just lost and need to find a way home!”

“Quiet Kinder!”

“Zio Germany, I agree with Zio Italy and Venice.” A teenage girl with long, curly brown hair and blue-green eyes stated. “Why not we hear them out?”

“I can’t believe you’re making me say this, but I agree with Potato Bastard.” the man the girl sat with scowled. This man looked just like the red-head, but with brown hair and hazel green eyes. “I don’t trust them.”

“But Romano!”

“No, Veniciano!” he shouted.

“But Zio Roma!” the child whined

“No means no!”

“But Papa!” the teen groaned.

“What did I just say?!”

“I say we give them a shot!” another teenage girl with long brown hair stated with a laugh as she stood from her seat. Her brown eyes seemed to sparkle as she raised her fist supportive in the air. “It’s not every day something exciting happens, in fact, nothing ever happens here anymore!”

A teen girl with long straight sandy blond hair smiled and stood with her friend as she crossed her arms and shut her turquoise eyes. “Yeah! Why not?!”

“Louisiana! Tokyo! Sit down!” A man with large, bushy black eyebrows scowled at from across the table as the two standing teens high-fived each other with a hearty laugh.

Looking over with cocky brown eyes, the girl he called Louisiana huffed out a laugh and crossed her arms. “Forget it, Iggy, just because you raised my big bro doesn’t mean you have any power over me!”

“I agree!” a young man with light brown hair and blue-grey eyes shouted. “Why not help when we can, oui?”

“Calm down Parie!” the blonde man sitting next to the young man exclaimed. “For once, I agree with Angleaturre. We don’t know anything about these mademoiselles. They could be spies.”

The teen called Tokyo chuckled. “Spies for who?” she asked. “America’s alien friend? You’re just being paranoid, guys. We’re in no danger, England, and the ‘spies’ option is a useless one, France.”

Twilight sighed and turned to the strangers. “We aren’t from this world at all.” she stated. “We need help getting back home.”

“That would require a lot of magic, mom.” Mareuscript stated. “It took a lot of magic to get here.”

At the sound of the word ‘magic’, England perked up. “I think I can help.” he stated.

“Can I help?” Venice asked her father.

“Si~ I’ll help too~” Italy answered happily.

The unknown teen turned to her father again. “I wanna help too! Can I please help?!”

“For the last time, NO!” Romano shouted. “Even more so now that eyebrow bastard is in on it.”

“Si prega di papà?”

Romano looked at the teen. “Don’t think that just because you ask in Italian, I’ll change my mind, Naples.” he stated.

“I’ll cook pizza~!”

The father gazed at her in consideration before he sighed. “…Fine.” he huffed. “As long as you stay where I can see you.”

Naples nodded as Tokyo turned to the black-haired man at her side. “Japan-nii, would you mind if I assist them in returning home as well?” she asked with a formal bow.

To this, Japan gave a small smile, rising to his feet. “It would be rude not to see to it that they return home safely.” he stated. “It would also be rude of me to let you go alone. You are still my younger sister, therefore my responsibility.”

As Tokyo and Japan bowed respectfully, Louisiana went up to England. “How can I help?”

The blonde haired, blue-eyed man she sat with just a moment ago rushed to her side. “You’re not going anywhere, Louisiana, unless I come with.”

“Count me in!” Paris shouted with a smile, already leaping his way to the group.

France struggled to catch the young man. “You can’t!” he shouted. “What about the plans we all had for after the meeting? Also, Britain is a large part of it now!”

“That’s what makes it exciting~!” he replied. “If you’re so worried, then why don’t you just come with me, brother?”

The older brother sighed, which turned into a groaning growl-like whine before he huffed, “Alright!” Paris smiled as France sighed a strained smile, ruffling his brother’s hair. “…I don’t have a good feeling about this…but because you’re my baby brother, and I would never forgive myself if something happened to you, I’m going to forget that it’s England that’s in charge of the magical transportation.”

The French brothers hugged as Romano grumbled. “I’m traveling with mio fratello, mia figlia, mia nipote, burger bastard, both french bastards, and eyebrow bastard?”

“And also six ponies from another universe who showed up here completely by accident~! Three of us ponies are the representations of the Elements of Harmony, Magic, Loyalty, and Laughter~ Oh! Guess which one I am! I’ll give you a hint~ it starts with ‘L’!” Pinki added to Romano’s list.

The Italian smacked his head. “This is not worth a pizza.”

After introductions, the seventeen of them walked over to England’s basement. Getting past the freaky hall and making it to the Room of Enchantments as England calls it, the six ponies cautiously walked to the center of the circle with four extra girls and a boy.

“Tokyo-chan!” Japan shouted.

“Louisiana!” America called.

“Paris!” France squealed.

“Venice!” Italy cried.

“Naples!” Romano growled. “What are you doing?!”

“I want to make sure they make it home okay.” Naples answered her father.

“You said so yourself, Japan-nii, it would be rude to not help them get home.” Tokyo reasoned with her brother. “This is the only way to know for sure that they’d make it okay.”

“After all, France,” Paris smiled. “I’m curious what home is to a pony. To us, it’s snail cuisine, wine for dessert, and beautiful roses for la belle castles. What’s beauty for a pony?”

“What they said, Papa.” Venice stated to her father. “I wanna help, and going with them is the best way.”

“I just want to see if I turn into a pony too!” Louisiana admitted in excitement to her brother.

England ignored everything and just moved on with the spell as they all bickered.

“You all can’t come with us! Who knows how much balance has been thrown off already!”

“But, I gotta be sure that you guys are okay!”

“Naples, what did I say about you not leaving my sight?!”

“Actually, Romano, the collective power of me and my mom is what brought us here, I think we could send her back here no problem.”

“Isn’t your collective power what got us into this problem in the first place?”

“Tokyo-chan! Please get out of the circle! You don’t know what will happen!”

“I’ll be fine, Japan-nii.”

“Actually, you should listen to your brother. There’s no guarantee we can get you back here.”

“Paris, I’ll ask one more time. Please. Come. Here.”

“France, I’m a grown man, and can do what I want, when I want! That’s what you promised!”

“Venice! Get out of there! What did I say about England’s Magic Circle?!”

“It’s okay Papa~ It’s just moving the bellas from here to home, so it shouldn’t be a problem~”

“Louisiana, this is where I have to put my foot down!”

“America! You NEVER put your foot down for ANYTHING!”

“That’s because you never tried to RUN AWAY TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!”

“Cool it, Cowlick! Like Mareuscript said, they can send her back.”


“…the Explorer!” The fathers and older brothers reached for their daughters, younger brother and sisters before there was a bright flash of blinding white light. When it dimmed, England was the only one left in the room. The Englishman smiled sinisterly. “Not only have I helped a princess from another dimension, but as an added bonus, I get a vacation from America and his stupid shenanigans. Frog Face is gone as well…double bonus.”

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