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InuxBoku Secret Service Review

In the search of a male yandere as the main character in anime, InuxBoku served my curiosity and desire to see the yandere archetype in a male character while also giving loud laughs, heartbreaking back stories, and spine-chilling lines and moments.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Rorichiro is a high school girl cursed to be the reincarnation of an oni, gaining powers of the said oni. She moved into an apartment building to live with others like her who are cursed to be reincarnations of various yokai spirits and monsters. Upon arrival, Rorichiro meets a secret service agent, a reincarnation of a nine-tailed fox by the name Soshi Mikitsukami, who’s assigned to be her personal agent. As time passes, the two fall for one another while trying not to allow their relationship be awkward, especially due to the fact that Soshi views himself as less of a being compared to his peers. He keeps his obsession with her at a distance while she struggles and overthinks methods to show gratitude for the very man who believes he’s undeserving of any type of kindness. The two meet colorful characters and try to survive the embarrassment of their situations.

It’s interesting to see this humbled yandere and prideful tsushun develop a romantic relationship. On top of that, it’s simply funny to watch them bounce off the other characters.

For example, there’s a man who is Rorichiro’s arranged fiance and Soshi’s first master, but he’s obsessed with sadism and masochism. Watching this man just crawl under the skin of, not only the main characters but also the supporting cast, is simply funny. I do admit, after a few minutes of his ongoing joke of “The roof is a sadist! The carpet is a masochist!”, it does get old pretty fast; while funny and shocking upon the first time this twisted line of thought is explained, it does get annoying after a minute or so.

When the story gets on track and the focus is on solely Soshi and Rorichiro, the interactions are funny, but also kind of cringy and heart-breaking.

For example, there’s an episode where they’re locked in her apartment, so, while he’s doing various things to keep himself from sleeping so he could jump into action if needed, she’s stumbling on her words and babbling while trying to show her gratitude for his loyalty and dedication to his job and her safety. While this is all playing out, I was screaming “Just say ‘thank you for your help’ and be done with it!”

Another example of how cringy their interactions get is, in another episode, Rorichiro is slaving away, pulling an all-nighter to write various ways to play out how she’ll ask Soshi to drink coffee with her to strengthen their bond. She blows every opportunity to ask him by babbling and avoiding the subject. At the end of the episode, Soshi confronts her, describing every way he’s able to put together that she’s spending a large amount of brain power on how to ask this one question. While that last conversation is sweet, the events leading up to that chat are all moments that caused me to bang my head against my palm, sketchbook, and table to escape the need to cringe.

There’s so much more I didn’t mention, like a secret service agent who is a bunny with a very intimidating eye color and can see anything and everything, another secret service agent who’s stomach is a bottomless pit and is simply ADORABLE without the need for a smile or even any facial expressions, a tsundere delinquent who can’t control his tanuki powers, and much more.

As final words, InuxBoku Secret Service is a great show that’s short and sweet. I recommend it to anyone who either wanna see the rare breed of a male yandere, or anyone looking for a good supernatural romance. However, with the SnM subjects and sexual innuendoes left and right, I’d recommend this show be, like, PG13 (or something like that). Watch it yourself and let me know what you think and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

If you wanna make your own opinion yourself of this show, then I won’t stop you. In fact, I encourage you to check out the DVDs on Amazon! Just a warning, make sure there are no small children in the area.

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