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Step 2; Social Life

Alfred and Allan walked down the side-walk side by side, though the moment people saw the brunette, disregarding the change in attire, they cleared the streets. “What’s next on the list?” Allan asked.

“Well, we fixed your cloths, and your bat, now, I teach you how to hold a conversation.” Alfred stated. “A hero can’t be a hero if he’s known as…well…you. You have to prove to everyone that you’re changing, you’re fixing your act, you’re not the same person that just got out of prison a month ago.”

“Two months.” he huffed. “They let me out early for kissing their a-I mean-good behavior.”

Alfred smiled widely. “See?” he laughed. “You’re already changing for the better!”

Allan smiled at the complement as he moved his black sunglasses over the brim of his hat. “So, where are we going?”

“We’re going to visit my good friend, Kiku!”

The former villain looked at his companion oddly. “…Kiku…Kiku…I’m sorry, who?”

“Sorry dude.” the hero laughed, patting his shoulder. “You might know him better as ‘Koru’. For a second, I completely forgot where you were from!” The two walked up to the porch of their destination and knocked on the door. “Yo! Kiku! It’s me!”

The door opened to a short man with short black hair and a forced smile on his face. “Mr. Alfred.” he greeted.

His dull brown eyes fell on the brunette next to the blonde and the door was shut. Allan glared at the door as Alfred chuckled nervously and knocked again. “Kiku! Don’t worry, bro! Allan’s with me!”

Again, Kiku opened the door, though much slower and more hesitant than before. “W-why not you p-please come in?” he stuttered, sliding to the side with caution with his hand not leaving the katana he strapped to his side. “Would you and your…f-friend care for some tea Mr. Alfred?”

“Sure!” the blonde smiled as he sat on the couch, oblivious to the awkward atmosphere. “We’d love some, right Allan?”

The counterpart looked over at Alfred’s blue eyes that glistened like the seas that surrounded his land (I guess that’s why the lyrics are “from sea to shining sea”) with uncomfortable pools of bloody crimson. Even though the blonde was an idiot, he was his only hope if he ever wanted to be seen as more than just a criminal who can’t last a year outside prison. Even as a child, Oliver taught him if someone makes you mad, make them suffer. If they die, you save energy from needing to make them suffer again. He nodded. “Right. Tea. Nice.”

Sitting on the couch with Alfred, Allan took in a deep breath. “Don’t be nervous.” the blonde smiled at his counterpart. “Kiku is the perfect place to start! Already, he can see that you’re trying, otherwise, he wouldn’t let you in.”

Kiku started to brew the tea in the kitchen before he migrated over to the phone. “…Hello, Sir Arthur Kirkland?” he asked in the phone. “…Let everyone else know that there’s a meeting here in Tokyo this afternoon…No, don’t tell Mr. Alfred. The meeting is about him.” On that note, he hung up and continued with the visit.

That afternoon, after Alfred and Allan left, Kiku rushed to the meeting hall in Tokyo to find the six other men he had to see. “Can I have everyone’s attention?” he called over their yelling and chaotic fighting. “Please! This is an emergency!”

“EVERYONE SHUT UP!” a large buff blonde screamed, his cold blue eyes glaring at the group intimidatingly, silencing the whole room. When everyone was seated, the man turned to Kiku. “All yours, my friend.”

Kiku took his place at the head of the table, giving his friend a nod. “Arigato Mr. Ludwig.” With that, the short Japanese man turned to the group of men from around the world and bowed his head. “Apologies for requesting you all come here on such short notice.” he stated quickly before standing straight to face the men. “But I had to share my concerns for Mr. Alfred.”

“Why didn’t you want Alfred here?” a thin man with a yellow mop of hair and thick, black eyebrows asked. “What did you mean when you said ‘the meeting is about him’ over the phone?”

Kiku took in a deep breath. After a moment, he took a pair of black sunglasses out of his pocket and tossed them in the center of the table. At the sight of the glasses, everyone lept from their seats and backed away to the walls like the glasses were a nuclear.

“Are you crazy Kiku?!” a lean man with long blonde hair and stubble lining his jaw exclaimed. “How can you THINK of bringing that here?!”

“That’s a valid question, Francis.” Arthur chuckled nervously, standing flat on the far wall. “What the bloody hell were you thinking?!”

“I’m scared!” A small man with short auburn hair and shut eyes clung to Ludwig’s side. “Please tell me those aren’t the same glasses I think they are!”

“Calm down, Feliciano.” Ludwig wavered. “I-I’m sure Kiku has a perfectly well explanation for this.”

Across the room, the small Chinese man with his long black hair in a ponytail completely lept in the large Russian man’s arms, the two of them making the perfect Scooby Dooby Doo couple. “Ivan! T-th-that’s-Those are-”

“I know Yao!” Ivan exclaimed, uncharacteristically shaking in his Russian winter boots.

Seeing everyone in high distress, Kiku sighed and took the glasses back in his hand. “I just saw Mr. Alfred with his counterpart earlier today.” he stated. “I believe Mr. Alfred has been brainwashed in some way.”

Hearing this, Arthur thought for a moment, still too stressed to take his seat. “…Well, I do remember when Oliver got into my magical potions and used a mind stripping potion I’ve been working on for his cupcakes.”

Feliciano, completely forgetting about the problem he was presented with, smiled happily, looking at the Englishman with glimmering golden honey drop eyes. “I remember that~! Oliver was so sweet and happy~!”

To this, Ludwig crossed his arms. “You only remember that because you ate that whole cupcake!”

“If those were really Allan’s glasses,” Francis stuttered. “Does that mean…Christophe, and Max, and Oliver, and the rest of them are coming here as well?”

“We can only assume so.” Kiku stated. “We all remember what happened last time they all came.” The whole room was silent as they all sank in the memory of the 2p’s last ‘visit’. “We cannot allow that, or anything similar to happen again.”

“Ja,” Ludwig sighed. “But last time, Luciano came first and completely replaced Feliciano. You said you saw Alfred and Allan earlier today?”

The Japanese man nodded. “The problem is that they seemed to be…friends.”

“If Alfred joins their side,” Yao gasped. “Then, we wouldn’t stand much of a chance!”

“With Alfred’s superhuman strength, no doubt that will tip the balance far more than it already is just by Allan being here and not in his own realm!” Arthur reasoned.

“It must be their plan to get Alfred on their side.” Ivan agreed. “It only makes since.”

“So, we are all in agreement?” Kiku asked. “Alfred and Allan must be dealt with now.” For the first time ever, the vote was unanimous.

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