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The Wedding Day: Black Butler Fan Fiction

(Author’s Note: The featured image was drawn with a base by: witch hazel)

The bright morning sunlight blinded me and forced me awake. Though I was happy, I couldn’t help but feel pushed to the side. All my life, it’s just me and my father against the world. Now, ever since my mother came, or in my father’s case, returned to his life, I’ve gotten less and less attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love both my parents, but my mom literally came out of nowhere and things were never the same since.

After so long, my whole life even, I have been the center of my father’s attention; his one and only family and companion in the world. I suppose I was just a body to fill the void my mother left when she disappeared after my birth. I LOVE that my parents are together again, and now I have a mother and a father, completing the family picture I have dreamed of my whole life. However, I couldn’t help but feel like a third wheel, even between my parents.

With a sigh, I rolled out of my bed and opened my closet, pulling out the purple dress my mother picked out for me to wear that day. Setting the dress aside, I began getting ready. After taking a bath, I run a brush through my hair.

“Knock, knock.” Came a voice from my room door.

I turned and gave a smile. “Hey, dad.” I greeted. “Can’t peek on mom so you decided to bug me instead?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Something like that.” He admitted as he came up to me.

He was dressed in a white shirt, white pants, and navy vest. He had a puffy blue-grey neck tie stuffed under his vest. He had gloves of the same blue-grey color to cover his black demon nails. Though his black hair was still untameably curly and fluffy, he still looked good for his wedding day.

“Need some help with your hair?” he asked, already grabbing the brush and running it through my brown hair.

I sat there silently, thinking back to all the times in my childhood when he played with my long hair. Finally, I asked, “Are you nervous?” My father froze for a second before pulling the brush from my hair to restart the stroke. “To be married, I mean.” I clarified. “I mean, you hadn’t been this serious with mom since I was born, and the only reason you guys didn’t tie the knot then was because of BS rules that she’s not allowed to be happy.” After some brushing, he took a navy blue ribbon and tied my hair in a ponytail with a bow.

“…I’m terrified.” He finally answered, placing the brush down. “However, I was the one who asked her to stay with us.” My father then placed his hands on my shoulders and leaned down so his face was next to mine in the mirror. “Besides, I think you’d benefit with having your mother around.” I stayed silent, giving a grin as my dad babbled on. “I mean, she is your mother, and I do believe you still have trouble with your wings, not to mention the fact that you are still a growing woman, and there are things that even I can’t help you with.”

“DAD!” I shouted, my face burning bright red.

With a chuckle, my father bit back a smile as he left the room. “Go ahead and get dressed. Afterward, say ‘hi’ to your mother for me. It’s bad luck if I see her now.” He quickly said before shutting my door.

Once I was dressed in my knee-length purple dress, and black stockings and shoes, I wandered out of my room before knocking on my mother’s door. “Mom? It’s me. May I come in?”

The door was opened by one of my best friends, Justine. She was dressed in a sleeveless red dress with a lightly ruffled neckline. The dress went down just below her knee, where it met black socks and shoes. Over her hands, covering her black nails and the contract she had with Christi, were black gloves that just barely reached her elbows. Her red hair was loosely over her shoulder in a braid. Her presence left me confused, to say the least. “…Why are you here?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Hey, someone has to protect the bride from that Peeping Tom of a dad you have, right pup?” She smirked. “Come on in, I guess you wanna talk with your mom?” Justine led me inside the room before closing the door behind me.

While Justine stayed behind at the door, I walked further into the room. “Mom?” I called, turning a corner. Just then, I simply had to ask myself exactly how big this room was and if the size was really necessary, or if the people who built this building were simply compensating for something.

“Hello, Angel.” My mother called. When I finally saw her, I was amazed. Her hair was a little longer than when I first met her, but it still curled around her shoulders, still too short for anything else, however, she wore vail with a crown of purple and lavender roses. Her gown was so stunningly beautiful. The train was a long, light lavender, ruffly fabric that was exposed out a slit from the white gown in the back and at least seven feet long from her waist, and she was in the middle of putting in the purple rose pins to fasten the lavender sash around her shoulders. Over her hands were white gloves that extended past her elbows. The gown was strapless and so long, I couldn’t see her feet.

