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Meet My Oc: Alexis Young

Alexis Young is the oc of AnimeAngel120 for Ouran Highschool Host Club. She was inspired by AnimeAngel’s competitive nature and need to have everything her way. Alexis is an exchange student from America who got into Ouran from a sports scholarship.

Her ponysona is a light blue unicorn. the same blue featured in the image (base by: selras)  with a tennis ball as a cutiemark for her athleticism.

With her middle school athletic performance setting an American record, Ouran High School took notice and sent her a scholarship for an athletic program. Excited, Alexis flies straight to Japan to find an apartment to stay at during the school year. During her search, she meets Masako in a commoner grocery store trying to escape her parents. They run into one another with grocery baskets and hastily apologize to one another. Alexis’ broken Japanese catches Masako’s attention and they help one another with the shopping while bonding on parental problems.

When Alexis returns home to pack all her belongings and to get ready for the new school year, she finds her parents more at odds than ever with the news of her method of study. Her father wants her to be who she chooses to be while her mother is trapped in gender roles and believes that sports shouldn’t be something pursued by a girl. To appease her mother, Alexis agrees to wear proper girl’s wardrobe and promises that, while she majors in sports, she’ll take a minor study in something more suited to her gender role. With that settled, her parents allow her to leave for Japan with enough time to settle in her new home before the school year starts.

Once she lands in Japan, she’s greeted by her new pin pal, Masako. Due to the apartment search not going as planned, Masako offers Alexis to stay with her at a mansion her parents allow her to have so she could be closer to school, to which Alexis agrees. Once the school year starts, Alexis stays true to her promise with her mother and wears a girl’s uniform despite Masako wearing a tailored boy’s uniform.

After school starts, Masako introduces Alexis to her own long-term friend, Ichigo Tama (who will be introduced next week). Once the three all know one another, Ichigo introduces them to the idea of the host club and that one exists in their school. Alexis goes to check it out, instantly falling in love with the Devil-Type himself, Hikaru. She joins the Host Club, but not as a host. She serves the club and guests tea and participates in cosplay.

Alexis questions Haruhi’s gender, whether Haruhi is a slightly masculine girl or slightly feminine guy, before confirming the truth for herself. Aside from that, Alexis considers Haruhi a friend.

As for Tamaki, Alexis finds him flat out annoying for his need to be everyone’s prince and his cosplay options.

Kyoya scares Alexis, so she stays as far from him as possible. However, there are times when she has no choice but to be around him, so she tries to make the most of it and views him as the mysterious acquaintance or the creepy guy in the corner.

From day one, Alexis has had the biggest crush on Hikaru. She loves and enjoys every second that she’s with him. Though she has fun messing with him and his brother, the two twins turn it back on her most of the time and mess with her mind instead.

With Kaoru, Alexis finds him as the most light-hearted and fun to be around. She views him as one of her best friends, despite him and his twin brother constantly messing with her brain and blood pressure.

Honey is the cutest person Alexis has ever met, so she sees him as the little brother that she wants to protect from all harm. The news that he’s the oldest is, for lack of better term, shocking. However, she still sees him as a little brother despite his age.

Mori remains a mystery to Alexis. Though he stands tall as a protective safety net for all, she doesn’t know much about Mori, so he remains neutral in her book, not exactly a friend, but not someone to avoid. However, after witnessing how Mori acted with Honey’s cavity, Alexis is a firm believer that MorixHoney is OTP.

To sum it all up, Alexis is an athletic teenager who has mommy problems. However, she is willing to compromise with her mother so they’re both at least a little happy at the result. Though she doesn’t like the leaders of the Host Club, she still accepts that she’s a member of the Host Club, and it’s another family while she’s so far away from her home.

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