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Meet My Oc: Ichigo Tama

Ichigo is RcMay’s oc for Ouran High School Host Club. She is inspired by RcMay’s lost dream of dancing after an accident forced her to never be able to dance the way she dreamed of again.

Ichigo’s ponysona is a pegasus that’s the same midnight blue featured in the image (base by: anni the cat) with a rose in spotlight cutiemark for her love of dancing and desire of attention.

Her parents are divorced and, though Ichigo lives with her mother, the two don’t see one another often. Due to her mother working late nights as a surgeon and Ichigo herself having school all day and dancing in her room at home, it’s easy for the two to forget one another’s existence. To fill in her need for attention, Ichigo becomes best friends with Masako at an early age in elementary school and the two stay together as best friends ever since, the two even like to pretend that they’re sisters.

Ichigo is the first of the two friends to hear about a Host Club and checks it out herself before telling Masako about it. Entering the Host Club, she’s drawn to Kyoya but denies her romantic attraction. She runs off to tell her friend the news of the newly found club and leaves with a second friend, Alexis.

After appearing at the Host Club as a guest several times, Ichigo finally joins as a host, working with Masako as a second Creative Type. She dances with Masako’s music and entertains anyone as long as she’s doing what she loves.

Ichigo figures out Haruhi’s true gender through her girl’s intuition. As for a relationship, she finds another deep friendship with Haruhi.

Tamaki is simply another fun friend to be around.

Ichigo falls head over heals for Kyoya, but tries to put up a denying front at first. It takes a long time and MUCH nudging from her friends for her to open up and admit to, both him and herself, that she’s fallen in love.

When Ichigo is lucky enough to witness the twins messing with Alexis’ mind, she will gladly either pull up a chair with a bowl of popcorn or join in the fun.

Honey is another best friend for Ichigo. She believes nothing could defeat the Cuteness of Honey-senpi.

She recognizes Mori as someone to rely on when she truly needs help. Though he’s mostly silent, she wants him to open up and be more comfortable.

To sum it all up, Ichigo is a dancing butterfly who often forgets that the Host Club isn’t her family. With how uninvolved in her life as her parents are, she longs for that missing attention and companionship in her friends.

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