Looking at her another moment, I smiled in glee. “So I guess you and dad will finally get your happily ever after, right mom?”

Hearing this, my mother began to cry a little before carefully removing the tears from her eyes. “Sweetie, you were our happily ever after.” She stated as she pulled me in and held me close. “I was just stupid enough to not see it at the time. I thought my happy ending was ruined by you being born, a child conceived by myself and a demon, but only recently I’ve seen that I couldn’t have been more wrong.” I admit, I was hurt by my mother’s choice of words, but I let her continue. “I really love your father, I always have. It’s just that, when we were children, we were confused, only really caring about ourselves and our short-term goals. Ash put it in my head that, now that I’ve conceived a demon’s child, I’m no longer pure, therefore, have no possibility of returning to heaven. That was a big factor in why I left, though I only told your father that the reason was because I was being punished and cannot associate myself with the man I love, and by extension, the child we made together.” I simply stood there, taking all this information and trying to process it. “My mistake,” my mother continued. “I know it cost you and your father greatly.”

“Oh yeah,” I chuckled. “I remember you saying that you’ve been watching me my whole life, so you must know everything.”

I felt her nod against my cheek. “I know things were tough, and I know how hard all this change is for you and your father. I don’t even deserve the second chance that you’re giving me, but, I suppose, my happy ending isn’t my own.” She concluded. “If I don’t get my happy ending, then your father will go ballistic. I’ve seen how it was when I wasn’t there before, but too self-centered to do anything about it. So then, though I don’t deserve this, you and your father still do. And, because of that, I vow, from this day, ‘til my last day, that I’ll be a wife and mother well worth the wait.”

A smile spread on my lips. “And I vow to be the daughter you and dad deserve.”

After the ceremony, most of the guests went home while the rest stayed behind to watch the Bride and Groom First Dance (that, or to indulge in the after-party). I gazed at my father, who for the first time I have ever seen, was smiling ear to ear as he twirled my mother and his new bride around the dance floor. I was happy that my parents found one another and both still loved each other…so why was I so…empty?

As if reading my mind, my father materialized to my side, startling me. “Hey, kiddo.” He smiled.

I huffed half as a joke and half out of spite of the old, childish nickname. “You hadn’t called me that since I was a kid.” I replied, failing miserably to hide the fact that I was put in a grouchy mood due to my train of thought, of which probably was what allowed my father to startle me so easily. “Shouldn’t you be out there with your new wife, dancing the night away to your honeymoon?” I asked, gesturing to my mother who was left alone to mingle with the guests.

My father gave me a sly smile. “You’re right.” He stated, looking out to the room I gestured to which held his bride and a whole crowd of guests that came to see the union between heaven and hell…literally. “I should be dancing the night away. It is my wedding after all.” To this, he bowed low. “Angel Blanc Faustus,” With his head low and a knee on the ground, my father extended a hand to me. “Would you do me the gracious honor of joining me for this one dance?”

For lack of better term, I was confused. This day was the day my dad had been dreaming about ever since before I was born, probably since he was my age, or maybe even younger. “No, it’s fine.” I stated. “I don’t want to pull you away from your blushing bride.” Saying this, I gestured to my mother across the room, who already sat down with a drink.

The grin on my father’s face only widened as he lightly took my arm in his hand, running his hand down until he reached my hand. “My bride can wait.” He stated before tightening his grip on my fingers and pulling me from the chair to my feet. “My puppy needs me too.” He stated simply, guiding me to the dance floor.

I couldn’t help the smile. I thought about reminding him that I couldn’t dance, or at least waltz, but I decided against it. Instead, I stopped resisting and followed him to the dance floor. “When you ask like that, how could I say no?” I laughed as my father and I danced the night away, though…not without a few bruises on my dad’s feet. I’m sure he didn’t mind, though. In the very least, we made my mom laugh as she watched us dancing like goofballs with two left feet.

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