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Elements of Harmony: Brothers Conflict

Been a while since I posted one of these, so, if you need a reminder on the rules, go ahead and read the intro. For this installment, I’ll be considering the 13 Asahina Brothers, as well as Chii and Juli. Oh boy, this is gonna be difficult. However, I think I can manage (I’m sure pairing these elements to Black Butler characters will be more difficult).

Honesty. This is a difficult one because all the brothers have their own ways to show their honesty. Taking that into consideration, I think the brother that’s most straightforward, blunt, and, for lack of better term, aggressive with his thoughts and emotions. That’s right, I’m giving this to Wataru, brother number 13. After all, out of all the brothers, Wataru is the first to confess. Unfortunatly for him, he isn’t taken seriously because of his young age.

Kindness. For this, seriously, any of the brothers can be a possible bearer. I’m actually caught between Natsume and Lois. After meeting Chii, those two are the ones who go out of their way for her and spend the most “fun” time with her, making her feel more like one of the family. Also, after the truth of Chii’s heritage is out in the open, Natusme is the one who finds Chii and brings her to his home so she could cool down and have the much needed alone time she needs. Then, the next day, it’s Lois who takes her out and makes her feel like a true member of the family. It’s tight, however, I think it should go to Lois, simply because he’s there on her first night at the house, and offers his kindness and support ever since, while Natsume, not only has a bad first impression, but also doesn’t bother to meet his new sister until the wedding day, giving Lois a head start.

Laughter. This one’s difficult, but for a different reason than the last one. The only candidate I could think of for this element is Tsubaki, however, his humor is more for his own entertainment and he causes a lot of cringe-filled moments. Well, he’s the only candidate, so he gets an E for Effort.

Loyalty. Hands down, this goes to Juli. Ever since Chii was a baby, Juli has stayed by her side through thick and thin. There are no lengths he won’t go for her. Need I say more?

Magic. I think it’s pretty obvious this goes to Hikaru, and not only for the reason that he can teleport himself right to his brothers’ most embarrassing moments (SERIOUSLY! THERE WAS ONLY ONE DOOR TO THAT BALCONY! HOW’D HE GET THERE?!) but also because he seems to be the only one intrested in learning everything he can about the state his family has come to. On top of that, he’s a traveler, so I wouldn’t doubt that he explores while on his trips.

Sacrifice. I think I have to put down Chii. Think about it, she’s gone out of her way several times for all of her (step) brothers at some point. Not to mention, she is the most willing to sacrifice everything she knows, her whole way of life, for her father and new (step) mother so they could have their newly-wed-alone-time.

So, the final roll-call. Honesty: Wataru. Kindness: Louis. Laughter: Tsubaki. Loyalty: Juli. Magic: Hikaru. Sacrifice: Chii.

Do you agree? Dissagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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