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Black Butler: Twin ‘Ciel’s Theory

In case you didn’t know, there are two common theories about the whole Black Butler franchise. One is the theory that Sebastian is Vincent Phantomhive reincarnated to watch after Ciel and guide him as he grows into the family title. The second theory, however, is what I’m focusing on here; the theory that the Ciel we all know, love, and (for some) love to hate, isn’t Ciel, but rather the younger identical twin brother of Ciel.

I was first introduced to this theory with the youtube channel, Ciel Star, posting song covers of how the two twin brothers might have interacted between one another. At first, I thought it was just a shallow run-away-train of a theory that had no weight to it. However, after some speculation and research, this theory could actually be what the author is actually going for. After giving it some consideration, I’ve seen videos explaining the theory on the youtube channel, Hylian Deity, and this theory made me reconsider and look again at some clips that feature a young Ciel (though I only considered the Black Butler “Books” since they seem to follow the manga).

The first thing I noticed after being introduced to the possibility of this theory is, in Black Butler: Book of Circus, there’s a flashback to when Kelvin first meets Vincent and Ciel. However, seconds after Ciel smiles like a social butterfly and introduces himself, it cuts to him hiding behind his father. Then, Vincent explains that he doesn’t take his son out much because he’s shy and often sick. Right after he says this, Ciel runs out to someone he’s apparently very familiar with, like the social butterfly he is.

The other thing I noticed, again in Black Butler: Book of Circus, there are flashback segments of the night Ciel and Sebastian make their contract. In the flashbacks, it shows Ciel taking a fatal stab, however, he has no such wounds in the other segments, nor scars in present-day.

There are also little details in the manga, however, I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the manga myself (even though it’s been on my birthday and Christmas lists every year for about three years). I do know that he hides his asthma from Lizzie, even though she should already know. I also know that Sebastian calls Ciel a liar at various points, as well as the fact that he has Survivor’s Guilt symptoms.

What do we know?

Ciel has survivor’s guilt but didn’t care about the other children. Ciel was once a social butterfly, while also being shy and sick often. Ciel hides his illness from people who should already know that he’s been ill since early childhood.

What does the Twin ‘Ciel’s theory imply?

The true Ciel was the social butterfly while the other twin was a wallflower due to being shy and often sick. The true Ciel sacrificed his own life unwillingly to summon Sebastian, which only succeeded when the other twin was ready and willing to do anything, now with nothing left. The other twin takes the name ‘Ciel’ for some reason; possibly so the true Ciel’s legacy could live on after his death, or maybe so the family’s friends wouldn’t be disappointed that the “wrong brother survived”, or possibly  so the other twin could gain the psychological confidence to be as strong, healthy, and social as the true Ciel. Whatever the reason, Sebastian knows the surviving twin is lying about his name.

Whether you support or deny it, this theory does hold some water to it. I’m sure there’s a lot more support in the manga, but again, I haven’t had the pleasure to read the manga.

What do you think? Do you think the shy, wallflower Ciel with two left feet we all know and love is really a doppelganger, or is he the one true Ciel? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

Wanna see if you could catch all the clues of Ciel’s true identity that’s littered through the “rebranded” series? Get the DVDs for Book of Circus, and even Book of Murder! They’re both on Amazon and will deliver right to your door in only a few days, so why not? If you pay close attention, you might be able to see the twin in flashbacks.

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