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Step 3; Violent Video Games

Back at Alfred’s house, he and Allan thought things were going well as the blonde taught him the wonders of violent video games. “See?” he asked. “Now, if you feel angry about something, and you wanna beat that dude to a pulp, just turn to these games to vent out your anger!”

DIE!” Allan screamed in joy as he shot a character on the screen repeatedly. Once the character was dead, he let out a happy, content sigh and looked over at the hero. “What was that?”

Alfred smiled widely, his blue eyes containing bright night stars, gleaming in the TV light that illuminated the 3D computer generated bloody dead body of the character Allan just killed. With a gasp and widening grin, Alfred lunged over and squeezed Allan in a hug. “I can’t believe it~!” he sobbed. “My student is learning so fast~!”

“GET OFF ME!” the red-eyed American shoved his counterpart away from him.

To this, the blue-eyed American chuckled nervously. “…Right. Baby steps. Sorry bro.”

Allan shrugged. “It’s alright I guess.” he sighed as the two returned to their video game.

In the midst of the gun shots, animated people screaming, and the clicking of the controllers, the door slammed open. The green eyes of the visitor grew wide in disbelief and the thick, unkept, black eyebrows raised high in shock. “…So…it’s true…”

“Artie!” Alfred cried as he paused the game, jerked on the lights, and glared at his former caretaker. “There’s this thing called knocking! You should try it!”

Arthur glared over at Allan. “What have you done to him, you monster?!” he shouted, completely ignoring the American beside him.

Allan sat there frozen. In his mind, he replaced the critical green eyes with sadistic baby blue ones. He replaced the mop of yellow hair with slightly messy strawberry blonde hair. He replaced the unkept black eyebrows with neatly trimmed light eyebrows. He replaced Arthur with Oliver.

“Artie stop it!” Alfred came to his counterpart’s defense. His thin blonde brows furrowed in frustration. “Allan just needs a little help! He didn’t do anything to me!”

“Of course you’d say that!” Arthur shot back. “You’re the one brainwashed!”

“WHAT?!” The American was confused and offended by this. “Where’d you get THAT idea?!”

“Kiku told me.” the Brit answered gruffly before he turned to the other man in the room with crossed arms. “What did you do? Give him Oliver’s cupcakes?”

“Artie! I’m-”

“Or did you knock him out with that bat of yours?”

“Stop it! Can’t you-”

“Oh wait, I know! You and Oliver hypnotized him!”

“I DIDN’T DO ANY OF THAT!” Allan exploded, clutching his head. “I’m not bad anymore. I’m good. I’m not a villain anymore. I’m a hero.”

Hearing this, Arthur straightened his back and narrowed his eyes at the 2p. “…We shall see about that…” He turned around and walked out to his car.

As Arthur marched through the halls of his home to his basement, Francis stumbled after him, trying to stop him. After meeting with him shortly after the Brit returned home, he told him his full intentions and this scared the Frenchman to death. “Arthur! Think about what you are doing for once in your life!”

“I know exactly what I’m doing.” Arthur calmly replied, flipping the magical black cloak over his shoulders and popping the hood over his head. “Nothing can go wrong.”

“But to summon Oliver? Your own counterpart?” the elder blonde sighed. “You know how cunning he is. He seems happy on the outside, but, as Kiku would say, he is a true Yandere! He out of his mind!”

“I am perfectly well aware that he is mentally unstable.” Arthur pushed him aside as he flipped through his spell-book. “But, he and Allan share a similar, if not exactly the same, past as Alfred and I.” he reasoned. “I am willing to bet sterling that Oliver would do the same if the situation was reversed.”

Francis furrowed his brows and crossed his arms. “I’m not sure that statement helps your cause, mon ami.”

With that, Arthur brewed the potion as Francis tried to change his mind to no avail. When the liquid was complete, the green-eyed Brit took a ladle full of the liquid and chugged it down before he could change his mind. It wasn’t until the effects were complete and Arthur split into two full bodies, one of which taking the form of the strawberry blonde, when he thought it might not be a good idea.

Oliver smiled a sweet smile at the two men in the basement he found himself in. “Francis, Arthur, it’s been far too long.” he purred. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have much time to chat, poppet. Allan is missing and has been since yesterday afternoon.”

“We know where Allan is.” Arthur stated before the baker could leave. “As a matter of fact, that’s the reason behind this unexpected call.” As Oliver looked back at them, Arthur raised a pair of black sunglasses in the view of the large baby blue eyes.

The Brit bearing bright colors raised an eyebrow. “I’m listening…”

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